Trainee Comment 學員心得

7th Silent Mentor Workshop_21-26/04/2014

Dr Sheshadri Sridar (Medical Officer – Duchess of Kent Hospital, Sandakan, Sabah)

23 aspiring surgeons and I had the privilege of participating in the basic surgical skills segment of this 7th edition of the Silent Mentor Program. My humble salutations to our beloved mentors who humble me with their selfless act; I refer to the act of detaching their psyche from worldly bonds for the noble cause in training of doctors and aspirants of the practice.

Human interaction and coexistence requires form. Both mentors were committed members of family and society. Their smiles, their words, their touch and their other bodily effects imprinted memories of them in all those around. Hence it becomes an immense imperative for all to appreciate and reflect upon the willingness of the late Mr Tay Eng Wah, Madam Liow Siew Yean and their family members in allowing contribution of their sacred bodies.

In the academia, the measure of a man is marked by how much his wits sharpen to unravel the mysterious of the universe. Other fields have other measures. But above all, this contribution by our mentors is by far a true measure of humanity.

In a world divided by convictions, our mentors unite us. Ashes to Ashes dust to dust; our bodies are mere vessels. Our mentors reiterate silently to love all and look beyond creed. I thank the late Mr Tay, madam Liow and their family members for this spiritual experience.