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Final Wish of our 111th Silent Mentor-

the late Ms. Leow Chor Joo



"Willingness to give, joy to receive. Hope you will be good doctors after graduating. Bless you. "



quoted on 16 Jan 2018 ; passed away peacefully on 25 June 2019

生平留言於2018年1月16日 ; 安詳離世於2019年6月25日

19. Dec, 2018
Summary of Medical Education, Research & Training by Silent Mentor Program of University Malaya for Year 2018
28th Silent Mentor Workshop_08-13/10/19
Home Visit @ Cheras, KL - 16.02.2020
Home Visit @ Kajang, Selangor - 22.02.2020
Home Visit @ Ipoh, Perak - 23.02.2020
Home Visit @ Kuantan, Pahang - 23.02.2020
Home Visit @ Puchong, Selangor - 18.07.2020
Coffining of Silent Mentor - 13.04.2019

  Pan Kah Mun 潘嘉敏 (UM_MEM150086) - 12/01/2020 


让凝固的悲伤融化,让流动的悲伤转化,化为思念和爱 -《善生》冯以量 



Nor Adriana Muhd Ridzuan Tan (UM_MEM150071) - 12/01/2020

I didn’t know I could feel something so strongly for someone whom I've never met. And with Silent Mentor Program, I did. Knowing my mentor and her family is definitely one of the most precious memory throughout my medical school life. It is not easy having to lose your family, move on, and six months later travelling across the country for her funeral again. But these amazing souls did that, for us, expecting nothing in return. And I will be eternally grateful for that. 

And without the organizing team and volunteers, who would arrive earlier than us, go back later than us, spending their time accommodating participants and families, this whole event wouldn’t been a success. Thank you for this precious, heart-warming opportunity.


Wong Wei Kei (UM_MEM150117) - 12/01/2020



Valerie Ko Su-Yin (Monash_28260821) - 12/01/2020

Dear Silent Mentors, thank you for selflessly and courageously donating your bodies for medical educations and research. 

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to learn from you and perform procedures on you. Honestly, no words can fully encompass my gratitude for you. 

You have not spoken a single word, yet you have been my greatest teacher. Aside from medical knowledge and procedures, you have taught me and shown me that there is no limit to one’s kindness and selflessness. 

You have lived a glorious life, often engaging in charitable activities, yet death does not stop you. Even after your demise, you continue to keep giving. 

These words will never truly encompass my gratitude towards you, but I just want to say: thank you very much from the depths of my heart. 

I know I can never repay your kindness, nor do you expect anything in return. Instead, I can only pay the kindness forward to my future patients; and I promise, I will.

25th Silent Mentor Workshop_Oral & Maxillofacial Master's Training_19 Jan 2019. Photograph by Volunteer: Sam PF

In life, the body is something we use to accomplish many things, but we ultimately do not possess it, as it is not permanant. Birth, aging, illness and eventually death - this is the natural course of life and there is only so much that medicine can do when life has reached its end. 

But, what should we do with our body after our death? If we understand that the body is not permanent, we can do something meaningful out of our lives, such as donating it for medical research and education as Silent Mentor.

~  Grateful to the dedication of silent mentors  ~




~ 感恩無語良師的奉獻 ~




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