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Final Wish of our 124th Silent Mentor-

the late Mr. Teh Cheng Chuan



Medical students can utilize this opportunity to learn more & better, so that they will not make any mistake in life patients in the future & be humane doctors "

“ 希望醫學生可以藉此機會學習,將來不會出差錯,成為良醫 "


quoted on 02 Aug 2019 ; passed away peacefully on 03 Apr 2020

生平留言於2019年8月2日 ; 安詳離世於2020年4月3日

5. May, 2021
Summary of Medical Education, Research & Training by Silent Mentor Program of University Malaya for Year 2020
2020 年馬來亞大學無語良師計劃之醫學教育、研究與培訓簡報
30th Silent Mentor Workshop_11-16/08/2020
Hybrid Home Visit @ Shah Alam, Selangor - 15.11.2020
Hybrid Home Visit @ Ulu Klang, Selangor - 29.11.2020
Home Visit @ PJ, Selangor - 04.12.2020
Virtual Home Visit @ Melaka - 05.12.2020
Hybrid Home Visit @ Penang - 06.12.2020
Coffining of Silent Mentor - 13.04.2019


Gladys Low Qiao Jyn (UM_MIA160025) - 16/08/2020 







Siti Aishah Binti Hanif (UM_MIA160097) - 16/08/2020

The Silent Mentor Program is something I could never have foreseen myself to be a part of it. During the 30th Silent Mentor Workshop, I was given the golden opportunity to be a participant of the workshop among many of my other colleagues, despite the limited opportunities and slots. Like many others, I joined this workshop in hopes of sharpening my clinical skills and obtain the experience of performing procedures on human beings, too.  

Little did I know, there was so much more to learn and reflect on from our Silent Mentors than what meets the eye, which was unique to the Silent Mentor Program and could not have been learnt elsewhere. With this program, we got to backtrack and learn about the mentors' lives through stories and pictures from their family members. We were able to build a deeper connection with our mentors despite them having left us for the next phase of their lives.  

We cleansed and prepared our mentors daily, which reminded me of when I had to care for my own bedridden grandparents and that only instilled a deep longing in me to be gentler and kinder to my mentor. Seeing our mentors being used and watching their bodies break down slowly each day broke my heart and drove me to appreciate their sacrifice for us as students further and reminded me not to forsake this golden opportunity.  

I am grateful to have been gifted the opportunity to be a part of this workshop, and the lessons I have learnt throughout this one week are lessons that I will carry in me for a lifetime.



Huang See Yong (UM_MIA160029) - 16/08/2020






Ashvini A/P Sanjeevi (UM_MIA160009) - 16/08/2020

Since my second year as a medical student in University of Malaya, I have been volunteering in the Silent Mentor Program. I always thought I already knew and had an idea of how touching the program was. I also thought that through the program, a few of my colleagues and I would have a Silent Mentor who we would take care throughout the one week of the Silent Mentor workshop and we would also be given the chance to do medical procedures on our Silent Mentor and learn from them. 

However, after becoming a participant in the 30th Silent Mentor Workshop, I realized how wrong I was to think so simply about it. When I compare my experience as a volunteer and as a participant, there are not enough words to describe how much of a touching experience it was. From the moment we had our family visit, I realized that my Silent Mentor was more than just someone who passed away and donated her body for the program, she was someone who had lived a long life and had left an impact on many people. The words that she left for us medical students were incredibly touching and made me remember again why I chose to pursue this career path. 

Throughout this one week workshop, I was given the chance to learn many medical procedures and have a hands on experience which is something that I could not have had if my Silent Mentor, Madam Tan Lan Chern had not been so kind and selfless even after her death. Even more than that, I also learnt to be more caring when taking care of patients in the future as I took care of my Silent Mentor together with my colleagues. Cleaning her every morning and every night made me respect her decision even more. I am also incredibly grateful towards her family members who supported her decision as it most definitely was not an easy decision to make. 

On the last day of the workshop, during the sending off ceremony, there were so many times when I teared up and came close to crying as I watched all the touching tributes of every team towards their respective Silent Mentors. I will always be thankful that I was given the chance to join this workshop as it was an experience that I will never forget and Madam Tan Lan Chern’s kindness will always be engraved in my heart. I also admire and am grateful to all the volunteers who made this workshop happen and run smoothly.

25th Silent Mentor Workshop_Oral & Maxillofacial Master's Training_19 Jan 2019. Photograph by Volunteer: Sam PF

In life, the body is something we use to accomplish many things, but we ultimately do not possess it, as it is not permanant. Birth, aging, illness and eventually death - this is the natural course of life and there is only so much that medicine can do when life has reached its end. 

But, what should we do with our body after our death? If we understand that the body is not permanent, we can do something meaningful out of our lives, such as donating it for medical research and education as Silent Mentor.

~  Grateful to the dedication of silent mentors  ~




~ 感恩無語良師的奉獻 ~




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