Students Comment 學生心得

28th Silent Mentor Workshop 08-13/10/2019

Chan Zhen Shun 陈正轩 (UM_MEM150011)   

Miss Chin has taught me what it meant to be selfless. From the home visit, we knew that she grew up in a below average household, she had given her everything to her family and even at her death, she chose to be a Silent Mentor. She donated her body for us to learn and practise. If one could describe her with one word, it would be- selflessness. Her selfless attitude had inspired me to put the welfare of my patients as my upmost priority and be a selfless doctor, a selfless person whenever and wherever I can!


Tan Ann Gee 陳安琪 (UM_MEM150101)














Chay Shen Yuan (UM_MEM150012)

Throughout the week of Silent Mentor Workshop, the greatest lesson I learnt wasn’t about the clinical skills or the anatomy of human body, but it’s about appreciation and sacrifices. We never met our mentor when she’s still here, but we learnt about her through her family. From stories, photos or the environment she lived in, we learnt about how great her personality was. She was always the one who willing to sacrifice for her family, and this time she sacrifices her body for the medical field, for us. I think it is a tough decision to make, to donate your own body to someone you never meet, you never know. Learning her sacrifices, learning the value of give and take, I learnt about appreciating. Appreciating every moment with my mentor, appreciating the learning opportunities, trying my best not to fail mentor’s last wish to learn as much as I could. As the workshop went on, I realised more and more stitches and wounds on my mentor, my heart aches. But deepest in my heart, I’m really grateful for being her mentee, to learn about her and her values. Thank you, Ms Chin.


Siti Anis Suraya Binti Mohd Zain (UM_MEM150095)

Silent Mentor Program had been an eye opening program for me. From this program, I was not only able to practice and had hands on skills regarding few procedures. But I could also experience and learn regarding the meaning of life in depth and from different perspectives. My Silent Mentor selfless contribution had taught me that life is more than just for ourselves. We should be living this life not only to fulfil our responsibilities but also helping the others as much as we can along the way. She taught me that we not only can be helpful when we are alive, even after death we could still help the others for a better growth and development either in term of skills or even knowledge. The family members of my Silent Mentors deserved an appreciation on its own. They were so thoughtful and was able to sacrifice their belief and thought regarding their culture, so that we can have this experiences. I couldn't thank them more and I am truly grateful for the opportunity that have been given to me.


Tamilaruvi A/P Vijayakumaran (UM_MEM150100)

I am truly grateful to Silent Mentor team for arranging such a meaningful programme to both medical students and doctors. I must say that my view on patients has tremendously changed because now I not only understand the disease they have but also them as a whole human being. Having said that I must thank my Silent Mentor, Miss Chin Siew Eng who contributed her own self for medical education in order to nurture good doctors in future. How selfless one can be to knowingly allow their body to undergo invasive procedures for learning purpose?

‘Selflessness’ is the best one word to describe these pure souls. In addition, this programme gave me a different perspective on life and death. Death has always been a scariest thing to most of us as the thought of leaving our beloved ones is very painful. However, my Silent Mentor has taught me that death can also be a meaningful one and it is the process when we realise the value of life and appreciate it. Even after death, we can still live in people’s heart through the good deed and contributions to our family and society. When I first registered for this programme, I expected to perform several invasive procedures and acquire other medical knowledge but now I have learnt more than that as in empathy, humanity, and compassion. In a nutshell, I would like to express my utmost gratitude to the organisers, professors, volunteers, and everyone who helped to make this programme a successful one.


Khaw Jia Yee (Newcastle_140673764)







Teoh Yeong Huann 张勇焕 (AIMST_M14111299)

人间有爱 • 感恩

感恩是水, 尊重是河, 对这句感恩词是深刻的, 这句良言已是深深的烙印在脑海中。

感恩无语良师为我们的付出与奉献, 以特殊的教学方式, 牺牲自己, 照亮别人, 丰富了我们的知识与经验, 培育了我们医学生。

不只是在医学上, 而且还教会了我们人道, 道德与谦虚。

感谢您的体谅, 谢谢您 感恩


Kylie Yong Sze Ying (IMU_ME1400000003332)



Wan Nur Ira Izrah Bt Wan Izani (USIM_1131942)

During the first day of initiation ceremony of this Silent Mentor Program, nothing more than I expected. It was just that I have the promise towards myself that I need to meet people as my remedy. There had been so long for me staying at home, I need to find the missing pieces of myself. Realizing that meeting new people is like remedy, so I make this program as my medium for me to meet new people. 

As the day goes by, going to University Malaya at early morning as early as 4.00 am in the morning alone, need like really strong courage. Have to park very far, and walking alone at night as the program ended really make me feel stronger. Have the opportunity to do suturing, intubation and central venous line were an honour from you Ms Chin. Ms Chin, now I know how to tie the knot of the suture, I know how deep I need to put my needle on the skin, I learn how to suture on the skin Ms Chin. Ms Chin, I can feel how is the feeling of intubating and Ms Chin, now I know how is the feeling of putting the central venous line. Ms Chin, I know how the caesarean section was done, I know how to locate the appendix and not confusing with the sigmoid, I know how it feels of the normal liver, I know how it feel of the intestine, I can look at the ovary & fallopian tube. 

During the gratitude ceremony, I looked at all the family members. I felt sad about that. I just can’t imagine how they were willingly gave their family member as a medium for us to learn. Looking at them, the selflessness of themselves just make me feel that this is the real meaning of giving the benefit to others. I realised that the life is not just about ourselves, it is about everyone else. The Silent Mentor did not mind that their body being cut, their bone being cut, their eyeball being taken out form their eye. They can’t speak. They let their body to be cut and all the suture are all around their body. They just let it be. Ms Chin, looking at your face, your body with lot of sutures and your limb became so flaccid and you were just quiet, making me feel that you really sacrifice yourself for others to learn about your body. Thank you. You will always be my teacher. Looking at your family members make me feel that I want to cry. This is the real meaning of selflessness.  

On the other hand, I also met a lot of friends there.  I also more understand on how is the rhythm to communicate with people. The principle is to know your worth, speak up your thought, never afraid of the mistakes. I also learn to read about my communication pathway on where I want to go. Lastly, I have the opportunity to meet such a top medical community in University of Malaya.


Chew Leong Chan 周良典 (UM_MEM140127)



Lim Kai Wei 林凯薇 (UM_MEM150046)







Hii Siew Lin 许晓玲 (UM_MEM140036)




Nur Fatin Aqielah Binti Suparman (UM_MEM150075)

Silent Mentor has taught me not only the clinical skills that we, future doctors needed but also, how to be a better doctors spiritually. Every procedure and activity were done with so much respect towards our self-less Silent Mentor who not only showed us kindness by their deeds but also, reminded us to do good for all regardless of religion and races. It was a memorable experience and I hope I’d be able to fulfill all their wishes of being a good doctor.


Othniel Panyih Anak Daraman (UM_MEM150085)

Attending this program allowed me to experience the emotions, thoughts and struggles of the family members of my mentor. I am reminded that life is short, that I need to cherish the moments I have now with my loved ones. 

Thank you to the lecturers and volunteers who worked hard to allow this 28th Silent Mentor Workshop to be a success. 

My experiences throughout this workshop was made possible because of the selflessness and kindness of Mr. Lim and his family. For that, I am very much thankful and grateful.


Jaslinder Kaur A/P Param Jit Singh (Perdana University- RCSI_14923311)

Joining the Silent Mentor Program has been an amazing experience. Not only I did get the opportunity to appreciate the heartfelt contribution of our dearest Silent Mentors, I was also able to positively reflect along this interesting program organized by UM. Having the hands-on chance of handling various surgical and clinical procedures led by renowned surgeons and physicians was definitely incredible. But the highlight of my experience here was the amazing journey of appreciation and the close interaction I had with the beloved family of my dearest Silent Mentors. Forever will I cherish this memorable experience I had. Thank you.


Choong Zhi Hern (IMU_9133)

It was such a privilege to be part of the Silent Mentor Program. I have gained valuable practical insights particularly the surgical and procedural aspects of Medicine. The opportunity to apply textbook knowledge has been beneficial in enhancing my understanding and sharpening skills. Under the guidance of the experienced Medical Professionals, I was given the chance to insert a chest tube, central venous line and to perform intubation on a human body. Besides that, this workshop had given me the opportunity to practice and perfecting my suturing skills and techniques. Also, I have learnt the specific nuances of human anatomy by feeling and identifying each structure of a real body; the entire experience appears to be a stark contrast to the usual practice on mannequins.  

Aside from appreciating the demanding standard of the profession, I am deeply inspired by the selflessness of the medical team for dedicating their time to educate aspiring doctors. Besides that, from my Silent Mentors and their family members I had learnt so much about appreciation, love, compassionate, respect and selflessness, which I think these are valuable traits that every doctor should acquire. The program has motivated me and fuelled my passion to continue strive for excellence.


Teh Ee Lyn (Manipal_131303523)

Silent Mentor Program has made a big impact on me. Through the workshop, I have learnt a lot of useful hands on procedures that I have never gotten a chance to practice during my medical school years. Trying, making mistakes and then learning from those mistakes has always been the best way of learning. But sadly, in the medical field there’s rarely space for mistakes, because we humans are such fragile creatures. However, because of Silent Mentor Program, it is possible. The best part of the program was not only the workshops, it was the humanity aspect of it. To be able to know, understand and have a picture in your mind about who your mentor was his life before death, before practicing on him is such a special and indescribable experience. I feel honored and touched, that I was able to listen to the thoughts and feelings of the families, and to also feel what they were feeling at each stage of the program up until the very end. I have not just gained knowledge and skills, but also learnt empathy, and have been appreciating life even more ever since.


Oh Zhaogy (AIMST_M14080844)


感恩您们无私 不求回报的付出与贡献




您舍己为人的精神 我们会牢记在心 



您们忍痛割爱 毫不犹豫

决心 奉献


爱 无限



生  虽只有一线之差



至 永恒


Lau En Qi (UM_MEM150037)





Lai Yi 赖怡 (UM_MEM150036)






Muhammad Hamizan Bin Azmi (UM_MEM150137)

Dying is a normal process that everyone must face at the end of their life. By right, we should be prepared as we know that the day will come. Being in a medical field who watch people live and die made me wondering have they fulfilled their wish or purpose in their life? By joining this Silent Mentor Program for these past few weeks give me an eye opening on how a patient, a person, a someone’s someone being handle after passing away and how the family member react. It reminds me that life is not that simple as I have people who appreciate my presence need to accept that I will be gone forever and they need to continue with their life. 

At first, I was curious to know the reason my mentor volunteer for this program. After went to the mentor’s house, met her family members as well as hearing her life story, I was amazed that she actually signed up to be a mentor when she was well as most of the time that I heard, mentors usually signed up when they knew they had been diagnosed with a terminal illness. It realised me that there are people out there who really sincere and willing to do everything they could so that other people will be benefitted. It touched my heart to see how the family members need to hold their sad feeling inside their chest for so long before this program end but they endured it so that their mother’s wish could be fulfilled. 

Throughout the workshop week, I learn a lot especially in taking care of my mentor. It is more like a common sense to take care my mentor as she is alive, to treat her with such respect and dignity. I also learned a lot of procedures that I think I will be doing it in future. I am so in debt with my mentor for her willingness to let me learn all those procedures on her. 

During the sending off and gratitude ceremony, it made me realised that my mentor and other mentors are really kind and have something in common. Despite went through all the hardships, they are still willing to give more even after their death and they did that without hesitation as it is the most right thing to do. I hope all the wishes that these mentors have had been fulfilled. 

Last but not least, I am so grateful that I made a lot of new friends from other universities. This program has extended my horizon of friends. We went through a lot during this program. We laughed, we cried and shared other feelings together in this program. I had a good teamwork experience with them. It is nice to have a lot of friends who have the same purpose in this program, to treat a mentor as humanly as possible making this task a bit lighter. I really wish this friendship will last as we shared a great mentor in our life.


Nur Suhair Binti Mohamed Naim (UM_MEM150077)

The Silent Mentor Program taught me more than just medical and surgical skills/knowledge, but most importantly it taught me the essence of being a good Dr - someone who treats with empathy, kindness and care for others. Simple to say, the essence of being a human being itself. My Silent Mentor's last wishes were for us to take these learning opportunities and to put it to good use, to hurt less patients and to save more. Our Silent Mentors' selflessness and huge sacrifices can never be forgotten - as each time I see blooming flowers, colourful blankets, feel the soft wind blows or see another smiling patient, I'll be reminded of my own Silent Mentor. It will surprise you when you realise that you can be so touched by someone's sacrifice - and you value them so much despite not knowing who they were in life. Needless to say, it's not merely the length of life that counts, but its the depth of life that we've spent that matters. Our Silent Mentors did their parts; they were mentors in life and still relentlessly sacrificed, even after death. Now it's my turn to think and act, on how I should live mine.


Nurul Nabilah Binti Md Lazim (UM_MEM150081)

I'm so grateful that I had given a chance to join Silent Mentor Workshop and I believed that my encounter with late Madam Siew Mooi and her families were meant to be. Initially, I signed up this program with a goal to learn as much skills as I could. But, never that I know this program will affect me emotionally and spiritually in a positive way, for my self-development as a future doctor. 

Getting to know my mentor and her family has taught me, to look at and treat a patient as somebody who is really precious to their family members, not just merely treating a person with the disease. Thank you, Madam Siew. May your soul rest in peace. 


Benny Lim Yen Huei (IMU_10431)

Participating in the Silent Mentor Program over the past week has changed the view I have towards medicine. Prior to the program, I would only prioritize the management of the patients’ illness and the outcomes of their treatments. However, I have realised that I was naïve in my thinking in the care of my patients. 

During the workshop, I learnt the importance of family support in the care of the patient. Even though my mentor was silent, the interaction and communication with the family of the mentor made me realised about the importance of taking into account the feelings and worries of the family during the management of the mentor. We were able to understand better the problems and hardship that the family had to overcome when our mentor was ill and the difficult decisions that had to be made to allow our mentor to participate in the Silent Mentor Program after she passes away. After going through this program, I would be more careful and take into consideration the views of the patients and their family first before making decisions in management. 

Secondly, the workshop made me realise the hardship of taking care of a patient. During the workshop, the students had to clean up and take great care of our mentors every morning and every evening. The carefulness and sacrifice required to care for our mentor made me understand the noble act of the caretakers taking care of the ill. The workshop has raised the respect I have for the caretakers of the patients and also reminded me of why we should be noble when caring for our patients. 

Lastly, the Silent Mentor workshop has also made me reflect back on the importance of teamwork and communication. During our daily activities, we had to work together with one another to ensure that our mentor receives the best care. Even though we have never met prior to this workshop, working with the new friends I made during the workshop has made all the task and obstacles bearable. I will continue to foster teamwork and communication skills when I progress further in the medical profession so that my patient will receive the best care from the medical team. 

Overall, this workshop has been nothing less than an amazing experience. If given the chance, I would be glad to participate in the workshop again. I will take all the experience I have learnt in the workshop and apply it to how I manage patients in the future.


Seah Yin Kar 谢颖佳 (UNIMAS_48860)






Teoh Kee Zhuan 张羽壮 (Manipal_121303529)

非常荣幸,2019年 7月23日这天,我被录取加入无语良师计划。起初对这计划的概念很模糊,大约就是知道会有捐赠者自愿捐躯作为医学用途。加入了这个大家庭后,我才发现原来背后的意义,远大于只是一份爱无私的传承。从第一天的家访中,就深深感受到家属们的不甘不舍与惶恐不安的情绪,也许是他们对医学作业的不理解,也许是他们知道这项计划的所有过程,都与他们的传统理念有着大大的正面冲突。为了满足母亲的意愿,他们还是硬着头皮地体谅与接受我们的医学运作与技术试验。这里我才了解到,我们总在生活中把自己的潇洒固执当作理所当然,然而每个方案的背后,辛劳与无奈、感受最深烈的,其实是我们病患的亲属和亲友们。这时时刻刻在提醒我以后对着病患,除了要对症下药 另外也要有同理心。感谢 Mr. Sia与团队们的妥善安排,整段计划中的课程,可说是近乎完美,事前的准备充足、指示清楚不模糊以及保留了对无语老师最大限度的尊重。除了医识、医技、医术上的提升,无语良师身教最大的培养就是医德。这是在哪个课本都修不到的额外学题。感谢机缘让我认识这项计划,也感恩计划中善结的友谊,有机会的话,您一定要来参与这计划!因为里头的启发绝对让您受益匪浅足以让你在未来的道路中登高望远 开阔视野去看世界。

27th Silent Mentor Workshop 09-14/07/2019

Choy Yang Qun (UM_MEM150019)



Ooi Wei Yuen (UM_MEM140095)

As the saying goes, “A mediocre teacher teaches but a great teacher inspires.” After attending the Silent Mentor Program, I was greatly inspired by my mentor’s selflessness and her great love. Although I could not meet her when she was still alive, however her legacy, her story was retold in great detail again by those who remember her. She was a selfless person who would sacrifice herself for others and continue doing so even in her passing. I learned a lot of procedural skills which would be impossible to do on a real patient at my level. Through trial and error during the Silent Mentor Program was I able to grasp the overall feeling and concept to perform a certain procedure. Moreover, this program taught us much about respect and empathy towards others. The families in their times of lost chose to fulfil their kin’s dying wishes. Their sacrifice would breed a new generation of doctors who would continue to save more lives in the future. I am deeply indebted to my mentor and her family and also the coordinators of this program. I would continue to work hard on my skills and hopefully save thousands of lives in the future.


Khairunnisa Binti Zainuddin (UM_MEM140042)

I am glad to be part of the Silent Mentor Program. From day 1 to the sending off ceremony, each day will give a value or new lesson to me. It is such an excellent idea to turn a loss to a gift. I really hope there are more Silent Mentors in the future and also future participations from medical students of local national universities. This program should expand to other parts of the country because of the benefits that we gain from this.  I hope for the success in the future.


Ang Qi Xuan (UM_MEM150006)

Thank you for the opportunity given to join Silent Mentor Program. From these few days, I learn to treat a cadaver as though he/she is alive and learn to be comfortable performing procedures in cadaver. I appreciate and respect Madam Hong Yin Peng’s final will for being part of Silent Mentor Program. To me, death is the closure for a story of human life, be it the one dying or the people around them. It is not easy to go through stages of grief and loss. But it’s even more spiritually challenging to delay the stages across a few months as how the family members did. I respect their strength and understanding for being through that and am thankful from the bottom of my heart.


Farra Azera Binti Md Razib (UM_MEM150021)

Life is short and I personally believe that death is just the beginning of a new journey. It could be a lonely journey but knowing I have done my best while I am alive would serve as a source of comfort. This is what my Silent Mentor, Madam Hong has taught me. I aspire to make the most out of my life while I can, to be selfless and generous, to appreciate all the little things I receive. Through this program, I realize once again that whichever race and religion you are from, in the end all of us are humans, with feelings and emotions. Despite the differences in our beliefs, Madam Hong’s kindness touches my soul and I wish to be able to have such impact in the future too.


Lim Sheng Zheng (Newcastle_160008476)



试着让眼泪不往下流  别往下流










千言万语  归结为一句话



Tan Ping May (Newcastle_170732350)

爱  无私







具仁心  为仁术 

爱  无限




生  虽只有一线之差

但爱  是可以延续至永恒 










也勿忘初心  为良医


Chong Ning Hui (IMU_3358)

I guess one would never know how significant the impact of the Silent Mentor Program is on one's mind and soul until he or she has been through it. I am still in awe of how humbling the entire experience is on my perspective towards life in general. Day by day, when the number of cuts and stitches increases on my Silent Mentor's body, my hearts ached for them but at the same time, I felt immensely humbled and had a great deal of gratitude and respect towards these Silent Mentors. Their selflessness and great love were immeasurable. 

The connection that was built between us, the Silent Mentor, and their family members were so special. The Silent Mentor was once a stranger to us, but after a week of learning about them, we were all grieving along with the family members as we sent our beloved mentor in their journey. The family members are the ones I would like to also show my appreciation to as they embraced and fulfilled the mentors' last wishes, even though they had to suffer prolonged grief.  

I may not remember every technique or skill taught during this workshop. But I know that when the road ahead looks dark and cloudy, and when I struggle from whatever overwhelming obstacle that crumbles me, this experience with my Silent Mentor will remain as a lit candle that reminds me of their sacrifices today. It will be the light that helps rejuvenate my passion and empathy towards medicine and life.   

Dear Silent Mentor, your love is unconditional and eternal. You touched our souls today, and we shall spread that touch to many others whom we are bound to care for and heal. Thank you.


Ting Kar Mun (Monash_29202086)

We might not know each other or know these Silent Mentors before this program but this program is like a thread that bond every one of us together. I enjoyed every moment throughout the program and appreciated the efforts that all of us put in to make these happen.

I've learned a lot of new things through this program. It is a pretty eye-opening experience for me. Through the workshop, the doctors had highlighted some of the important structures or landmarks that we might miss when studying textbooks. I would always remember everything that I learnt through this program and I believed that this will made me into a better doctor in future.

Dear Silent Mentors, your story may become merely a part of our story. However, it is strong enough to inspire and encourage us to travel further in the journey of our life. To stay curious, strive hard and to be tough enough to face the challenges in the ongoing journey. You taught us that the end is just another beginning, and your generous act will never be forgotten.


R. Dinesh Kumara A/L Rajendran (UM_MEM150088)

Blood, flesh and bones-these are what human beings are made of as far as I was concerned. At least I was until I joined the Silent Mentor Program. Throughout the course of a few months in this program, I came to know four mentors, specifically Mr. Lee Gee Huat, who willingly gave their bodies for the purpose of medical education. 

How selfless can one be to knowingly allow their deceased body to undergo several invasive procedures, disfiguring and scarring them, just for a field that they had minimal affiliations to when alive? These pure souls have depicted humanitarianism at its utmost form. Hence, from this wholesome experience, I realised that what define a human being is, neither the blood that runs through the veins nor his or her flesh and bones, but rather the love, humility and sacrifice we practice even in the afterlife. Just like that, without uttering a single word, my mentors have taught me the most valuable lesson I could ever pick up in medical school. For that, I express my greatest gratitude to all my four Silent Mentors and their families, professors, doctors, and the organisers and helpers of this honourable program.


Lee Heoy Teng (UM_MEM150039)




无语良师, 感恩您 让我悟出,








Wong Jing Yuan (UM_MEM150114)




Choe Lay Mun (UM_MEM150016)





渐渐觉得  面对死亡


人啊  终究还是逃不过死亡这一步 






我们的无语良师  我们素未相谋










要多么大的勇气, 多么无私的爱与奉献精神

才能捐出自己的身体  造福后人  为社会贡献 


"我宁可你在我身上划错无数刀, 也不愿见到你在病人身上割错一刀..." 

谢谢您们 所有的无语良师





Mary Grace Fernandez (Perdana_14923320)

I am very happy that I made the decision to join the Silent Mentor Program as I had the opportunity to perform many procedures such as central venous line insertion, endotracheal intubation, chest tube insertion and suturing. I was also able to observe other procedures such as Pfannenstiel incision for C-section, Lanz incision for appendicectomy, chemoport insertion and carpal tunnel release. Besides that, we were taught about the anatomy of the femoral and inguinal canal and all about hernia repairs. 

Besides the medical aspect of this program, I also learned a lot about different cultures and religions through the various ceremonies that were carried out. This will surely help me to be a more understanding doctor in the future. 

I also had the opportunity to make many new friends from different universities. We were able to share our knowledge and experience with each other throughout the week. In a nutshell, I found this program very beneficial and will definitely encourage my other university mates to join it.


Chear Li Juin (Newcastle_160002935)

Because love was not the answer of every question. Because real love means sacrifice. Sometimes love means letting go. 

The spirit of the Silent Mentors had greatly affected my attitude towards life. I always constantly finding the meaning of life till I joined the Silent Mentor workshop. Throughout the workshop, I can deeply feel the love that the Silent Mentors had given to us. They were willing to sacrifice their bodies and made contributions to the education of fellow doctors and students despite the objection from family members. We are not SM’s family member; hence we did not feel that amount of pain that they were going through. Their dedication for a better tomorrow were much appreciated. They made me realized that the secret of living a life of excellence is merely a thought of excellence. No man is truly great who is only great in his lifetime but the history that they made. May care and love of those around them provide comfort and peace to get them through the days ahead. 

Thanks for showering us with lots of love. Thank you, Silent Mentors.


Nurul Asyiqin Binti Mohd Radzuan (Manipal_131303071)

I am so grateful for given the chance joining the 27th Silent Mentor Workshop. It is such a golden opportunity for me to learn and practice the invasive procedures on a cadaver respectfully, under careful supervision of qualified doctors. Initially, I thought this program will only provide me with various medical skills training. But after joining this program, I feel it has served me beyond it. Extremely beyond my expectations. This program has totally seed me with empathy towards medicine and life. 

Working as a doctor with hectic busy schedule is absolutely challenging. We deal with death every day until it become a norm to us. We unconsciously losing the value of empathy by only focusing on our job. We spent very less time to talk to our patient and take care of their emotions. Silent Mentor Program has taught me that every patient, has their own life story, struggle and challenges. To become a good doctor, we should not neglect it. 

I highly respect with the noble act of the Silent Mentor made for the future doctors’ success. Their beautiful soul definitely teaches the living the value of sacrifices. Now onwards, for every patient we treat, there are our Silent Mentors behind every success. Thank you our unsung heroes, may your souls rest in peace.


Lui Yao Zong (Monash_29202043)

Many of us have seen heroes in movies but not in the real world. The selfless act of surrendering your whole body into the hands of strangers is admirable and a true hero. Turning a life’s loss into a gift to the whole society is a great challenge not only for oneself but also their family members.  Joseph Campbell once said, “A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.”  Their contributions to the medical world cannot be quantified, not to mention repaying them. 

The Silent Mentor Program has left a huge print in my life. I sincerely felt that being given the chance to sharpen our knowledge and skills are secondary. Most importantly, nothing beats the life values gained from this program. The Silent Mentors have taught us what selflessness, bravery, love and being compassionate are. 

Dear Silent Mentors, 

To ensure that your sacrifice will not be in vain, values that you have taught will be with me till my very last breath.  I would like to thank you all Silent Mentors. You have indeed taught us a very special lesson, an unspoken one but one full of meaning to life.


Chan Carmen (Dundee_170027359)

In my essay of “Why should I join Silent Mentor Program”, I stated a few learning intentions of how I felt this workshop would help me grow as a medical professional. Such as focussing on a patient centred care and caring for a patient as a whole. This workshop indeed helped me learn compassion, empathy and nurturing care by assigning us a mentor to take care of. Even though we were not personally acquainted with our mentor, but through the words of family members, close relatives and friends, we learnt a lot about our mentor and deep down formed a caring bond in our hearts. As we worked together, taking care of our mentor we slowly formed a good teamwork amongst our team. From this, we learnt that communication in a team is very important and this workshop further emphasizes on discipline and order in an organisation. 

As for the workshops, led by many doctors, professors and surgeons, I am truly grateful for their teachings and mentorship. We had the chance to practice our skills in all the stations which will be helpful in our future years as doctors. I also appreciate the further teaching of anatomy in the following session. By being able to observe the anatomy of the human body up close truly helps with reinforcing my understandings from the textbooks. 

All in all, I am truly grateful for this opportunity to partake in this 27th Silent Mentor Workshop by University Malaya. I will use all the knowledge I have absorbed from this workshop to further improve myself to be a better doctor. Thank You.


Ng Wyen Dee (UM_MEM150063)

无语良师工作坊是一个很好的学习平台,让我们这些医学生获益良多。无语老师们就像我们心中的雨点,把自己埋没,让小草生长。这种无私的奉献,我们将永远感激于心。为国育才,只有逗号,没有句号; 感恩我师,只有起点,没有终点。感恩您!


Wong Lai Theng (UM_MEM150115)

很庆幸能够在医学生涯中有机会参加无语良师计划,对我而言这是一个很有意义的工作坊。犹记得还是大一的时候,我发现很多学长学姐都参与这项计划,但那时候我对这工作坊毫无概念,决定当无语良师工作坊的自愿者以更加了解。 数次的参与后我也觉得这可能是个让我们学习医学知识与技术的好机会吧。直到不久前自己亲身加入这个活动,从无语良师往生后到工作坊结束,当中的家访、大体启动仪式、医学工作坊以及感恩仪式都让我们学习了很多。我非常钦佩无语良师无私奉献的精神。我定不会辜负无语良师对我们的期望,把所学到的医学知识造福人群。


Siti Hajar Binti Mohd Hafeez (UM_MEM150096)

Honestly, the first time I heard of this program was during my first year and I was rendered speechless, totally clueless of the real meaning behind it.  I didn’t consider participating until one of my seniors told me about her experience in joining the program and how it changed her. 

Upon arrival of my mentor in Silent Mentor Centre (SMC), I was initially still the clueless me, just following instructions from coordinators and facilitators, without actually knowing in detail who my mentor was.  However, throughout the program, from the home visit up to the workshops and sending-off ceremony, I have acquired a deep respect and admiration for my mentor.  He helped me gain not only medical knowledge, but also the meaning of humanity and unconditional love. He taught me that the meaning of love goes beyond life itself.  Good deeds can still be done even in the afterlife. His selfless contribution for us, medical students, portrayed such an extraordinary example and I am sure their legacy will live on in our hearts. 

Dear beloved mentors, thank you for the lessons. 


Ngai Chin Fei (UM_MEM150065)

Silent Mentor, my teacher of knowledge and life, makes me realize the power of love and sacrifice. They were willing to contribute their bodies to us, the medical students and doctors, in hope of us becoming the medical professionals with hearts and empathy. Their great contribution and sacrifice will always be buried in our hearts and minds. This program had opened my eyes and mind that the love to mankind is not limited to the length of life, but it extends until the end of the world. I respected and admired the courage of the Silent Mentors to make such a heavy decision, yet they had no regret until the end of their lives. All of them had the same hope and expectation that we can make full use of their bodies for the sake of medical development and contribute back to the society. I promise, I would not disappoint any of them until the end of my life, by becoming a good and merciful doctor. The knowledge and experience gained through this workshop are invaluable and thus my appreciation to their sacrifice can never be described in words, but it will always be remembered in my hearts. The love of humanity showed by the Silent Mentors has spread through the universe. At last, I strongly hope that every mankind can make some contributions back to community even after the end of life just like our Silent Mentor for the sake of human’s love.


Che Mohd Hasbi Che Mohd Zin (UM_MEM150013)

It has been a great honor for me to participate in the 27th SMP as it provides me with a rare opportunity to take a glimpse into the lives of our mentors. I am utmost grateful and moved by their generosity to help in shaping the medical students as better doctors in the future. Words are not enough to describe the importance of the knowledge, skills and experience that I have gained throughout this program. For which I’m sure it will stay with me for the rest of my life. But on top of all this, they have also taught me that being compassionate and selfless does not need to be just a materialistic act, it can be more than that. Dearest mentors, you have taught us about life and love. For that, we can never thank you enough. Lastly, as a reminder to us all, although they may not be here with us today, their legacy will continue to live on among us.


Chee Chung Ern (UNIMAS_40826)




Teh Jun Xian (UKM_A143581)

From the past 1 week program of 27th Silent Mentor Workshop, I have learnt a lot not only from Silent Mentor but also from family of Silent Mentors. 

First of all, I learn about the love of family towards Silent Mentor which is really deep in afterlife. My Silent Mentor, Mr Wai choose to donate his body after his sister introduce him about Silent Mentor. After his sign up, his father has strongly disagree with Mr Wai as this is sort of against the Chinese tradition. However, Mr Wai insist and his siblings help to convince their father on this. This is the power of love to help changing mind of their father to acceptance. His father choose to respect his choice in the end. 

Besides, I learn to respect body of Silent Mentor. Almost every morning in the program, we will be assigned to clean the body of Mr Wai. This is not an easy task as we need to take a good care of his body due to fragility of tissue structure after his pass away. We need to slowly press the tissue on the skin soaked with alcohol instead of rubbing through it. We need to slowly move his body instead of just pulling him over the trolley when we are transferring to the operation table. I learn to respect him as a whole instead of just a body. I learn how bad will his body be of we did not cut or stitch properly on Mr Wai, as if on the body of our real life patient in future.This is a valuable lesson which I can not learn from other program. 

Moreover, I have learnt about the importance of volunteering in a group of program. My team leader, Lai Theng is a responsible team leader and most of the time she takes in consideration of our opinion before making decision. But, it won’t be successful if none of us volunteer to take the job or the job being assigned then she need to make extra arrangement. Sometimes of our team are not proactive enough to do it but luckily the rest of time our team are good and willing to help each other.This is the same happening to Silent Mentor workshop which is totally free for participants. Each and everyone volunteer to take up one job to make the program a success. 

In a nutshell, I have learnt a lot through Silent Mentor Program, not only skills and knowledge but all also noble value seen on Mr Wai, his family and Silent Mentor Workshop committee as well as volunteers. These help me to become an empathy doctor in the future.


Grace Kong Yong En (Monash_29457939)

Through Silent Mentor workshops, I gained a better understanding of the human anatomy and got to try my hand at procedures such as suturing. It was an eye-opening experience for me to deal with death and grief. I was uneasy the first time I helped with the preparation of our mentor but got used to it over time. However, when I think about our mentor (Mr Wai), I still feel humbled by his courage and selflessness. Our mentor’s family was very friendly and was willing to share their stories with us. I am blessed with good group mates that made me feel welcomed. The program was also a good opportunity to befriend medical students from other universities. I am grateful to have been given the chance to participate in the Silent Mentor Program as I got to learn and experience many new things.


Renugkha Nair A/P Krishnan Nair (IMU_11027)

When I first joined the workshop, I was determined to learn as much skills as I could from the mentors. However as the week progressed, I realized that more than the skills, I learnt the value of empathy and compassion. Cleansing the mentor everyday showed how much education our Silent Mentors have imparted to the medical fraternity as with each passing day, the amount of scars they carry increased. They proved that even beyond our death, we could still contribute to society and humanity through noble acts like these. For this, I am very grateful for my mentor, Mr Wai Seng Chan. 

As part of the Silent Mentor Program, I have realized that the thing that makes the program unique, is the bond we create with the mentor’s family members in order to gain some insight into the life and death of our mentor before the workshop. Getting to know my mentor and his family personally was the indeed the most rewarding part of this program. 

This workshop gave me a different perspective on life and death. I am very thankful for this opportunity, it was an experience like no other.


Parveen Kaur A/P Jagdev Singh (UM_MEM150087)

The Silent Mentor Program has been very personal to each of the participants. This one week of workshop has taught me a lot of values and I have gained so much of knowledge and experience from it. Firstly, I would thank all the Silent Mentors for donating their bodies so we could learn from them, and their family members, that stood strong with them through their decision and joined us at the workshop. I learnt that empathy is such a paramount value to have in life, and I learnt that by spending time with the family members of our Silent Mentors. Workshop like these makes us realize that there’s so much that an individual can offer not only in their life but also in afterlife. I am thankful for the academic sessions we had, and the first-hand experience that I have gained through the workshops. I have met many participants from different walks of life, but all of us coming together in the spirit of medicine, to be better doctors in the future. Thank you to the organizers and I hope this program reaches new heights and is spread across the world.


Kee Yan Yee (UM_MEM150031)

I was so excited yet nervous when it was my turn to clean my Silent Mentor. It was a midnight when I suddenly received a text which asked us to stand by that my Silent Mentor will be reached at Silent Mentor Centre at around 12am. But unfortunately due to some unforeseen circumstance, he only able to arrive at 3am. I did not know how to describe my feeling at the moment I saw my Silent Mentor lying on the trolley bed, but I remembered I keep praying for him silently during the cleaning session and hopefully he can die peacefully. 

During the home visit to my Silent Mentor’s house, I felt so appreciated and touched that his second son and his wife are so forthcoming in sharing the deceased’s life story. I can felt their sadness when sharing the story but I can see how they are proud of their dad and husband too. 

When it came to the Silent Mentor workshop, I make sure I took good care of my Silent Mentor as a normal patient. I tried to remain calm. However, when the son came to see their father for the last time, he then walked to me and said “Thank you” to me, at the moment I can’t control my tears anymore. I felt so heartache yet touching as the sons are so greatness and willing to respect his father’s last wish in donating his body for this Silent Mentor Program. 

If you ask me whether am I willing to let my parents to sign up for this program, my answer will be probably is “No” at this moment. I really appreciate them who agree and decide to sign up as a Silent Mentor. I think this will be the most difficult yet great decision ever in life. 

Every Silent Mentor is a great and wonderful teacher for us and will be missed by everyone forever. I believed they will be very happy and have peace wherever they are now.


Nurulain Binti Zainol (UM_MEM150084)

I was given a great opportunity to participate in the 27th Silent Mentor Workshop and there are a lot that I learnt throughout this workshop. We went through several process before we start the actual workshop. We started with home visit to our Silent Mentor’s house in order to know more about our Silent Mentor. This is where I learnt that even though our Silent Mentor had passed away and willingly donated his own body for medical education, we still need to respect him and his family members. During the workshop week, I got the opportunity to see how different races and religion have their own unique ceremony after the death of their loved ones. From a perspective of a different religion, I find this experience very amusing. I got the chance to know better about different religion practices. Other than that, no words can really explain how grateful and humbling this whole workshop has taught me. Because of our Silent Mentors’ selflessness, I got to learn more and understand better about the things that I have learnt in the textbook. Nothing can replace the whole learning experience that I have got during this workshop.


Ngu Sze Ying 吴思莹 (UM_MEM150066)



Tan Huck Khee 陈则企 (UM_MEM150103)











Khaw Cheng Jing (IMU_3379)

Albert Einstein once said, “Only a life lived for others is a life worth living.” Our Silent Mentors had lived their lives to the fullest with their respective family members in the past, while here at the 27th Silent Mentor Program, they “lived” for us one last time. 

In my opinion, all medical students/graduates of today, strived to gain infinite knowledge in the fields of medicine. However they do not know that in order to become great doctors of tomorrow, we should equip ourselves with vital elements of a good doctor. This fits well into one of the important aims of the Silent Mentor Program which aimed at cultivating a sense of compassion in medical students/graduates towards their future patients. 

Back in the days when I was still a medical student, my beloved supervisors and seniors have taught me that patients will always be our mentors, no matter living or the deceased. They have imparted me with knowledge that I would carry throughout a lifetime as a healthcare professional. 

One’s passing demarcates an important life event for his or her family member.  I was able to join the family members in their last journey with these “unsung heroes” who were willing to help us become better doctors without expecting anything in return. 

Joining this Silent Mentor Program also rekindled my love and passion for caring and being compassionate towards patients and their family members. 

The emotional connection between participants and the Silent Mentors grew stronger day by day. We laughed, wept, smiled and cried. It was a whirlwind of emotions and complex feelings that no words could have described. But if I’m treating a patient tomorrow, I will remember you. I will remember you by the name, your pale face and the sacrifice that you made this day because you made me a better doctor for myself and for someone else. 

A final message to our beloved Silent Mentors: 

Every morning we cleaned your body and washed your hair. But not once you smiled back, not once we got to listen to your voice. You will not feel pain, but the sorrow drowned us. You will not feel scared, but the fear overwhelmed us. 

Your will, we respect.

Your body, we are forever grateful.

Your bravery, my inspiration.

Your generosity, we acknowledge.

Your sacrifice, we remember.


Lim Khoo Deir Dre (IMU_ME11400000003329)

I am very honored to be participated in this 27th Silent Mentor Program. This program had taught me humanity, compassionate and empathy which all doctors preached about but not truly understood by many of us. Though we do not know our mentors when they were still alive, we went through the grieving process together with the family members as though we knew them. 

We were assigned into groups and entrusted to take care of one mentor. The daily tasks of cleansing our respective mentors, patching up their wounds and finally dressing them and putting them into the coffin doesn’t seems to be a burden. It had taught us to be mindful of treating our mentors with respect as well as care for their bodies despite they are spiritually gone. Although this 1 week period did not change me much, however, it will makes me be always mindful to treat my patients with the same mindset. 

Our mentors’ altruistic act of donating their bodies to us who are strangers to them really inspires us to be a better person and to emulate their nobleness. Life is short and unpredictable, but these Silent Mentors teach us to make life meaningful while we are able to. Thank you to all Silent Mentors, words cannot describe how much grateful we are to them and their families for their selflessness. Thank you to all organizing committees, family members of the mentors, doctors and volunteers for making this program a success!


Tan Ying Li 陈颖俐 (Manipal_141303050)

I believe timing is everything. If something is meant to happen to you, at the right time and right place with the right person and right reason it will happen. And Silent Mentor Program was the golden opportunity that I have always waited and finally at the time just right after graduating, I got the chance to participate. 

All I would like to say is through this platform, what I learnt was far more precious than merely medical knowledge or skills. Apart from that, I learnt about life. I learnt about selflessness and generosity. All thanks to our dearest Silent Mentors. 

We, the medical students were the one cleaning our mentor's body every single morning and at night after workshops without failing. As day goes by, he has already becoming like my own family member. I could clearly remember each and every edges of his face and the curves of his body till now although I have never seen my mentor even once when he was alive. Even though he was my “Silent” Mentor, I felt he was dear to me.  

Goodbyes are usually the hardest to say but eventually we bid farewell to our dearest mentors. I thank you for showing us that the real love should go beyond the length of our life, the width of the spirit, and the depth of the soul. We will always remember your sacrifice to the medical education and we vow to continue your legacy in treating our patients with love and care in the future.


Tan Yik Liang (Newcastle_160008557)


感恩您无私的奉献 让医学生能从您身上学习到宝贵的知识与经验

感恩您宝贵的付出 让我得到了心智的启迪和生命的成长

感恩您用生命教会了我什么是大爱 明白了生命之长不可变 生命之宽却可增

花儿感恩于大地的滋养 才有了艳丽多姿芳香扑鼻



感恩您 我的无语良师

26th Silent Mentor Workshop 09-14/04/2019

Lim Yi Wen (UM_MEM150050)

生活一如既往 心态却早已不同

最近发生的种种 在脑海里过了一遍 感慨颇多

对我而言 越是强烈的情感 越是难以描述





第26届无语良师计划 不是结束 是一种继承 延续

您的大爱 像历史的长河 奔腾喧涌 永不停息

您的精神 您的付出 将永记于我心

感恩您 无语良师 愿您安息 


Ting Sing Qin (UM_MEM150110)

Before I participated in the Silent Mentor Program, I thought that the program would help me improve my anatomy knowledge as well as clinical or surgical skills, on top of some humanitarian values. As I never managed to get myself become a volunteer in the program although being a UM student, unlike most of my course mates, I never really knew how the program was conducted and delivered. 

After participating in the Silent Mentor Program, there are quite a several things that changed my view and impacted me a lot. 

Firstly, I understood that the program encompasses the emphasis of the value of empathy, selflessness, gratitude, etc. while allowing students to improve their bedside skills. In this program, values were more important to be taught than the skills - and this is what made it so stand up comparing to the other cadaveric learning sessions we had in our Stage 1 or 2. 

Secondly, although the schedule was really packed, when we needed to wake up early in the dawn to cleanse our mentors, we were reminded that our sacrifices were so little if compared to their contributions to the medical fraternity. Not to mention the family members who would need to suffer a prolonged grief after their family member’s passing. At times throughout the week, I just asked myself, ‘How great a human heart can be, to withstand such a grief, that goes so long and far stretched, yet be strong?’ 

The Silent Mentor Program was a very well-organised event, perhaps the previous 25 similar experiences had perfect-ised it a lot. And, most importantly, perhaps or at least to me, I learnt a lot more than what I expected, in believing love, once again.


Sabrina Teh Wei Ern (UM_MEM150089)

有句话一直铭记在心“ 你可以在我身上动无数个刀,但千万别在病人身上动错一刀”。第一次听起来如此地感动泪人,而今日,心中除了充满感动,也特振奋人心,点燃心中一直被煽动的火苗。 

每早为老师们清理身体时 都特难过,一个不会说话的躯体 身上伤痕累累的,我知道,你们辛苦了,毫无怨言地为我们牺牲。这份无私的付出 默默地在散播大爱,而我们拿什么报答您们呢? 我想,除了在心中祈祷,心中为您们祈福以外,我们能做的不多,就让我们把这份爱 ,这份奉献精神传承下去。 

死亡就在生后的那一刹那,但死亡后让人记得,却是一辈子。我会永远记得您们,虽然您我未曾交流过,但这份感谢 是永无止境的, 是无所不在的。书本上再多的知识,课堂上讲师再多的谆谆教诲,都不如您这 好比阳光给予的强大力量。 

Words cannot express my feelings, nor my thanks for all your help. Saying thank you is not sufficient to express my gratitude, but I promised, I will always remember the purpose of me standing here, to give out all my cares and love, as what you did.     


Nursyasya Izzati Bt Shamsudin (UM_MEM150079)

I have had the honor during this year to participate in the Silent Mentor Program. Through this program, we had the rare opportunity to have a glimpse of the remarkable lives of these generous people.  

But their story has not stopped. Their story endures. They tell us about their lives through the frame of our observations. With each finding, they force us to tackle our vulnerabilities and imperfections in both our knowledge of human anatomy and in our own humanity. A willing leader and a paramount model of the sacrifices we must learn if we wish to effect real differences in the lives of our future patients. They inspire us to better. Their willingness to share themselves for pedagogy is the noblest act. They share with us the beauty and the mystery of the human body. They have forever changed our lives. 


Mohamed Emir Hamzah Bin Noor Din (UM_MEM150056)

After going through this program for almost one week and after the home visit that I had, I'm very blessed to be given this opportunity not just that I learned so much, meeting new friends from other universities, and I think all of us are blessed and grateful to witness how selfless our Silent Mentors are by donating their bodies for medical research and training. 

Our Silent Mentors have given us so much and this has taught us the art of giving. Giving means helping in a way, which ultimately makes us recall the simplest meaning of humanity, “Whoever saves one life, saves the world entirely". 

I can surely say that this is one of our highlights in our medical school life. I hope we can bring all these core values not just to be a good and safe doctor but ultimately in becoming a better person in the future.


Ng Lam Kean (IMU­_ME0813033974)

Silent Mentor Program. I am very grateful that I am able to be part of this program. This program really impacted me in many ways. The selfless act of donating their bodies to total strangers for their learning experiences were very touching. They showed me the true meaning of great love which is unconditional. There was one message from this program that strikes me the most. 

"Thousands cuts, thousands stitches on my body. Don't feel sad for me. It’s okay to do mistake on me. I forgive you, but promise me that you don't do the same mistake on a live patient." 

I will not forget what I have learnt from them. The only way that I can repay them for their sacrifices is to become a compassionate and safe doctor. Learn from them the spirit of selflessness and spread the great love. Thank you Silent Mentors.


Koh Khai Ling (IMU_ME0813033451)

It was definitely an unforgettable experience with the Silent Mentor Program. Indeed, it was the volunteering part of the program that was mind-changing for me personally. I was lucky enough to first become a full time volunteer for this program before becoming a student participants. It was because of the volunteering experience, when I became one of the participants, I was conscious that while we students were busy taking care of our respective Silent Mentor, the committee and the volunteers were taking care of us. While we had to be there early in the morning, they had to be always earlier to make sure things are well-prepared; while we had to stay back late for our class, they always stayed until the latest to make sure things are well packed up. 

Undeniably, our selfless Silent mentors are the only reason this whole program are made for. However, while we are praising the greatness of our most respected Silent Mentors, I would like to express my deepest admiration to the organising committee and volunteers who made this program a success. I believe that having made this program more known to and appreciable by the public was the most successful part of this program. Therefore, the organising committees and permanent volunteers behind the scene should definitely take the credits following our Silent Mentors. 

Sacrifice, selflessness, empathy/sympathy, love and kindness are the keywords in this program. It was amazing how these words are able to bring so many people together, and yet, there are no limits to be discovered. Thank you Silent Mentors; thank you Silent Mentor Program. May love spread; may this experience plant the seed of love in us the young doctors’ heart; may kindness and carefulness flow within us when we are treating every single one of our patients.


Tan Po Hong (IMU_ME0813033934)

Since the start of the Silent Mentor Program (SMP), I have been fully committed to the program and the experience that I obtained is utmost valuable. 

Since the first day, I have been with the Silent Mentor and observing procedures done to them and it wasn’t pretty. There would be cuts on the legs, face, hand, chest and so many other places. I cannot imagine if that would have been done to my body. From this experience, I really get to appreciate the great sacrifice that the Silent Mentors have done. 

Besides that, I was really moved when the family members came to see the Silent Mentors for the last time. Even though I was not related to them in any way, my heart is moved seeing the family members showing their grief. 

I would really recommend SMP to any medical students that I know. From this program, I really learnt much more than medicine, I learnt compassion, empathy, meaning and effects of death and so much more.


Shalini Selvaratnam (PURCSI_13922719)

On the surface the first reason I thought of, for wanting to join the program was that it provided me the opportunity to improve my skills in various medical procedures. As saw this as an important reason, because as good doctors, we need to consistently be bettering our skills in order to ensure that patients receive the best care we can provide. I believe this will probably be a great way to pay it forward for the sacrifice of the Silent Mentors. 

This program has remind me of the debt I owe to everyone who places their body in my hands. The Silent Mentors made the decision to bequeath their body for medical education without knowing great detail about those of us who will be handling their bodies. There’s a weight to that decision that demands that I, as a doctor practicing in the near future, acknowledge the trust that has been placed in me by every patient. It also serves as a reminder to treat every patient with utmost compassion and dignity, no matter how overworked I may feel, as patients I constantly placing a copious amount of their trust in me. 

I’m also honoured to participate in a program that treats the Silent Mentors with such great respect and dignity. This ensures that the students will never, even for a second, treat the bodies of the Silent Mentors as just cadavers for medical education, but as human beings who lived a full life and have family members that love them and miss them greatly. By carrying out home visits, I believe was an opportunity to better understand who these Silent Mentors were and also their family members who have honoured their final wish. Perhaps it will help me better understand how someone even while dying can be so selfless. Above everything, I see the Silent Mentor Program as an act of shared humanity and viewing it as anything else would be a disservice to the Silent Mentors.


Toh Jia Yong (UM_MEM150111)

I am always wondering how generous a person has to be, in order to be able to sacrifice themselves, even during their afterlife. I have heard so much of advices, to be selfless, to give and hope not to receive, but never understand the true meaning behind these acts. I thanked Silent Mentor Program, which has given me an opportunity to understand the meaning of selflessness in deep. I believed the value of generosity and selflessness have been implanted deep in our Silent Mentor’s heart as their core value in life, which I have so much to learn from them, and apply it on my daily basis. 

During the workshop, I have improved a lot in my surgical skills and anatomy knowledge, from the body of our beloved Silent Mentors. Other than that, the thing that touches me the most was their silent selfless act. Their contributions made me understand that to give without any return does not go in vain. In fact, it has always reminded me to do my best in every single thing, to live my life to the fullest. 

Since my Silent Mentor, Mr Khoo passed on, until the end of Silent Mentor Program, I would not say how much I have changed in this short period of time. Rather I would say, how much I have learnt and improved myself throughout. Silent Mentors were the most special teachers that I ever have in my life, who taught me life lessons in the most unique way. They led us by examples, but not words. Although I have not met our Silent Mentors in person, but I felt a strong connection with them, and of course, their great love. 

I promise to practice what Silent Mentors have taught me in my journey to become a successful doctor, as well as in life. As I continue moving forward, I will carry the image of you which has embedded in my heart, and spread your love of all eternity. Last but not least, my utmost gratitude towards our beloved family members of Silent Mentors, doctors, lecturers and professors, committees and volunteers of Silent Mentor Program whom have been contributing their time and effort for making this Silent Mentor Program a success.


Shafiah Aqilah Bt Mohd Jamal (UM_MEM150091)

I have learned a lot throughout this program not just in knowledge but also in spiritual insight. Being empathy and express gratitude towards all human kind is the main thing that I've learn in this Silent Mentor Program. Knowing new friends from other universities and having team spirit is also the best part.


Ari Aran A/L Gopalan (UM_MEM150008)

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity provided to me to join this beautiful program. I learnt lots of lessons and met some great souls in this program. 

I would like to thank from bottom of my heart to the Silent Mentor Mr Khoo and his loving family. I hope to make Mr Khoo proud. He will always remain in our memories and we shall always remember him during our difficult times. Life is like a brief candle, I hope to cherish all the beautiful moments and want to end my testimony a promise to inspire other people around me like what Mr Khoo did.


Nicholas Ang Ken Jin (UM_MEM150067)

Unsung Hero. A term that has always glide through my mind, knowing the definition but never know the real meaning to it, until I join the Silent Mentor Program. We always thought that heroes are there to save the world by what special abilities they have, but real heroes are those who give all they have although they don’t have much. That’s what Silent Mentors are to me, they are our unsung heroes. Their bravery in contributing their bodies for the sake of humanity shall forever be an example to be followed. The love and kindness that they have shown to humanity have once again proved that we can do so much more for this world. 

Through the Silent Mentors, we are not only take a step forward in medicine, but we have taken a step more into being doctors who treat each patient with empathy and compassion. The ceremony was sorrowful, but I held back my tears. I felt that I must be strong, because I am going through the last few moments of my Silent Mentors final wishes, in turning his families lost into a gift. That’s how all of us doctors should be, to be the pillar that will always be there for our patients. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all Silent Mentors, for the unspoken lessons, for the precious life values and for the love. Thank you!


Toh Ee Syuen (IMU_17445)

The Silent Mentor Program is different from all other workshops I have ever attended. The one thing that stands out, is the over-abundance of selflessness. Selflessness resonates everywhere I looked; in the committee members, in the volunteers, in the Silent Mentors, in the family members of the Silent Mentors, even in the participants. Everyone took time off their schedule, put in so much effort into making this workshop a successful one. Students paid no fee, and therefore there is no feeling of “worth it”, instead it is a feeling of being blessed and loved. And this is a massive turning point in shaping compassionate human beings, who then become compassionate doctors. I can say for myself and my fellow friends, that we are very grateful to have received such a gift from the organizing team. 

I would definitely recommend medical students to join this program, but it has to be on their own accord. I also wish to contribute to the program in the future should time and logistical factors permit, for this has reminded me that I can give back so much to the people, it just needs a little effort and a little love.


Chester See Jun Yong (IMU_ME0813033958)

The Silent Mentor Program became the definitive reminder and reflection of why I embarked into the journey of medicine in the first place. This was not only an interesting experience with a fresh perspective, but also a harrowing one. This was one of the few times where I step right into the family's standpoint. I walked through the pathway of loss with them, coming to terms with life and death, and how life moved on regardless. For me, this program provoked a sense of how fragile, yet infinitely precious life is, be it to that individual or the people around who loved him/her. Sometimes, doctors are the only thing standing between the patient's life and their demise. That is truly horrifying to even think about, however it is something that I have to come to terms with, sooner or later. 

Far too often, I was buried behind textbooks and logbooks when I was in medical school, taking patients as words and specimens to study. I never truly stood in their shoes, and much less that of their loved ones, but not here. This Silent Mentor Program had placed me right beside the family members as they were on a journey of recovery from a loss. This truly helped to motivate me to be the best that I could be because that was what my patients needed from me; they and their loved ones. Furthermore, this program helped me prepare to face dire situations to come and realise the very purpose of which I try every single day; to try and get the patient home and meet their loved ones again. Yet, sometimes it really would be the time for them to go and I would have to accept that, as long as I did everything I could. My reflection might seem very abstract but this was what I brought home from this program: a truly different kind of learning... the kind that no textbook could ever teach. It is the learning of appreciating life and my role as a doctor when dealing with that. 

The greatest lessons in life often come at the greatest costs. This priceless lesson, however, was taught to me for free by my selfless Silent Mentor, Mr Khoo. His altruism will not be wasted in knowing that I'll carry this lesson on closely as I stride forward to the future. That is my lesson. That is my reflection. That is my promise.


Cheah Mint Hui (Melaka Manipal MC_131303013)

Before I joined Silent Mentor Program, I wrote an application letter on “why should I join this program”. My intention of joining wasn’t merely just for learning, but also to rejuvenate my passion and empathy towards medicine and lives. I came from a university from India, where cadaveric materials for learning is so sufficient that they are not being appreciated. This program taught me respect and gratitude, whereby every act we did in the workshops, make us remember who our Silent Mentors are and the sacrifices they made in order for us to success. 

I formed not only simple connections, but a heartfelt relationship with the Silent Mentor and his family members. It’s so surreal to have completely no knowledge of someone and yet after a week of learning about them, I was grieving along with the family members as we sent our beloved mentor in their journey. I am truly amazed by the willingness of the family members to fulfil the last wishes of the Silent Mentors even knowing what will happen to them. 

After the sending off ceremony, I went home with a heavy heart, thinking what would I feel if my family members or myself were to die and to donate our body for a selfless act. I found out that my mother has already signed up for this program and it was the hardest decision to make, would I respect her choice or deny her last wish?

I believe I will need to spend a longer time to ponder about life and death, but for now, when I’m about to start my medical career, through these experiences for the past weeks, I’m reminded again how much I love this field; the love for medicine and humanity. Thank you Silent Mentor Program, thank you Mr Khoo. 


Narmatha Darshini Nanthini A/P Subramaniam (PURCSI_13922734)

As the Silent Mentor Program has come to an end, I’ve given myself some time to reflect as I spread the word about this beautiful journey I’ve traversed. 

This journey was nothing less but enthralling for me. Many times during our teaching sessions, I truly forgot that my mentor had passed on, because it felt like he really was right there, only sedated. I’m unable to find the right words to express the immense feeling of gratitude I feel right now, as I feel like I’ve learnt so much from my mentor. 

This experience couldn’t have come at a better time for me, as I’ll be starting my journey as a young doctor next week. Learning from my mentor was truly a wake up call for me, on how much more I have to study and train myself to be a better doctor like how he wished for. 

The week long journey felt very peaceful and beautiful at its own accord, that I actually found myself enjoying the experience so much.  To me, it somehow felt like I always had more time with my mentor. I didn’t truly realize our journey with our mentors was coming to an end until we did the confining ceremony. All of a sudden, I was hit with a gash of reality that my mentor had served his purpose and it’s finally time for him to rest in peace. 

It was a surreal moment; feeling of happiness that my mentor can rest for good, a bit of shock that it has ended so quickly and some amount of sadness that we now part ways. 

My heartfelt gratitude goes to Mr Khoo’s family as well. Their patience and understanding to fulfil their father’s final wishes, is beyond selfless in its own. My humble prayer to God is that Mr Khoo alongside with the other mentors rest in peace; and for their families to be blessed abundantly for giving us this priceless gift.


Lee Jiun Hang 李俊翰 (UM_MEM150040)










Nurul Fariza Asyura Bt Mazlan (UM_MEM150132)

During the home visit, Mr Nga’s daughter showed us a video of Mr Nga playing with his grandchildren and embracing them. That video keeps playing inside my head during the course of the workshop, the cleaning process, the initiation ceremony, the learning session, the coffining and the final send-off. I thought to myself, ‘wow, this man is loved by so many’ and he translated that love to us by donating his body to the Silent Mentor Program. This past week has been a life-changing experience for me. Not only I learn so many valuable surgical skills, I also learn about love, humanity, and respects. 

It was a privilege to know his story, his family and to be able to carry out his last wish. Thank you Mr Nga, for allowing us to learn and practice our surgical and humanity skills through your body.


Tan Yi Ru (UM_MEM150106)

After joining the Silent Mentor workshop, from the first day of receiving the body of our Silent Mentor to the last day of the Gratitude Ceremony, I cherished each and every moment throughout. I was very grateful to be able to experience one of the most invaluable experiences in my life. This workshop made me reflect on how selfless a person can be and how I can emulate the core values that our Silent Mentors have taught us in our everyday life. Not only that, the connection between us with our Silent Mentor’s family were so warm and close, from strangers we became like a family. There were so many values and lessons that I have learnt through our Silent Mentors’ life stories. They were resilient, yet remained humble and selfless till the end of their journey. Their love between family and friends, their courage when faced with multiple challenges and hurdles, their resilience in life and their sacrifice for a betterment in medical field were the most valuable core values that I will cherish and hold on to in the future. They taught us that being a good doctor is much more than merely good skills, but the soft skills and empathy is the goal and key. Our Silent Mentor’s advices and hope on us before they passed on will forever be etched in my mind. I hope that I can make them proud one day and can spread their love and kindness in my practice as a doctor in the future. Last but not least, through this workshop, I truly appreciate the teamwork and cooperation between all the participants, volunteers and organizers which made this workshop a memorable and successful one.


Wong Sean Yee (UM_MEM150116)




Er Jia Le 余家乐 (Newcastle_130641560)




谢谢您, 无语良师!这简单的几个字并无法表达我心中对您们的敬佩和感激。感恩方老师与家人们的大爱成就了我们这些医学生,让我们学习到医学课本以外的经验和生命价值。老师您无语的教诲深深地烙印在我心里,铭记于心,在以后的行医道路上,当我感到疲惫无力时,您将是我的动力,让我谨记着莫忘初心。 



Ooi Sze Hwei (Newcastle_130642110)








Vinayagi A/P Selvam (UKM_A140586)

Thank you for the great opportunity. This was definitely a life changing experience for me. I don’t know if this short paragraph can fully express my gratitude towards the Silent Mentors, lecturers, committee members, volunteers and friends who were along in this journey for about one week. The only question I had was ‘how can someone be so selfless, what made them to donate their body to someone they don’t know at all just to learn? 

I learnt that there is more happiness in giving than in receiving. Though, I am at the receiving end right now. Hopefully, in future I will be on the other end and contribute more to the society regardless of race, religion, likes and dislikes. As what my Silent Mentor, Mr. Nga Kok Eng wished, hope that I will save more patients in the future. Whenever, I’m tired with my journey in medical field, I will definitely remember all our Silent Mentor’s sacrifices to regain motivation to continue. I feel blessed and gifted to join this program. 

For our Silent Mentors, wishing you a beautiful afterlife according to their respective religious beliefs. Thank you, Mr. Nga Kok Eng, Mr. Lam Khuan Kit, Mr. Khoo Kung Leong, Mr. Hew Mew Lin and Mr. Soak Chin. Thank you for helping me to regain hope in humanity. Gone from our sight, but never from our hearts. Thank you.


Yip Kar Mun 叶嘉雯 (UM_MEM150118)




夫子之教,我永远铭; 君之为人,我永远是; 君之生迹,乃吾人者。 感恩您对我们医学生的教导。 



Tan Jia Jun 陈家俊 (UM_MEM150104)

从小到大 经历了许多亲友的离别



经过一个星期的解剖课程 不停地缝合 不停地解剖

最终 大体仍然腐坏 火化 离开人间 


身上的每一道伤疤 都是为医学奉献的勋章

对我而言 赤裸裸地躺在手术台上的病人

总是出于无奈 情非得已

但您是对我们有多么大的信任 才愿意让我们一遍又一遍不停地学习 

每一片切开的皮肤 每一块切开的血管神经都让我们更了解医学

每天开始前的默祷 我都告訴自己要更认真的学习,要尊重珍惜!

我相信我们每一个人都没把解剖身躯当做学习的“道具“而已,而是一個“人“, 跟你我一样, 是个有喜怒哀乐,、有故事的人。

感谢您 我们的无语良师 提醒我们勿忘初衷!


Nik Yunessa Bt Yuganu (UM_MEM150068)

I was initially get to know Silent Mentor Program way before I joined medical school and always eager to join it. The waiting was worth as it turned out to be the most highlighted event so far in medical school and reach beyond my expectations. 

We are the first hand that took care of our Silent Mentors starting from cleaning, home visit, thawing, coffining and the cremation process. We slowly built a strong connection with our mentors and deepest love for their selfless giving for medical educational purpose. 

I humbly get the golden opportunities to learn and improvise my anatomy and surgical skills. The most important thing is, Silent Mentor gave me different learning experiences from others as it teaches me as future young doctors to have great respect, gratitude and compassion towards my patient. Every time I met patient, Silent Mentors will always reminded me to treat the patient as a whole, not just the disease. No words can describe how we appreciate your beautiful deeds, and of course to value humanity. 

Thank you Silent Mentors.


Indra Gayatri Valliyappan (UM_MEM150126)

Just as how I’ve mentioned in my speech on my thoughts of this program, THE most important value I’ve learned from this program would be “selflessness”. To me, selflessness is someone who always puts others first before putting themself be it in any situation and that is the exact line that was told to us by my mentor Mr. Hew’s son as he portrayed that character at all times. He was selfless not just to his family members but also to the community as well as to us the medical professionals by pledging for this program. Selflessness isn’t something we are born with, it’s something we acquire along the way. Thus I feel, this has given us the base to stack up our sense of selflessness in the things we do. Thank you Silent Mentors, you all will play a very significant role in our path of being a medical personnel. 

In addition to this, I would love to quote our very own professor, or more like a mother to us in this program whom would be Associate Prof Si Lay Khaing who taught us on her “SLK rule“ in which S - stands for safety (where we as doctors are to trained to be safe at all time in delivering care to our patients); L - stands for love (we should love our patients, family, friends and love everything we do from our hearts and that would never stop us for having the energy we need to run every single day); Last is K - which stands for kindness. There is two parts to this, the first one is the touch of kindness and the second part is being kind in and out to our patients, people around us, as well as to our friends and family in which half of the healing process comes from just being kind to one. This one rule is my biggest take home message and I really hope it’ll be your one too from today. Thank you so much Prof for passing this to us! 

Besides the above two point I’ve mentioned in my speech, the other points I would like to reflect on this program would be sense of respect and courtesy. I’ve learn that we not only “give respect and take respect” to people who are in front of us as we are worried of being judgmental but it’s a sense of integrity where we are to respect people even if they are not watching over us or with us . In this program we’ve always respected our mentors at all times, be it having prayers / moments of silence every time before we start the session up to exposing only the area we are learning and being kind to our mentors just like our real patient. I really admire that as this program has instilled this sense into me. 

Last but not the least, I would like to emphasize the discipline and the togetherness we’ve achieved throughout this program. We, as a group from all different universities stick together at all times from the morning cleaning session which starts at 7 till the evening wrapping up session which is done at 11pm-12am . We’ve been through the whole session together and finally we felt the togetherness we had as a group and were really happy about meeting each other. This friendship we’ve gained would never been forgotten as a part of our journey as being medical professionals. 

With that, from the bottom of my heart I would like to thank every single one who has been involved in this program to instill good values as I’ve mentioned in my reflection just through this program. Thank you very much!


Amy Tang Tin Tin (UM_MEM150005)

I seldom joined activities neither organized by university, college or faculty since my first year. I am not that kind of outgoing person and prefer staying my room enjoying my time alone. At first I really can’t enjoy much of this program as I think it was really troublesome for me, as we have class from early morning 8am until 5pm and sometimes we barely have time for even lunch and have our own revision time. This program require us to wake up early and to go back late at night, and it was really exhausted for me as at the same time I need to cope with my on-call schedule. 

However, from day to day, whenever seeing our Silent Mentor every morning as we need to clean their body to prepare for following scheduled program, something in my heart started to change. I can’t describe exactly how I felt, but, I no longer felt it was a troublesome task. As I saw the suturing, scars, wounds increased from day to day, I started to feel guilty about myself and respect my Silent Mentor. 

If I had never join this program, I won’t know how it feels when I see lots of sutures, wounds on a same person. If all those suturing was on my own body, I will definitely be in extremely pain, but Silent Mentors willing to sacrifice themselves and donate their body for medical professions. I didn’t see them as dead body but as a real patient. It reminds me every day on empathy as well as to be a safe doctor in future. 

To be honest, I couldn’t remember all those medical knowledge I have learnt throughout the whole program but the one that will stay eternally in my heart is the life lesson that our Silent Mentors have taught me throughout the days.


Chee Juan Lee (IMU_ME0813033970)

Despite understood the concept of Silent Mentor Program before being a participant myself, I did not know what to expect at the beginning. I could still recall that during briefing, we had been reminded countless times to not be taken aback and treat our mentors as normal patients despite them being gone. The daily care for my Silent Mentor showed me how fragile life was. Every day, I see them being cut and being stitched. It hurts me seeing how much my mentor’s appearance changes from the thawing process until the coffining ceremony due to decaying process and procedures performed. I barely could recognised him anymore before we sent him off. 

This once in a lifetime opportunity helped me identify the reason why am I still in this line despite the future hardships coming through. Life is impermanent, and the altruistic manner portrayed by all 5 Silent Mentors taught me even in the afterlife, good deeds can still be done. That selfless sacrifice to make us a better doctor will always be a part of my memory from now onwards. The legacy of love left by them had built a greater empathy and compassion in me. 

To Silent Mentors, organizers of Silent Mentor Program, family members, teachers, volunteers and newfound friends, I am very grateful for everything you had done for us in this journey.

Mr Hew, Thank you!! 

A life’s lost, A noble sacrifice, Into a gift, For love and humanity.


Kerk Li Xin (AIMST_M15090972)

Throughout this program, I learned basic anatomy, basic surgical skills and most importantly I learned how to be a doctor with humanity, empathy and kindness. Knowledge and surgical skills are not the only thing I gained or received. At the same time, I was lucky enough to meet a lot of awesome individuals, and have them share their experiences with me and I was truly inspired by each one of them.  

One of the most important lessons I learned from our mentors is live your life to the fullest even after you leave the world. Your noble act, your selflessness and unconditional love that you shown to us are unable to be recreated but it will definitely stay with me for my entire life. 

Prof Si Lay said that "You can make wrong cuts or wrong sutures on your mentors, they will not complain, as it is painless to them. However, you should never do any mistake on a real person which may cause them to suffer in pain. Take this opportunity to learn and remember all the lessons you learn and apply it in your future." The words from Prof Si Lay is a valuable message for me and something to bear in mind always. 

Last but not least, I would like to thank the organizing committee of Silent Mentor Program Unit of University Malaya for giving me this golden opportunity to join the workshop and allowed me to learn a lot. Sincerely, thank you.


Ooi Chen Khai (UCSI_1001539575)

Mixed feelings since day one I came, most probably was because of the THANK YOU from my mouth is far not reachable to the mentor’s unselfish sacrifices. I have been asking myself if I am able to do the same as my mentor. I cannot guarantee my answer the same as the mentors did. 

Why are they so great and selfless? Other than that, it took so much courage to make this decision! I can’t imagine how big and wide their heart is. 

Throughout the workshops by the various department from cranio maxillofacial, limb deformity correction, endoscopic functional sinus and orthopedic sports. We, the students, witnessed every new wound appeared on our mentors’ body day by day, department to department. Every new wound on his body was actually to me as well, deeply made inside to the bottom of my heart, daily. Gratefully, we were given the opportunity to suture the wounds after departments have completed their workshops, I hoped my sutures closed both you and mine. 

Later on, we were taught to do the hands-on procedure on our mentors, I felt guilty and bad when I need to cut a niche from Mr. Hew (my mentor) for the sake of my knowledge. Miraculously, a thought was instilled into my mind from Mr. Hew at that moment, he wanted me to be so focused and learnt the fullest from him. Right now, I wish to tell him, ‘The procedures, cuts, stitches you taught will always be in my heart and can be performed confidently and safely to the future patients.’  

Last but not least, I wish to thanks not only the mentors and all the Silent Mentor Program personnel, but also their family members, for being courageous enough to be supportive by allowing mentors to get involved into Silent Mentor Program.


Nur Fatin Farzana Bt Azhar (CUCMS_1508-6396)

I am glad to be chosen as one of the participants in this Silent Mentor Program because it taught me the valuable knowledge that I can’t even get from my clinical posting during my undergraduate studies. This is really great opportunities for us as medical student to get exposed to this type of clinical teaching. It is not only about the procedure that have been taught during the workshop, it also taught us on how to make a great rapport towards family members as we dealing with their loved ones, so we have to be professional to tackle with the situation. As for the Silent Mentor itself, we have to really appreciate what he/she had sacrifice to donate his/her body for us to gain knowledge. It is not easy to make a decision for all these. So when we have the one who willing to, we must really appreciate and must handle the body with care as they are still alive. We have to respect them. I will remember of their kindness and whenever I go in my life, I will remember you as my teacher who genuinely help me to study some clinical procedure from you. Moreover, I really appreciate the person who are handling this Silent Mentor Program because it is really great workshop I ever join, not only because of the knowledge we get but the person who handling this are really efficient in term of time and very discipline. Thank you Silent Mentor for giving this opportunities to me.


Wong Hoi Yee (UM_MEM150113)

“Mum, mum, Hoi Yee is here”, said by the family members. I turned my head and welcome all the family members with a warm smile and subsequently have a chat with them while they are waiting to enter the hall for the initiation ceremony. 

After helping in settling down the audience in the hall, I got a seat for myself and have a sip of water. My eyes were suddenly flooded with tear when I thought of the scene just now. I couldn’t explain why but it had deeply touched my heart when the family members are able to recognize me. To be more accurate, this is only the second time they are meeting me after the home visit but they are able to call out my name as well as identify me out of so many medical students. And now, I think I know the reason why I was crying because I found it! I guess it’s called a sense of belonging and I feel belong to the family. 

This is not my first experience in joining Silent Mentor as I was the volunteer in one of the previous workshops. Nonetheless, Silent Mentor had provided me with a whole new life-changing experience which I believe I will remember it for life. I couldn’t repay you anything but I promised to practice with my heart with all the values that you have taught me for the past one week.  

Dear Mr Soak Chin @ Che Sook Chu, Mr Lam Khuan Kit, Mr Khoo Kung Leong, Mr Nga Kok Eng and Mr Hew Mew Lin, please once again accept my sincere gratitude and deep appreciation for your selfless contribution. May you Rest In Peace in another part of the world. 


Lok Yunwen (UM_MEM150051)





Sarah Choo Qian Rou 曹芊柔 (UM_MEM150090)

I remember joining Silent Mentor Program during my first year as a volunteer. At that time, I was fascinated with all the procedures which the seniors did. I was very fortunate to have an opportunity to learn suturing at the time. This was just something new to a first year medical student who only got to attend lectures during the studies. When I joined the 26th Silent Mentor Workshop as a participant, I was involved in the home visit, cleaning mentor’s body and the workshop. I really got to appreciate about my mentor in terms of their family and personalities. I am really impressed by the selflessness of the Silent Mentor, willingly to donate their body for medical education. My tears dropped numerous times throughout this workshop and I think that it is the act of selflessness of the Silent Mentors that deeply touched my heart. Though this was just a one week workshop, I have learnt more than just merely surgical procedure skill, but empathy and selflessness. Thank you Silent Mentors for teaching me to be a good doctor, believing in me that I will be a good doctor. 








无语的良师 无形的信任 无限的鼓励



Syed Mohd Ikhmal B Syed Mohd Zahir (UM_MEM150099)

Starting out this program, my expectations were that to gain new knowledge and to try to help as much as I can throughout this program. Nevertheless, my expectations were met but was overwhelmed by other things that I gained throughout this hectic week. I’ve gained new friends that I could totally gel with and I’ve developed a great relationship with my mentor. Starting out, my impression of my mentor was that he was another person that I meet and need to take care of for a week. Day by bay, my feelings of caring for my mentor grew stronger. I’ve developed a strong relationship with my mentor without even talking to him. Every day I’ll make sure that he was clean. I would check his wounds and stitches if there were cleaned and sutured well. At the end, I would ensure that he was comfortable for every workshop. I would have never thought of developing a great sense of love and care for a person that I knew briefly. During the sending off ceremony, my heart strings were tugged really hard, especially during the wrap up video. The feeling’s that I’ve felt was indescribable. From that video, I knew that all my mentor’s wishes had come true and that he would move on to the afterlife happy. He was a source of inspiration for all of us. Be it his selfless nature or his sacrifice to help train medical personnel. I am truly in debt to my mentor for all the teaching he has given me, and I’ll cherish the moments I had with him for all time. Thank you, Uncle Soak Chin.


Noor Suhailah Bt Mohd Zamari (UM_MEM150069)

I was first introduced to Silent Mentor in my first year. I immediately intrigued to join this program.  However with very naive mindset, my only goal back then was to learn my basic surgical skills. I finally have the chance to join this program in my final year. Little that I know my mindset and perception towards this program changed. This program started with home visit to get to know our Silent Mentor personally. During the visit, I noticed that the family members talked about our Silent Mentor with joy and pride.  Then I realized that our mentor was someone's husband , father and grandfather.  He is not merely a body that we practice our procedures on. With this realization, I treat him with full respect throughout the program. This program really taught me to be a better, kind and empathy doctor in the future. There is no power to express my gratitude to you. Thank you Silent Mentor for your selfless sacrifice.


Sinthu Suresh Naidu (PURCSI_13922732)

The Silent Mentor Ceremony was a very fascinating and moving experience for all of us. 

Donating their bodies for our learning is a very selfless and noble thing to do. Because of the Mentor's kindness and generosity, we have been able to appreciate the Human Anatomy in greater depth. We also look at our roles as doctors with more responsibility and have developed greater respect for our patients. We would sincerely like to offer our gratitude to our Mentors from the bottom of our hearts, for providing us with this priceless experience. 

We will never forget their contribution to our growth and will keep their memory with us for the rest of our lives.


Kwok Pei En (IMU_21907)

In a hectic work oriented medical culture, the essence of care and kindness seems to be lost amidst the insurmountable load of tasks to be done. 

During our time in Silent Mentor Program, we were assigned to one mentor - one person to know; one person to care for. Beyond our workshops and medical learning, we had to care for the body of our mentor. One can argue that there seems to be no structured educational objectives in tasks such as wiping and cleaning a body. But it is through these simple acts, that we are reminded of the respect due to the people we care for, even in death. 

Learning in Silent Mentor wasn’t stemmed simply from ‘aims’ or ‘objectives’. But above all else, it was an experience grounded in respect and the values of caring for another. 

Our mentor thought of us even before he met us, showing a love and sacrifice that went beyond time to embrace us all. If a message was conveyed, it was delivered loud and clear. With heartfelt gratitude and thanks, may it resound through our lifetimes and beyond.


Brandon Heu Sing Ann (AIMST_M15091133)

This is my first exposure to Silent Mentor Program. Was it worth travelling 6 hours to get here and another 6 to get back? In anatomy classes, I have always treated specimens as their respective parts. Muscles, arteries, bones. But this program has opened my eyes, changed my perspective. That these things are not to be taken for granted. We are here today because of the noble sacrifices of our mentors. Not just arteries, muscles or bones. They are real people like you and I who selflessly gave their body for a greater purpose. A politician, a businessman, or a rubber tapper who went above and beyond to help us get deeper and further. I urge all who had received help from our Silent Mentors to not waste their good will. To do more than just taking out the appendix. More than just giving antibiotics for that infection. But to be doctors with empathy and compassion. Not only to treat but also to heal. We clean and take care of our mentor every day. And I watched as he went through the natural process after death, and it made me think about life. Death is the end of all but death doesn't define us. What we do and who we are during life defines us. Our dreams and our thoughts define us. We define ourselves. The process is more important than the destination. Live life to the fullest. Stop worrying about what could go wrong, start getting excited about what could go right. I hereby represent my team to thank all the Silent Mentors especially Mr Soak Chin for teaching us more than just medicine. And also their families who endured much grieve and pain to help us in this program. So was it worth it? I'm sure you know my answer. I hope you feel the same too. Thank you.

25th Silent Mentor Workshop 15-20/01/2019

Chong Song Ying (UM_MEM150018) 

When we ask, what is love? Some say love is a deep affection towards someone.
Some would say love is a show of caring to others more than yourself.
However, there’s one eternal love which is unconditional, selfless.
The love that we call it dedication, sacrifice. 

Joining this program firstly as a volunteer to now becoming a participant, my feeling of respect and gratitude has turned stronger than ever. 

Dear Madam Tan, Mr. Lee Meng, Mr. James, Ms. How,

Thank you so much for showing us what is the real meaning of love, the meaning of dedication and the meaning of sacrifice. Every cut, every stitch that you allowed us to make showed nothing more but your sacred love and undying spirit. 

Hope that all of you are living well at the other side of world. We will always remember you as a teacher of no speech, our beloved Silent Mentor. 








Lee Chen Hoi (UM_MEM150038)

This was my first time joining Silent Mentor Program and it’s definitely a great opportunity for me to brush up my surgical skills and anatomy. Words cannot express my feelings, nor my thanks for my Silent Mentor’s (Madam Tan) sacrifice and you have no idea how much this has helped and inspired me. I will make sure that I will strive for the best throughout my medical school so that your sacrifice will not be in vain. For all you do, for who you are, I will be forever grateful and you will always be remembered. May your soul rest in peace. 

Thank you, Madam Tan.


Lim Qiao Mei (UM_MEM150047)















Nur Munirah Binti Hasanuddin (UM_MEM150076)

From the moment this program started, I knew that it was not going to be a simple journey. The journey from getting to know her until the day we sent her away was an amazing and unforgettable journey. Although I never had the chance to meet her, I was very grateful for her selfless contribution. She’s not just a Silent Mentor that teaches me in term of my medical education but she also teaches me about life. One of her saying that she wrote in her diary that touch me; ‘True faith is there when finally you can accept that everything that happens is ultimately for your own evolution’. I feel glad to get the opportunity of knowing her. Thank you so much Madam Tan. Thank you also to all Silent Mentor organizer for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful journey.


Sharvinee Ragunatha Rao (UM_MEM150093)

Silent Mentor Program gave me an opportunity to see beyond the obvious. I learned humanity. I learned the meaning of detachment. 

Of course I had the opportunity to cut and suture a human body, something that most of my other friends did not get the chance to do as we no longer have to dissect bodies as a part of our anatomy lessons in medical school but that's not the big thing too. 

Our mentors showered their blessings on us and they were our gurus. What more blessings does a person ever need? Their sacrifice for us will never go futile. 

I pray that their souls will be blessed.


Leeynesh Sooriyapiragasam 利奈斯 (UPNM_2140035)

"Matha, Pitha, Guru, Deivam" - a Tamil verse that translates as Mother first, Father next, followed by your Teacher and then your dedication to God. And after joining this eye-opening workshop, the Silent Mentors along the way has become a teacher for myself and other participants. Whatever we have learnt from them, will be implemented in our future practices and their selfless contribution will be forever treasured. We had the opportunity to perform important life-saving clinical skills along with learning some surgical-based techniques which as a medical students, we either mostly observe or rarely assist in this kind of procedures; and as we all know, hands-on approach along with some blended learning is the best way to gain knowledge and skills. 

I would like to thank the Silent Mentors and the family members for their willingness to contribute to the medical fraternity and medical advancement. In fact, saying thank you is an understatement to them. Coming from a society which even organ donation is sometimes considered as a taboo, the Silent Mentors contribution are in fact indescribable and priceless. May God bless all the Silent Mentors and hopefully they will be placed among the noble ones. 

Thank you to every single one behind the Silent Mentor Program, the volunteers, Tzu Chi University and Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya for this wonderful experiences. 

Thank you. 感恩你们。


Ng Xuan Ye (Monash_28020065)

What is the common denominator amongst businessmen, chefs and of course, doctors? They all began as students; students who learned from their teachers. I was also taught by a teacher this past week, a one-of-a-kind teacher who unconditionally imparted knowledge to me, but will never walk beside me down school corridors, nor utter a single word. Such was my Silent Mentor – our Silent Mentors. 

Amidst the wonders of medical knowledge, I soon realized how easy it was to forget the humanity in our Silent Mentors, to regard them as merely cadavers for academic purposes. However, the design of the Silent Mentor Program is such that these moments were transient. Everything from home visits and brief introductory sessions, to the honorable title of “Silent Mentor” and minutes of silence…all served to offer the utmost respect to these body donors, to remind us that despite the lack of vital signs, they were still a person. 

Words cannot fully describe the intellectual, emotional and spiritual essence of this program. Similarly, words cannot fully describe the selflessness of the Silent Mentors, as well as the strength of their family members in enduring prolonged grief. A simple “Thank you” is insufficient to express my gratitude, as this experience will forever be etched in my memory and on my heart.


Lynell Roderica Tong Yiu Shyern (Perdana_13922689)

After graduating, the Silent Mentor Program highlighted just how inexperienced I am and how much knowledge I still lacked even after 5 whole years of studying and going to the hospitals. It taught me humility, and that medicine is a field where we never stop learning, never stop growing. It taught me that there still exists people in this world that are completely selfless and have only the heart to serve; and it taught me to try and have the same heart. This program further taught me respect and gratitude, whereby after every act that we do in the workshops, at the end of the day, we have to remember who our Silent Mentors are and what they have sacrificed for us in order for us to have this precious gift of learning. 

It’s so strange how fast human beings form connections to another, to have completely no knowledge of someone and yet after only a mere week of learning about them, I was grieving along with the family members as we sent our beloved mentors on their journey. It made me all the more grateful for their sacrifice, all the more amazed at the family members’ willingness to respect our mentor’s last wishes, even while knowing what would happen to them. 

Empathy is a word we doctors tend to throw around every other day. This program taught me what true empathy was. I started thinking of how it would feel if I was going to die, and would I consider donating my body, to be completely exposed and vulnerable, for other complete strangers’ learning experiences. I started thinking if it was my loved ones too that decided to donate their body, and whether would I actually respect their decisions, or would I, in my selfish love, deny them their last wish? 

These experiences cannot be found anywhere else, and I have learned and grown so much this past week. I am all the more grateful as I am not from University Malaya, but have been given the privilege of being one of you, to be learning under my amazing and inspiring Silent Mentor. Thank you Silent Mentor Program. Thank you Madam Tan.


Koh May Yi 辜美仪 (UM_MEM150035) 

Thank you. The simplicity of these two words is not enough to demonstrate the immensity of my gratitude for your selfless ways. And, nothing can come close to the inspirational and thoughtful sacrifices that you have made for the betterment of medical professionals and students alike. Every stitch and every procedure performed reminds us of your noble gesture and our promise to provide the best care to future patients. You, our beloved Silent Mentor have a very important role in shaping us, medical students to be a selfless doctor in the future and empathy as our nature. Thank you for showing us that there are people like you in the world- kind and magnanimous able of giving as an act of selfless devotion. 

Finally, thank you to the organizing committee for giving us this opportunity to join the Silent Mentor workshop. We are glad to be among the privilege few to understand in-depth the value and significance in experiencing this program. 


Chong Hui Yuan 庄慧愿 (Monash_28619501) 

I am truly grateful and honoured to be part of the 25th Silent Mentor Workshop. Besides gaining hands-on experience in performing procedures such as suturing, chest tube insertion, central venous line insertion and endotracheal intubation, more importantly I learnt about the importance of humanity, empathy, compassion, care and kindness. These are important values that should be instilled in us as medical professionals before attending to patients. From our home visit, to cleaning up our Silent Mentor’s body every day, until the last day of closing ceremony, I felt as if I have known my Silent Mentor in person and had the privilege to spend time with him in his last moments. 

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” — William Arthur Ward. 

All the silent mentors’ selfless act has given us the opportunity to learn more than we ever could from a textbook. They have inspired me to become a competent, compassionate and ethical doctor in the future. I hope that in my life I can one day inspire others in the same way that they have inspired me. 

I would like to express my greatest gratitude and thank my beloved Silent Mentor, Mr Lee Meng for his selfless contribution and his family members for trusting us in managing their loved one. Last but not least, I would also like to thank the organising teams, the volunteering teams as well as all the trainers and participants for making this meaningful program a success. 


Mohamad Nabil bin Mohd Noor (UM_MEM150128) 

The first time I came about Silent Mentor Program I was very intrigued with the concept donating one’s body for medical education. Once I got to participate in the workshop, I did learn a lot of valuable surgical skills, no doubt they will be helpful for my career. However, personally I believe the most precious lesson I learned from this workshop is the humility and humanity part of our profession. In this workshop, we met with the family members and got to know them and the Silent Mentor. This opened up my eyes on the different backgrounds of our patients and how important it is to treat them with a humane touch and consider them as a whole. I hope that I will bring forward this lesson not only for my career, but for my own life to become a better person. Thank you, Silent Mentors. 


Nur Azmina Amiruddin (UM_MEM150073) 

Since the first year in UM, I have been fascinated by this Silent Mentor Program, mainly because I was told that I get to practice procedures useful for work later on. But only now that I participated in it that I understood the wholesome experience with the Silent Mentor - from receiving their body first hand in wee hours of morning, to visiting their loved ones to know more about their life, and throughout the workshop, we are to care for their precious bodies like our own family's and finally benefited from their selfless sacrifice. Now after this week experience, I am able to be more mindful and appreciate the amount of respect and empathy that I owe to every patient that I saw and going to see later because every one of them are indeed giving us a hand to be successful in this journey of becoming a good doctor. Thank you very much for the Silent Mentors, their family members and organizer for a good program like this. 


Tan Yi Wen 陈宜汶 (UM_MEM150107) 

您 是最特别的老师 


您 庄严的献上您那一生相随的大体 

让我们这群 非亲非故的 学生 

在您的身上划上一刀又一刀 缝上一针又一针 

其实 我想问问您,您疼吗 ?


但您提醒了我 如果我这一刀划错在病人的身上 他们会有多疼 ?

谢谢您 用那大慈大悲的精神来付出 

我会带着您的忠告 以让我在这学医行医的道路上 可以不断的鞭策自己

感谢您 用自我的生命之光 照亮了我们人生的旅途 

向您致敬 敬爱的无语良师 。 


Vinoshini Devi Kailaivasan (IMU_ME0813033462) 

This Silent Mentor Program respectfully bestows the title “mentors” to our teachers who selflessly impart knowledge even after death. This whole program is such that we learn about the person and his/ her life prior to any anatomy lab dissection sessions in hopes to mould us into empathetic doctors. After all, these mentors did not owe it to us to donate their bodies, but they selflessly did anyway. 

Throughout my one-week experience in the anatomy lab, all our mentors had a lot to say. Being a fresh medical graduate, our mentors were definitely not my usual patient encounters I have had, but rather they were my first and definitely the best; one of kind teachers I will ever be blessed to have. They were silently, selflessly, compassionately and tirelessly imparting knowledge- akin to a teacher rushing to complete a syllabus in preparation for the students’ exams. 

A month ago, none of us knew who these mentors were; but I can assure you that there wasn’t an anhydrous lacrimal gland amongst us during the memorial service for our mentors. These mentors took it upon themselves and not forgetting their families’ sacrifices just to make us better doctors were indeed overwhelming. 

To our mentors’ families who have endured months of unimaginable grief, you can least be assured that your sacrifices have not gone in vain. In fact, I entered this program as a fledgling graduate and so did other medical students but being equipped with this profound experience, we shall pursue the field of medicine with a heightened sense of duty and gratitude. Thank you for turning your loss into an invaluable gift to us. We are truly indebted to you.

On the whole our mentors had transformed my 5 years of medical education into a real-life hands-on experience for us to learn, understand, explore and most importantly turn the wrongs into rights. It was indeed a great privilege to be under their tutelage. 

This Silent Mentor experience has left me with a deep invaluable lesson. 
I can merely hope that someday I will be able to give as how our mentors have given themselves to us in the medical profession i.e. “To pay it forward” ”- the phrase that was first coined by Lily Hardy Hammond in her 1916 book In the Garden of Delight, "You don't (or seldom) pay love back; you pay it forward." 

Thank you, dear mentors. 


Chong Kwong Xian 张广贤 (UM_MEM150017) 

The Silent Mentor Program indeed is a life time experience for us medical students. I have been volunteering in this program since 2nd year and this time it is a privilege for me to be a part of it which I truly appreciate it. As someone on the pathway of being a medical profession, death is not something unfamiliar for us. Our dear Silent Mentor turn this loss into a gift which not only benefits us medical student but also future patient which require our care. They do not only let us learn about all the medical and surgical skills which help us improve but also, they teach us about humanity and sacrifice. 

From this program I learn a lot, not only in term of knowledge but also, I starting to appreciate the meaning of life and sacrifice. No amount of words is enough to show my gratitude towards all the Silent Mentors and their families. Their selflessness and willingness to let us practice our skills are truly a noble act. 

Thank you, dear Silent Mentors, for every stich, for every lesson you taught, and for the spirit of sacrifice that you show. I promise that I will be a more humane doctor for the service of mankind. 


Tiffany Lee Rouyen (IMU_ME0813033989) 

One’s life begins with birth and ends with death. But, our Silent Mentors have chosen the unconditional path towards this brilliant life changing program. They have decided to join this selfless path in contributing back to the society especially in the field of medicine and research.

After getting accepted as a participant of the Silent Mentor Program, I have been anxious about this cadaveric encounter which would be a first-hand experience for me. 

Surprisingly, this whole week of the Silent Mentor Program changed my view about life and death. Instead of getting anxious at every encounter, I became more empathetic and compassionate at every touch and every cut I made. 

No words could describe how thankful and grateful I am towards my Silent Mentor, his family, the Silent Mentor Program committee and my group mates. 

Thank you very much Mr Lee. 


Raja Muhammad Nur Saifullah (Perdana_13922699) 

It was a great honour to have been accepted as part of the 25th Silent Mentor cohort. The workshop definitely helped me humanise the practice of medicine to a greater level, and for that, I wish to convey my utmost gratitude to our 4 selfless mentors who have taught us in a way no other teacher could.  

The Silent Mentor committee did a wonderful job in making sure the whole workshop was carried out in full respect throughout every opportunity in fulfilling the mentors' wish. Though the duration was short, the impact was beyond any doubt profound enough to shape me into a better human first, then a doctor. Thank you. 


Kwan Ting Yoon 关庭勇 (Monash_28290771) 

First of all, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for being able to be part of this meaningful program and thank everyone that has worked hard for this workshop to be a success. The Silent Mentors have undoubtedly played a critical role in making this inspiring event possible. Via this program not only do I have the chance to observe and touch real human organs, but the human elements that the body structures and organ impart really elicit a different feeling that their plastic counterparts at school can never afford. Other than improving my knowledge on human anatomy, all the surgical procedures shown are beyond inspiring. It gives me an idea of what each field of medical specialisation does and help me to decide on the field of specialisation that is more suitable for me. Lastly, after attending the workshop, I start to feel the value of life which I have previously not thought about. The selfless contribution demonstrated by the Silent Mentors have reminded me that I have no excuse not to give back to the society - not even death. The value of life is not decided by the length or how luxurious one is, but how one can help the people around him or her. This sparks me to strive to become a better doctor in the future to help as many people as possible. Overall, this is a program that experience I will treasure for life and the impact it gives me will forever govern my career as medical personnel.


Ng Zhong Ming (UM_MEM150064) 







Chee Chung Huey (UM_MEM150014) 


謝謝您願意捨身奉獻 注射一股清流於這醫療界

謝謝您願意相信我們 包容我們在您身上劃過的每一刀

您讓我知道什麼是無私的愛 無條件的愛


您是我在醫學生涯最尊貴 最難忘的老師



Mary Chan Mei Yen (UM_MEM150053) 

When I first heard about this program after enrolling into medicine field in UM, I was surprised and impressed about the idea of Silent Mentor Program. And the chances I await for finally given by the organizer, which I was called up for the cleaning of Silent Mentor the night before my exam. Throughout this program, I was deeply salute and respect the decision of our Silent Mentor of donating their dead body to us for medical research and education. Every single of them possess a selfless soul for allowing the medical students, whom we never come across each other, to use their body wisely for medical purposes. You stimulate my desire to learn more about you. Every cut and stitch brought a significant meaning to the exposure and learning process. Dear Silent Mentors, you are the great teachers who taught me silently and instilled empathy, humanity, caring and love in myself so that I could treat my patients as my family. Even though you were lying there without uttering a single word, yet your spirit had inspired me to work harder and push myself beyond my limit in term of learning. Your eternal love, selfless contribution and silent role model would definitely assist to embark in my medical career. Thank you noble Silent Mentors, you will always be remembered! 


Nurul Azwa Binti Abu Mansor (UM_MEM150080) 

I have learnt a lot from this program. Surgical skills are undoubtedly important. The procedures demonstrated were meaningful and useful to prepare me for the future. However, the most precious thing is the respect, humbleness and selfless sacrifice that our mentors had shown. 

As a Muslim, we are not allowed to donate a whole body but we can still contributes to the society in a certain way. For examples, the organ donation. Parts of our body can still growing alive in another person as we are already departs from this world and the goodness can be shared among the people who continue to live. So seeing the mentor doing a very noble job makes me open my mind to do more also. I remember that one of Muslim scholar said: “The best man is the man who benefits others” 


Shawn Edgar Miranda (Newcastle_160003493) 

My time spent at the 25th Silent Mentor Workshop was a very fruitful experience which I am grateful to have been a part of it. The opportunity of getting to know my mentor and his family brought my learning to a more personal and humanistic level. That knowing the person whom I was practicing procedures and skills added a more holistic experience to the learning environment.

The irony that one month ago I did not know who my mentor was to the last few days of the workshop when I was personally involved in his final preparation prior to his cremation was not lost on me. It was a privilege that I will always treasure. I greatly admired the courage of the family in allowing to perform all the funeral arrangements. Their self-less act has inspired me to be more giving of others in the future. 

The skills and procedures I learnt were of great value as they were not only important procedures that could prove life-saving, but also because the skills that I would soon be expected to learn during my housemanship. What made the sessions more effective was that we were able to practice them on actual human flesh. The intricacies and texture of human flesh is one that cannot be easily replicated by plastic models. The idea of incising through the different layers and actually feeling the organs that I have only seen on textbooks was a very surreal experience that would have greatly enriched my learning had I been through it during my pre-clinical years. 

In summary, participating in the Silent Mentor workshop was a great experience that I was very fortunate to have been a part of. It is my hope that the organizers can push for a wider adoption of this program to different universities so that others can also be a part of this great learning experience. 


Khong Junwen (Monash_28253108) 

No words to express my gratitude to my Silent Mentor for his noble sacrifice. From this program, I’ve recognized that death only put an end to ones’ life physically but their values and goodness will always be remembered by their loved ones. This program also gave me an opportunity to become more familiarize with grief and subsequently to deal with it. My mentor, without a word, has taught me to be courageous and brave in life. To Mr. James, every stitch I made on you will remind me of the pain a patient will suffer therefore empathy is the key in practicing medicine. Thank you for the inspiration and I promise to keep my passion in pursuing my medical career. You’ll always be remembered; may you rest in peace. 


Vanessa Chua Jeng Jeng (Monash_27371603) 

I have learnt so much throughout this journey, it is a once in a life time experience that will stay with me for a long time. No amount of words will ever be just a representation of my appreciation for you - the Silent Mentors. 

Thank you, for your selfless sacrifice and unconditional love. Your willingness to donate your body and allow the medical students to practice on even though you have never seen us before still impacted me the most. I don’t take this for granted, no words can describe how grateful I am for this opportunity, how honored I am to learn from you. Although you remain silent throughout the whole session, your courage, kindness and generosity speak the loudest. Every cut, every stitch you contributed to the medical education have all my respect, you have left a legacy of love.

“He had live his live to the fullest. Since he had donated his body, learn it to the fullest. The moment you stop learning is when you die” 

Words of encouragement from one of the Silent Mentors’ son that will always be in my heart, I will never forget why I chose this path. 

To everyone I have encountered in this program, I appreciate to work with and learn from every one of you. The teamwork and the eager to learn strongly ignited the passion in me, I’m reminded yet again how much I love this field; the love for medicine and humanity. 





殊不知我有多感激 多敬佩












但一定会尽我所能 当个良医



Hanusha Durganaudu (Monash_28300548) 

Words can't describe how immensely grateful I am to be given the opportunity to participate in the 25th Silent Mentor Workshop. As a 3rd year medical student, the experience I gained throughout the week greatly augmented my learning, not only in terms of the medical knowledge and procedures, but also on communication skills (with our Silent Mentor's family) and empathy. It paved a path for a thorough self- reflection on my side, as I realized there's often much more to an individual than what meets the eye, that things may not always be as simple and straightforward as they seem at first glance and that having the right mindset and goals, as abstract as they may sound, really makes a great difference in the course of our life. 

Thank you very much to all our Silent Mentors, for selflessly donating their body for the purpose of medical education and research. Without their sacrifice, I would not have been able to gain as much as I did from this program. It would not have been an easy decision to make, and we would strive to ensure that your sacrifice is not in vain. You will be forever remembered. Thank you. 


Chua Sue Ying (Perdana_15290107) 

It was an honor to be selected as the participant representing PURCSI in this Silent Mentor Program. I was given an opportunity to know our Silent Mentor in a personal level when my group pay a home visit to his family members. From this visit, the message to treat all patient living or dead with upmost respect and love was conveyed to me and I am able to understand my mentor from another aspect even when he has left us. With this in mind, I am able to show empathy unconsciously to all our noble mentors throughout the workshop. I will bring this emotion with me to my medical journey and practice them for the benefits of my patients. On the other hand, from my conversation with the family, I am also able to acknowledge their prolonged period of grieve whose member had passed away 4 months ago just to accommodate with our workshop session. It was never a simple task but they endure and managed to get over. Also, I have to be cautious and aware of the question being asked to the family to avoid them from bursting into tears as some questions are sensitive and will bring them to memories where they would be reminded of the past. 

Furthermore, I was touched by their humble selfless contribution to medical education and research by allowing me to learn from them and to prepare them for their final journey even without knowing me. I was shocked to realize that many of the family members of our Silent Mentors have also signed up as a body donor and I hope that our country will take a big leap in this for a better development in medical field. I will never be taught on this from any of our clinical posting nor from a book. I am very glad for this once-a-lifelong opportunity and will definitely remember to treat my patients in a holistic approach but not only symptoms based. 

Other than developing these soft skills, I was able to learn, perform various medical procedure such as chest tube insertion, intubation, suturing, central line insertion, nerve decompression, appendicectomy and various other procedures. This has built up my confident in performing all these procedures in the near future. All that I had learned now, I promised this will benefit all my patients and I will never stop learning.


Tan Hua Kheng (UM_MEM150102) 

First of all, I am very grateful to be given the opportunity to become a participant of this Silent Mentor Program. I am thankful to our Silent Mentor Miss How Chai Eng for letting us learn from her body. Her selfless contribution inspired me to use the knowledge and experience that I have gained throughout this program to help more people in the future by being a safe and competent doctor. I not only learnt medical procedures but also holistic patient approach by the home visit, cleaning of the Silent Mentor, the religious prayers, coffining and the final send off. Finally, thank you Prof. Saw, the Director of Silent Mentor Program, Mr. Sia, the Manager for coordinating the program, Miss Se Woon, Mr. Mok, the photographer for helping us to capture all the memorable moments and all the other participants and volunteers for making this possible and taking care of our welfare throughout the program. 


Lim Sze Zee (UM_MEM150049) 

The 25th Silent Mentor Workshop is indeed a fruitful and memorable one. From going to home visit with a bunch of people who I do not initially know or know well, until the closing ceremony, I had learnt communication skills, leadership, surgical skills, and many more.  

I am very thankful to our Silent Mentor for giving us a chance to practice on her body, turn a loss to a gift could never be better expressed in other way. 

I was a volunteer to this workshop for multiple times, but this time as a participant, I experienced the total different site of the workshop. I am glad that I was given a chance to be a presenter on stage. To be honest, I have never been good at English public speaking. To indirectly force myself to practice and overcome the fear, I gave it a try, it was indeed a great try.  

Going through the workshop, words could not express my gratitude to all the volunteers and coordinators as well. Coming early and going back late just to make this workshop a great and complete one. Procrastination happens everywhere including our group, and I thank all of them as they tolerated it throughout the workshop without harsh words. Also, the impression of “live a life without regrets” becomes stronger and more powerful in my mind now. 

In short, I really enjoyed this workshop and I will continue to join as a volunteer, to keep the spirit and pass on to the next generation.  

Thank you! 


Nurul Afifah Kamruldzaman (UM_MEM150131) 

I am very grateful to be a part of Silent Mentor Program as it definitely taught me a lot of things especially my knowledge on surgical skills and my soft skills. I was able to appreciate the human anatomy more on a real body compared to just by reading a book or seeing pictures. One of the mentors saying that "the moment you stop learning is the moment you die" inspires me the most as lately I have started to become stressed out with my studies and I felt like I want to give up but hearing all these inspiring words from the mentors made me realized that, they selflessly donated their body for us to learn therefore never let them down. Not to forget, with this workshop, I am able to see new faces and make new friends from other universities which was memorable. Hoping to cross path with them again in the future. Last but not least, special thanks to the team that had made this workshop a success. May you continue the good job! 


Izzat Aiman Ali (UM_MEM150027) 

First of all I would like to thank the Silent Mentor organizing committee for choosing me to be part of the 25th Silent Mentor Program as an undergraduate participant. I would also like to thank my Silent Mentor Ms How Chai Eng for giving me this opportunity to practice my surgical and procedural skills. I would also like to thank my Silent Mentor family for their patience throughout the grieving period. To be honest, Silent Mentor Program has had taught me a lot, the values of humility and empathy, values which cannot be taught from the textbooks. I hope this program can be continued for further generations of medical students. I believe from the Silent Mentor Program, more medical graduates with empathy and humility can be produced for the community. 


Nurul Shafarina Jaafar (UM_MEM150083) 

When I was first contacted regarding Silent Mentor Program, I was already on my way back to my hometown. As a result, I did not get to ‘meet’ my Silent Mentor when she had just passed on. Months goes by, it’s time to visit my Silent Mentor’s family member in Klang. I was worried at first, on how they will perceive us – medical students who are going to learn from the Silent Mentor. Are they still grieving? Amazingly, our Silent Mentor’s family welcomed us warmly. I can see how their expression lit up whenever they recalled any happy memories regarding our Silent Mentor. 

My official first meeting with my Silent Mentor was during the preparation and thawing process. I remembered being nervous at that time. I was quite worried if I cannot take it very well as I only had limited numbers of contact with a person that had passed away.  However I felt just fine throughout the program because the condition of our Silent Mentor is much alike a living patient, except for the absence of warmth, blood and a heartbeat. During each workshop, I noticed that we were getting to engross with the science part of the teaching, less enforcing on the feeling of empathy towards the Silent Mentor. The brief introduction session of the mentors is a great reminder of how selfless they were. 

Coffining our Silent Mentor was a humbling process. We went from a complete stranger to one of the last person handling our Silent Mentor’s body before sending them off to the next journey. I felt reassured since our Silent Mentor’s last wishes has been fulfilled however now it’s up to us – students to use the knowledge gained during the program to the fullest. Our Silent Mentor’s legacy will continue to live on as we advanced into our medical journey. 


Dinithi Sihara Liyanage (Monash_28329309) 

The Silent Mentor Program has been undoubtedly one of the greatest experiences of my life. Not only was it a fulfilling and enriching experience, it was also a very well-organized workshop with so much effort and thought put into it and with profound respect towards our mentors, which I deeply appreciate. 

When I first applied, I was promised a platform to enhance my knowledge. And while hands-on experience was truly the best way to learn, I gained a lot more than just medical knowledge. Things that I would never have achieved by reading a textbook. Being a second-year medical student going into third, who is just getting into clinical exposure, I had a lot of firsts during the workshop; my first suture, first incision and the first time dealing with someone who has passed on, so closely. And with every first I learnt technique and information, but I also learnt things that were impossible to comprehend by words. My Silent Mentor taught me more than any medical procedure; respect, empathy and compassion. Even when she had passed on, one way or the other I was compelled by myself to treat her like someone who was very much alive. For the very brief time of less than two months I’ve known her, things that I learnt about her through her family members always echoed in my ears every time I looked at her at the dissection hall; the adventurous traveler that she was, the food hunter and all the great things I learnt about her comes rushing back now, reminding me that she was a generous and selfless human being in every possible way who lived an enriching life. But it also reminds me how death is inevitable at the end of this life, and it could happen to any one of us, at any minute. Within a short time, I had grown to build an attachment with her although she didn’t know us, I felt deeply touched and emotional, especially during the sending off ceremony, which reminded me of the pain and sorrow of her family members who had known her their entire lives. 

I’m also grateful to all the doctors and surgeons and the Silent Mentor organizers and my group for the great team effort and for the things they taught me from suturing to anything I had trouble understanding. It was great working with them and to have been able to make new friends. 

My mentor taught me that life is uncertain, and bad things could happen to the best of us; encouraging me to treat people I meet in the future kindly and more compassionately and to always be understanding towards their situations. To work harder and learn better, so that I can help more great people like her. And ensure her noble and selfless sacrifice would not go unnoticed, for every patient get to help in the future I will always remember her. 

My Silent Mentor, thank you for everything, and may you Rest in Peace. 


Tan Hao Xuan (Monash_28098846) 

Throughout the whole program, I witnessed the courage and determination of Silent Mentors to be part of this program just for the benefit of people unknown to them, be it the medical professionals learning on them as well as the future patients bound to be under their care. I am impressed that there are still dedicated people who would donate their bodies to medical science to carry out all sorts of procedures which will eventually causing multiple wounds on their bodies. This might be a mission impossible to most mankind nowadays, with the excuse of religious beliefs. However, with unconditional love from the mentors and the support from their families, they are willing to break through the social norms and religions to pass down this great love to the future patients and medical students. Lastly, I wish all the Silent Mentors rest in peace. 


Quah Kai Yuan (Monash_27456269) 

As a medical student, I am humbled to be part of the Silent Mentor Program. Truly, this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity has shaped me — cognitively, emotionally, and spiritually. My highest gratitude goes to our noble Silent Mentors who have selflessly donated their bodies for medical education and research. They have certainly touched the lives of medical students and doctors alike, to always remember the virtues of a good doctor. We should strive to deliver the best possible care for our patients, in the honor of our Silent Mentors. I would also like to thank the organizers, doctors, and volunteers who have contributed directly or indirectly in creating such a meaningful and holistic program. 


Ang Chun Yiing 洪峻穎 (IMU_ME0213032980) 








Wan Nur Ira Izyan Binti Wan Izani (USIM_1142025) 

It has been a few days after the workshop ended.  I learnt a lot throughout the week. It was such a hectic week, in which I had to go back and forth from Temerloh to KL just to attend the workshops in the evening. It was really tiring but it was definitely worth it. It was such a memorable experience; I got so many new friends and I got to learn a lot of new things. Of course, I was able to get a hands-on experience in performing basic surgical skills such as chest tube insertion where usually I could just observe or assist during my attachment in hospital. Most importantly, I think I have become a new person now. This workshop truly changes my perspectives towards patients, the living or dead. I have learnt a whole new sense of respect It has changed me tremendously. I got to admit that I got so emotional during the gratitude ceremony. I wasn’t able to attend the initiation ceremony due to other commitment in Temerloh. However, the gratitude ceremony really touched me, I really didn’t know why. The final words were really meaningful. Life is so mysterious. I didn’t even know my mentor before; I’ve never met her personally, never heard of her. How come a person can feel so much love from someone that she or he has never met before? Just from the way the family described her, I can really feel her love, kindness, generosity and sincerity. I feel really touched and inspired by her selfless contribution. She didn’t know any of us yet she donated her body for me to learn.  During the gratitude ceremony, I kept being reminded of her face, of the times when I cut her, washed and cleaned her before her coffining. I feel like I wasn’t being gentle enough to her. I feel empathy, I guess. I feel like I haven’t treated her good enough, I feel like I should have done more and treat her like my own family members. But, it’s okay now, the most valuable thing that I learnt from my mentor and the other 3 mentors is that, we have to always try to contribute something in our life, no matter how small or big the contribution is.  Like in this case, the mentors had never known us personally before but they donated their bodies for the doctors to learn from them. They didn’t know me before but I feel like they love me so much and they want me to become the best version of myself. I know now that I should give back to the society by volunteering and etc. I should also study and work harder in order to repay the contributions that these mentors had given to me and become the best doctor like they had wished. I should also improve myself to become a more passionate and loving person, like my mentors are. Thank you very much, my beloved mentors.