Students Comment 學生心得

20th Silent Mentor Workshop 10-15/10/2017

Nur Ain Syahirah Binti Md Ansor (MEM130115) 

The Silent Mentor Program is a very beneficial and inspiring program for us, the medical students. To be given the opportunity to join this program and be able to learn from a mentor who selflessly donating his body just for the sake for our future, I am forever grateful for that. Listening to my mentor’s life journey from his family and how a great guy he was made me realized that this program was not only about learning the medical skills and procedure, it is beyond that. It teaches us about empathy, sacrifice and respect. From now on, every suture or procedures that I made to my patients in the future, I will always remember that I had learned these skills from my beloved Silent Mentor. Thank you to my Silent Mentor, Mr. Mooi Choong Kong and his family.


Lee Zhi Yang 李智揚 (MEM130078)

Silent Mentor was one of the program I was looking forward to. I never regretted joining it. It was more than what I have expected. I could not thank our Silent Mentors and respective family members enough. The sacrifices and commitments they made were extraordinary. Being a Silent Mentor was not an easy decision to be made because it involved huge understanding and tolerance from the people around them. What we gained was not merely knowledge and skills. More importantly, we learnt about empathy, humanity and respect. It was against the norms that we never introduced ourselves prior to learning from our patients. We did not meet nor speak to our Silent Mentors before but we learnt about them through their family members. This was what made them unique and I do really salute them. Thank you for organizing this meaningful event for us. It would be one of the best memories in my medical school life. I would bring along what I learnt with me in my future medical career.


Nurfathiah Amirah Bt Mohd Nordin (MEM130127)

When I first entered medical school, I saw Silent Mentor sending-off ceremony held at the Centre Point. At that time, I don't know what it was, only knew that it has something to do with the Silent Mentor Program. After being introduced to the program, I had made it my personal mission to get a place for myself among all the medical students. Lucky me, I was among the chosen one to be allowed to join. Silent Mentor Program was everything I imagined it would be and more. Starting with receiving of Silent Mentor at the Silent Mentor Center, getting to know our Silent Mentor through his/her family, throughout the one week course until the send-off ceremony, every step actually taught me a lot of things; not just surgical-related stuff but also life values. I learnt how to be empathetic, how to care for others, the importance of respect, how to be a team player, all in all how to be a good doctor. I'm very grateful to all the Silent Mentors for without their selfless gifts, we would not be able to learn, what we have learned and what we have experienced. I would also like to thank Silent Mentor committees for planning and conducting this program.


Nur Syafika Amalina Mohamad Razale (MEM130124)

It is a very meaningful, once in a lifetime opportunity for me to be part of this Silent Mentor Program. I leant a lot of things from this one week program not just about the basic things that we need to know as a medical student but I also leant about the other aspect of life that we often overlook which is about the value of life and to be kind and love to each other. I thought heroes only exist in the movies but now I have seen 4 of them during this Silent Mentor Program and I don't know if there is any suitable words to describe how grateful and how thankful I am for their selfless contribution for making this program happened. They were not just heroes but they also a great teacher that inspire us to become a passionate doctor in the future. A doctor that will takes care of our patients with the best care that they can receive. To my beloved Silent Mentor, Mr. Mooi Choong Kong, you had taught us that action speaks louder than words. You did not speak to us about anything yet you have taught us so many things. I can't thank you enough to your family and your selflessness for making this program happened. You were no doctor yet you taught us basic things that we need to know for our future practice and your sacrifice will always be remembered.


Khadijah ‘Izzati Binti Berhanuddin (MEM130065)

I had joined Silent Mentor because I want to gain experience doing procedures on human cadaver initially, and I thought that’s it. On the last day of the program, I had realized that the Silent Mentors not only taught me the experience of those procedures. It teaches us medicine is not just about practice, it involves people and thus involves emotions and interaction. There is a reason why the program had designed a home visit and cleaning the body every day. Even though the Silent Mentor was dead, we had learned how he lived his life and cleaning him every day is like building a rapport.  I was moved by the sincerity of the Silent Mentors, willing to donate their own body for the purpose of others. Their hope on medical practitioners who had learned from their body to be a good, caring and compassion doctor, I will try to fulfill with all my minds. Thank you and rest in peace Mr. Mooi.


Chai Yan Yu 蔡彦瑜 (MEM130018)

非常感恩有机会参与这次的无语良师工作坊。虽然事先有同学跟我分享他们在之前参与无语良师工作坊的心得与感受,可是毕竟听说与亲身体验是完全不同的。短短的一个星期里,这其中所体验是我这一辈子都不会忘记的。我不会忘记当我第一次见到您, 我的无语良师的那一晚, 强压下心里的震撼,专心地帮您净身。过了几个月后,再次见到您的身躯,再次为他净身,之后就是连续每天凌晨五六时,为您净身。一天天过去,我心情是越来越沉重,因为您身上充满了我们造成的伤口与刀痕。您是多么的伟大,从不曾和我们相遇,却愿意奉献自己的身体,让我们学习,我一直在想到底是什么让您有那样的勇气去做出这个决定。我也很感谢无语良师的家人,如果没有你们,无语良师的遗愿也没法达成。在送您最后一程的那天,我眼泪再也忍不住决堤了,泪中充满的是言语无法表达的感激与不舍。我知道我唯一能回报的是当个好医生,不辜负您对我的期望。世上就是有那么个人,无私的奉献,不求回报。希望我能够永久记得当时的那份感激与感动,在未来充满荆棘的医学路上戴着感恩的心,一路走下去。安息吧!我敬爱的无语良师梅重光老师。


Yong Voon Wei 熊温薇 (MEM130180)








Teh Hui Xin 戴慧欣 (MEM130164)



Choo Xing Yan 朱興彥 (MEM130027)

During the first time when we met, I was grateful for having you as my mentor. It was not an easy decision for someone without a great love to donate his body just for a better future in medical science. Without the unconditional love from the mentors and the support

from the families, we wouldn't have make a success in the events. Again, to my mentor, you had left, however the knowledge that I gained from you will always be there. 

During the coffining session on the 2nd last day, I felt that you, my great mentor accomplished your mission and this was the time for you to go back to the place that belongs to you. 

May you rest in peace, my mentor, my family.


Ooh Jie Wen (MEM130134)




Nur Suhana Binti Zakaria (MEM130123)

The commitment given towards our silent mentors throughout this program has taught me about sacrifice. The hours, sweat and energy that were channelled towards our mentors has truly given me a taste on the sacrifices that are to be made in my future; how are we going to care for our patients? The family members’ support has left a heavy responsibility for us to uphold. And with this weighing on our shoulders, we spend not only our time, but our soul to provide the utmost care. And our effort has worth it, as how I immensely hope the sacrifice that our mentors have made for us to be competent future doctors. Thanks to our teachers, Mr. Lee Kim Chong, Mr. Mooi Choong Kong, Mr. Wong Thiam Yoong and Madam Soo Kam Yip. 


Putri Jasmine Filza Binti Firdaus (MEM130138)

I feel so blessed and humbled to be given this opportunity to be part of this one-of-kind program. In this journey, we've learned so much more than clinical skills, we've learned the values of compassion, empathy and gratitude. These are some values which will not only make us better doctors but also better human beings. I cannot find words to express my gratitude towards our Silent Mentors as well as their families for the altruistic sacrifice. This has touched each and every one of us and will leave an everlasting impression. There is no doubt that letting go of a loved one is difficult and painful. I would like to thank the family of Mr. Lee Kim Chong for being supportive of his final wish and for welcoming us into your home and for being very helpful and cooperative throughout the whole program.


Monishak A/P Ramachandran (MEM130097)

I am so grateful for given an opportunity to join Silent Mentor Program. This program not only helps the medical professionals to improve their clinical skills and gain knowledge but also shapes us into a better and humane one. I really feel like I am part of my Silent Mentor’s family throughout this program. When I went for home visit, I got to know about my Silent Mentor. I was amazed of his life story. More than that, I was impressed when I heard his last wish before he passed away. He wished that medical professionals can make full use of his body to make advances to find cure for cancer so that no one will suffer from pain in the future. Not everyone in this world willing to donate their body for a useful purpose after their death. Although I learnt a lot and had the chance to be hands-on during the workshop held during the Silent Mentor Program, it really wrecked my heart to see the number of wounds and fractures on my Silent Mentor’s body. These made me want to salute him and his family member’s for a great sacrifice for medical field. Despite being exhausted throughout this Silent Mentor Program, I am happy as it went uneventful and able to send him off peacefully. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank everyone for giving me the chance to be part of this program. I also would encourage my juniors to join this program as it will benefit them.


Lee Jing Yih (MEM130076)

With their unconditional love, our Silent Mentors have shown us the virtue of contribution to the medical field and they inspired us about the beauty of humanity. Millions thanks to our heroes of life and their beloved family members. It was certainly a meaningful program in my medical life. 



Lai Yuen Sin 賴悠欣 (MEM130073)



Ong Wee Meng (MEM130133)

I wouldn’t boast of how much surgical skills I have learnt from the Silent Mentor workshop because it was never the main purpose of this workshop. To me, the workshop is to instil 2 main principles of life, the first one being volunteerism and the second one is selfless love. But again these 2 principles are intertwined and can’t be untangled. We volunteered for the workshop, spending our time and effort, preparing and cleansing our mentor. Our mentor portrayed to us, selfless love, love that ignores the boundaries of time and space, sacrificing her body to give us a lesson in life though she never meets us in person. She already passed me the torch, it’s now my duty to continue her life purpose of volunteering and spreading love. Thank you.


Sharifah Azura Bt Shafie (MEM120169)

I learned about Silent Mentor Program through my friends. They always talked about this program in a way that it helped a lot in their study. So that’s why I gave it a try. Throughout this program, it was not only focused on the medicine, but it was about teamwork, care and love of the family. I'm grateful of having a new family as they were supportive and already assumed me as their "real family". They also were thanking us of taking care of our teacher, in which we were the one supposed to thank them and bow to them. Real speaking, I've never met family as them. I will never forget about them and promise to stay in contact with them. Nevertheless, what sadden and touch my heart is that "may you make twenty mistakes on my body, but never make mistake on real patient's body". Thank you for giving me the opportunity to join Silent Mentor Program.


Haida Izzaty Izyan Bt Yahoda (MEM120044)

This Silent Mentor Program, flawed as it is in certain part, it's also perfect in a way that it unifies us all. It's okay to be of different religions but still show respect to our Silent Mentor. (Let's have a moment of silence, whatever religions you are to pray for the Silent Mentors, every single time) To actually see such concept to actually come true, that we were capable of such things, is very touching. (This is something you rarely see these days). We've learnt so much from our mentors. Your sacrifices will never be forgotten. You'll always be in our hearts, always.


Muzamil Bin Mohd Moussa (MEM120111)

I would reminisce one day, knowing how pivotal this experience has been in my life, academically and personally. The Silent Mentor Program has provided a much-needed injection of inspiration and motivation to my waning pupil spirit. 

The pleasure of working in a well-functioning team, practising medical procedures and learning the innards of the human anatomy on a body untainted by preservatives and embalming fluid is indeed an unparalleled acquaintance, especially for a student. 

As a person, these Silent Mentors have given me a glimpse of what it means to be selfless, a keystone value of a quintessential doctor. I hope to mortally perpetuate the lessons I have learned and make good of the sacrifices that these mentors have gifted in the name of education.


Chai Jia Xuan 蔡佳璇 (MEM130017)






Tan Yan Jing 陈妍静 (MEM130160)





Puteri Nurul Syifa Binti Othman (MEM120195)

To meet someone who lives for the service of others, even death can’t stop her from contributing to others is impossible, but I met one while participating in this program. I never met my mentor before, but I was touched by her kindness and love for others. It’s an honour to meet someone like my mentor. Thank you so much for giving me the chance to learn, to help others. I hope I can be as kind as my mentor in the future. 


Mohamad Zulhaqim Bin Abd Karim (MEM120088)

Silent Mentor is a great workshop especially for medical students to learn from live demonstrations and get some hands-on in surgical components of the undergraduate program. Students are able to appreciate that a patient is always someone’s family member. Aside from that, students are also able to appreciate friendships both intra and inter universities.


Sii Hoe Leong (MEM130145)

After our Silent Mentors passed away, they have to be frozen for a couple of months before the workshop to preserve their bodies. Families and relatives have to wait for the funeral after the workshop as well. Through this Silent Mentor workshop, I see the selfless love expressed by all Silent Mentors even after their passing to let all the doctors, specialty trainees and medical students to practice skills and technique on their bodies. At the end of the workshop, there were so many cuts and sutures on each of our Silent Mentors and I believe these have had benefited many doctors and medical students in their journey as a healthcare provider. Their sacrifices also give me constant reminder from Hippocratic Oath which is ‘first, do no harm’ to my future patients. Thank you, Silent Mentors Mr. Wong Thiam Yoong, Mr. Lee Kim Chong, Madam Soo Kam Yip and Mr. Mooi Choong Kong.


Leuk Kheng Soon (MEM120075)

Joining the Silent Mentor workshop is preparing me to be a more responsible and caring doctor. Throughout the program, I gained a lot. I acquired a new set of clinical skills. I learned sympathy and empathy. I learned the sorrow and frustration that the family experienced when they lost their loved one. These all helped me to become a better person. I'm glad I joined this workshop. Thanks.


Siti Nor Syafiqah Bt Shaari (MEM120176)

This Silent Mentor Program has taught us a lot either in academic section or humanity. It is different to practice any procedure in mannequin than in real human body. It helps us to practice about sympathy and empathy. It is very important elements to become a productive doctor. I am grateful with this opportunity. The real teacher is our four mentors who are willing to sacrifice themselves for the academic purpose in present and in the future. I am thankful to the lecturers who spent their time to guide us to become a better student. I am grateful for one week of Silent Mentor Program.


Andrew Long Chay Zhien (MEM130009)

I was not too sure about the Silent Mentor Program at first. I had initially thought that it was a ‘clinical based workshop’. Only later after joining the workshop did I realize how it is also about the fundamental meaning of empathy and humanity in the medical field. I would like to thank all the Silent Mentors and their family for giving us this opportunity to learn from them. Thank you.


Fatin Syahirah bt Mustaffa (MEM130046)

Silent Mentor Program helped me understand how big the sacrifices of the mentors in helping medical students and doctors. A few procedures and anatomy were taught during the program and it helped me in refreshing my knowledge. Besides, I learnt how to handle our mentors properly during preparation and sending off as our appreciation for their generosity. My gratitude towards our mentors would not be enough to be expressed in words. May our mentors rest in peace.


Nurshahanum bt Mohd Nahrorawi (MEM120144)

I have learnt a lot from this Silent Mentor Program. This program provides us a good exposure especially in surgery. We were also being taught on how to do suturing and some important procedures which were very useful for us in the future. During my first time seeing my Silent Mentor, I felt very sad as he is willing to sacrifice his body for the sake of us to learn. But, as time goes, I felt thankful to him as I can learn various procedures through him. I also felt grateful because I have met a supportive family like my Silent Mentor's family. For me, he was a gift not only to us, medical student but to all patients that we will meet and treat in the future. Thank you to my selfless teacher, Mr. Wong Thiam Yoong.


Lau Jia Ru (MEM130074)


很慶幸,家訪讓我更了解我的無語良師 — 添勇老師。最意想不到的收穫是看到添勇老師的家人那堅強與無私的精神。尤其是老師的雙親,雖然要忍受白髮人送黑髮人之痛,他們卻願意接受添勇老師的遺願,那就是捐獻大體。他們忍痛割愛,無法立即為至親舉辦喪禮做最後的悼別,只能等到數月後的工作坊方能再次見到無語良師最後一面。他們願意打破傳統,為醫療教育貢獻,是非常值得人們敬佩的。 




Annabel Chong Su Lin (Monash_27295826)

The Silent Mentor Program has truly been a great inspiration to all of us. I strongly believe no one walks away from this program the same. There is so much to write about - the sacrifice of our mentors, the strength of their families, the skills of the trainers and the team spirits of the participants. 

The Silent Mentors showed great courage and sacrifice to have chosen to donate their bodies to teach medical students and professional new skills. They never knew anyone of us, yet they freely gave their bodies for us to learn. They taught me selflessness and that we had to love others just as selflessly as they had. 

Nothing prepares you for death. I watched as the families of the Silent Mentors grieved during closing ceremony and my heart ached for them. I cannot imagine what the families of our Silent Mentors went through. There is no true closure until burial, they said. The immense strength to have lived through the past few months before the actual burial is unbelievable. My heart goes out to the families and I pray that they find the peace and closure they need. 

I feel extremely blessed to have just been a tiny part of it - for really, without our teachers, our beloved Silent Mentors, there is no us today.


Agnes Lau Wei Yin 劉維穎 (Monash_27261425)

Good teacher explains, but great teacher inspires. It is truly a blessing for me to be able to join the 20th Silent Mentor Workshop. Through this program, I deeply felt the spirit of sacrifice one can make solely for humanity. They were not medical professions but they still made a choice to donate their bodies for medical research and learning. Death is the end of one’s life but Silent Mentors left their love and legacy behind. I will truly appreciate whatever I had learnt from this program, not only the medical knowledge or procedure, but also the spirit of sacrifice and love for humanity. Thank you teachers. You will be forever remembered.


Loh Hoi Yan (Monash)



Mark Yii Chi Song 余自松 (Monash_26380218)

The Silent Mentor Workshop has inspired me in many ways. I had learnt that life is not about how much you earn or receive, but how much you give to other people and the community. The Silent Mentors had shown great love and sacrifice to humankind by giving out their body for education purposes. Their sacrifices had turned into blessings to the doctors and indirectly to the patients. 

The workshop had taught me, as the future healthcare providers, to be kind and caring to patients. There was a famous saying by the previous Silent Mentor, that is they rather have wrong cuts being done on their body than the patient’s body. They had taught us to always treat our patients kindly. 

I had also learnt to be grateful on things given to us. During the workshop, the participants showed their gratitude towards the Silent Mentors through different methods such as drawing cards, buying gifts, presenting speech and performances. We should not only show our gratitude orally, but also though our actions. 

Most importantly, I had learnt to treasure every now and then. This is because life is uncertain, and one could not foresee what lies ahead. Therefore, we should number our days and be glad in it because each day of living itself is a blessing.


Tan Li Yin (Monash)

As the saying goes, “for life and death are one even as the river and the sea are one”. Before entering this Silent Mentor Program, my understanding of the program was relatively superficial. Little did I know that I was about to be changed completely by it. 

On the first day of the home visit, a group of us medical students came together and carpooled to our mentor’s home. Upon reaching our destination, we were immediately welcomed with open arms into their home and they were so glad to share with us about their deceased family member, Madam Soo Kam Yip. Although I have never met Madam Soo previously, I was deeply touched by her contribution to everyone around her while she was still alive. Her assistance did not meet its end and even extended to anyone in need of help without expecting anything in return, be it simple donation to charity homes to going on site to help the disaster victims. Many of her family members, including her closest relative, her daughter only realised Madam Soo’s true intention after her passing. Not only that, they were also only aware of Madam Soo’s health condition after it was being told by Madam Soo herself and everyone knew at that time there was nothing more they could do but to support and care for her till her last breath. Listening to their story has allowed me an insight into the importance of empathy and understanding about a person’s situation, so that we as the future doctors would learn to care for a patient holistically without any discrimination. 

After the home visit, it was time for us to proceed with the preparation session. We cleaned the body every day and it surprised me how different Madam Soo looked from the pictures. There were changes in her appearance and the remnant from her past surgeries remains on her body. Looking at her from afar made me realise the value of life and spur me to be a good doctor in the future so that I may save more lives that are currently in Madam Soo’s position as well. When the workshop session approaches, I was initially anxious as to how it was going to be and whether I could face someone of such great reputation to be dissected in front of me. Fortunately, the support from my peers helped me in overcoming that fear and it was through that whole process of learning that built our teamwork together. 

All in all, it was truly an amazing journey in the Silent Mentor Program. We often do not realise the true value of a moment until it has become a memory. I have witnessed, understood and learnt tremendously, not just about how to become a doctor, but also how to become a better person. My sincere gratitude goes out to all for this opportunity given to us. Last but not least, I would like to just convey a message to our Silent Mentor’s family, ‘those who we truly love will never leave us”. With that, I thank you. 

19th Silent Mentor Workshop 18-23/07/2017

Dahlia Munchar Binti Elias (MEM130031)

“Our fingerprints don’t fade from the lives we touched” – Judy Blume. If that holds true, then the legacy made by all the Silent Mentors will truly be eternal. In my opinion, the Silent Mentor Program is one of the noblest ways to contribute to the society. I’m sure I speak for many students when I say that their actions move us deeply. After living a full life, on with joy and strife, the mentors chose to forgo traditional memorials to donate to the advancement of medical knowledge. What we learnt from them will be used in our practice to help others and be passed down to future students as well.

My mentor’s family once asked, ‘Why isn’t this program part of the faculty’s curriculum?”. To them, they wanted all students to be able to learn from my mentor. My answer then was that, “I think, the exclusivity of Silent Mentor makes the whole experience more valuable to the participants”. I feel truly grateful and blessed to have been given the opportunity to join this program and learn from my mentor. God willing, I hope that all participants, including myself, will cherish this opportunity to learn from our mentors and not take them for granted.


Joyce Teo Wei Ting 张玮婷 (MEM130061)

不知不觉中,一个星期的无语良师工作坊就这样画下了完美的句点。能与这位 “最特别的老师”–王添益老师邂逅,我的心里充满着万分感激,也深信这一切是缘分巧妙的安排。透过这个具有意义的无语良师计划,老师们也成功地圆满了心中的大愿---遗爱在人间,无私地奉献自己的大体让医学生们学习。这份舍己为人的精神,让我深刻地明白了付出的真谛。老师,您早已在我们的心中播下满是爱心的种子,感动着每一个人,每一个生命。在您身上所缝的一针一线,也不断地再提醒着我,要用心和耐心地对待每一位病人,如同我对待您一样。最后,我也在心中为自己立下了小小誓愿,那就是唯有不断地努力学习,才不会辜负您的期望。感恩您,王老师,让我在医学生涯中上了宝贵的一课。


Alina Binti Mohamad (MEM130006)

I heard about this program from my seniors and friends. They said it is a beneficial program that I should join it. So I signed up for this program a few months ago. I thought I just can learn about clinical skill from this Silent Mentor, but I was wrong. I learnt more than that, including empathy, love, sacrifices, and more. I am glad and thankful that this program was planned and conducted smoothly so that we can fully benefit from it. Thank you.


Teong Chee Sin 张芷馨 (MEM130166)

细雨朦胧,微风拂脸。站在人海中,凝望着老师的灵柩。忆起数月前,您我只是人生过客。然而一份心意,一股勇气,一场牺牲,造就了一次美丽的邂逅。二零一七年三月二十九日是终点,也是起点。哀悼、净身、解剖、缝合、入殓,这看似轻描淡写的过程,却参杂着五味杂陈的心思。我因领悟老师传递的知识,而雀跃不已。 又因感叹生命的凋零,泪水夺眶而出。心中充满了无限的不舍与感恩。感谢您的无私奉献,愿您随海风安然离去。

Elicia Chieng Tze Zhing 詹智晴 (MEM130036)

This Silent Mentor Workshop has taught me invaluable lessons of love and selflessness on top of the very necessary clinical skills. I am truly grateful for the mentors' selfless contribution to allow us to practice on their bodies so that we may become better doctors in the future.

Nur Nazifah Binti Mazlan (MEM130122)

I am glad that I was introduced and was able to participate in the Silent Mentor Program. I never knew that someone that I have never met before would leave such a huge impact on my life. With each and every day of the program, I had learned something new and met someone new. Aside from clinical skills, I have learned to give love and care to others and to respect other people’s culture and beliefs. Most importantly, I have a family here and I will always remember and cherish every moment of this Silent Mentor Program.

Cheryl Chia Hau Yee 謝巧兒 (MEM130021)



Nazhatulnadia Binti Hashim (MEM130105)

I feel very thankful and grateful for being given an opportunity to be involved in this beneficial program. From this program, I learnt to be more compassionate and respect to all our patients. It taught me more than just being a skill oriented doctor. Silent Mentor Program has been a great experience to me and it taught me a lesson that no book can provide to me. From the home visit and interview session, it allowed us to know our mentor and their family members thoroughly. It also made us more empathetic towards family members and trained us to always put ourselves in patient shoes. Through this program, I learnt a lesson that we need to treat a patient as a whole and not just treating the disease. Thank you my beloved Silent Mentor Mr. Ong, his family members, Mr. Sia and other committees for making this program a success.

Saw Li Sean 苏丽仙 (MEM130143)



Sim Su San 沈淑钐 (MEM130146)



Fatin Nur Shaheera (MEM130045)

I have heard great things about the Silent Mentor Workshop and I am glad that I have decided to join this workshop. I have not only learned and experienced numerous hands-on surgical skills through this one week program, but also empathy and the meaning of sacrifice. The family members of our beloved Silent Mentors should receive an amount of respect as highly as our Silent Mentors as their sacrifices to support their loved one’s decision while having to go through the tough moments of grief were unimaginable. I have developed a sense of respect and affection to my respectful Silent Mentor, Mr. Tang Nam who was known to be a great husband, a loving father and a caring friend through my times helping to preparing his body every day. He was indeed a great man with a big heart, I would always keep him close to my heart, as my motivation to be the best doctor I can be, to be as kind and generous, as he was. To him, who had inspired us all, my deepest gratitude, Mr. Tang Nam.


Asyikin Mohamad (MEM130014)

It is a very great opportunity, a lifetime experience to be part of this Silent Mentor Program. I gained a lot of things that I am sure that won’t get in any textbooks or lectures.

At first, I thought by joining this program, it will be just the same as learning anatomy using the cadavers in Anatomy Lab. However, my thought changed day by day, when I involved directly in knowing my Silent Mentor’s background, family members as well as his dedication in donating his body for medical education. I am very touched for his sacrifices, that I am sure we could not afford to pay financially or physically.

Throughout this program, the most important aspect that I learnt is not the medical knowledge, but the power of love and passion showed by my Silent Mentor. He was a very nice person, loved by his family, relatives and friends. Almost every day, my friends and I took good care of our Silent Mentor, by cleaning and suturing the body, to ensure that they are always in the best condition. It instilled the value of responsibility, love and passion to our hearts. I am sure this is best to be applied to our real patients in future.

Thank you my dearest Silent Mentor Mr. Tang Nam, for your selfless sacrifices to contribute to medical education. Even though you are silent, you spoke voices that communicated with us emotionally. It is our honour to learn from you. You will always be remembered & loved.

Last but not least, A Great Doctor is inspired by a Great Mentor. Thank you, our beloved Silent Mentors.


Fong Mee Ing 冯美瑛 (MEM130048)





Kok Piao Yee (MEM130069)

I have learnt a lot from this Silent Mentor workshop. Honestly, this is one of the best workshops I have ever participated so far. I am truly grateful to have chance to join this meaningful workshop. Although tiring, I truly enjoyed this workshop and also the time spent together with Mr. Tang Nam's family. Here, I would like to thank Prof Saw Aik and Mr. Sia for their great efforts and guidance in making this workshop successful. Thank you, we really appreciate it!


Nong Sofea Ku (MEM130106)

I feel thankful that I have got the chance to involve myself in this Silent Mentor Program. I have learnt a lot of things that I will never get from anywhere else. It is all about clinical and humanity combined at the same time. I am glad that important clinical procedures mentioned above were able to be performed under the guidance of experienced lecturers and doctors, but more importantly essential medical humanistic values and approaches were successfully inculcated in us in our daily practices as future doctors. The sacrifices that our Silent Mentors made as well as the willingness of their family members to let us learn from their loved ones have taught us the true meaning of selflessness. Our Silent Mentors have also redefined death; it is not the end, rather it signifies the beginning of a great purpose after their passing. With this knowledge, they faced death with courage and pride. These lessons have been firmly ingrained in each and every one of us who attended this program, for which we would not be able to learn elsewhere. My only regret is that I was unable to wish all the Silent Mentors, especially Mr. Tang Nam, my sincerest gratitude when they were alive. Finally, thank you and rest in peace. You will always be remembered.


Ang Yuin Ging (MEM130011)



Leroy Lim Wui Hon (MEM130081)

It’s been a difficult week, physically and emotionally.

Physically, the times were demanding. We need to wake up at 5.30am and 6.30am. While everyone is having their beauty sleep, our alarms were the only one that rang before the sun rose up. We got back late too. Workshops ended about 8.30pm but cleaning up will take time. Some members even got back at 11pm without having their dinner. Emotionally, I was drained as well. Having listened to each mentor’s life stories, sometimes you think, man.. these people did not deserve to die yet. They’ve got so much more to achieve, so much more time to spend with their loved ones, so much more stories to tell. But life is life, and death accompanies it. I couldn’t help but to feel sad every time I look down on my mentor in the hall, knowing how great of a man he was (and still is!), and now he is just lying down there. May God bless his soul.

Having said all this (hope I don’t scare you), in the end, all the morning calls, the late nights, the long hours, it was all worth it. I am not asking the organizers to change the times or the hours. I am asking the students to embrace it. Trust me, spend the time. Take the extra courage to wake up early. Take good care of your mentor. Learn as much as you can from the workshop. And know that you mentor will be smiling down on you from the heavens.

My last sharing is, I know as doctors, we are not supposed to be so attached to patients and their families. It will affect our decision-making. However, I must say that I am happy to be able to meet and got to know Mr. Tang Nam’s family better, since there are also no decision makings in this event. The family, especially Mr. Patrick (son) and Ms Pui Kwan (daughter), had shown so much kindness and love for our team. The family had been through so much. Even the burial had to be postponed by months because of the program. It must have been hard for the family, that they could not lay Mr. Tang Nam’s earthly body to rest yet. The least I could do is to help wheelchair the elderly relatives around, showed Mr. Patrick some hidden parking spots, walked them to their cars, etc. Mr. Patrick even offered to keep in touch even after the event has ended. We truly appreciate the sacrifices made by our mentor and his family. We love you. Thank you. God bless.


Nur Farahin Binti Ismail  (MEM130118)

I am very grateful for being chosen as one of the participants in this great program. I started this program without having any single idea about how this program being conducted other than knowing that I could learn something especially in term of skills. So, I just thought this program as one of our clinical skill programs which will enhance our skill and technique. After going through this program for about a week, I realised that I gained more than the knowledge itself. I learnt about respect, sacrifices and empathy. I could see that how hard the organiser and volunteers tried their best to remind us about respecting our mentor by having one minute of silent prayer before every session and everyday introduction of our Silent Mentor to the postgraduate team. They also reminded us to handle our mentor very softly and try not to make more harm to the body especially when cleaning. We also learnt about sacrifices by our mentors and their family members in allowing us to get the best learning point in this program. “It is okay to make a thousand cuts on a dead body but don’t make mistake on living person”, the last word from my mentor that I cherish the most. 


Chuah Su Ying 蔡淑颖 (MEM130030)



Aimi Amirah Binti Yusof (MEM130004)

Silent Mentor Program is a good learning opportunity as I learned a lot of things from it. The basic surgical skill and other common procedures were not the only things I’ve learned but equally important skills I gained from the program are teamwork, empathy, communication skill and the culture of other ethnics.


Tan Keh Ling 陈柯鲮 (MEM130157)



Tang Weng Kin 陈永健 (MEM130162)



Kwong Kar Ying 关嘉莹 (MEM130072)



Wai Suetyen 韦雪燕 (MEM130170)

“生命不在乎长短,最重要是生命的深度,用心生活”- 这句话,深深地烙印在我的脑海里。感谢各位大体老师无私的奉献,特别是我的大体老师许宇明老师,在这短短的一个星期,我获益不浅,不只是医学上的知识,还有我对人生的观念。老师伟大的付出,以及我学到的经验和感受是无价的。每一天早上为老师清理身体的时候,每当我看到老师的身体又多了一把刀痕的时候,都会默默地在心里与老师对话,我心想,捐大体到底需要多大的勇气?这堂课,虽然老师无言无语,只有心灵上的沟通,但是这堂课,是课本上学不到的,也是我人生中最宝贵的一堂课。当然也不忘家属们对无语良师的支持,是他们的大舍,愿意舍弃着一份不舍,好让老师们完成心愿,让医学品质更上一层楼。许老师,虽然您已经离开了这个世界,但其实,您不曾离开过,因为真正的爱不会因为生命的流逝而止息,您将永远铭记在我的心中,您是我最特别的老师,愿老师一路好走。安息吧!感恩。


Chong Jia Jie 張嘉傑 (MEM130024)



Siti Aminah Binti Muhammad (MEM130147)

I learnt a lot throughout the Silent Mentor Program for the past one week. Firstly, I gained first hand experience through the workshops held in which I would not get in any clinical sessions throughout the medical school years.  It was a golden opportunity and a blessing to be able to learn from the Silent Mentors in the clinical aspect of medicine as well as values to uphold in being a better doctor in future and a better person as a whole. These precious experiences also encourage me to study and work harder to be able to convey and share the knowledge that all the Silent Mentors have taught us. 


Wan Nur Solehah Binti Wan Abdullah Zubir (MEM130172)

It has been an enlightening experience joining the Silent Mentor Program. 

I learnt and did so many new things that would otherwise only been seen in textbooks or heard from lectures. I am also amazed and humbled by the generous hearts of the Silent Mentors who donated their bodies for the advancement of the medical field. Not one single day passes by without me thinking on how they were able to do so. How did one accept having multiple procedures done on one's body after death, even knowing that it would help future medical professionals?

Truly, the courage they had when making the decision to be a Silent Mentor was not little. 


Tan Chung Wei 陈俊威 (MEM130155)



Chin Xin Wei 陈欣薇 (MEM130023)

很感谢能够参与第十九届无语良师工作坊。经过了一星期的活动,真的让我受益不浅。通过此工作坊,我在大体老师身上插入了我人生中第一个中心静脉导管(central venous line)与胸管(chest tube)。这些都是医学生永远都没有机会实行的程序,但唯有获得大体老师的无私奉献,才得以让我们实现学习的梦想。春蚕到死丝方尽,蜡炬成灰泪始干,但大体老师的奉献却是永无止尽的。我非常感谢各位大体老师的无私付出,也很感激为这工作坊日夜劳动的工作人员,以及自愿者们。这将是我永生难忘的美好经验与回忆。感恩!


Lee Sin Ying 李芯荧 (MEM130077)

Through Silent Mentor Program, I got to know my Silent Mentor, Mdm. Tam and her family members. Donating her body for the use of medical education was really an act of love and kindness, especially when our mentor did not even know the person who is going to carry out procedures on her. By putting trust on us, she just surrendered her body. Silent Mentor Program is like a silent movie, messages conveyed without spoken dialogue. You have taught us humanity, love and courage. Thank you, Mdm. Tam. You will always be remembered.


Jacklyn Hong Chew Ting 熊秋婷 (MEM130060)

From the first day of cleaning your body while I felt like you were just another patient who passed away, until the last day when I cleaned your body as if you were one of my family members, you had shown to all of us that love can be simple, courageous, selfless and of no boundaries. You had left, but you left us thoughts to be pondered upon late in the night; you were gone, but nothing can carry your greatest kindness away. You were silent but you spoke volumes. You were a gift not only to us medical students, but to all the patients we are going to meet and treat in the future. Thank you.


Nor Azuwa Binti Said (MEM130109)

I first heard about Silent Mentor Program when I was a first year medical student. Years passed, and now, I felt so grateful to be able to participate in this program. Silent Mentor Program had taught me more than just clinical stuffs. It had a lot of “first time” for me. My first incision made on real human being, able to feel the pleural space and lung, intubation, endless suturing and many more to mention. I won’t be able to forget the adrenaline rush at that time. However, I learnt more than that. The four Silent Mentors taught me about love, kindness and courage regardless of race, religion and culture. They were not just cadavers on operation table. They were once a caring father, a hardworking person and a loving husband yet they still thought about others who are not related to them. They all had one similar idea which was to return back the good deeds to society. I wish they will rest in peace and may their family members and friends live their life to the fullest. Thank you to all Silent Mentor Program committees especially Mr. Sia, volunteers, group-mates and of course our beloved Silent Mentors for one week of precious memories and priceless knowledge.


Woo Wing Jun 胡永缙 (MEM130173)

“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” – Henry Adams.

A million thanks to Madam Tam and all other Silent Mentors. I felt extremely grateful to be able to join this program as I was able to learn all the clinical skills to the fullest as I could practise as many times as possible. Nevertheless, the most valuable lesson I have learnt was the art of medicine which included empathy, selflessness and compassion. Your sacrifice and selfless contribution will definitely be remembered and carried forward along the journey in my medical career. From a stranger to a special teacher, you spoke no words, but the volume of your action has given us the most special experience during medical school.


Syahirah Binti Mohd Radzi (MEM130154)

I initially decided to join Silent Mentor Program with the intention of learning clinical procedures and skills from the Silent Mentors as I have heard so many good comments from students who have joined this program before. And as expected, this program was an excellent workshop that focused on delivering medical humanity, which could not otherwise be obtained from books or observation alone. It allows us to practice a lot of important procedures on real human bodies, which prepared us in the future when we become doctors. However, after going through it, I was pleasantly surprised that what I actually learnt was so much more than just that. Our Silent Mentors’ selfless act of donating their bodies for the benefit of others have taught us how love and kindness transcend boundaries, no matter what race you are or what religion you practice. Even at the face of death, our Silent Mentors have shown us how a kind heart can move other people’s hearts and change their lives. They have taught us the values of love, compassion and respect and we are beyond thankful for that. I would also like to thank the family members of our Silent Mentors especially to Mr. Stanley Wong and his two daughters for allowing us to have this valuable experience. The journey of losing their loved ones must have not been easy, as the grieving process have taken longer than usual because of the workshop. We could never repay the sacrifice and kindness that you have extended to us throughout this program. Thank you to all the committee members and lecturers that have taught us during this workshop and making this the best learning experience for all of us. And lastly, to my dear Silent Mentors, Madam Tam Guek Chee, Mr. Steven Ong, Mr. Tang Nam and Mr. Khor Jee Ming, your sacrifice have changed so many of our lives and have made us better people. We know that a simple thank you would never be enough to pay for your great act of love. You have given us the honour and privilege to learn so much from you and we feel so blessed and thankful to be at the receiving end of your love. We promise to be good doctors in the future and to always be kind to others. Finally, rest well, my dear Silent Mentors.


Nur Nadira Binti Mohammad Aris (MEM130121)

I am very grateful to be given the opportunity to join Silent Mentor Program especially to my mentor, Madam Tam who was willingly to donate her body for the medical education, so the medical professionals and students can improve their clinical skills. This program also taught me about empathy, compassion and respect. From the home visit to the initiation ceremony, her husband gave us a lot of motivation. Her daughter also supported this program by reminding us to make full use of her mother for learning purpose. I could see the love and proud from their eyes to Madam Tam during the Initiation Ceremony. I would like to say thank you to her family for everything.

Looking at the sutures that scattered all over the bodies of Silent Mentors had taught me the unconditional love they have given is priceless. I would like to pay my greatest respect to all the mentors for their selfless sacrifices to contribute to the medical education. I am forever grateful to all mentors. In our hearts, all of you will always be remembered.


Hafizatul Nasuha Abd Rahman (MEM130054)

Every journey must come to an end. For me, the past one week is the most memorable experience I ever had in medical school. The Silent Mentor Program not only helped me in my clinical skills but also taught me the meaning of life, love and compassion. In my opinion, this program is very unique as there’s a lot to learn from the Silent Mentors without the need for words. By the end of the program, I felt that I am now a part of the family and I am very grateful to our Silent Mentor for the irreplaceable experience. 感恩!特别的老师.


Carla Cai Zi (Monash University 27031101)

Silent Mentor Program was a tremendous and inspiring program. When I was given a chance to participate in this program, I was extremely grateful thinking that this must be a platform for me to enhance my surgical skills before stepping into clinical years. However, after the home visit session, I realized that I was wrong as it wasn’t just a research and training session, but a selfless contribution and huge courage made by our mentors for the advancement of medicine. Going for the home visit, I felt the responsibility of participating. Getting to know our mentor’s life story especially the pain she suffered due to her illness made me realized the importance of respecting human anatomy and the dignity of the donor. The home visit session had built a strong bonding between us and our mentor which is always reminded us to handle the body with utmost respect and gentleness during the workshop but not just seeing it as a cold cadaver.

The workshop went by where every morning we have to clean our mentor. When I touched her cold hands while cleaning, I will always think about the sacrifices she had made for us, medical students. Looking at increasing number of sutures and procedures that have been performed on her from the first day till the last day of the workshop, I felt as if I could also feel the pain. I will never forget the fact that she was my first ‘patient’. Without uttering a single word, my mentor not only taught me the medical knowledge but also the value of selflessness and love which I promised to pass down to my future patients.

The measure of life is not its duration, but its donation. All in all, I would like to thank our mentor Madam Tam Guek Chee for her contribution. To the world she may be an ordinary person, but to us she will always be our greatest mentor. I appreciated your contribution from the bottom of my heart.  Thanks for introducing me a different pathway to the world of medicine where there’s full love, empathy and respect.


Teh Wen Xin (Monash)

Silent Mentor Program has given me a chance to explore and discover the other side of medicine and humanity that I have never been exposed to up till my second year of medical school. When I first joined this program, I wasn’t as emotionally attached to my Silent Mentor as I am now after the workshop. My first home visit to my Silent Mentor’s house made me realised that this was not just a stranger’s body that I will learn from, but a good father that was selfless enough to donate his body for the sake of medical education. While listening to my Silent Mentor’s life story from his children, it fascinated me how much I could be involved in my Silent Mentor’s life as his children walked me through their father past experience and personality.

Throughout the workshop, every morning I had to clean up his body and prepare him for the hands-on workshop later in the evening, I became more and more emotionally attached and grateful towards my Silent Mentor. I had learnt so much of clinical procedures that I thought I wouldn’t be exposed to at this stage of my study. When the program came to an end and sending off ceremony was held, it appeared to me that my Silent Mentor had given all that he could to teach me. All that I could do was properly prepared him to send him off to the ‘other world’. That was the moment where all kinds of emotions set in – sad, grateful, compassion, thankful.

18th Silent Mentor Workshop 18-23/04/2017

Khoo Wei Joo 邱玮茹 (MEM130068)

落紅不是无情物,化做春泥更护花。虽然生命的花朵已凋谢,虽然已经无法再灿烂,但我们的大体老师们都不愿就此暗淡离开,是将落花变成肥沃的泥土,用來滋养我们这些即将绽放的花兒。我很庆幸自己有机会参与这次的计划,从家访、行谊简介、工作坊到送行,我深深领悟到,无语良师计划提供的不仅仅是医学的教育,更是人文和生死的教育。即使面对大体老师冰冷的躯体,我不时也提醒自己,大体老师也曾是有血有泪有思想的生命。因此,每天早晨的一抹一擦,每天晚上的一针一线,我都会认认真真地完成,丝毫不敢马虎。从中我学会了,未来面对每一位病人,我们不能只看到病,更要看到人; 不能只治疗病,更要以同理心去感受他们的经历,以减少他们那些无形的疼痛。感谢无语良师计划,也感恩方耀泉老师和所有大体老师们的奉献,让我们在未来成为更好的医生。


Lim Lee Hui (MEM130082)



Tay Swee Woon (MEM130163)

Silent Mentor Program is a recognized charity event whereby any individual can willingly donate their body after death solely for medical research, and Silent Mentor Workshop enables us medical students to get an opportunity to have hands-on experience under the guidance of learned doctors and specialist, objectively speaking. However, at times it can be overwhelming for a student as there was so many things going on behind the scene, so much emotions and feelings, and definitely, so much love and affection spread throughout the event.

My Silent Mentor, Mr. Hong Yu Chuan, selflessly devoted his body to be under our care, to somebody whom he may or may not have known or met during his lifetime, all for the sake of giving somebody else a chance to be a better person. I will always remember his wise words, “you can make hundreds and thousands of mistakes on me, but never do even a single mistake on other people when using the blade”.

As for the workshop, it was one of the workshops I gained the most from albeit the time and effort spent on this. Opportunity for valuable hands-on experience was given to us to hone our surgical skills as well as to better understand certain procedures. It will definitely be a memorable one for me and I urge other medical students to actively participate in this program.

I thank Mr. Hong’s family, Mrs. Liew and her three children for the patience and strength to go through this event with us, and to fulfill Mr. Hong’s last wish. Words of gratitude alone can never be enough, thus I promise I shall do my best in every aspect of life, and to be a better man. Thank you.


Siti Nazihah Binti Abdullah (MEM130149)

I could not say more of how fond I am to my Silent Mentor Mr. Hong Yu Chuan. One hectic week is definitely not enough to understand his bravery and willingness to join this program, but rather the rich emotional experiences that I had with him. When you thought you only capable to let us learn medical and clinical aspects, I gained beyond that. I learnt cultural, religious, and volunteerism aspects as well and this made you truly a special teacher. Besides that, this program provides a platform for me to sharpen my practical skills, especially suturing techniques. God knows the difficulties I had as a left-handed person. Mr. Hong dedicates his body to a person like me, someone who has not much skill and deemed to make mistakes so that we are able to do it better and gracefully with minimal mistake to the real patient. Not to forget, I would like to extend my special thanks to Dr. Warren Erwin who really sit down with me and attempt left hand suturing so that I could understand the steps better. My respect and gratitude to the noble Mr. Hong Yu Chuan as well as the rest of the Silent Mentors for dedicating your bodies for us to learn with the hope of better future although you were not in this world anymore. All of you have enlightened us with this exceptional sacred contribution. May all of you rest in peace.


Mohamad Zulfadhli Bin Abdullah (MEM130092)

When I was in 1st year of medical study, I started to wonder what this Silent Mentor is all about. We got a simple briefing on what is it, since that, I already put my heart to this program that I will join it when I am able to do so.

Silent Mentor Program is a great platform for us medical students to get to know so many things from our Silent Mentors. Not only the medical skills such as suturing, intubation & chest tubes, but we also get to learn on how to handle the Silent Mentor carefully, to put everything into our hearts, go deeply into the emotions of the Silent Mentor’s family and taught us to be empathy to our Silent Mentors. Couldn’t count for how many times I burst into tears when joining this program, but for me, this is such a program of its own, no program would be the same as this. In addition, the Silent Mentor brought us new experiences that they taught all of us on appendectomy, releasing the carpal tunnel syndrome and many more. It did help us to gain more knowledge than what we see in real life in the operation theater. I am grateful for being given an opportunity to participate in the Silent Mentor Program.


Sumitra Ropini A/P Karuthan (MEM130151)

It is said that teachers are great, in that they burn themselves out to give light to others. However, our six Silent Mentors took it one step further, by giving light to others even when their own were extinguished.

The Silent Mentor Program is unlike any other. In the past one week, I learnt about the human body and various skills needed to be a good doctor. More than that, I remembered the importance of being a humane, empathetic doctor. I was overwhelmed at the selflessness of our Silent Mentors who were willing to donate their bodies for the sake of research and to teach medical professionals and students. The lessons and values we learnt from them are some that I will carry with me for the rest of my medical career.


Yong See Yen (MEM130179)








Choo Lai Yee (MEM130026)

Mr. Hong Yu Chuan vividly reminded to always appreciate the time I have with my family and friends. Three months of involvement in this program, I had learnt more than what I learnt in the hospital. He had taught me to be selfless. From a stranger turned to be a teacher of my entire life. It is kind a rare but it happened. I am blessed that family members of Mr. Hong gave me their trust to handle the ups and downs of this program. Silent Mentor had made my mind clear on where should I move to on the next step. Thank you.


Gan Chai Woon (MEM130049) 

透过无语良师计划,我充分地了解了各位捐赠者伟大的心境。逝世之后,比起一般人直接入土,他们得在冰库过上几个月,然后经过工作坊,最后以火葬的方式得以安息。我学会了用爱与尊敬,去温柔地对待我的大体老师~卜凤娇老师。虽然不曾在她在世时认识她,可是透过家访以及她往生后慈祥的笑容,可以了解她是一个多么善良的人。老师会永远烙印在我心里,让我记得学习生涯中, 曾经有这么一位无私的无语良师。我也感谢卜老师的家属们,没有他们的支持,就没有这一次的工作坊,换做是我,我未必会如此地从容面对。感恩!


Christine Koay Swee Zhu (MEM130029) 



Tan Fang Chin 陈方敬 (MEM130156)

捐献大体是一个决定,也是一个过程。一个充满喜怒哀乐,一个用爱来抗衡伤痛的过程。我感恩,能有这个机会去见证这个过程。爱是一个圆、爱是一个缘。 感恩!


Tan Qing Hang (MEM130158)




Siti Munirah Binti Mohamad Ismail (MEM130148) 

The Silent Mentor Program has given me an experience like no other. I have never dealt with death so closely in my life. The Silent Mentor Program has given me the chance to learn medical skills, teamwork and most importantly, medical humanity. I was blessed with getting to know these beautiful souls, though after their death. This program has affected me deeply and I am forever grateful to our Silent Mentors for their selflessness and willingness to let us learn from them. I am also very grateful to their families for accepting us into their homes, introducing the Silent Mentors to us through their stories and family photos, and for entrusting us to take care of their loved ones throughout the program. Lastly, I would like to thank the amazing doctors who taught us throughout the program, the Silent Mentor Program coordinators and also my fellow colleagues who have made the program a success. Thank you. 


Muhammad Fikri Bin Mohammad Rosli (MEM130099)

I feel very honoured and privileged to be one of the participants in this Silent Mentor Program. This program did not only teach us about certain clinical skills that are important in our future career, but also emphasize on the humanity, respect and empathy. For me, empathy is one of the most important values to be equipped by us as a medical student because as future doctors, we will not only treating the disease but we are taking care of the patient as a whole. These values will not be learnt from any of medical textbook. I would like to express my utmost gratitude to my Silent Mentor, the late Madam Pok Lam Kiow for her selfless contribution by donating her body for us to learn, and not to forget her family members for their cooperation throughout this program. May blessing will always be upon you and your family.


Kathy Anne Nunis (MEM130063)

With utmost gratitude, respect and love, we bid our selfless teacher goodbye on April 23rd, 2017. To my Silent Mentor, thank you for not only giving me the opportunity to learn medical skills but also to be humble and compassionate healthcare providers. Your inspirational life story acted as an encouragement as I pursue to be a good doctor. Rest in peace Madam Pok Lam Kiow. 


Adlina Athilah Binti Abdullah (MEM130001)

Being part of the program was a unique experience. My utmost gratitude to the organising committee, lecturers, staffs, and our Silent Mentors, for whom without, the program would not be possible, and my deepest condolences to the family and friends of our Silent Mentors. I truly appreciate the effort and time spent for us medical students to get the extra hands-on and procedural skills sessions. Thank you.


Iskandar Afiq Bin Abd Nasir (MEM130058) 

I am very grateful to be given the opportunity to join Silent Mentor Program. I feel so blessed to get a teacher who was willingly to donate her body just for the sake of our future. This program not only taught me about medical skills and procedures, it is far more than that. It is about empathy, sacrifice and love. Every time I cleaned up my teacher, I would clean it up as clean as possible. Every time I did suture on her, I would make it as perfect as possible. The unconditional love she has given is priceless. The toughest time was to say goodbye to our Silent Mentors. She did not only teach us to become a better future doctor, but better human being as a whole. I would like to say thank you to my Silent Mentor, Madam Pok Lam Kiow and her family for everything. Not to forget Mr. Sia and other committees for making this program a success. Thank you.


Kong Chen Xi 江晨曦 (MEM120063)






Lee Chun Haw (MEM120068)

Thank you Mr. Ong Hock Seng & the family members. I am grateful for this great opportunity to learn from you. It is not just about the medical skills and knowledge, but also humanity which we are required in order for us to pursue in this journey of medicine, journey of life. You had done a great part in educating important values that we will not be able to learn from the textbooks. Indeed you are a great Silent Mentor of ours. May god bless you and your family.


Ler Xin Yi (MEM120074)

The Silent Mentor Program is truly an eye-opener for me. I certainly obtained a lot of first- hand knowledge by performing the procedures on our Silent Mentor. These valuable lessons would certainly come in handy during our real medical practice. For the body donors, it was not easy to make the decision to donate their bodies. They must truly understand the meaning and purpose behind the body donation program with no fear or regret. For that, I truly felt grateful and privileged to be part of this beneficial program.

To my dear special teacher, we owe you a great depth of gratitude for all that you have done for us.


Nuralyya Binti Zulkifli (MEM130126)

I think Silent Mentor is a very inspiring and beneficial program. It does not only improve my clinical skills but also teach me compassion and respect. Apart from that, it also shows us that there is no border in humanity. It unites us no matter what race or religious we are in. I am forever grateful to all the teachers.


Chong Chee Min 张志敏 (MEM120033)



Ong Lay Sim 王丽心 (MEM120158)



Low Qiong Cong (MEM120080) 




NorAsmira Binti Samsuri (MEM130108)

Silent Mentor Program is a great program. Not only it taught me about medical knowledge, it also taught me to care about my Silent Mentor and future patients. 

In terms of medical knowledge, I have learnt different types of suture and new suturing techniques that are very beneficial. Before this I only know about simple interrupted suture but after this program I have learned a few more sutures. Before this I only able to perform intubation on a mannequin but thanks to the Silent Mentor, now I am able to perform it on a human being. It was not as easy as doing it on a mannequin because human and mannequin are different. Besides, it is good to learn something new like chest tube insertion and central line catheter. It was a good exposure because one day I might be the one that needed to do it on a real patient. All of these procedures will help me in my medical life and also my career in the future.  

In term of spiritual gain, I have learnt to care for my Silent Mentor. There is no other way for me to express my gratitude to my mentor other than to care for him throughout this program. I will never be able to pay back my Silent Mentor for his willingness to contribute his body for this program.

This program went on so well. All of this cannot be done without the help from all of the committees. The lectures have been really helpful. The family members also gave their contributions to make this program a success. Without their help, we might not be able to know about our Silent Mentor life story. Overall, this program is a great success.


See Toh Yiling 司徒依翎 (MEM120168)












Lei Chen Shin (MEM130079)

Life is easier to say than done. Every decision we made affected by religion, culture and belief. Our teachers came from different religion, culture and belief yet they all made the decision and had done it with no hesitation to donate their bodies for the medical benefits. Their selfless act had warm my heart and made me believed that we should always be kind and generous towards other people.

At first we do not know our teacher, however through the home visit we get to know the story of our teacher and we become more understanding of what kind of person our teacher was. This made me often think of our teacher personality every day during the cleaning session thus I felt more and more grateful and respect towards our teacher throughout the event. It is my honour to be part of this program as it taught not only skills but the value of life that does not end at death.


Edwin Khoo Yi Way (MEM130035)

Death comes surely and at times silently. It did not stop my Silent Mentor, Madam Lee Leng Kee from constantly reminding her two daughters to fulfil her last wish, which was to become a Silent Mentor. I cannot find words to describe the selflessness and bravery that she had. She might have lost her life to her illness, but she left a great legacy to all of us who have participated in the program. I am sincerely grateful for her generosity and sacrifice, and not forgetting her family members, for fulfilling her wishes.

The Silent Mentor Program has allowed us to get hands-on experiences, but most importantly, the values of care, love, empathy and respect were observed throughout the program. It reminded us, as future healthcare providers, that we shall not be treating diseases, but patients, as human beings. For that, I would like to offer my deepest gratitude to all Silent Mentors and their family members, the organisers and volunteers of the program for this invaluable experience.


Dayang Farah Afiqah Binti Awang Husslan (MEM130034)

Being one of the participants in this Silent Mentor Program has been one of the highlights in my life. I had never imagined myself involving in this kind of learning process before. I would like to thank our Silent Mentors and their family members for giving this golden opportunity to medical students to gain some knowledge and to practice our skills. It was a very meaningful experience which ended beautifully. The Silent Mentors may be silent but they speak volume. Thank you so much and may you rest in peace.


Tang Siew Wei 郑晓薇 (MEM130161)

I felt so privileged to join the 18th Silent Mentor Workshop. This program not only sharpened our clinical skills, but also taught us about respect, love and care about our Silent Mentors and our patients in the future. In this program, what I could not forget was the Silent Mentor body cleaning early in the morning. I was responsible to wash and comb my Silent Mentor's hair. This had reminded me of my late grandmother. I asked myself, when she was alive, did I help her to wash or comb her hair as well at least once in her lifetime? Besides, I was impressed by the decision made by all the Silent Mentors to donate their bodies to this program and the supports from their family members, just in hope that we can become a better doctor who cares and has empathy for our patients and I promised I will. I would like to say thank you to all the Silent Mentors for their selflessness and all the committee members for making this workshop successful.


Nor Anis Suraya Binti Mohamad Nor (MEM130107)

I really learnt a lot from the Silent Mentor Program, not only the medical knowledge but a lot more on humanity. Although it may sound cliche, I was really touched when the family members came to us and said thank you for taking care of the deceased Silent Mentor when actually it should be we who expressed that gratitude to them. I cannot imagine how big your heart has to be to be able to donate your body to someone you barely know for the sake of knowledge. From the bottom of my heart, I am truly thankful and I hope I could return the deed by becoming a good doctor someday. Honestly, Silent Mentor Program had taught me to be compassionate, empathetic and big-hearted. I could not possibly learn this from just reading books or lectures.


P’ng Chun Keat (MEM130135)

I am so honoured to be able to be part of the Silent Mentor Program this time around. I am really grateful to have so many selfless mentors, donating their bodies for the program. Along the workshop, we had home visits, interactions with the family members, which brought us closer to our mentors, understand their personal life and expectations. It has touched each and every one of us so deep that mere words are unable to express our sincere thanks. They served as a teacher to us without saying a word, yet we felt the connection, the hope and expectation towards us. Some people may ask, how can we participant be so emotional during the course of this workshop since we did not know the mentors personally, nor were we able to communicate with them verbally. However when we were given this opportunity to spend so much time with our mentors, taking care of them from the very beginning till the end, a bond so strong would inevitably be formed. I am hereby giving my greatest respect to them for their courage, kindness and selflessness. I will forever be grateful for their sacrifices solely for the purpose of teaching us, for our medical profession. Thank you so much.


Kasturiy D/O Chandran (MEM130062)

First and foremost, I would like to thank my Silent Mentor, Madam Lee Leng Kee and her family members. The Silent Mentor Workshop was a program which I came to know about it during my first year as a medical student in University of Malaya. At first, I did not really understand regarding the purpose of the program. When I entered fourth year, I was keen to participate in this program to get to know about it. It was a one week program which first started with introduction to our Silent Mentor, visiting the family members, cleaning the body of our Silent Mentor followed by teaching and learning session of several procedures with the doctors. On the last day of the program, we had a formal ceremony as a way to appreciate the sacrifice of all six Silent Mentors. The program was an eye opener for me which enabled me to learn many things that cannot be explained by words. Hope the program continues and will have more students to volunteer and willing to learn.


Ang Bin Ting 洪斌庭 (MEM130010)

Enrolling into the Silent Mentor Program, here I was thinking it would just be a walk in the park, a good practical session to hone our skills. After registering, it was a whole different ball game. It was a normal day when we received the message of “Your teacher has just passed away, please gather at 5pm”. Right after class, we went straight to the mortuary and received our mentor’s body. It was then we felt the gravity of the situation. While cleaning the body, I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders - the responsibility that comes with it. I do find it insulting the way some of my peers were joking and laughing during the session.

Going for the home visit, it was the time where we felt the overwhelming pressure of the responsibility of participating. I cannot begin to imagine the pain the family has to go through telling us her life story, her history, likes and dislikes. I am sure that it would bring up so many memories, and I can feel that we are opening old wounds. When we left, these words were carved right into my mind, “From now on, my mother is in your hands”. That struck a blow harder than anything. It was then I started to notice that it was not just a practical, but the dying wish of a person to benefit the world, to make the world a better place. And so the journey begins.

The program went by, cleaning the bodies every morning. The Initiation Ceremony was especially heart breaking. It was my mentor but the moment a child ran over to see his grandmother and then noticing that grandma wasn’t waking up. The horror on the child’s face & tears from the family members. So much emotions and I can’t help but having tears trickle down non-stop. The workshop was useful and I believe that I have learnt a lot. During the Sending-off Ceremony, I had the privileged to be by the coffin and send-off my mentor. The amount of gratitude is undescribable and words would fail me as it was an unforgettable experience. From now on, every cut, every suture, every procedure I do on my patients, I shall always remember the skills that my mentor has taught me. 


Chew Ai Wie 爱薇 (MEM120029)



秀英老师!感谢您。因为您,我不但学会了课业上找不到的人生大道理,甚至还让我有机会看到医学里最细腻的一面。秀英老师!辛苦您了。您的大爱、您的奉献,我一定会谨记於心。您对我们的期待,我会尽我所能的去做,坚守当初选择医学系的初衷 。



Chuah Chun Wooi 蔡俊伟 (MEM120034)



Liew Hun Nee 柳邗妮 (MEM120076)




Ng Yun Hui 黄韵惠 (MEM120120)






Nabilah Binti Abdul Razak (MEM120112)

Silent Mentor Program is really a beneficial program. I learnt a lot from different perspective, not only the medical knowledge but also far way greater than that. Great thanks to our teacher who is willing to donate their body for this program, it takes pure, noble and loving heart to make such decision. You are really passionate teacher who is willing to contribute for the sake of medical learning and advancement even after your last breath ~ Madam Wong Huang Sio Eng. I will always remember you in my heart. Lastly, thanks to all family members, doctors, organizers and volunteers who really put a lot of effort to make this program successful. I hope this program will continue so that more students will benefit from this program.


Nurul Najihah Binti Hassan (MEM130132)

The Silent Mentor Program gave me a lifetime experience that I will never forget. The teachers' selfless contributions inspired me to do one greater good at least once in my life. I can never forget how kind and touching their acts were, to sincerely donate their bodies to medical students, whom they don't even know, for the sake of better medical knowledge and research. How I wish I could meet all the teachers when they are still alive, especially my teacher, Madam Wong Huang Sio Eng. Four days of learning from her made me repeatedly say thank you in my heart. I wish her the best for the afterlife and thank you again. Madam Wong Huang Sio Eng, your act has deeply moved my heart. Thank you to all the families involved as well for supporting their decisions. May god bless your soul always.


Tee Wei Jie (MEM120192)

Traditionally, learning medicine is through viewing pictures in text books akin to learning culinary skills by looking at recipes. No matter how many times one memorizes the recipe, without physically touching the ingredients a cook can never satisfy customers' palate. In medicine, a lack of practice in a real person would not just end with a disappointed customer but lead to failure to save someone's life.

The Silent Mentor Program has lead to a paradigm shift in our medical curriculum. We are deeply privileged to have the unprecedented chance to learn invasive procedures in a real person which in the near future could potentially help save lives.

Besides, traditionally physician only enquires about a patients' disease or condition. Rarely, a physician will get to know a patient very well, unless a few patients whose unique condition requires repeated visits and long term follow-ups. Through this program, we get to know about our mentor and their family members deeply and thoroughly through home visits and interview. This has made us more empathetic to the loss suffered by the family as well as training us to be a more caring doctor. We have learnt the essence of "treating the patient not the disease" in a way.

All in all, the Silent Mentor Program has been a remarkable experience for all the students that were fortunate enough to participate in it. It has taught us lessons no book can provide. I hope that in the near future, more students are allowed to participate and in doing so cherish it's essence.


Yeap Jen Sheng 叶征鑫 (MEM130175)  






Esther Yeow Kar Mun 邱嘉敏 (MEM130037)



Tan Shi Qi (MEM130159)



Kok Suet Hwa 郭雪桦 (MEM130070)

参与这一届的无语良师计划让我受益不浅,是我最忙碌也是我最开心的一个星期。开始参与这项计划时,我还不清楚整个无语良师计划的活动。我的心情是忐忑不安但又有一些期待。在这个星期的无语良师工作坊,我学到了不少医学知识,也实践我的医学知识在大体老师身上。我的大体老师说过:“情愿在他的身上割错千刀万刀,也不愿我们在活人身上割错一刀”。大体老师让我学习到人间的大爱,无私的爱,原来在四周的人们不只是为了自己,他们为了别人也可以牺牲,如此伟大! 我们是一个那么小的人物,大体老师和家人却对我们有如此高的期待,把大体老师委托给了我们,坚信我们可以学习,可以在以后的行医路上帮助更多的病人。我会好好的当一个医者父母心的好医生来报答您们对我的信任。感恩无语良师工作坊的每一个人。


Brian Tay Cheong Yang (MEM130015)

The Silent Mentor Program has been a great journey for me. It taught me more than just being a skill oriented doctor, but to also be compassionate to all our patients. Although hands-on remains the mainstay in saving lives but nothing beats the importance of getting to know your patients and building a good rapport with them. With this, we are able to gain patients' trust. I got to learn these two core knowledge, empathy and sympathy through this Silent Mentor Program. I have never regretted joining this program and I would like to express my utmost gratitude to my Silent Mentor Mr. Lau Kum Sing and his family members for willingly contributing to our learning experience. It takes more than just courage alone to pledge as a Silent Mentor. Hopefully with this effort of yours, it will help us, healthcare providers to treat the person rather than just the disease alone. Thank you, my Silent Mentor.


Beh Ming Jian 马铭剑 (MEM110015)





Dayana Binti Dunian (MEM130033)

To be a part of Silent Mentor Program, it is a true blessing for me and all of my friends. Before joining Silent Mentor Program, I did not have any clue of who he was. But today, Mr. Lau Kum Sing is one of my greatest teachers in my life. To the world, he may be just a teacher but to us, he was a HERO. He had a passion for the students that shined brightly and made you want to be the best student you could ever be, not only for the sake of ourselves, but for the sake of our future generations. I still remember the day when he pledged to be one of the Silent Mentors, his intention was so pure and he just wanted to contribute to the society even when he is no longer alive. I believed he already achieved his life goal by now. His selfless contribution had really taught me on how to become better in the future. He was not only taught me on how to be kind to one another, but he also planted the seeds of knowledge that would last a lifetime, as long as we live.

To my Silent Mentor Mr. Lau Kum Sing, thank you for taking us through this experience of a lifetime. May you rest in peace and may your family find comfort in knowing that you are home now. God bless you. Thank you.


Darcy Jamih (MEM130032)

I remember the first time I joined the Silent Mentor Program. It was back when I was a first year medical student where I served as a volunteer. I had no idea what was it truly about but I still joined the Sending-off Ceremony. Even though I knew nothing about it, there was a sense of sadness and solemn in my heart upon the sending-off.

And this time, I am a fourth-year medical student. I joined the whole process of the program, from meeting up the family, to transferring the body of our Silent Mentor and finally to the Sending-off Ceremony. STILL, I had the same sense of sadness and solemn. But this time it was different because I got to know the background of my Silent Mentor, I met the family and put myself in their shoes and I know, I already fulfilled my Silent Mentor’s wishes.

For me, this Silent Mentor Program is not just a platform for students to learn and discover new knowledge and skill, it is also all about humanity and to treat patients as well as their family as human beings. I learned that it is not easy to donate body for the benefits of others; and I learned it is not easy to let go someone you love to be dissected, sutured and kept for a while before they are buried or cremated.

All the sacrifices, both from the Silent Mentors and family members, as well as the committee ignited the sense of humanity and love in me, to treat patients and their family with dignity and empathy. I quote one of the sentences in the speech of a family member during the closing ceremony: “Before you can become a good doctor, you need to become a good human first” and I couldn’t agree more. I believe this simple message given by one of the family members has a deep meaning and I will hold on to it for the whole journey of me as a medical student or as a doctor in the future.

To my Silent Mentor Mr. Lau Kum Sing, thank you for taking one step further from the norm. It was a great honor to have you as a Silent Mentor and I feel so privileged to stitch the very last suture on your body which has a great meaning for me. And as I am sharing this, my thought also goes to your family members, who never at once felt hesitated to share about you to us. Rest in peace Mr. Lau Kum Sing.


Fathin Aina Binti Abdul Hadi (MEM130043)

Being a part of Silent Mentor Program, it really teaches me a lot. I became more responsible and disciplined towards life and works. I entered this program with zero knowledge of what this program is truly all about and decided to join it for the sake of study and improve my skills. Little that I know of, it was far beyond that. I got to know my mentor, Mr. Lau Kum Sing through the home visit and also from his daughters. Only then I realized that this program teaches me more than just clinical skills. I learnt to be responsible. For Mr. Lau to become a Silent Mentor was a true sacrifice from him. He voluntarily entered this program for me and the students to get benefit from his body. His selflessness did contribute a lot to our society and in fact more to the students who joined this program.

To my late Silent Mentor, Mr. Lau, thank you for being a teacher for me. Even though it was a short experience but it was an experience for the rest of my lifetime. Thank you.


Roshan Arjun Ananda (Monash University Malaysia)

First of all, I am very grateful and thankful that three medical students from Monash University Malaysia Campus were invited to participate in the Silent Mentor Program.

The structure of the program was very organized and it had benefited me. Home visit prior to the program had enlightened me about the life of my Silent Mentor before he passed away. During the conversation with his family members, I got to know him in greater depth although he had passed away. His family members were very friendly and aided us in the history taking. I admired the decision of my Silent Mentor to donate his body. It is never an easy decision. His expression about the Silent Mentor Program made me feel touched. Although his educational background was not high, his dedication and contribution towards the society is huge. I learnt that I have to contribute to the society and help others regardless of educational and financial abilities as there is always channel to do so. The core problem faced by most people which in turn deter them from participating in this program is belief. According to my Silent Mentor, he urged people to put down their belief and donate their bodies for medical studies. I understand that it is a very tough decision as it requires a lot of courage.

During the workshop, I was taught the skills to perform medical procedures including chest tube insertion and suturing. I appreciated that the lecturers spared their time after work to educate and assist medical students to perform the medical procedures. It was indeed a great learning experience as hands-on clinical skills are limited in medical school.

During the last sharing session with the family members before the funeral, we learnt about the feeling of the family members on their expectation for the participants. One of the family members expressed that it was very upset to wait for four months for her mother’s funeral. From this aspect, it is visible that the family members were still grieving and in pain although they supported the Silent Mentor’s decision.

In conclusion, I feel that this program is crucial in shaping me to become a better doctor with empathy and emphasize in the patients’ emotion in the future. Tackling the patients’ emotion is a crucial step in treating a patient as it will build a good rapport between the doctor and the patients as well as increase compliance towards treatments that are prescribed to them.


Beh Yuan Fei (Monash University Malaysia)

From the Initiation Ceremony to the Sending-off Ceremony, Silent Mentor is an impressive program which does not only focus on delivering medical teaching for undergraduates, but also instilling excellent humanity and ethics among healthcare professionals.

As a Year 2 medical student, it was a great opportunity for me to have an early exposure to some clinical procedures and minor surgeries. All procedures (suturing skills, endotracheal intubation, central venous line insertion and chest tube insertion) were performed on the Silent Mentors which allowed us to practise on real human beings. This practical workshop not only fine tunes our clinical skills, but also acts as a platform to prepare the medical students in handling emotion and stress properly in facing death.

Looking at the cuts and sutures that scattered all over the bodies of Silent Mentors whilst cleaning their bodies every day before and after each workshop, I was greatly moved by their acts of love to humanity. Every prayer being made before the workshop is never enough to repay the gift the Silent Mentors have bestowed to us.

In short, the Silent Mentor Workshop is a reminder of empathy to every future doctor for the greatest benefit of the patient. I would like to pay my greatest respect to the beloved Silent Mentor - Madam Lee Leng Kee for her selfless sacrifices to contribute to the medical education. Thank you for teaching us the values of compassion and empathy. In our hearts, you will always be remembered and loved.


Ting Xuan Ning (Monash University Malaysia)

The Silent Mentor Workshop was a total eye-opener. In fact, it was the starting point where I view medicine from another perspective.

Although we have plastinated specimens coupled with the advanced technology in aiding our learning of anatomy, I realized that nothing beats the first-hand experience of observing a dissection. I was awe-inspired by the intricacies of human anatomy, and in fact, this was the first time I could truly appreciate the significance of learning anatomy and correlate it with different medical conditions. The surgeons demonstrated and explained to us the procedures of laparotomy, appendectomy, pfannenstiel incision, carpal tunnel release and incision & drainage. Understanding our needs, the surgeons even showed us layers and layers of muscles during fasciotomy and demonstrated the actions of each muscle group.

Apart from the clinical skills and surgical skills, I believe I have learnt the most important lesson of life, a lesson that I should advocate to my friends. My most respectful teachers - the Silent Mentors showed me the values of humanity and the importance of empathy. Knowing their life stories beforehand made me felt as if I were to know them personally, as if they were someone who are of significant relevance to me. Their life stories kept reminding me that they were a caring father, a loving mother or a dedicated teacher. In fact, all these indirectly teach me to become a doctor who does not only treats disease, but always treats patient as a whole.

Probably due to the strong attachment, I felt so sorry to the Silent Mentors’ each time when I performed procedures on them. Although they had never complained, I felt as if I could also feel the pain with each procedure, be it suturing, chest tube placement or central venous line insertion. As such, I always tried to be as gentle as possible. I believe that when I perform procedures on real patients in the future, I will keep reminding myself that I should be gentle and caring, and to incur the least pain.

To my Silent Mentors, I am a total stranger. They have never met me. What they only knew was that they were going to donate their bodies to medical students and healthcare professionals for the sake of medical education; what I potentially learn will not even benefit them. The very fact that they are willing to put aside their traditions and cultures of dying in a piece demonstrated their courage and determination in educating the future generation. What they chose was a different method of contributing to the society; they chose to leave legacies behind for humanity, for science and for life.

At the last day of the program, I was so despair when I could no longer recognise my Silent Mentors’ faces after all the procedures that they went through. I tried to reconcile their faces with the ones on photos but to no avail. Besides appreciation, the only thing that I could do was to promise myself that I will be a good doctor, for I had such great teachers. No matter what challenges I am going to face in my medical journey, I know that I will not give up easily as my Silent Mentors had made such huge sacrifices just to educate me.

Without uttering a word, they taught me the importance of humanity, showed me the value of selflessness and showered me with the gift of love. Armed with their love, I promised myself that I would pass down their love and generosity to my future patients. Once again, I reminded myself that I will become a compassionate doctor, a doctor who cares always.

17th Silent Mentor Workshop 06-11/12/2016

Leong Sih Yoong (MEM120073)



Tan Hsien Jon (MEM120187)

I am very grateful to be able to participate in the Silent Mentors Program. This program taught me that it only takes an ordinary man to make an extraordinary contribution to the society. Empathy is an important value to be taught because as a future doctor, we are not treating the disease but we are treating the patient as a whole. And I believed that this program managed to instill this value deeply in our heart. 

I would like to offer my utmost gratitude to the total strangers who contributed their bodies for the sake of us, medical students to learn more and improve our clinical skills. No words would able to show how noble they are. 


Ooi Chieh Yin 黃潔吟 (MEM120159)

在还没踏入马大医学院的时候,远远就传来了慈济大体老师这项计划。到了第一年,荣幸成为了志工。那时候的自己,多么希望自己能够有这机会参与这活动。到了第五年,一瞬间,无语良师计划结束了。从家访到最后送老师一程,短短的一个星期,心里参杂了不一样的心情。从第一天的家访,心里想的是能够完成和得到该有的资料,深怕遗漏了什么。第一二天早起,是因为责任,必须为老师清洗身体,一直到最后的几天,却是因为想帮老师清洗,而不再是责任了。一天一天,看着老师们身体的变化,心里多希望能为您做点什么。我们做的每一步,医生开的每一刀,希望在天上的您会为您的贡献感到自豪与安慰。在此,我真诚感谢老师,家属,无语良师计划的每一位,谢谢您们。致吕清溪老师,谢谢您,我们伟大的老师! 这些知识,将永远铭记于心。老师,安息吧!


Kelvin Khoo Wei Shen (MEM120059)

To be honest when I first registered, I didn't have much expectation. For one I knew, it would be beneficial for my skills and medical education and nothing more. But towards the end of the program, voluntarily or not, I had learned many values and qualities a doctor should have. To name a few, compassion, selflessness and empathy. It took me by such surprise that I was overwhelmed with emotions on the last day. The Silent Mentors are truly one of the greatest educators, not because of the knowledge or skills they passed on but because they taught us using their very own bodies. Though they have long passed, but listening to their stories and seeing their family members, it was alike they were right there with us which of course they are, in body. But having that feeling and perception made me as careful and attentive as I was when I am dealing with a living person. Through this program, I wasn't just taught on how to be a better doctor, I was taught on how to be a son, a brother and so forth. Not an understatement when I say one of the most meaningful lessons in life.


Ernest Kwok Zheng Hong (MEM120040)

It's been a meaningful and memorable event. Mr. Loo Thean Khoy - I can't thank you enough. I've learnt a lot, from medical and ethical aspects. Thanks to you Mr. Loo and the organizing committee of this program. I'm proud to say that I am confident that the objective of this program has been achieved seeing that I've learnt skills and self morality being instilled through this week. I hope Silent Mentor Program will continue for a very long time to let medical students have the chance like me to learn all these valuable lesson and experience. Thank you!


Lee Seek Yang (MEM120069)

一个人需要多大的勇气才肯把自己的大体捐出去?"无语良师"的工作坊人人都想参加,但是有多少人愿意成为"无语良师"呢?这是我一直都在思考的问题,人无私的爱可以到什么程度?我很想了解!自从我认识了吕清溪老师,我才深深地体会到爱可以那么的无私,那么的伟大,那么的感人。吕老师简直是个生活中的榜样,连走到了生命中的最后关头也想把最好的留给他爱的人,他不曾认识的陌生人和他不曾认识的我们。能做为吕老师的学生是我这一生中最难忘的事也是我这一生中最难忘的一堂课!对我而言,活菩萨是最适合形容吕老师的代名词,他那无私的爱将会长长久久的遗在人间,因为他把无用变有用,小爱变大爱。如果吕老师听得见,我想对他说: 我能成为你的学生是我这一生的骄傲。


Sia Jo Ee (MEM120173)

I’m so grateful and thankful for Tzu Chi giving the chance for us to join this program. Learnt some things, although is just empathy, but is something which can be learnt outside academic stuff. Lastly, be a humane doctor instead of a successful doctor.


Chan Xiao Min (MEM120025)





Ng Kar Aik 黄嘉镒 (MEM120119)






Tan Hong Keat 陈鸿杰 (MEM120186)



Bryan Lee Yen Pei 李彥培 (MEM120022)

While words may never be enough to repay the gift the Silent Mentors have bestowed to us, they were all that I can offer here. I am sincerely thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the Silent Mentor Program and to the selfless sacrifices the Silent Mentors have made. 

The values of compassion, empathy and gratitude are among the many that this program aims to instill and I believe that it has been achieved. These values are ones that transcend creed and culture, and values that have been taught by total strangers, who have made the decision in life to give what remaining that belongs to them when they passed on, in hopes that we may benefit and pass that down when treating future patients in our care. 

The Silent Mentor Program is, in short, a reminder of empathy, a remembrance of a deceased loved one and a show of utmost gratitude to an act of great love to humanity. For that I offer my deepest appreciation to the Silent Mentors and their family members.


Nur Farah Inani Binti Zakaria (MEM110125)

No words can describe my feeling throughout this Silent Mentor Program. At first, I joined this program just to learn about the surgical skills. But I’ve learnt more than that. Our Silent Mentors have taught us more than we expected. Not only the skills, but we have learnt to be a good doctor when giving care and treatment to our patients. Empathy, love and responsibility are very important for this profession. We even received loves and advices from our Silent Mentor’s family. Having them together with us made this program more meaningful. Lastly, I’m thankful to have our doctors from UMMC and Silent Mentor organizer to teach us the skills and stay with us for hours. Thank you Silent Mentors, families, doctors and organizers.


Tun Yun Tien 孙润添 (MEM120195)

My first impression on Silent Mentor Workshop is that it is a platform for medical student to learn and practice various skills such as suturing, chest tube insertion and etc. However, my view changes after I went through this workshop. I started to realize it is not only new skills that I learned from this workshop but what I learnt from it is way more valuable - gratitude. When each of us was assigned to certain families, we interviewed our Silent Mentor family about their life and family members too. Indirectly, we also make new friends and connection with their family. Every morning when I cleaned my Silent Mentor, I treated them as one of my family members and with respect. After a week of being with the Silent Mentor and family members, I personally think that the amount of sacrifice and commitment that they provide to us is tremendous. I think that Silent Mentor Workshop is a must have workshop and should be continued because it does not only teaches students new skills but also the way of treating patient in the future such as sense of responsibility, sense of gratitude and empathy.


Chan Pei Qi 陈沛琦 (MEM120024)

The Silent Mentor Program has been an experience like no other I have experienced over my time in medical school. It is the one program we are given the opportunity to discover the compassionate aspect of our future careers. To have worked so closely with our patient's family even after she has gone is really an opportunity one doesn't get often; some ever in their medical school life. I would like to extend my gratitude to the administrators especially Mr. Sia, who has tirelessly aided this program phase by phase, day by day. The skills I have gained will always be treasured; probably even be the kick starter to a career in surgery. I have finished this program refreshed and excited to a lifetime of new found confidence.


Jordan Christopher Chin Chien Chuan 曾健专 (MEM120055)

It was a privilege to be able to join this program in the first place and I would like to thank my Silent Mentors and their families for the love and sacrifices they showed us. Words and emotions are unable to express the gratitude felt by my colleagues and me. It's indeed a noble decision made by the Silent Mentors. It's easier to say than actually do it.  

I think besides medical knowledge and skills, what I learnt most from this program is the selfless love portrayed by the mentors and their families. After joining the program, it was difficult to just walk away without feeling emotional. The lessons learnt from our mentors are precious and special. Although we never met them before, the bond grew stronger as the days go by.  

Standing next to them and walked them to their final journey made me realised the contributions they made are going to last forever crafted in our heart. And we are forever in debt to our mentors. Thank you for all the love. It's a perfect chapter laid to rest and rest in peace, our beloved Silent Mentors.


Nurul Farhana Binti Mohd Amin (MEM120150)

Till now, I am still missing my teachers, especially Teacher YY (Chan Yoot Yee). Throughout the sessions day by day, while doing the medical procedures, I am really into my teacher. Every time, I am helping my friend to cut the strings, I will hold your cold hand and saying to myself, thank you and I am sorry. How can you be so brave  and kind hearted soul for allowing us to learn such a valuable knowledge. You are really my hero. On that day, when you are leaving us, I am crying really hard. Thank you. Thank you. I never met you before, but I will always remember you as my hero and inspirational teacher. Going to miss and love you so much. Rest in peace, my teacher. Thank you.


Pong Jia Shen 冯嘉伸 (MEM120163)

致各位大体老师,感谢您! 虽然这一届的无语良师计划已在此画上了句点,但是您的奉献与付出会永远地烙印在我们的脑海里。即使您不对我们开口说话,但您已給于我们这莘莘学子上了宝贵的一课堂,让我们能够茁壮成长,学以致用,更上一层楼。也许以后我们不是最棒的医生,也许不是最知名的医生,但是我们在此学会了奉献;奉献时间,奉献精神于病人身上。我们也学会了耐心与细心;耐心与细心地关照与照料病人。 



Oon Chun Huat 温俊发 (MEM120162)

第十七届的无语良师计划圆满地画上句点,感谢四位无语良师,符策运老师的家人,Mr. Sia,各位教导我的教授与医生,志工们以及我的朋友们。无语良师们大爱无私的奉献,医生们细心地教导与朋友们的分享,让我获益良多。无语良师计划让我认识了符老师的人生,唤醒了我入学医科的初衷,了解了生命与家人的可贵。最后,我想向我的医学朋友们说:"勿忘初衷,以爱治人"。感恩!


Lai Weng Wai 黎穎蕙 (MEM120066)

参与了长达一周的第17届无语良师工作坊,那是多么忙碌的一周! 但随之,我收获了许多新的体验。打从家访,启用仪式,清洗以及亲自体验医学生工作坊,我都学到了许多课本上摸不着的知识以及授课时没有的体会。感谢四位伟大的无语良师与家属们,无语良师行政主任谢添荣先生,为我们任劳任怨地加班的教授医生们,所有幕后的工作人员及自愿者们,让这个富有意义的计划能够如期顺利地进行。 





Hoh Wee Liam 何洧年 (MEM120049)

很榮幸能參與此屆的無語良師計劃。我從此次的無語良師工作坊獲益良多。從中學到的不只是醫學上的知識,還感受到了無語良師們的大愛和奉獻精神。雖然他們和我們不曾相識,但他們願意為了我們與病人們的未來而做出了貢獻,讓我學習了"奉獻"的精神。借此,想要感謝無語良師們與他們的家人們,Mr. Sia和幕後的工作人員們。沒有了他們的付出與奉獻,此屆的無語良師計劃就不能畫上美好的句點。


Kow Yun Shi 高韵诗 (MEM120064)



Siti Qaiyyum Binti Kamari (MEM120178)

There is no word or phrase that can describe all the Silent Mentor's noble sacrifice. They were all my teachers. My silent teachers that taught us more than a book can give. I am so glad to get the opportunity to join this program which has taught me a lot especially in the aspect of respect, love, value and sacrifice. Big thank to all the Silent Mentors, family members and the organizer.


Dherej Kaur A/P Amarjit Singh (MEM120037)

The Silent Mentor Program is indeed one of its’ kind. I feel so blessed and privileged to be a part of such a unique program that not only teaches us and allows us to sharpen our clinical skills, but also emphasizes on compassion and respect of our mentors. I cannot find the words to express my gratitude to our Silent Mentors for their selfless sacrifice. Our mentors have not only allowed us to become better doctors but also better human beings. This cannot be learnt from any textbook but stems from the love for humanity that our Silent Mentors have exhibited. This has touched each and every one of us and will leave a lasting impression. Not forgetting their families. No doubt letting go of a loved one in an unconventional way would have been a difficult and painful process. I would like to thank you sincerely for being supportive of our Silent Mentors’ decision. To the family of my Silent Mentor, Mr. Foo Siek Yoon, you welcomed us into your home and have been nothing but helpful and cooperative throughout the whole program, thank you for this. Lastly, thank you to Mr. Sia and the Silent Mentor organizers as well as the volunteers for making this program possible.


Quek Ven Chin 郭汶锦 (MEM120164)

"More bless to give than to receive". Indeed this phrase is true as I now see it myself in this Silent Mentor Program. It's through their selfless sacrifices that our hearts can be touched, understanding that life is not only about ourselves, but sacrifice for the others. It has reminded me to have love for people, even to those that I didn't know or met before, and this is important in my medical career as I will be going to meet all kinds of people from different walks of life! Our Silent Mentor has definitely demonstrated a good example for us to learn from. 

I've learnt so much through this Silent Mentor Program. Thank you to all Silent Mentors, family members and organizing committees for making this possible! I'm so grateful!


Tan Pheng Hian (MEM120189)

Silent Mentors’ decision to participate in this program despite orthodox cultural and religious belief is a courageous yet noble one. We have benefited a lot from this program and we highly appreciate the sacrifice made by the Silent Mentors and their families.


Lee Chee Hao (MEM120067)

A tree is known by its fruits, a man is known by his deeds. Thank you Silent Mentors, your kindness is beyond words.


Siti Nabihah Binti Kumasi (MEM120174)

Silent Mentor Program has provided a very good platform for a medical student, not only to learn medical skills, but also to respect patients as their teachers. The knowledge that we gained is very helpful and beneficial for our future as a doctor. Thank you Silent Mentors!


Kaalpana A/P Jayakumar (MEM120056)

When I first registered for the Silent Mentor Workshop months ago, I was in the impression that I am just going to learn the important clinical skills a doctor should know. From the first day I took part, I realized that its way beyond just learning. There was love, emotion, sacrifice and more sentiments in this program. 

My Silent Mentor, Mr. Chia Song Lee is my hero. When I went to his house to meet his family members, I was told about his personal life. He was such a loving father, husband and brother. All those sweet, loving memories that his family members had about him reflects how special he was to them. Since then, I realized that it was not just about the body, it was also about his courage and the sacrifice that he made for us, medical students. We all have learnt to be more humane when giving care to patients, to handle the human body with utmost respect and gentleness and to respect their families’ emotions. 

His daughter said this during the Gratitude Ceremony, “Remember, today my father and Silent Mentors are your heroes. We believe that in the future, you will become our heroes.

Good luck to all of you, doctors to be and thank you.” These words from her were very touching. 

Thanks to the organizers of Silent Mentor Workshop, to the mentors’ family members and most importantly thank you so much to all our Silent Mentors, the real heroes - Mr. Loo Thean Khoy, Mr. Chia Song Lee, Ms. Chan Yoot Yee and Mr. Foo Siek Yoon.


Koay Zhong Lin 郭忠霖 (MEM120061)





New Ru Peng (MEM120118)

One of the most exciting parts of my medical school during the pre-clinical years is to learn anatomy using cadavers in the dissection hall. It was when medical students will dissect frantically to find the particular vessel or muscle before the session ends without knowing the origin or background of the cadaver. The Silent Mentor Program opened my eyes to understanding the suffering and selflessness of a patient to allow others to learn from them. I learnt more from the house visits rather than the clinical session itself. The surgical and clinical skills that I learnt may be valuable and life-saving but what is more important is the awareness and emphatic feelings that is instilled within from this Silent Mentor Program that will make a doctor who cares for their patients. Thank you, Mr. Chia Song Lee and family for allowing us to get into your intimate area of your lives for us to understand better, to be better doctors in the future.


Lee Shu Ren (MEM120070)




Nur Fatihah Binti Abdul Razak (MEM120132)

Silent Mentor is a beneficial program where I have learnt so much beyond what I can learn from patients and books. I would like to send a big gratitude to the late Mr. Chia Song Lee and his family for their contribution to us, medical students and doctors. He portrayed that to teach, we might not need to be in the same world. Even though we are in different worlds, he could still teach using his body as a genuine sacrifice. I personally really appreciate what he has done. 

May continuous blessing will always be upon you and your family, dear Mr. Chia Song Lee.

16th Silent Mentor Workshop 04-09/10/2016

Chian Xue Han 钱学涵 (MEM120031) 




Irdina Aminuddin (MEM120052)

Apart from gaining new clinical skills, this program sheds light on the more intimate side of medicine: the impact of disease on family, the process of coping with a loss and particularly, an individual's wishes to leave a legacy for others to benefit from.

It's an honor to learn from the Silent Mentors and take care of them up till their grand sending-off ceremony. This experience is important to me and it is one that will always be remembered.


Aun Yiyang (MEM120188) 

It was my fault 23rd birthday when I first got exposed to the Silent Mentor Program. I was called by my friends to help out on cleaning the body of a Silent Mentor. I reflected on my life, for that instance. Months passed and we finally completed our 6 days course on Silent Mentor Program. From the home visit to sending the teachers for cremation, it gave me an insight on our purpose of life. I admire the courage of the teachers to donate their bodies for a better future and generation. I respect the family members who are always supportive and putting high hopes on us, the future medical practitioners. To give is to take, I hope the spirit of the program would be passed down.


Tung Yu Feng (MEM120196)

I am very grateful to have been given this opportunity to participate in this Silent Mentor Program. Not only that my Silent Mentor gave me an opportunity to learn and practice on his body, he also encouraged me to become a better person in the field of medicine. In my opinion, Silent Mentor Program is a way in which a person is able to learn not only clinical skills but also medical ethics. From a stranger to someone who is willing to donate their body after deceased for good use, we can see that how strong the expectation of our selfless Silent Mentor is, in terms of hoping that we can one day be a good medical practitioner, so that whoever is in the same faith as them, would not have to suffer the same way they do.

Through my Silent Mentor, I also learned that emotions also play a very important role in treating our future patients. It is always better to put ourselves in the patients' shoe so that we understand their feelings as well. In this way, hopefully better care can be given to them as well.


David Zachary Redzuan Mosiun (MEM120036)

As I continued to walk down the path laid before me in my medical student life, I often thought about stepping off for a little while to see where I would end up. I did just that the moment I enrolled myself in the Silent Mentor Program. 

This program brings invaluable benefit to doctors, students, and patients alike, past or present. Doctors are able to hone their skills further, polishing the finer details in their work. Students are able to learn new knowledge and gain a better understanding of what they have learnt. Patients are able to receive the treatment knowing they are in capable hands. Furthermore, the benefit is sure to live on into the future with the help of this program. 

I cannot seem to find the right words to describe my feelings towards the program. I am happy yet I am in awe. Happy that I got to learn so much from this program, practical & life-saving clinical skills together with the importance of the way you feel towards your patients. In awe simply because I can never and probably never will understand how our Silent Mentors can be so generous and full of courage as to donate their own bodies for our cause. 

Whatever it is, I now feel more confident as I return to the path laid before me in my medical student life. And rest assured I will make good use of whatever I have gained from this to serve the people, as my teachers, the Silent Mentors, have served me.


Teoh Yi Ming (MEM120193)

Participation in the Silent Mentor Program was initially to expose myself to a different kind of learning opportunity. Later on when the program started, it revealed a more personal and emotional type of education. Then I realised the importance of knowing and understanding our Silent Mentor before we started to expect knowledge from him. I was inspired by the courage and selflessness of the Silent Mentors to donate their bodies and contribute to the society even after they passed away. They did not know who will be utilising their bodies yet they were willing to let us as medical professionals to practice clinical skills on them. I then started to ask myself if I would do the same as my Silent Mentor. 

Throughout this Silent Mentor Workshop, I had definitely brushed up my clinical skills but the more important things that I would highlight are the noble values that I learnt indirectly from the program. I learned to be empathy and to respect my patients. My Silent Mentor taught me that a patient-doctor relationship is far more crucial than the medical treatment itself. Ill patients need understanding doctors, not stereotypic doctors. I would say that it was truly an amazing experience and a lifelong opportunity to participate in this program and benefited from it. I would also like to praise the family members of the Silent Mentors for their generosity and support. Lastly, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude towards my Silent Mentor Mr. Low Hun Ming for being the one and only special teacher in my life.     


Goh Saw Huan 吴淑环 (MEM120043)

我非常感恩能参与无语良师工作坊。感恩各位无语良师们用无声的言语无私地教导我们让我们学习到了许多书本上无法获得的宝贵经验。但是,我所学到的,不止是这些临床技巧,更多的是无语良师们的无私大爱与奉献精神。他们愿意奉献自己造福别人、成就别人。此外,我也学会去尊重人、尊重生命。因为缘分, 我与卢汉民老师从陌生人变成很特别的师生关系。卢老师用身体来教导我们课本上学不到的知识。我深信这次充满意义的工作坊将会为我未来的行医路上带来更大的贡献。 



Sharveena Veeran (MEM110157)

I am blessed to be involved in the 16th Silent Mentor Workshop. It was way beyond my imagination. In the beginning, I did not expect much and did not have much idea though I thought it would be just a one day program held with clinical procedures teaching. However I was in shock wow 1 week, though I had to skip my one week of Banting posting which I was enjoying and relaxing but bravo, that 1 week of Silent Mentor Program totally changed all my perception that I did not develop in these 5 years. 

I appreciate every Silent Mentor who was selfless and willing as well able to contribute for medicine especially us the medical students to practice on their long lived body on earth. No one can teach empathy, sympathy is easy but empathy is not. I developed empathy and would like to express my gratitude to all the 6 Silent Mentors. Their great contribution has helped me to develop and practice clinical skills on their body with the guidance of the doctors. 

When I watched the video of Silent Mentors before their final succumbs, I was really touched and tears was just flowing down my eyes looking at the honourable deed they could do, as it was not that easy. They were great teachers for us medical students, through their bodies I got the opportunity to learn and gain experience as well as recall my anatomy which I did not get much exposure during my first year of medical study. I am really in awe of this program and would like to thank all the doctors who helped us and taught us especially on Friday night teaching patiently, giving one to one teaching to me as I joined the workshop. Thank you Dr. Ridzuan, Dr. Ashraf, Dr. Sachin, Dr. Jaya, Prof Si Lay and all the doctors who gave their time to teach us. I learned what it means by love toward knowledge which is vast and unfathomable. 

Last but not least, I believe everyone has a role in this world but above all let's give and contribute for science and medical research to be better. I would like to thank every family member of Silent Mentor without whom this may not be possible, thank you for your willingness and support towards our Silent Mentor. In a nutshell , thank you Prof Chin and Prof Saw for being with us all the time guiding us and encouraging us, Mr Sia & the volunteer helpers. I believe every medical student should take part in this program, such a great fortuity. I am thankful and grateful to God for this sublime experience. 

"Doctor-Patient relationship matters in management of patient" – Silent Mentor Mr Low Hun Ming


Celia Low Fang Ying (MEM120023)

Silent Mentor Program was first introduced to me during anatomy class in my first year of medical school. I got to know this by listening to seniors and professors talking about this program. However, I did not take further actions to participate due to lack of interest. I suppose it was due to my limited medical knowledge during first year. I did not have the intention to involve myself in this voluntarily. 

As a final year student, the opportunity to do hands-on and to gain experience made me wanted to join this program so eagerly. Seeing juniors helping selflessly, spending their evenings just for this program, I realized that they will be good doctors in future because it shows that they are so truthful and kind-hearted. Their patience and passion towards this program could not be faded, and so did that our Silent Mentors, their sacrifices made earned my utmost respect. 

It would take me a huge courage to donate my body as a Silent Mentor. However I would consider organ donation. But for now, what I want to learn and to achieve as a medical student is first to be responsible to my patient. I would put myself into the patient's shoe and give more attention to the patient and the family members physically and mentally. Lastly, I feel that all Silent Mentors have brought pride to their lives and their family because of their selfless act. By letting us learn on their bodies, hoping that we could become a more decent doctor to help more patients in the future. 


Khoo Shu Jiun 邱诗珺 (MEM120057)

工作坊的第五天临晨6点钟下了很大的雨,我们冒雨如常出席每个清晨为无语良师清洗身体的环节。本来一心想着赶快完成了清晨的清洗任务,却在祷告默哀的时候突然发现因为长期置于常温的老师们除了气味浓了,样子也变了很多。而无语良师工作坊也在无声无息中接近尾声。如若老师们在天之灵可以看见,他们会不会为身上的针线感到心痛不舍,还是会为我们的认真求知欲感到欣慰?会有什么想对我们这些素未见面的学生说的话吗?老师们不管是求医路上还是在生命的尽头都深深信任着我们,是因为相信我们会好好学习才让他们凝聚了勇气以身授教?是因为相信医学研究还有无限的可能,才让他们付出一切回馈社会?而我们这些学生在默念“大恩不言谢” 的时候,真的必须明白再多再多的感谢都抵消不了他们对我们的恩惠。毕竟在当下的社会能够抛开成见舍身为人的真的不多。

我的老师并没有在生前录下想对我们说的话,但是我相信就和另一位老师所期盼的一样——“你们就放心在我身上动刀就是了,我就是现成的白老鼠,你们好好学。要在我身上划多少刀都没有关系,只要你们不要在其他病人身上划错一刀。” 简单的一字一句,是老师刻在我们心间的理念。他们奉献自己的身躯为以后在我们手下求医的病人累积福气,希望在无语良师计划下学习的我们在他们身上划下的每一刀每一针每一线都能唤起或多或少被理智和规律淹没的“同理心”。 




Nurul Hazirah Mohd Hanafiah (MEM120153)

Silent Mentor Program has taught me a whole new level of empathy towards medical profession. Apart from having the opportunity to practice and improve clinical skills on those bodies that had the closest feeling to real patients, I also learned that one can still continue to contribute to the society even though they are no longer around. As for now, I hope to make full use of the knowledge I have acquired through this program not only for my own career but also to share with my other colleagues, so the benefit from the Silent Mentors can continuously be passed down to other generations.


Sherwin Johan Ng (MEM120171)

I first heard of the Silent Mentor Program when I was a first year medical student back in 2012. Before joining this program as generations of my seniors did, I thought it plainly serves as a platform for medical practitioners to brush up invasive procedure skills by practicing on the cadavers.

After the home visit and interacting with our mentor's family members, I discovered that it was not merely to extract information of the mentor, but to learn about a teacher's life story through fragments reminiscence shared by each family member, which were put together forming a beautiful memoir. 

Throughout the sessions, I had learnt and practiced on surgical and procedural skills which were guided by experienced professionals. No doubt that I had achieved my objectives in this program. But that was not all, I too learnt the values on how to care and empathize our patients which are life lessons that could not be educated in a classroom. For each day, we cleaned, shampooed and dried our mentor before and after the workshop, as though as they are a living person. With every stitches and procedures I have done, I did it with care and with the mindset that these were performed on actual patient instead on the mentor. 

As we move our mentors into the coffin, I felt grateful and relieved at the same time as they finally deserved to rest well after all the contributions they gave to the medical field. As we proceeded to the funeral the next day, I walked slowly behind the hearse and I felt sad for every step I took as though as it was sending off someone I knew for years. It was the Mentor who was silently teaching, illuminating and upskill us; It was the Guru who patiently allowed us to learn slowly; It was the Teacher who did not lecture us for any mistakes done. Thank you my Silent Mentor, Ms. Tan Gek Booi, for giving me and my team the chance to learn not only to be a skillful doctor, but a benevolent one. May God bless upon you and your family members.


Koh Ee Yin (MEM120062)

"Declare the past; diagnose the present; foretell the future." Hippocrates' words on medicine were spoken centuries ago, yet until today it remains relevant. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this program - it is only with the contribution of the Silent Mentors that I am able to diagnose the past, build up on my medical knowledge, and proceed from that point on to be a better medical learner. The chance of learning from Silent Mentors is definitely a privilege, and I will always remain humble in the presence of these great teachers. Thank you so much.


Tiew Han Wei 张汉伟 (MEM120194)

有句话说: “人生是公平的,你和别人拥有的一样多;但付出却可以是无止尽的”。




Chew Wen Dee 周宛莅 (MEM120030)


短短几天的无语良师工作坊,不仅仅是医学知识的提升,更让我明白了生命的真谛。我感谢及感恩家属及老师们对我们无私的信任,我们铭记于心。 感恩无语良师工作坊的志工们,感谢您们成就了我们。 


Ngio Yi Chen (MEM120121)


这个计划可以顺利进行,我也要感谢慈济大学,感谢Prof Chin, Prof Saw, Mr. Sia, 还有每一位工作人员。感谢您们愿意付出生命宝贵的时间为学生们筹备,带领学生做家访,陪学生们一大清早清洗老师的身体,每一天的工作坊完成后又帮助学生们收拾。从这次的工作坊,我学到了一些医学上的技巧与知识,相信对未来行医工作会大有帮助。 

如果有机会,我希望未来还有得参与更多这类型的活动,不止得到医学知识,也获得心灵上的成长,得大智慧,向老师们看齐。老师们,希望您得以安息。也衷心感谢老师的家人热心的支持这个计划,愿您们一切安好 。感恩 !


Ooi Ying Shi 黄音绮 (MEM120161)


感谢您老师们,我会永远记得您们所给予我们的。无语良师计划绝对是值得让医学生们参与以及付出精神的,真心希望这项具有意义的计划可以一直延续下去,把大爱散播到世界每一个角落。最后,我非常感谢Mr Sia, Prof Chin 和全体工委及志愿者,带领我们将这次的无语良师计划进行的十分顺利。


Nor Izzati Binti Mohd Zuki (MEM120124

I joined the program with the intention of learning more than a book can teach, and indeed I learnt so much, not only from the clinical skills point of view but I also learnt about empathy that nobody can ever teach. This program has taught me that each patient is not just another patient but someone dear to the family and that all patients deserved to be treated the way I would want my dear family to be treated. I am forever indebted with my Silent Mentor and her family for this noble act for which in return I promise to be a safe and useful healthcare provider in the future. Big thank also to the management of Silent Mentor Program for this opportunity.


Len En Yean 练恩延 (MEM120071)



Chen Chin Chern  (MEM120027)

I came into the program with mere expectations of having some hands-on experience on some of the common procedures. However the program has left me emotionally attached to my mentor. Our mentor has a complicated history as she had not officially signed up for the program prior to her death even though she intended to. Her death had left a gaping wound within the hearts of her family: her husband and her only son. She had left without saying a proper goodbye to her family as she suddenly contracted a hospital acquired sepsis. The disease progressed so rapidly that she soon went into comatose. However, her husband showed great amount of wit, by weathering through the many hurdles his family faced to fulfill his wife's wish: to donate her body for the Silent Mentor Program. Her story had truly left a mark in my heart. I thank her for giving us this rare opportunity. She will be remembered, Madam Leong Pai See in loving memory. 


Yaw Mei Sim 邱薇璇 (MEM120201)



Jaclyn Tay Yi Ling (MEM120054)

Silent Mentor Program has definitely been an eye opener to me. I am thankful for having the opportunity to participate in this workshop whereby I have learnt that the greatness of humanity is not in being human, but in being humane. Through the Silent Mentors, I too learned that selflessness is a journey much more than a destination. Be a person with empathy, kind & generous, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. Thanks again to the steering committee for making this program a success. To all the Silent Mentors, your sacrifices will always be in our heart, and we will strive to be humane doctors of the people tomorrow.


Tan Hui Ting 陈惠婷 (MEM120188)




Heng Kai Voon 邢凯雯 (MEM120048)







Shiu Yong Sheng 徐勇胜 (MEM120172)

‘在我身上千刀萬割不用緊,但別在病人身上開錯一刀' ,這句從無語良師口中說出的話就這樣牢牢烙印在腦海裡!在這一星期的無語良師工作訪,我們細心地清理老師,在教授的教導下,一針一線的從老師身上學到各種從書本上看到而摸不到的各種醫學技巧。有一種會面是這樣的,您們不曾認識,也不曾記得我們,而我們卻永遠的記得了您們!我們也許不曾在你的生命中出現過,而您們卻成了我們生命中濃墨重彩的一筆!您們早已戰勝了死亡這一終極,把溫軟留在人間!您們讓我們成長,不僅在學業上,更是心智上!萬二分的謝意,感恩您們!


Adam Bin Amir (MEM120007)

What do I say to a person who would so willingly give all that they are for the benefit of others? How do I thank someone for their selflessness? Where do I even begin, to show my gratitude to someone who has so much love for the people around them? 

My Silent Mentor is the late Madam Chia Hei Hong. I may never have had the chance to hear her speak, but even in death, she has taught me that there are no boundaries to good deeds. There are no word to describe how generous and brave she was to become a Silent Mentor, guiding future doctors and specialists. My only hope is that the love she and the other Silent Mentors emit will be translated into the love and affection towards the care of future patients. They are all beautiful souls and I am sure they are in a better place. I will be forever grateful to them and their families. 

In short, the Silent Mentor Program is not just a workshop to have hands-on experiences. We have learnt to be more humane when giving care to patients, to handle the human body with utmost respect and gentleness, and that having a pure and sincere heart is part of the treatment the patient needs and deserves. The Silent Mentor Program does not only train medical students to become competent doctors but also compassionate doctors. 

"I will remember that there is art to medicine as well as science, and that warmth, sympathy, and understanding may outweigh the surgeon's knife or the chemist's drug"


Adrian Lim Jia Hwa 林佳华 (MEM120008)  



Ong Jin Xu 王谨旭 (MEM120157)





Nurul Fatin Nadiah Zainudin (MEM120151)

"The one who gives is always better than the one who receives". I know this phrase better when I joined this Silent Mentor Program. Indeed there is no word or phrase that can describe our Silent Mentor's noble sacrifices. By donating their bodies to us, we learned not just medical skills but also the meaning of love, sacrifice and empathy. Respect and love are not just for the living but also to the dead. We met for a reason either you are a blessing or a lesson. Thank you Silent Mentors, family members and the organizer.


Lim Eng Seng (MEM120077)

I am very glad to be a part of the 16th Silent Mentor Workshop. Initially, I thought that Silent Mentor Program is just a platform for medical students to brush up their clinical skills. However, after one week of exposure of this program, I think that we, as a medical student, can learn way beyond this. Silent Mentors were not only cadaver which serves as our study specimens, but they were someone with their own stories to tell and each of them is unique in their own way. Therefore, we started off this program by doing home visit to know more about our Silent Mentors and understand about their expectations to us. Then, every day we will clean their bodies before and after the workshop. For me, I think that Silent Mentors not only improve our clinical skills, but also medical ethics which could not be learnt from the textbook. We really appreciate Silent Mentors for donating their bodies for the good deeds even they have passed away. I hope that we, as a medical student, will utilize this golden experience to help out more patients in the future. I would like to thank all the Silent Mentors and their family members for their great contribution. I would like to end my gratitude by a short poem: "Like a warm lantern in our heart, like the supple light of the moon. To embrace you forever In the fragrance of the flower. We will remember you forever". Thank you!


Audrey Lee Ying Shin (MEM120017)

I am truly grateful to be able to participate in the 16th Silent Mentor Workshop. Before I took part in this program, I have always heard that this program is a good platform for us, medical students to gain clinical experience through our Silent Mentors. Little did I foresee, the Silent Mentor Program not only benefited me in terms of clinical skills, but has also taught me to be more compassionate towards my patient. As medical students, we often get so excited over learning and managing a disease, rather than understanding the patient as a whole person. Throughout this one week workshop, I have witnessed how the Silent Mentors have selflessly given themselves to us, for the good of medical practice and to serve the society they love. If there is one thing I can conclude from this Silent Mentor Program, it is that I have learnt to empathize and feel for my patients. It is my greatest honor to have known such courageous and sacrificial Silent Mentors and I would like to express my heartfelt thankfulness to them, for teaching me to be a doctor with a heart.


Low Chay Lee (MEM120079)

The Silent Mentor Program has taught me invaluable lessons that I will never forget. Thank you so much to the Silent Mentors who were so selfless for the benefit of others. I hope this meaningful program can flourish further in the future.


Yan Hui Xin (MEM120200)

This is definitely a meaningful program. Other than practicing medical procedures, we also learnt about empathy and understanding patients’ thought are as important as medical knowledge. I think all the activities in this Silent Mentor Program are useful and invaluable. When providing care for them, I also try to imagine myself in my patients’ shoes. I hope this precious program can be continued and benefit more medical practitioners. 


Ding Shu Hui 陈淑慧 (INTI_I11008028)






Ching Yuen Lim 陈媛琳 (INTI_I12001600)

我要与各位无语良师们说声感谢,感谢老师们勇敢的奉献与付出,让我看见死亡原来可以有另一种意义。也让我在面对死亡的时候由恐惧不安转为尊敬感恩。就在无语良师行谊简介的时候,我第一次看见了我们的亚久老师生前影片,看见活生生的老师出现在影片中,表达决志奉献的心愿,还有对我们这群未来医者的期望 ,我的心中很是感动。 




Andrew Lee Heng Yong 李兴涌  (INTI_I12001595)







生命苦短,只有美德能将它传到遥远的后世。—— 莎士比亚


Chung Tze Shun 钟紫纯 (INTI_ I12000016)




Kon Chung Yee 官中义 (INTI_I12001606)

无语良师计划能让医者获益良多。无论是在学术知识或医德上都有新的体会和领悟。老师们大无畏奉献的精神警惕身为医者的我们要博极医源,精勤不倦。 需然我没有机会与吾之良师在生前见面,但在这短短的几天里与老师相处,老师让我领悟了许多道理。医者父母心,治病需用心。在治疗疾病的基础上,医者也需要关怀病人的心理状况,用药为下,治心为上。治疗方法固然重要但乃需治疗心理的层面,尤其在于慢性疾病方面。我觉得若医者可以做到见彼苦恼,若己有之,必定有另一番体会。 



Hu Jin Weng 胡锦伟 (INTI_I13002672)



Lam Wan Ying (INTI_I12001585)

I am a Traditional Chinese Medicine student, I am so grateful to have the opportunity to have this great experience. Before I attend this workshop, I was always trying to imagine about my reaction and feeling when I meet my Silent Mentor. I was also curious about what would I learn from this program. When I first met my Silent Mentor, I found that I have no more other feelings except calm and respectful as my mentor was just looked like a sleeping elderly and he looks so peaceful. Throughout these days, I have learnt more than I expected. It is not just the medical knowledge that I have learnt, either in western medicine or traditional Chinese medicine. The more important things that I have learnt are the ethics and spirit of selfless dedication. When the patient comes to us, we should always be well prepared before treating them and treat them as our family member. I am very grateful to have this opportunity to learn so much throughout this program. 


Yip Shin Yi (INTI_I11008053)

First, I am very thankful to have a chance to join Silent Mentor Program. This was the first time I saw Silent Mentor and it was a very precious experience for me. Besides, I have deeply experience the greatness and selfless act of Silent Mentors who contributed their bodies for medical studies. I learnt lots of knowledge on anatomy. 

Through Silent Mentor Program, I also found that patient-doctor relationship is a key factor during a treatment. The effect of treatment may be affected by the understanding and trust of patient to their physician. Furthermore, I also found that the concern and patience of doctors to their patients are also important, so that the patients have the willpower to insist the treatment. Thank you Silent Mentors for your selfless contributions.


Yap Min Yi (INTI_I16010143)




Natalie Goh Yen Ping 吴滟萍 (INTI_I11009330)



进入无语良师工作坊的那一个星期里,每天早上5点从我校出发到马来亚大学,替汉民老师清洗大体,运送到手术台,站在各個来自不同国家与科系的医学导师们身旁当个小屁虫,小跟班,幸运的我,每次跟的导师,他们非但没有因我是中医系学生的关系而忽视我,而是都很愿意跟我分享他们的观点与知识,这些知识得来不易,我很珍惜。有些同学会笑我学与看这些手术来干嘛?他们(医学导师)说的东西你全懂吗?是的,有些是不懂,但每当我想放弃时,看着汉民老师,想起他捐献大体的目的,想起我站在这的目的,仿佛听见汉民老师对我说,“Natalie, everything will be fine, this is why I’m here for, don’t give up hope!”, 我就想办法振作起来,不懂的就趁空档问问导师或医学同学。在晚間,同样的替汉民老师清洗大体后,运送到冰库房里再坐车返回我校。 



也感谢此工作坊,让我遇到专业又贴心的组员们 ,来自不同背景与学校的我们,还记得第一次见面时的尴尬,到后期渐渐的熟悉彼此,一起聊天说笑,到别离时的不舍,缘分真的来得不易!感谢我队的老实人组长David Zachary, 每次我有什么不懂时,你都不嫌烦的解释给我听,爱追求完美的我遇到瑕疵时,你每次都会第一时间给予我鼓励!感谢我队活泼的Yap Min Yi,记得我在最后谢幕时不争气的哽咽,一下台,就收到坐在遥远观众席的你发出的简讯:“别哭啊,Natalie,David说你已经表现得很棒了!”,你们俩的举动,我真的很感动!感谢我队的大姐Lam Wan Ying林婉莹, “叶子“Yip Shin Yi叶欣仪与Sharveena,感谢你们的陪伴与帮助!感谢我队的可爱姐妹Goh Saw Huan吴淑环,虽然鲜少见面,可是一见面可以说笑无边,还记得在焚化场我快忍不住泪水时,你搭着我的肩,微笑对我说:“好了啦~不要哭了~~”,看着你的表情,我还真的把眼泪“吸“回去,也算破涕为笑。再来,当然是我的台上简介搭档,外冷内热的Teoh Yi Ming张奕明,还记得第一次认识你,你就像冰柜那样冷,彼此不熟就像陌生人,当我们俩被安排担纲简介拍档,老实说我真的想放弃,因为不懂要怎么与像冰山的你联系,还好最后才慢慢熟络,破冰后原来还蛮健谈的。还记得备稿的日子吗?遇到种种的难题,你我相隔两地,没有机会一起练习就上讲台,回想起来还真是吃了豹子胆。稿改了又改,你都很有耐性的做翻译与纠正。默契后来慢慢培养了,还在谢幕礼上台前一刻一起肚子痛啊!最后,还是要说谢谢你,我的拍档!希望往后的日子大家可以一起出来聚会哦! 


Lau Chong Ren 刘崇仁 (INTI_I11008096)



Lee Si Min (Inti_I11008314)

I think the biggest change in me after attending this Silent Mentor Workshop is my attitude when I am in the lab. As a final year student, I am spending almost every day inside a lab. Martha Graham said "Dancing appears glamorous, easy, delightful, but the path to paradise of that achievement is not easier than any other. There is fatigue so great that the body cries even in its sleep. There are times of complete frustration. There are daily small deaths." Although Graham was a dancer, but she precisely described how it looks like to live a life as a researcher. Finding the source of perseverance, hard work, focus and passion which can be persisted over a long period of time is something very key for a researcher. Before this workshop, given with the hard facts of being a researcher, I actually doubted if I should continue with what I do. However, after meeting my Silent Mentor, Madam Mary Ha, I was deeply touched by her great courage in donating her body for medical research, in which she hoped that she can somehow contribute to the advancement of medicine, so that patients like her can be cured eventually. 

I was reflecting on what I went through during the few days of workshop in the sending-off ceremony. It was one of the longest one kilometer distance I have ever had. As I walked down the road behind Madam Mary's hearse, I have made up my mind that I want to continue to be in the line of research. Madam Mary convinced me that I can do a good job in this. I know it will be very challenging, but with these selfless Silent Mentors in mind, I am confident that I can endure through the hard times inside the lab, at least for them, I will endure. Guess this is my way of saying thank you to them.


Chock Wai Chun (Inti_I13002513)





Sumantri Agung Lim (INTI_I12000272)

First of all I am very thankful to be given an opportunity to participate in the Silent Mentor Workshop. I have learnt so many things through this workshop. In my opinion, every medical student should participate in this program. Because, we cannot study only from the textbook, we need to enhance the clinical practice as well. In this workshop, I have a team and we were mixed with other medical students. We learned to cooperate, communicate and work together as team even though we were just met one another for the first time. It helped to improve my communication skill. During this workshop, I really used most of my time to understand and learn more about the human body. I realized that to become an expert and skillful doctor is not easy and need to do a lot of sacrifices. Need to keep practice and learn. Nevertheless, I really salute to all of Silent Mentors who donated their bodies for us to study and investigate. It is my great honor and privilege to have the opportunity to learn from my Silent Mentor. Through this workshop, I learnt in deep about the empathy, gratitude and selflessness. I would like to say, this is an unforgettable workshop I had ever attended. I would like to thank SMC to give me this precious chance to participate in the workshop.

15th Silent Mentor Workshop 11-17/04/2016

Lee Hong Qing李宏慶 (MEM110060) 



Danial Bin Ismail (MEM110030)

I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to join the Silent Mentor Program. It has taught me many meaningful things, both in improving my clinical skills as well as lessons in life. I was able to practice clinical skills that I never would have had the chance to. But more than that, I have learnt to appreciate life and death in a new way. It has given me an extended appreciation to sacrifices and contribution for the greater good. It endowed in me empathy towards a stranger that I did not think I would achieve. Most of all, I am very grateful to the Silent Mentors and their families for their honourable acts of selflessness. I will use what I have learnt on this journey, to be as good and safe a doctor as I can be.


Desmond Ling Chung Wei (MEM110032)

At the beginning, I didn't expect much from this Silent Mentor session, just another program to me. But as I went through this event, it made me realised that the world does not rotates around me alone, there are so many people together standing on this soil. As the only intelligent species on this earth, we need to start caring for each other as we all know that, united we stand, divided we fall. Throughout this program, we received help from many volunteers and without them it will never be as successful as ever. I will like to thank everyone who contributes to the success of this Silent Mentor Program. Lastly I will like to thank our Silent Mentors for their unfathomable love towards the world that they are willing to help us in our future career. Thank you to all doctors who taught us during this program, I promise I will obey the Hippocratic Oaths and save without remorse. 


Mohammad Farhan Bin Md Saleh (MEM110080)

I am very thankful to be given an opportunity to participate in the Silent Mentor workshop. I have learnt so much throughout the course of the workshop and I personally think that every medical student should participate in this program. All the experience I had such as doing the procedure at real body gave the most valuable gift in learning as a medical student. However, the beauty inside this program is the Silent Mentor is not just a platform to do real-stimulation procedure, it way beyond that. I learnt in deep about empathy, gratitude and selflessness. I was able to relate myself to the family members and realised that as doctors, we are not only treating the disease itself but also the overall well-being of the patients and their family members. Respect and love not only to the living but also to the dead.  I am also grateful to learn about other religion's funeral ceremony and respect it. Last but not least, I will like to thank SMC for this great opportunity. 


Lee Xin Ying 李欣萤 (MEM110064)

Writing this reflection marks the end of the 15th Silent Mentor Workshop. At the very start when I decided to join Silent Mentor Program, I thought the program was mostly about brushing up our skills on clinical procedures. It turned out that it was way more than that. From the conversation with our Silent Mentor’s family members and friends during home visit, I began to learn about our Silent Mentor’s biography. I got to know about her personality, her life in the temple, her illness and her coping strategies, which strengthen my affection for her. This is the same as taking a full history of a patient before starting treatment. It is as important as any other chapters in medical school as it taught us to understand the patient situation and try thinking from the patient’s perspective. Moreover, it is a very courageous act to donate our body after death. It is my greatest honor and privilege to have the opportunity to learn from my Silent Mentor and I would like to express my gratitude to her. Throughout the program, I have also come into contact with students from other universities. We learned to cooperate, communicate and work together as a team even though we have just met each other for the first time. It helped in improving our communication skills, which is crucial in interpersonal relationship in the workplace. All in all, I am very grateful to join this workshop from the start till the end. It was a truly unforgettable experience, and has prepared us both clinically and mentally for our career. Although it is not easy, I know that we will try hard to realize our Silent Mentor’s expectation, which is to maintain good intention and reduce patients’ suffering.


Ong Jun Yin (MEM110141)



Em Jun Min 黄俊铭 (MEM120039)




Leong Hui Ling梁蕙琳(MEM120072)


“是您教我生命的真谛,是您教我生死的意义,是您教我生命能以另一种形式延续”。 每一次的参与,都带来多一次心灵上的震撼。我想,这个才是无语良师计划的真正意义所在吧,让我们明白医德与医术并重。老师,谢谢您。 



Tan Soon Sin (MEM110176)



Nur Faezah Mohd Ariff (MEM110121)

I have learned about the Silent Mentor Program ever since before I attended medical school. There was a documentary from a local TV station covered the story about the Silent Mentor Program in Tzu-Chi University, Taiwan and I was so impressed with their achievements there. However, I knew at that point of time, this program has not been practice yet here in our country. Until I entered medical school, during my first year of doing medicine, there were a few seniors that came to our lecture hall and talked about this program which was just newly started here at that time. I was so excited to know that this program is actually been adapted based on what Tzu-Chi University is doing, as what I had already seen in the television. Ever since then, I kept promise to myself that whenever I have the chance, I should and I must join this Silent Mentor Program. Therefore back in 2014, I managed to register myself for the Silent Mentor Workshop and finally got my turn to join the 15th Silent Mentor Workshop & Ceremony. This workshop is so much beneficial to us in terms of enhancing our surgical procedure skills such as suturing, intubation, inserting central venous line and also inserting chest tube. Throughout this workshop too, I had the chance to meet and cooperate with medical students from other universities, thus widen my circle of acquaintances. However, most importantly, by joining this program, I learnt that even being silence, one still can teach others, like what our noble mentors had done. They not only gave us the chance to do practical procedures on their bodies silently without complaining anything, but indirectly they also taught us a lot of positive values such as empathy, sincere, respect, caring, braveness and more significantly, the values of love. I feel grateful to be a part of this honourable program, and I wish that the Silent Mentor Program will be widely accepted in our society and thus can be continue to be implemented until next time for the sake of success of the medical field.


Nur Arynah Saiyidah Bt Mohd Jamili (MEM110118)

Silent Mentor Program is a new program I knew since I entered clinical year in medical school. It is a program that covers a lot of aspects not just in medical field. It taught me about life, empathy, sacrifice, understanding of our patient and the environment around him besides just lent his body for our learning on insertion of endotracheal tube, chest tube, central venous line and suturing. In addition, I learnt about different culture which is not really new for me but it reminds me of my late grandparents who are also Chinese. Our Silent Mentors are wonderful, kind-hearted, and honourable people who I admired their selflessness for us people in medical field to learn from their bodies. I am grateful to be given a chance for joining this program as I could learn a lot of things and experience it myself. Thank you for all the people involved in this program including my team members who worked hard and cooperated together in this program. If I were given a chance to join this program again, I will volunteer to join. 


Tee Chun Wei郑俊伟(MEM110180)



在无语良师课程里,除了学习医学上的知识,更重要的是它让我学会去尊重人、尊重生命。因为缘分, 我与潘老师从陌生人变成很特别的师生关系。在还没见到老师时,我和组员们做了家访,认识家属们,了解潘老师悲欢离合的人生经历。了解潘老师的故事后,打从心里的感动与尊敬。您生活简朴却不平凡,您吃苦耐勞却未曾怨言。您勇敢坚強面对无情的命运,让爱您的亲友们都为您感到荣耀。


总结来说,对我们学生而言, 在我们学医的过程中,在人生的道路上,是一个非常有意义的事情,一个非常特别的经历。经过无语良师的课程,我相信我们以后,成为一个充满爱心的好医生。最后在这里,我想要感谢所有参与这次课程,来教导我们的医生,谢谢你们愿意牺牲你们工作后的时间与精神,来指导我们,让我们学习。也要谢谢所有的志工,谢谢你们幸苦的安排,才让我们这次无语良师课程能顺利进行。谢谢我的同学及组员们,在过去几天内,互相扶持,一起完成我们的任务,一起成长。最后最重要的,也要再次感谢所有伟大的无语良师以及家属们,是你们的大舍、大勇和大爱成就了这一次意义非凡的无语良师课程。在这里想为你们献上由衷的感恩。


How Wen Jie (MEM110047)

I have heard this question many times: Who is your favorite teacher? And I have always answered it silently with – none! All I could remember about my teachers in the past is the smack on the head from my reading and writing teacher, whenever I mispronounced a word, when I was still in primary school. While in high school, a teacher made me turned my chair around (I was sitting on the front row) to face my classmates, because I failed to heed her warning to stop chattering. The embarrassment I felt became an appendage to the word “teacher.” But my answer to the popular question transformed when I joined this Silent Mentor Program and Mr. Phua became my teacher/Silent Mentor.

Tzu-Chi’s Great Body Donation initiative gives death a new meaning. Dharma Master Cheng Yen changes the perception of death from one of gloom, decay, destruction and abandonment to one of purity and dignity and an enhancement of the value of life by means of helping others. Her establishment of this body donation program has also changed the feelings of medical students towards cadavers. Instead of treating cadavers as decaying anonymous objects, which they often treat with frivolity because they are afraid of confrontation with death and having to experience repulsive odors, medical students are taught to see them as selfless family members who should be treated with respect, gratitude and care. The positive attitude towards cadavers will stay with the students throughout their medical careers and play a decisive role in future doctors to treat their patients with respect and other positive feelings.

I still have a vivid memory of the workshop given that day. It gave me a very deep impression and I was quite frightened. It was my first experience of standing next to a mentor. I felt oppressed by the horror of standing beside a deceased body. I was scared, as the Silent Mentor was nevertheless different from a living person. His body was cold. But this feeling passed quickly. We were taught that the Silent Mentor was really a person; he was a teacher, not a cadaver. He was the same as us, had life, and now is using his body to guide us. Our mentor is also a teacher who deserves our respect. He is here to help us cross this psychological barrier quickly, so that we can easily follow the class. Regardless of how attractive the illustrations in the books were, they were flat, printed materials. But the mentor was real, 3-dimensional. 

When I touched his body, I found some unusualness from a normal body. I then realized that those unusualness was the cause of his death. I felt very sad. In his last days, he must have suffered a lot of pain. As I touched him, I remembered the pain he suffered. I could feel his pain. I would like to ask him if I was being too rough. Though I knew he could no longer feel, I am still worried that I might hurt him, or do something wrong. I really could not express how bad I felt. 

Deep down inside, we know that Mr. Phua has touched some of our hearts in very special ways that we can never, ever accurately or fully explain with the mere tools of these written words.

There are many things that will catch your eye. But only a few will catch your heart.” Mr. Phua Sin Eng caught my heart and he will be forever missed.


Shuhaina Binti Arafin (MEM090164)

From Silent Mentor Program, I realized that how a person can give big impact and benefit to other person. Silent Mentor helped me to improve my clinical skills. Made me realized that death is not the ending. Even after death, we still can do good deeds to other people. Family members who supported this program also taught me about how they respected their loved ones' wish. This program also taught me how important teamwork is and how important for us to be tolerate with each other. I really got a lot of benefits from this program. Thanks a lot especially to my Silent Mentor and all the staffs that help me throughout this program.


Annisa Salleh (Taylor’s_302553)

Never have I thought that this Silent Mentor Program would leave such a big impact in me not just for my future medical career but also as a person. I was able to brush up on some of the skills that I have previously learned & practiced on a mannequin, but this time on a real human body. I was able to feel so much emotion and had full respect towards my Silent Mentor despite never having the chance to know him personally.

Thank you and well done to the organizing committee for making this program a success & also for your guidance throughout the whole program. This experience is definitely a big stepping stone for my future career.

Grateful that I have such a selfless Silent Mentor.

Thankful that I was given the opportunity to join this program.

Blessed I am, for being able to study medicine that can change people’s life for the better.


Chan Min Yao (Taylor’s_1006A79489)

I was very fortunate to be able to participate in the Silent Mentor Workshop. Through this workshop, not only do I have the opportunity to meet new people but also learn tons of medical procedural skills on our great Silent Mentors. Other than that, I am also able to enhance my soft skills through interaction with our Silent Mentor’s next of kin as well as our peers.

These encounters have been able to change the way I feel towards communicating with a patient. It also made me realized the importance of empathy, kindness and compassion in solving our patient’s problems and issues. With all these golden opportunities given to us, I am certain that we will be better doctors tomorrow.

I would like to thank all Silent Mentors and their family members for their big-hearted, generous and kindness. Your sacrifice will always be in our heart, and we will strive to be doctors of the people tomorrow.

“Let us sacrifice our today so that our children can have a better tomorrow.” – A.P.J. Abdul Kalam


Janarthana Prasad (Taylor’s_303911)

Participating in the Silent Mentor Program was truly a remarkable experience. One may say that it’s similar to any other anatomy session when you dissect a cadaver, but the Silent Mentor Program is much more than that. From Day 1, we learned about our mentors not only through their bodies, but through their lives as well. I have come to realise how insignificant our minor problems were when compared to those who have gone through hardships in life and are willing to sacrifice themselves even after death. It was truly an emotional experience as we created a bond between us and our mentors, as well as their family members. Perhaps I may have come out of this program improving my medical skills, but the biggest improvement and lesson that I have learnt is perhaps the interpersonal aspect of medicine, to be empathic and to understand our patient’s emotions as well as the impact on their family members. I will forever be thankful for my mentor, who was generous in life and death.


Lah Wen Chin (Taylor’s_1006A79723)

After joining the Silent Mentor Program, I have learned the importance of empathy in my medical career in the future. Not only that, we were also able to learn many life-saving procedures on our Silent Mentor, for example chest tube insertion, central venous line insertion and suturing techniques. Without our Silent Mentor, we wouldn’t be able to have the chance to practise on a real person and we would end up starting our medical career without equipping ourselves with these important clinical skills.

Thank you to all the Silent Mentors who pledged their bodies to contribute in the medical field, not forgetting the organizing committees who made this program a successful one!


Chin Zhen Hua (Taylor’s_308533)



Charlene Tang Song Min (Taylor's_1101G12015)

The Silent Mentor Workshop has been a profound and eye-opening experience for me. The home visits to the families of the Silent Mentors had allowed us to establish a better understanding of the lives of our Silent Mentors from their lives’ first cries to their final breaths. Their courageous and selfless act in choosing to surrender their very own physical bodies in the hope of a better life for the living is admirable and is an example for us to emulate. They are indeed the nation’s unsung heroes.

I have signed up for this program out of curiosity and also in the hope of improving myself to be a better healthcare professional in the future. From this program, I have gained a deeper sense of empathy and respect towards others. This experience was a gentle reminder to me to see every patient as another’s family member and friend and to treat them as if they are of my own. This has indeed echoed the wishes of our dear Silent Mentors who have hoped to make us better doctors. From our Silent Mentors and the tutoring of the clinicians, I have learnt to refine my clinical skills for which I am utterly thankful for. Other than the new bonds established and acquaintances made during this program, teaming up with the students from University Malaya has also been an unforgettable experience of which I cherished. Not forgetting all those whom have contributed to this initiative, directly or indirectly, let it be known that our gratitude to you is endless and is not confined to the limits of these words. Thank you.


Elaine Eustace Pereira (Taylor’s_1001A76020)

I am very thankful and grateful to have been given this golden opportunity to participate voluntarily in this 15th Silent Mentor Program. This program has definitely made a great impact in my life. 

Firstly, I have learnt clinical skills that include suturing, chest tube insertion, intubation and insertion of central venous line. Prior to this, I only managed to read from textbooks and written materials. I have not got the chance previously to perform these procedures. However, this program enabled me to sharpen my skills via these hands-on procedures as mentioned above. Not forgetting, the tutors who journeyed with us throughout this program guided us patiently while imparting their knowledge to us young medical students.

Apart from that, I have inculcated many moral values that include kindness, generosity and selflessness from our beloved deceased Silent Mentors and their loved ones. I am touched by their unforgettable good deeds. They will always be cherished and treasured by all the medical students who attended this entire program. Despite the sufferings and pain encountered by the family members of these Silent Mentors, they still went all their way out to spend quality time with the medical students during the home visits held during the weekend. Hence, I would like to extend my utmost gratefulness and appreciation to the Silent Mentors and their loved ones who sacrificed in one way or another in this program.   

Last but not least, I am glad to have made many new friends from University of Malaya. This Silent Mentor Program required a lot of teamwork in order to make this event a success. Hence, I am very thankful to have met these great teammates who worked hand in glove in every way that we could as the saying goes, “Many hands make light work”.  


Low Jun Cong (Taylor’s_304038)



Diong Wern Jyn (Taylor’s_301037)

I have heard about Silent Mentor Program from those who had participated earlier. Nonetheless, knowing and hearing from them were different than experiencing it myself. Being part of the 15th Silent Mentor Workshop allowed me to gain more than just medical skills I can use to save someone's life in the future. It taught me how to give in the first place which was shown by my mentor who selflessly donated his body for medical purposes so we could learn more. It is because of him I had the opportunity to practice the skills on a human body when I am still a medical student. More than that, this workshop gave me many new exposures from the start of the workshop till the last day. This is definitely a great platform to learn the meaning of love.


Tan Li Yi (Taylor’s_311814)



Tan En Hui (Taylor’s_312804)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my Silent Mentor, Mr. Phua Sin Eng and his family members. Through this program I have learnt not only surgical skills but also empathy, kindness, selflessness and other humanistic values and he had inspired me with his selfless act of giving. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to learn.



Teh Zhi Wei 郑芷薇(Taylor’s_312886)

参与了这次的无语良师计划,我对很多事情都有了全新的了解及看法。从家访中我对老师将自己大体奉献给医学界的伟大精神深深地感动了。毕竟是老师舍己为他的精神才让我们的医学知识得以精进。老师的家庭成员对他的支持也让我更加珍惜这个来之不易的机缘。这次的计划让我学习了很多书本上所学习不到的知识,尤其是对实体而非模型上磨练我们的技术;这对我们医学生来说是一个不可多得的机会。在学习的期间,我仍然对划错的每一刀感到愧疚及亏欠;但与此同时我也更加感谢这次的机会,让我得知自己的失误并加以改正。这种特殊的师生关系除了让我对老师致予最高的敬意,也让我感受了老师满满的祝福与期待。 我深信这次充满意义的工作坊将会为我未来的行医路上带来更大的贡献。


Ng Sijie (Taylor’s_1101G12781)

I first heard about this program when I was in 2nd year as it was introduced to our faculty in a meeting. It was a short and brief introduction but I was amazed by the program and wanted to join ever since. Previous participants were full of praises for the event not just in terms of knowledge and skills learnt but also soft skills and communication skills. Furthermore, as I went to Taiwan Tzu-Chi Hospital Taipei for my electives, I was told about the origin of the program and how it had been in place for many years. However due to the limited amount of seats, I was forced to wait till my final year. Nonetheless, it was worth the wait.

We went to our home visit in Penang on the 23rd of January 2016. It was a long journey as it took us about 4 hours to reach the temple. As our mentor (Dharma Master Shi Hui Xian) lives in a temple ever since 2 years of age, we were greeted by other dharma masters and her siblings in the temple. There were forthcoming and we learnt and understand her life story from her siblings and friends. They were very friendly and we were able to visit and see what she left behind. All her items and belongings were still neatly kept and organized. It was just as if she was still there as her presence was deeply felt as we browse through them. Later on, our group sat down together and we discussed. As the discussion progressed, we felt a sense of remorse but at the same time appreciated and respected her bravery, determination and decision.

We transferred our mentor on the 8th of April 2016, it was the first time we see her in person. Feelings rushed through our bodies as we pushed her gently to the anatomy laboratory. As we started the programme on the 11th of April 2016, we briefly introduced her life story. The few slides presented did not do her adequate justice as her achievements were plentiful. However, with the given amount of time, I think it was beautifully presented by our representatives. We started our sessions the following day.

Throughout our sessions, we were able to gain knowledge and skills. Proper techniques were taught and we were encouraged to learn well. The doctors that participated were helpful and their willingness to educate had motivated us to thrive for the better. As our session ended on the Saturday, we did the coffining ceremony. It was an eye-opener for me as so much respect was paid to our mentors. As we move our mentors into the coffin, a deep sense of gratitude was felt and I feel that a mere thank you was not enough for our mentor. As we proceeded to the funeral the next day, we were able to witness a well-organized and respectful event was done to allow them to rest well. As we walked slowly behind the hearse, every step we took was intended to pay our last respect for our mentor.

This Silent Mentor Program has taught me a lot in terms of surgical and procedural skills and the proper way to do it with guidance from experienced professionals and specialist. But that was not all. We were showed to love, to care, and to empathize with our patients which are life lessons that could not be educated in a classroom. This has ignited my passion once again for medicine and motivated me to be a better doctor in the future.


Nor Adilah Binti Ahmad  Nasir (Taylor’s_300604)

I have always believe that the person who gives is always better than the one who receives. By joining this Silent Mentor Program, I have seen how it transformed me to becoming a better person and a good human beings. It taught me of the values that one should uphold as a human, and as a doctor. It told me to work harder and use all the skills I have learnt throughout this program to a good use so that my Silent Mentor's sacrifice will be beneficial to other human beings too. The most important thing I have learnt is; to always give without hoping anything in return.


Wong Wei Herng 黄维恒 (Taylors’_312885)

19岁的我们,懵懵懂懂地进了医学院,承载着想要成为一名医生,服务大众的梦想。经过了四年的历练直至参加了这次的工作坊,我更加珍惜知识的可贵。在导师们身上,我们学习了缝合技术,插管,中央靜脉导管,胸管放置等基本临床技能。虽然与导师们只是区区几天,但是从每一早晨与导师净身,甚至到了学习,再到夜晚与导师净身,我们都早已把导师视为自己亲人看待。尤其是当用解剖刀在大体老师身上切开了一小切口后学习缝上伤口时,即便知道老师已离开人世,但这一刀割下时我的心感隐痛。对于老师们无私的奉献与不求回报的牺牲, 我深感敬佩与感恩。有多少人能在生前作出牺牲小我,完成大我的精神,又有多少人能在逝世后秉持着一样的精神,让爱遗留人间让生命延续下去。我不会辜负导师们对我们的期望,成为一名能干,有爱心与同理心的好医生。生命中,总有一些东西会随着岁月流逝,再也无从记起。但也总有些东西,好比导师们无私的大爱精神,不管岁月如何变迁,不论四季如何轮回,它将永远铭刻在我清澈,透明的心扉。


Sim Li Bin 沈里嫔 (Taylor’s_312899)




14th Silent Mentor Workshop 24-29/11/2015

Tan See Teng (MEM110173)



Edmund Tan (MEM110035)

The Silent Mentor Program has taught me the values of being a better person. Throughout the program, I've learned to be not only competent in basic surgical skills but also empathy. The hardships and pain the mentors had endured throughout their illness and the difficulties and sorrow experienced by the family revolving the mentors’ gradual deteriorating condition while they were alive represents the frailty of a human being. It was an emotional and spiritual journey for those involved in the workshop.


Lee Jac Lyn 李洁伶 (MEM110061)



Phang Shi Wan 彭诗椀 (MEM110144)



Ang Chee Sheng (MEM110008)

Silent Mentor Program is such a beneficial yet meaningful program, undeniably contributes tremendously in medical field. Before joining this program, I had heard about it for quite a few times from seniors, how good it is. Initially, I thought it was all about learning and improving medical and surgical skills, but it had proven me wrong. After joining this program, not only the skills do matter, but also our empathy level had been raised to certain level. From the very beginning, from home visit to preparation and the sending-off ceremony, a lot of precious moral values had been emphasised and instilled. I can’t deny that one-week program like this was so tiring, but I did learnt a lot and I had actually “grown up”. A very deep appreciation from the bottom of my heart, I would like to give it to four Silent Mentors in this workshop that I had taken part. Because of their relentlessness, we had this golden chance to learn. If I am given another opportunity to join this program, I would definitely grab this chance well. Yes, I would say!


Ng Chin Khoon (MEM110102)

Silent Mentor has been a great program for me. Besides learning all the various surgical and clinical skills that normally medical students can’t perform on real life body, I have also learnt to be more appreciative of life. Through this program, I learnt the life journeys that our Silent Mentors have went through and how they persevere throughout their illness. Their positivity towards life and their self-less thought to donate their bodies so that they can contribute towards the medical field will always be appreciated and remembered. With this, I will uphold the honor of being a good if not great doctor and be more empathic and caring towards my patients, serving only the best for them.


Nurul Dyana Amira Zalzali (MEM110132)

Silent Mentor isn't just a platform to do real-stimulation procedure, it way beyond that. It taught me a life. I know empathy is really important and will make a good doctor with it. But honestly, I never really feel that feeling. But everything was changed after I joined Silent Mentor Program. Empathy is something we earn, if we treat our patient sincerely without any other reason. Although Silent Mentors were in the other world, I still thought that they are someone that we must respect. Moreover, they were fighters! Thank you for the opportunity. I appreciated this so much.


Ooi Jian Min 黄健敏 (MEM110143)

生命是老天爷赏赐的礼物。能在临终时将这份礼物传承下来,让它成为别人一份珍贵的礼物以减轻其他人的痛楚 ~ 我想这就是吴珍珠老师想要对我们每一位学生所要表达的信息。 

感恩您吴珍珠老师,让我尝试了在真人身上的手术流程 - 从endotracheal tube insertion, chest tube, suturing 到 Central Venous Line insertion。还有更重要的是看似简单却不是每个人都会有的同理心。虽然您的躯体冰冷但这股无私的奉献确实让我深深的感动。感恩您的无怨无悔及不求回报。 


最后我想感谢Prof Chin, Mr. Sia和全体工委的志愿者。感谢你们为了无语良师计划而努力和付出。


Lim Jun Ni林君倪 (MEM110066)



Aqeela Nadhirah (MEM110011)

Honestly, we learnt a lot from this program. An experience that we will never ever got it from anywhere else. Madam Goh Chin Choo became the best teacher we ever had. Thank you for everything Madam Goh. "The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book."


Nor Nadia Farasha Binti Abdullah (MEM110115)

Dear Late Madam Goh Chin Choo and my beloved family members of Madam Goh. Word 'Thank You' is not enough to appreciate everything. Nothing can describe my feeling. When I saw you, this reminds me of death itself. Every soul will meet their creator. Letting me and my friends using your whole body as teaching purposes made me feel like how kind you are. Only God can repay back of your kindness. I love you the late Madam Goh Chin Choo.


Nurul Nabila Mohd Shaari (MEM110136)

The fact of dying must be a major factor in our understand­ing of living. Yet only few of us have come face to face with death as a problem or a challenge. There is a slow-ness, a delay, a neglect on our part to think about it. For the subject which is not exciting, but rather strange and shocking. Death is grim, harsh, cruel, a source of infinite grief. Our first reaction is consternation. We are stunned and distraught. Slowly, our sense of dismay is followed by a sense of mystery. Suddenly, a whole life has veiled itself in secrecy. Our speech stops, our understanding fails. In the presence of death there is only silence, and a sense of awe. 

I started to register for Silent Mentor Workshop back in 2014 and finally I got my turn to join the workshop in late November 2015. This workshop has given me the chance to widen my circle of acquaintances by working hand-in-hand with students from other universities. This activity not only provided me the chance to enhance my surgical procedure skills but more importantly, to understand how noble our teachers were; to allow us, medical personnel who are completely stranger to them, to make cuts on their bodies. I will forever be grateful to them as they taught me not only in academic but also lessons of life; what is the legacy we want to instill to the people before we leave the world. I really respect the Silent Mentor because it is the trust that the family members entrusted to us. I, together with my group members cleaned the body with respect and thank the Silent Mentor before and after each learning session.


Nurul Izniza Yamin (MEM110135)

First of all, I would like to thank Prof Chin and Mr. Sia for giving us a chance to sow the seeds of knowledge of the human anatomy and also the ethics of being a compassionate doctor. I would like to emphasize that being a doctor is more than treating the diseases.  We should be able to treat every patient holistically as a whole. And for that to happen, we need to have a significant level of empathy in ourselves. And this workshop has taught us the importance and on how to develop empathy. We were given the task to interview the patient's family. And these has given us the opportunity to know the patient not just as 'patient' but as a human who was once a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a colleague and also as our Silent Mentor. Thank you once again for everything, Madam Lim Gek Kim.


Julia Liew (MEM110053)

The silent mentor Program has taught me not only useful clinical skills but also skills that will help me become a better doctor such as empathy, selfless love, respect and to treat a patient as a whole and not just the disease. 

With that, I would like to thank my Silent Mentor, Madam Lim Gek Kim, as well as her family members, for allowing me this unforgettable experience that will certainly help me be a better doctor in the future. 


Tan Shun Herng (MEM110174)

至亲爱的林月琴老师, 谢谢您的指导。


在参与无语良师计划后, 我学到了除了药物、手术以外,在医学中更为重要的是尊重。医生们都想着为病人做出最理想的治疗,尤其在抗癌过程中,都会坚定要求病人服从指示。往往,病人需要的是一个尊重和给予他们选择权利的医生。当医生给予“不治疗”和“寻求第二意见”的选择时,这能让病人们拥有把握自己未来的权利,也让他们日后更乐意地相信曾经信任自己的医生,达到彼此信任的关系。我也学到了精神上的支柱能安抚身体上的疼痛。一刻的问候、一刻的倾听,胜过无数的止痛剂,能让他们由衷地感到欣慰, 拾起乐观的态度。一位积极的人,必会在自己生活中找到意义与快乐。



Nurshahira Nadhirah Binti Shah Hiran (Taylor's_0300615)

I joined the 14th Silent Mentor Workshop initially because I was told that it was compulsory for us, medical students from Taylor’s University to participate. It was not a voluntary desire to join it because as a final year medical student, I have a lot of responsibilities and a lot of things to catch up for the upcoming professional examination. Furthermore, I thought that it will be very difficult for me to travel from Sungai Buloh to University Malaya as it needs time and a lot of money. However, I decided to join it. 

The first few days were very difficult for me because it was very tiring to go and come back after class, rushing here and there. I managed to go for the home visit which was held at PPUM itself. I became even irritated after the home visit as some of the UM students were not there because it was unfair for me to travel for 45 minutes. They just have to walk from their hostel but they did not manage to go there. The home visit went well anyway. 

When the workshop started, I put away all my dissatisfactions and tried to be sincere. I tried my very best to go to every session that we had. I thought that may be this was an opportunity for me to learn procedures especially suturing and intubation. From day to days, I realized that this program is very beneficial for me and my friends. It was not only about clinical procedures that we learnt, it was about empathy, care and being responsible. We had to take care of our Silent Mentors and cleaned them after we learned from them. I also had the opportunity to learn about other race and religion. It was the first time for me to see the coffining ceremony. I learned to respect others in term of race and religion. 

I am taking this opportunity to thank our Silent Mentor, Madam Goh Chin Choo for her kind heart and willingness to let us learn from her. May her rest in peace.


Muhammad Nabil Bin Mohamaddin (Taylor's_0300733)

It was an honored to be given a chance to participate in this Silent Mentor Program organized by Silent Mentor Centre of University Malaya. It was definitely one of the colorful memories that benefited me throughout this program. Worth the tiredness and exhaustion, I was able to learn a lot of the medical skills on the real human body. Apart from gaining the medical knowledge, there are few things that I learnt and gained during this program. I met new friends and built a meaningful relationship not only with the UM students and staffs, but also with the Silent Mentor’s family members. Other than that, I finally had a chance to learn about Buddhism in more detail in terms of its belief, cultural and also spiritual aspects. Most importantly, my Silent Mentor’s life story itself taught me about many aspects in our human life including the meaning of love, caring, independent and also sacrifice. With that, I would like to have this opportunity to express my gratitude and appreciation towards my Silent Mentor with her honored sacrifice for us. Thank you teacher, Madam Goh Chin Choo.


Felicia Wong (Taylor’s_0313898)

Firstly, I would like to express my greatest gratitude to all the Silent Mentors for donating and sacrificing their bodies for the sake of education. Their selfless acts were definitely a great contribution to medical field, by letting the others to learn about their bodies even after their death. Without them, Silent Mentor Workshop wouldn’t be successful and not to mention that I, as a 3rd year medical student, to have the opportunity to practice medical procedures on a real body. 

Throughout this short one-week workshop, I had benefited so much than I ever thought, which I initially joined just for the procedures that I get to practice on a real body instead of mannequin. From knowing our Silent Mentors to practicing skills on their bodies to wrapping up and coffining, I had experienced all kinds of emotions and learnt about compassion as well as empathy. Looking at their bodies which filled with cuts and sutures, I could never imagine how brave and selfless they were to donate their bodies, knowing that their bodies are going to end up like that. I truly respect the selflessness our Silent Mentors and their families had in sacrificing for the greater good. Our Silent Mentors may not be alive but they taught me a lot. From them, I gained not only medical knowledge and skills but more importantly, the lesson of life including meaning of love, care and sacrifice. Once again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you Madam Goh Chin Choo. 

Also, I would like to thank Prof Chin, Mr. Sia and all the program organizers for their hard work in making the program a success. Although it was very tiring to travel to UM from Sungai Buloh every day after class, I never once regretted from joining this program. I would say I will definitely join again if there is a chance for us in the future.


Voon Shau Tung (Taylor’s_0308833)

It is one of my greatest honour to be able to be a part of the Silent Mentor Program. I can never offer enough gratitude towards the Silent Mentors for their courage and selflessness to dedicate their own body for the sake of medical education. Madam Goh Chin Choo's devotion towards education is incredible as she didn't let the end of her life to stop her from teaching. Nonetheless, I would also like to say thank you to all the family members of the Silent Mentors as this project would not be possible without the support from them.


Maizatul Akmal Binti Mohd Zol (Taylor's_0300620)

An opportunity to join Silent Mentor workshop was one of the greatest gift in my life. In the first place, I thought that this workshop will only benefit me in term of medical knowledge, but I am totally wrong. Instead, I learnt in deep about empathy, gratitude and selflessness. From this workshop, I also met a bunch of wonderful friends who have had cheering up my life throughout the weeks. Because of the workshop, I met one gentleman who is so humble, friendly, supportive and dedicated to his work -- who is Prof Chin. Prof Chin has being my admiration ever since then. Even though I just barely knew him, but I learnt so many things from his attitude and behaviour. One of the greatest lessons is, I realized that life is just temporary. And there is no more point to ask for forgiveness when someone had gone forever. So while we have chance, we should express our love to the person before it became one of the biggest regret in life. To end my words, I would like to thank everyone who has being supportive throughout the workshop. Till we meet again.


Najibah Zahirah Binti Jamaludin (Taylor's_0300605)

I have never really been crying for someone who was a complete stranger in my entire life. I have also never really been mentioning the name of a complete stranger in my prayers as much as I have done for the Silent Mentors. It has been an amazing experience joining this program. Not only I got the opportunity to learn few life-saving clinical procedures from the Silent Mentors, but I also got to learn about life. They taught me that we don't really get the chance to choose how we are going to die, but we certainly get the chance to choose how we are going to live. Endless of gratitude to all the Silent Mentors, their families, friends and not to forget the doctors who have had taught us all those clinical skills. Thank you.


Ummi Fatiah Hanim Binti Bahaman (Taylor’s_0300606)

Silent mentor is a programme that taught me the value of love, respect, empathy, honour and gratitude. All of these values are needed by not only as a person but also by the medical professionals. I also believe that to be a good doctor you need to know your patient very well first before knowing his/her disease. In order to know your patient, one has to have these values. They are not something that we can learn but it is something that we have to gain through our life process. Personally, this programme has inspired me to treasure life even more especially after hearing the life stories of our Silent Mentors. They are great people with selfless attitude. Last but not least, I am so fortunate to be able to join this programme and always look upon for the similar programme in the future.


Nazliatul Aniza Binti Nor Azizol Hamdan (Taylor’s_0300615)

Throughout my journey as a student for the 14th Silent Mentor Workshop, I found that it was a total new experience. It was my first time attending the whole process of funeral by other religion. I made a lot of new friends from UM. Another new thing that I have learnt was the sign language and how to speak in Mandarin. I strongly encourage the next Silent Mentor Workshop to enhance this new skill especially for the non-Mandarin speakers. I also learnt the aspect of empathy and I was very shocked that I could get attached to the members and life stories of all Silent Mentors easily. I believed that it was the golden knowledge and experience throughout the journey. The knowledge and sacrifice of the Silent Mentors, their family members, committee members of this program as well as all the participants, will be implanted in all our hearts throughout our career and our life. Thank you so much. 


Lee Yu Mey (Taylor's_0313693)

I have learnt so much in Silent Mentor Program, in which it doesn’t just confine to surgical skills, but more on "human skills“ such as empathy. I have learnt that a disease isn’t just merely a disease, but its impact on a person’s life and also the people around them. I would like to thank my Silent Mentors and all of their friends and families for giving me this opportunity to learn, and also to serve. Thank you for allowing me to learn how to be a better person, and a better doctor in the future. 


Lee Wei Lit (Taylor's_0307840)

Overall, the Silent Mentor Program was a learning yet humbling experience. I was able to enhance further my clinical skill particularly on four clinical procedures. Besides that, I was able to relate myself to the family members and realised that as doctors, we are not only treating the disease itself but also the overall well-being of the patients and their family members. 


Anthony Chiew Han Yang (Taylor’s_1006Q79497)

Silent Mentor Program has taught me the important values in life; gratitude, respect and love not only to the living but also to the dead. I have learned and experienced a lot throughout the workshop. Thank you to all our Silent Mentors for all the invaluable lessons that you have imparted to us.


Arvind Kaneson (Taylor’s_1006A79949)

This program has been an eye opener to me. I have learnt many important values throughout this program. Apart from making new friends and learning life-saving procedures, empathy was the strongest value that I have learnt from this program. I knew the importance of this value before enrolling myself to this program, but never knew that it could change my perception towards the medical field. It taught me that sometimes medication is not the only treatment for diseases or misery, but other elements such as caring, understanding, sensitivity, and respect are as important too. I hope that in the future, I am able to apply these values to every patient that I treat, because it will definitely bring benefits not only to the patients, but also their family members. I wish this program all the best for future success, and I hope that many more medical students like me will benefit from this program. It would surely benefit all of us, as well as the community, since we are the future doctors. Thank you.


Hazirah Binti Ahmad (Taylor’s_0300547)

When I first heard of the Silent Mentor Program, I wondered how could a person devote their whole holy body for the sake of other people that they don’t even know. After joining this program, I realized that the mentors and their family members had sacrifice so much in the name of medicine and education in a whole. I had learned not only the basic surgical skills taught during the one week program, but also life lessons that I had never experienced before. I have learnt that life is so unpredictable and that we should enjoy it to the fullest like most of our ‘teachers’ have; nobody knows when the last goodbye is. Besides, I have met so many new people during this short time which made me realized that it takes all kinds to make the world. Despite hailing from different universities and backgrounds, we only needed a short time to make friends with one another and the team work observed throughout the workshop is nothing like I have ever witnessed before. Therefore, I would like to thank all of our ‘mentors’, their family members and friends, Professor Chin, Mr Sia, all surgeons, volunteers and friends that made this journey a timeless treasure in my heart and soul. 


Nurul Athikha Binti Ramli (Taylor’s_0300553)

By participating in Silent Mentor Program, I had discovered a lot of valuable experiences which contribute significantly as a medical student and as a human being.  This program should be held for all medical students as this may become the platform for us, medical student to get an exposure for all the procedures that the participants managed to do. In fact, apart from learning the procedures in medicine, I actually managed to build up the feeling of empathy which is important for all the doctors giving the best treatment for patients. Besides, I discovered the culture of Chinese which I had never seen before throughout the journey as participant in Silent Mentor Program which I sincerely appreciated and amazed.


Charlotte Ee Sze Lyn (Taylor’s_0313464)

This program has been an amazing experience for me. Not only do I feel I have become better at performing surgical skills, I also feel I have become a better person - a more compassionate and caring person. The whole experience was truly touching; particularly being able to share the experience with our mentor’s family and having the opportunity to get to know our mentor through her family. I think that the program encourages all its participants to be more compassionate - to think of patients as more than just the disease to treat in addition to helping develop essential skills necessary in our line of work. 

I am honoured to have been able to participate and hope whole-heartedly to be given another chance to do so in the near future. For most part, I have only glowing reviews and praise for the program and its organizing committee. I only hope that in the future, if possible please arrange the timing of rehearsals and such would be better planned so as to accommodate students from Taylor’s. Thank you again for this beautiful experience.


Avinash Singh (Taylor’s_0308292)

The Silent Mentor Program has been a truly wonderful experience for all of us medical students. Silent Mentors taught us many medical skills, which have proven to be invaluable to us. That was just a small part of it though, as she also taught us how to be caring and compassionate doctors as well as the importance of listening to our patients and respecting their wishes. We shall apply all that you have taught us towards become better doctors in the future.  

The last words of my mentor will forever be engraved in my heart. We will all respect and follow your wishes to become caring doctors that respect our patient's wishes and choose the best form of treatment for all our patients. 

I would like to sincerely thank my Silent Mentor, Madam Lim Gek Kim and her family. I would also like to express my gratitude to the other Silent Mentors, Mr. Sia, Prof. Chin, the volunteers and everyone else involved. Thank you!


13th Silent Mentor Workshop 08-13/09/2015

Chong Hee Chuen 张希淳 (MEM110023) 







Thang Sue Sien 邓素娴 (MEM110182)

参与了无语良师工作坊, 让我领悟了很多。身为医务人员的我们, 不只是要巩固自己的知识, 也常常得带着慈悲的心, 用心去对待每一个病人。无语良师的牺牲, 以及家人们的支持, 让我们有机会去学习新的知识, 而这些知识将会一代传一代, 一直延续下去。这就是真正的遗爱人间。 

很感谢无语良师们。虽然我们并没有机会见到您, 但您会永远活在我们心中。也希望这工作坊能继续下去, 培育更多的良医。感恩。 


Anis Syafrina Mohamad Radhi (MEM110009)

Firstly, I would like to express my greatest gratitude to Madam Chan Oai Chun and other Silent Mentors for sacrificing their bodies for me to learn many things, especially basic surgical procedures. This was my first time doing intubation, chest tube, central venous line and suturing on real body. I hope I can become a competent doctor one day and become more confident doing all those procedures. Besides, this program is an eye opener for me that a good doctor must not only know treating the disease per se but also have sense of humanity, empathy, responsibility and treating the patient as a whole. This is very good and excellent exposure to me. I also learned that we are not only treated one patient, but his or her whole family. I am also grateful to learn about other religion's funeral ceremony and respect it. Last but not least, I would like to thanks SMC for this great opportunity!


Diana Amira Roslan (MEM110033)

I am very grateful for joining Silent Mentor Program. At first I did not know anything regarding Silent Mentor and I merely joined this program to learn the basic skills such as suturing and inserting central line as I was not able to do it on real patient. During that time I was very curious on how people can donate their body to stranger to help them learn. As I started meeting with mentor’s family member, my perspective changed. I am not looking at the Silent Mentor as a stranger but as a person. I started to know everything regarding her lifetime story and how she was keen to enter Silent Mentor Program so that future medical doctors would benefit from it. Despite that her death was sudden, her family member accepted it anyway and I learned that as a future doctor, we are not only handling our patient’s physically but also emotionally and mentally. I understand their grief towards their loved one. After knowing my Silent Mentor, I started to care for her. That is the very least that I can do for her. I learned to be responsible to my mentor. I make sure that she will be cleaned up before and after procedure being done. It was a great experience to interview the family members of the Silent Mentor and I enjoyed going to the home visit. Lastly, to my Silent Mentor, Madam Chan Oai Chun, there are no words to explain my gratitude to you for giving me the opportunity to learn something which I will remember forever in my life. I would also like to give special thanks to the organizer of Silent Mentor Program, Prof Chin and Mr. Sia for giving us the chance to join this program. 


Kok Yong Leng 郭咏霖 (MEM110056)

首先, 很感恩让我有这一个机会参与第十三届无语良师工作坊。记得当初登上大一时,在一次偶然的机会下遇见一位学姐,她让我知道了无语良师这一项计划,当时的我很感兴趣,很想参加,只可惜我没那个机会。于是我便参与大体老师的告别仪式,感受一下气氛。 

四年后, 我终于可以全程亲自参与, 感触更是非纸和笔可形容的。舍己为人这句话说起来非常简单,但在这世上又有多少人能做得到呢?经过这次的工作坊,见证了四位大体老师把小爱化为大爱,把无用化为大用的精神,真的给了我很多启发与感想,受益良多,也让我深深地了解到舍己为人的真谛。 




Lai Su Meng 黎淑敏 (MEM110059)

非常感恩各位无语良师无私的奉献,在您们的身上, 我不仅学到了宝贵的医学知识,更深深地体会到您们无私的爱。虽然我们不曾相见,可是您们却无怨无悔的捐出自己的大体,这份爱与割舍是非笔墨所能形容的。在工作坊期间,您们不曾发出只言片语,但您们对我们的指导更胜过千言万语。您们伟大的付出,我将永远铭记于心。感恩。


Hue Yuen Ling 丘沅灵 (MEM110048)

I am very grateful to have this opportunity to join the Silent Mentor Program. I gained not only hands-on experience, but the meaning of love, care and sacrifice. I have learnt that one cannot be selfish in the process of learning as you will learn more if you share what you have. 

I would like to tell Madam Khong Soy that we appreciate your kindness and generosity in donating your body to science. Your benevolent is going to give huge advancement to the medical field, be it the learning medical students or professionals towards knowledge, experience and attitude. Thank you from the bottom of our heart.


Chia Yuik Ling (MEM110020)



Seah Ru Bin (MEM110155)

I started to register for Silent Mentor Workshop back in mid of 2014 and finally I got my turn to join the workshop in late June 2015 (my group was the last few groups of my batch to participate in the workshop.) This workshop has given me the chance to widen my circle of acquaintances by working hand-in-hand with students from other universities. This activity not only provided me the chance to enhance my surgical procedure skills but more importantly, to understand how noble our teachers were; to allow us, medical personnel who are completely stranger to them, to make cuts on their bodies. Their reason and noble vow to become a body donor really struck me and it was and is still a thing for me to ponder on. I will forever be gratitude to them as they taught me not only in academic but also lessons of life; what is the legacy we want to instill to the people before we leave the world. I will forever remember a statement told by Prof. Chin: some extinguish when his candle burnt off, but some would think of lighting others else before he runs off his time. As I was the team leader, I got more chance to talk to the family members. Due to the rapport made with the family members, I really respect the Silent Mentor because it is the trust that the family members entrusted to us. I, together with my group members cleaned the body with respect and thank the Silent Mentor before and after each learning session. 

Without the Silent Mentor, I never get the chance to perform the surgical procedure hands-on in my study as a medical student. I would also like to extend my deep appreciation to Mr. Sia and Prof. Chin who had guided us throughout the program. Last but not least, I would like to thank the volunteers, without them, our workshop would not be as smooth as it had. Let the Silent Mentor Program to be continued for many years to come.


Loo Shweh Fern (MEM110073)

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to my Silent Mentor, Madam Tan Yook Moy for being a lifetime teacher to most of us. Although we have not met you personally, your story has guided, inspired and impacted us tremendously. Thank you for your trust and faith towards us. I remember the story of your life told by your family and they were all very proud of you as a mid-wife. You were constantly helping many patients and neighbours with delivery of their child and taking care of their child. Even after your passing, your last wish was to educate medical students and young doctors through contribution to the medical science. You have a sincere and generous heart in sharing a helping hand. Your teaching has showed me the right path, to travel towards success. You moulded me to the right shape, to reach the heights. You have not only taught me through medical knowledge and skills but also on many life values that I may not have foreseen before this. You have imprinted a priceless value in our heart which will shape us to a better tomorrow. You are truly a great inspiration for me. May the gates of heaven open up to reveal strength and comfort to you. Once again, thank you Madam Tan. 

I would also like to express my gratitude to Prof Chin and Silent Mentor Centre for making this event a success and for providing us the opportunity to participate in this program. We have benefited a lot from this program and we hope it will be continuous for many more years to come. I can never thank you enough.


Chye Shi Ying (MEM110029)

我感到十分荣幸与感恩能参与无语良师工作坊。这一次的参与让我获益良多。 第一次知道无语良师计划是在大学三年级时,开始时并不清楚无语良师工作坊的运作与意义。但通过同学们的推广及了解它背后的意义后便对它非常感兴趣。后来在机缘巧合下,得以报名参加无语良师工作坊,并获得了第十三届无语良师工作坊的资格。在第一次的开会简报后,我们便开始忙碌的准备工作。我们也到无语良师们的家里进行家访,进而了解老师们的生平事迹,更了解到他们的为人处事与生活态度。通过家访,我们也深深地体会到家属们所作出的牺牲,忍痛割爱,成全老师们的遗愿。到了工作坊期间,纵使忙碌于课业及考试,我们也尽全力让这第十三届无语良师工作坊圆满结束。虽说辛苦,通过这无语良师工作坊,我们也获益不浅。不但提高了我们在医学上的临床技能,更领悟了许多无法从书上学习的人生道理。老师们无私地付出与奉献,让我们领悟到老师们愿意为后代牺牲的大爱精神。每每接触老师们冰冷的身体,我仿佛能感觉到一丝丝温暖。纵使老师们不曾对我们说过只言片语,但他们对我们的教诲更胜过千言万语。老师们无私地付出就像盏明灯,指引我们未来的道路。


Tan Sin Yee 陈星妤 (MEM110175)



Yew Soo Ying (MEM110196)

Silent Mentor Program taught me not only the clinical skills but more importantly, the lessons about life. The unreserved giving of Silent Mentors shed new light on humanity and the meaning of life itself. Throughout the program, I had learnt about awareness and the importance of presence. I will apply those valuable lessons in my future career as a doctor. Provide the best care possible for the patient in front of me. 

To Mr. Foong Ah Kow and all other Silent Mentors: 

"We meet but briefly in life, if we touch each other with stardust, that is everything."- Unknown 


Raja Wahith Nissa (MEM110147)

I think the program as a whole is an interesting one. I never participated in any of this kind of program anywhere. And I personally think that it is a good exposure for every medical student to indulge in this kind of program, to be introduced to surgical skills such as insertion of chest tube, CVL insertion, suturing, and intubation. 

It was such a good opportunity for me to be participated in this incredible journey. I felt a little bit closer to the deceased and I felt more responsible to perform such skills on the deceased. And I learned that the whole program not just learning how to perform a good surgical skills but as to be loving, responsible, and deliver care to the deceased and the family. It teaches me how to be a doctor as a whole. 

I wish to attend more of this kind of program and wish the future students are able to have the opportunity to indulge in Silent Mentor Program and it should be held from time to time for all medical students.


Muhamad Muizz Mat Daud (MEM110085)

Firstly I would be grateful and say thanks to Prof Chin and team because I was chosen to take part in Silent Mentor Program for this year. It had given me a remarkable experience throughout the program. This event not only teaches me about the procedures or techniques in medical skills but also it taught me how to work in a team. I was impressed and respected Silent Mentors because they all willing to be a donor and teach us. With that thank you.


Melor Mohamad (Taylor’s University)

Silent Mentor had taught me to respect not only to living creatures but also towards the dead one. My Silent Mentors may not be alive but they taught me a lot. Not only medical stuffs, they also taught me about life. I learned and experienced lot of new things throughout this workshop. Thank you to everyone who is involved especially Mr. Sia, Prof. Chin and all of the family members. 

"The most fundamental principle of medicine is love."


Nur Atikah Ibrahim (Taylor’s University)

I was grateful as I was given an opportunity to participate in the 13th Silent Mentor Workshop. The program had taught me a lot about medical learning as well as journey in life. Throughout the program, I had a chance to improve my skills in medical field especially suturing and chest tube insertion skills with the help of professional medical practitioners. I realized that we must appreciate all human bodies regardless of who they are. Besides that, I learned a lot from all the Silent Mentors; they had opened my mind that life was about sacrificing ourselves for others and it would be a wonderful journey if we could contribute something to the world. They also taught me that selfless, love and generosity were beautiful values which all of us must develop in this life. From that, I could also see from all the family members that they had a strong love and respect among them. Not only that, Silent Mentor Program was a good experience for me as I had a chance to meet and build rapport with all  the family members of Silent Mentors as well as other medical students and medical practitioners. I really hope that I will get another opportunity to join this program next time.


Nur Nadia Mohd Zain (Taylor’s University)

I had gained a lot of experience throughout this Silent Mentor Program. It had given me a lot of opportunities to learn and improve my skills in medicine. My basic suturing was much improved after joining this program and I was really satisfied. This program had also given chance to do all medical skills and procedures on a real human which had taught me to appreciate life more. Not only that, through this program, it had taught me the meaning of sacrifice and love. I was amazed with our four Silent Mentors who were willing to allow their bodies to be used by us for the purpose of learning. They had put lots of trust on us whom they don’t even know who we are. Their trust and care had opened my eyes that this program should not only benefit me myself but I should also care about others. Hence, the benefits that I had gained from this program should be contributed to the society. In short, no regret I  would say after joining this program and I would like to express my gratitude especially to my Silent Mentor, Mr. Foong Ah Kow and his family, Prof Chin, Mr. Sia and all my group mates.


Leong Sheng Hoay (Taylor’s University)

I first heard about the Silent Mentor Program in 2012, through my friend's parents who were practicing in UMMC. Since then, I was incredibly interested in joining the program if I ever had the chance. I was very happy when I found out the program not only included medical students of UM, and extended it to involve Taylor's. Such an opportunity was hard to come by as I was able to suture for the first time on human skin, and carry out many more procedures that I know I wouldn't have the chance to as a third year medical student. From my home visits, to personally doing the introduction slides of my Silent Mentor, Mr Foong Ah Kow to presenting his life story on stage to his family (and seeing his wife weep) and my fellow medical colleagues, I felt a tinge of sadness, a huge appreciation, plenty of admiration and a sense of gratitude towards a person I never knew, but only used, his body. I'm happy that I got the chance to know my Silent Mentor on such an intimate level. Prof Chin, in those few weeks of getting to know him, he was every bit dedicated to the program that he lead, very sincere and he really taught me empathy from his actions. I aspire to be that "people's doctor", and I think this experience will hold my thoughts and decisions in the future as I try to do good work. Thank you for instilling the humanistic part of medicine in me. And thank you, for showing me universal love.


Nadiah Ahmad Nizam (Taylor’s University)

I felt very grateful and thankful for being given the chance to attend the 13th Silent Mentor Workshop which was held recently. In my opinion, Prof Chin had done a very good initiative by starting this program in Malaysia, and had benefitted me as a medical student in many aspects. I was given the golden opportunity to perform clinical skills such as various suturing techniques (simple interrupted, mattress, subcutaneous and subcuticular), chest tube insertion and removal as well as tracheal intubation on a real patient, which I could never have experienced it in the hospitals. 

Although quite challenging, all the surgeons and facilitators were very patience, calm and helpful to us. I felt honoured and having fun learning at the same time, especially in a stress-free environment that I felt during the workshops. I could never thank enough to all the staffs and all the great surgeons for helping me through the workshops. They were really humble and warm-hearted people, especially Prof Chin. Thank you very much for everything.  

I also learned the feeling of empathy towards my Silent Mentor family members. They treated us like their own family. I learned a lot about the love that my Silent Mentor have shown us, the utmost sacrifice that she had made just to donate her body for the sake of knowledge. I wished I could meet her when she was still awake and be with her during the last days of her life. Words just could not express my gratitude for her. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Madam Tan Yook Moy. You are a true hero and the best teacher ever. Last but not least, thank you Mr. Sia for his hard work of putting this program to be a huge success. It was a beautiful funeral ceremony that I have been to for the first time of my life. I felt so blessed that I could attend a Buddhist funeral and learned about their culture. I have also made a good teamwork with my team members from UM, UTAR and INTI Universities. We really shared our experiences and knowledge, as well as having fun learning together. I find it amazing that all of us could work hand in hand so well. Last but not least, I wished that I could learn Mandarin or other Chinese dialects so that I could understand everything clearly as sometimes I felt violated when most of the people around me speaks in a language that I could not understand.


Amanda Yap Qiao Ying (Taylor’s University)

I am grateful for this opportunity to experience the whole process of grieve of different religion better. I also had the chance to sharpen my clinical skills, an opportunity hard to find. I also appreciate all the hard work that has been put in to make the program a success.


Najwa Atiqah Mohd Zabidi (Taylor’s University)

Silent Mentor Program is a good program especially for the medical students as it allowed us to perform and practise few life-saving procedures such as endotracheal intubation and chest tube insertion on a real human body. Although we have learnt to do such procedures, it was very different as we only did it on mannequin. Besides, the instructors were very friendly and knowledgeable. They will guide and help you until you be able to perform confidently on your own. All medical students should take this opportunity as this program will benefit us a lot. 


Wong Kar Khee (Taylor’s University)

Participating in Silent Mentor Program was a great and valuable experience that I couldn't get elsewhere with my identity as a year 3 student. I would say I will definitely join again if there is a chance for us in the future. 

Through my Silent Mentor, I've learnt a lot, not only medical procedures which were my initial aim in participating this event, but also life lessons and so many great values that we should have mastered by now. Rather than expressing my gratitude to the family members, so many words of encouragement from them to me have been a great motivation. 

The selfless act of my Silent Mentor in preserving her body for us students by rejecting an invasive procedure that supposed to help her has a huge reflect on me. 

From here, I would like to express my gratitude towards all Silent Mentors and program organizer for giving us a chance to join this perfect workshop, to improve our skills and definitely our minds.


Goh Kai Sheng (Taylor’s University)

During the Silent Mentor Workshop, I learned more than just clinical skills, the emotions and bonds between Silent Mentors and families. They'd sacrificed their bodies for medical purposes, so that medical personnel could have hands-on experience of their clinical skills. That was definitely the bravest and most selfless sacrifices to the society, letting others to learn more about human body, even after they'd passed away. Gratitude to all that made this possible especially Tzu Chi University for founding this program and spreading it across the globe. Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this meaningful program.


Sharon Chang Mei Wern (Taylor’s University)

When I first joined this program, I was only excited about the procedures I will get to learn. To finally be able to practice on a real body instead of a mannequin, or even worse, just learning from books and videos and letting my imagination run free. Little did I know that I will be gaining spiritual growth here as well. In fact, much more than knowledge and skills. 

Going through the process of knowing the Silent Mentors from their families, following the prayers for them and hearing their families bid their last goodbyes, washing the Silent Mentors, using their bodies to practice, looking at the bodies being filled with cuts after cuts, sutures after sutures, looking at bruises turning up all over their bodies and finally, the wrapping of the bodies and the coffining. Each process brought different emotions to my mind. But, at last, I am glad that it is happiness I felt. The Silent Mentors have had a fulfilling life, and they had gone, hopefully, to a better world, where there will be eternal peace and serenity. 

Although their bodies have been used by others, these were all considered earthly matters. The body is but a vessel for the soul to grow. This is a much difficult concept to be accepted by humans, especially Asians where we believe that the person's soul can still feel what is being done to the body, and it is important for the body to be sent off as a whole. I am very much grateful, not only to the Silent Mentors, but to their family members as well for their understanding and support, as they were the ones who suffered most from the death. Again, I pray that these kind souls have achieved the ultimate Nirvana, and thanks to the family members. They will forever be alive in our hearts.


Nur Bisyri Afifah Amerzuan (Taylor’s University)

I felt really grateful for giving me a chance to participate in Silent Mentor Program. It was a very good program for us as a medical student to learn about the clinical skills in real patient. I have learnt a lot and gained new experiences during this program. Hopefully I will get a chance again to join this program and I was very thankful to those who organized this great program.


Yap Sin Roy (Taylor’s University)

It was indeed a very good program. I've learnt far more than what I expected. I knew it would be a great experience and the Silent Mentors were so courageous before attending the program but I didn't expect it to let me see so many things in life. There was not right or wrong about our decisions. It was all about our perspectives and how it benefits others. The Silent Mentors really earned my respects to them.

Overall, it has improved my clinical skills as well as my perspective to my career. Hope to get a second chance to participate again in the near future.

Thank you Prof Chin and Mr. Sia for making this program a huge success. It has touched many medical students' hearts.


Muhammad Syamel Aizad Mohd Amin (Taylor’s University)

It was a great experience to have joined the Silent Mentor Program. The program was well organized and it taught me lots of things. Not only have I learnt useful techniques but I was able to learn more about people. The Silent Mentors were indeed great people and they have sacrificed a lot for our advancement in medical field. Thank you for the chance to be able to participate in this program and thank you for being a great organizer.


Wai Sheng Xuan (Taylor’s University)

Thank you Silent Mentors, 无语良师, 谢谢您们... I doubt saying "Thank you" a hundred times would ever be enough. May you rest in peace & 安祥的离去

Throughout the week, I had gained surgical skills, made many new friends, but most importantly, I've learned humanity and to appreciate the people around us. 

Tears welled up in my eyes when I heard that phrase: "我宁愿你们在我冰冷的身上划上一百刀,也不希望你们在病人身上划错一刀。". I will try my best to be a safe doctor and to be as gentle as possible to treat your bodies with respect. 

最后,感谢各位无语良师的家人所给予的支持,马大无语良师主办单位给予的机会, Prof Chin, Mr. Sia, Dr. Goh , Dr Ben, Dr Marianne Lee 和各位志工的帮忙与指点。Hope we'll meet again.


Monisha A/P K. Ramamuraly (Taylor’s University)

When I first heard of the Silent Mentor Program in 2012, I was unable to understand the concept of it and was actually in disbelieve that someone would voluntarily give up their body for the sake of medical education in our rather religious society. However, as I learnt more and more about it from friends who had gone through the program before me, my disbelief turned into admiration and respect for these kind people who were willing to become our teachers. The learning experience that I have had during this Silent Mentor Program is like nothing that I have ever experienced before. Medically, I have learnt so much from all the mentors as this was the first time I was performing most of the procedures on a real human body.  The surgeons who took the time to teach us all the skills with utmost patience actually inspired me to think of a career in surgery. Besides, I have met so many new people during this short time which made me realised that it takes all kinds to make the world. Despite hailing from different universities and backgrounds, we only needed a short time to make friends with one another and the team work observed throughout the workshop is nothing like I have ever witnessed before. Spiritually, in the process of getting to know the Silent Mentors and their respective families, I have learnt that life is so unpredictable and that we should enjoy it to the fullest like most of our ‘teachers’ have. I was brought to tears on the day of the funeral as I listened to their stories one last time. In life, they were all so different and did not know each other, but in death, they came together for a common cause and these final acts of theirs will make a lasting impact in all of our lives. I cannot and will not be able to ever find adequate words to express my gratitude to my teachers and their families for the great sacrifice that they have made for us. They will always be fondly remembered.


Nur Shahira Mohd Zaki (Taylor’s University)

Silent Mentors are the people who devote their bodies after death to allow medical society practice skills and learn about human bodies to ensure the progression and development of the medicine field in Malaysia in a more humanistic manner. At first, when I heard about the program, I was wondered on how could a family or even the person himself agreed to be the Silent Mentor. The funeral ceremony will be without the body of the deceased, and no cremation will be held, friends and visitors will question where the body be looked upon for the last time before they are departed from the world they live in. I was curious too on how wiling they were in assigning themselves in the program as they knew that all the medicine students and postgraduate doctors will slice and suture their bodies. I wondered, “If I had my druthers, would I be in such a program? ”When I assigned to be in the workshops, I learnt that my Silent Mentor, Mr. Foong Ah Kow was a part of the nation policemen in protecting Malaya (now known as Malaysia) from being oppressed and colonised. He was one of the soldiers that willing to sacrifice for the sake of our freedom and future. He was not just somebody, but he was someone who devoted himself for the country, at least to me. He has a great family and his wife was the proudest person on his participation in the Silent Mentor Program. According to his wife, he had done a great job in bringing his family to a better state of life. At one part during the interview, his wife, Madam Sue said that he loved to listen to her singing a special mandarin song, showed the intensity of their loves to each other. I learnt that although my Silent Mentor had left the world almost a year ago, it was hard for the family to talk about my Silent Mentor as the longing was a torture for the family. During the workshop, it was a great opportunity for me to perform skills that I learned in the medicine school on real human bodies. I was surprised that the participants also helped and aided by doctors and professors in practicing the medical procedures. It was an honoured for me to be helped by Professor Chin and Dr. Goh during the workshop in the anatomy dissection hall in University of Malaya. It was different from the clinical skill sessions in my university when I performed the procedures back then as I learnt tremendously in the workshops. To another extent, the lecture note was able to prepare me sitting for my final examination last week. I believed this was a once in a life time opportunity during my medical student years. Lastly, I hope that the Silent Mentor Program will continue embarks its journey in benefitting other medical societies and human beings in the future. Thank you!


Teoh Zhi Yi 张志扆 (INTI_I11008974)



Ling Lii Chau 林于钊 (INTI_I11008950)

The moment when I know that I am going to participate in the Silent Mentor Workshop was indescribable. I’ve been always wanted to join this workshop since 2014 but because of my semester, I have to give the chance to my senior first. And yes, now I have the chance to be a part of this program. 

Dear Madam Tan Yook Moy, 

I still remember the first time I saw you were during my visitation to your house in August 2015. The moment when I stepped into your house, I received the warmest smile and welcome from your family members. It is not commonly seen in those families after their family member passed away. It seems that you are a great person in the family that they cannot bear to lose you. Your selfless love to the family and those around you impacted me in many ways. I can feel that your family’s loves for you are far beyond my imagination. 

During the workshop, most of my friends cried during the Initiation Ceremony but somehow I can’t cry because somehow I feel relieved, relief that you leave this world peacefully and granted us your body for nurturing the future doctor. I shall thank you for willingly donate your body for medical use. It is not commonly accepted by people when they know their body is going to be dissected from inside out when they die but your spirit and your determination proved that you did a right deed. 

Despite my course mates and I cannot fully utilized your body due to other doctors needed to use some of your organs, we are still glad that we did learned something from it. I never regret to join this workshop and your selfless love will always be in my heart. May you rest in peace.


Chia Woon Ling 谢芠瓴 (INTI_I11009012)


老師們透過冰冷的身軀默默的教育著我們人生的道理。第一次觸摸著那零攝氏的肌膚,一股熱哄哄的感覺從心中涌現;溫差的融合讓我忘了害怕而多了份感恩。零零碎碎的生活畫面在那幾秒鐘閃過我腦海,我恍然驚覺原來擁有這37°C是種幸福。 那一天后,我開始反省自己對待生命的態度,對待父母親人朋友的態度,甚至開始思考自己生命的意義與價值。腦袋在第一天后就不曾停止思考,老師的原則、老師的生命旅程、老師的金玉良言,一篇又一篇的在我腦中播放。那些畫面讓我失眠了好幾天,也讓我在那寂靜的夜裡思考了更多。身軀上疲累但精神上卻有種滿足,我的心中有著從未有的平靜,因為這幾天混亂的思緒讓我明白了老師們想傳達的訊息——珍惜生命,珍惜身邊的每一位。 



Lai Mei Wei 黎美薇 (INTI_I11008948)

这次参与无语良师计划在知识上得到不错的收获,也让我在人生的意义上有了重新的看法。它让我明白怎样看待生命。在疾病面前我们是渺小的存在,常保持同理心,去关爱病人,并且设身处地的为病人服务,是非常重要的。 谢谢, 感恩。


Tan Yii Huey 陳顗惠 (INTI_I10006864)

从一开始的恐惧,到后来的感动、感恩。感恩老师们,让我们从他们身上学到了不少东西。除了解剖学上的知识,我深深地体会到什么是奉献。真心觉得老师们很伟大! 也感谢无语良师工作坊的全体同仁,为我们制造了这个学习的机会!


Janice Chong Lee Ching 张莉菁 (INTI_I11008963)

I am grateful that I had the opportunity to join Silent Mentor Program. Throughout this session, I learned selflessness through the way the Silent Mentors contributed their bodies for medical studies. I learned respect from family members of the Silent Mentors as they agreed to the last wishes of their loved ones. I also learned sharing from the Western Medicine students, as they taught us and shared their learning on surgical procedures with us, the Chinese Medicine students. After attending this workshop, I had a better understanding on the anatomical structure of human body and learned how to respect the human body as the human body is the temple of the soul. We can use our bodies to benefit the human society and pass on our loving thoughts to them. Thanks to Silent Mentors, Mr. Sia and Prof Chin and all the volunteers as well as the students.


Elsie Teo Sin May 张絲媚 (INTI_I11008953)

I felt very grateful and honoured for being given a chance to participate in the 13th Silent Mentor Worksop. I still remember my feeling on the first day when I first met my Silent Mentor, Mr. Foong Ah Kow. Honesty, when I first met him in SMC, where we were supposed to defrost him that day, I felt some eerie sensation running through my adrenaline  because that was the first time I stand so close to a “corpse” as in my lifetime, I had never been to any funeral before. Despite eerie, I had the urge to move forward to see my Silent Mentor for the very first time. At that moment, it's like the time had been paused. I can see clearly his face and his body. He seemed to be so peaceful. Every morning we were assigned to bathe him. At first I was reluctant to touch him but later on I begun to get used to it. This was the greatest achievement that I had done throughout this whole week, and I'm proud of it as I had overcome my fear towards death body. On the first day of workshop on 9/9/15 before the workshop begun, Mr. Foong’s wife, Madam Sue and her family arrived at the scene. It was a very heart-breaking moment when I saw Madam Sue cried so hard that she can hardly breath, yet kept advising her husband to move on to the other world. I felt so touch and I'm almost crying. I will not forget that moment forever in my lifetime. Throughout this workshop, I have learnt how to appreciate “Life”. “Life” is too short to live in miserable, so we must live our life to the fullest and we should be grateful for what we have. We may not know when do we die, but we all know that death is certain, we will eventually leave the world one day. Once we appreciate and grateful towards our life, then we will leave with no regret. And most importantly, I have learnt that bonding between family members is a special force that will tie and unite a family together. No matter how, the bonding between family members will not be broken apart as there is a faith in us. Although our Silent Mentors had already left this world, but their existence in this world will always remained in our heart and will not be forget till the end of the world. This is the bonding that we, as the student will keep in mind throughout our journey of life. 


Teh Sui Woan 郑绥琬 (INTI_I11008946)














Adelyn Ng Yih Jia黄亦佳 (INTI_I11008945)



在Silent Mentor 活动中,我曾恐惧我将遗忘我曾经历过“心的温度”。但是,我知道那将是不可能的事。因为大体老师离世的那一天是我的生日。每年的那一天将是生命的响铃,提醒着我大体老师的生命旅程和原则。遇见他是我生命的转折点,让我重新思考生命的意义及价值。 


大体老师的坚持;Prof Chin的坚持;Mr. Sia 的坚持;大体老师工作坊背后默默付出的人的坚持。感谢你们的坚持。


Connie Wong Hsuah Nee 黄雪妮 (INTI_I10006778)



我不是一个太感性的人,也不是一个觉得所有的感动都应该哭哭啼啼去表达跟解决的。但是我还是留下了感激的眼泪,我感激的是大体老师家人的包容与成全。一个没有往生者的葬礼对于家人来说是多么的难受,要经历两次的伤痛,对家人来说是有何等的不舍。这次的无语良师计划让我感受到了多方面的付出与努力。老师的坚持,家人的成全,及各位义工朋友们的努力不懈,不管是paksa rela, 还是sukarela, 你们的付出完成了这个足以给我全新气息的生命环节。 

“您好,老师,我是来自英迪国际大学中医系的学生,我叫黄雪妮”. 天知道,这是我第一次没有办法跟我的恩师这么自我介绍,我的心里是多么的复杂。听不到他的声音,我会将这份感觉永远埋在心中,让它萌芽,我会更加珍惜与患者之间的交流。


Ting Fei Jian 董慧娟 (INTI_I10006530)





充實的一個星期終於結束了。 在這之前,每天都是那麼忙碌,渾渾噩噩,忙盲茫。 除了上課見習之外都在忙著做FYP (final year project) 天天幫病人扎針早已麻木,通過這次的工作坊,才發現自己失去激情已久。在裡面,重新找到激情,重拾自己當初進來的熱情。 


辛勞的Prof Chin & Mr. Sia,還有志工團隊,辛苦了!感恩你們的努力與付出!願不久的將來,我有機會參與你們的團隊一起為這麼有意義的項目努力!千言萬語,都無法盡述我們的感激之情!


Chang Shu Jiun 曾淑郡 (INTI_I11009001)



“感恩您 您用大慈大悲精神付出



再引用Prof Chin在感恩礼演讲时所提到的,“四位大体老师决定把自己的身体交给其他人,不是所有人能够做得到的。这是需要很大的勇气才能做到的。”我想这是因为他们都拥有大慈大悲的精神,所以他们都选择了以无我、大舍的举动圆满了他们这一生。 


最后,感恩Prof Chin、Mr. Sia、Jia Bao以及志工们的付出及贡献。感恩!


Tan Ying Xze 陈莹慈 (INTI_I10006563)





Lim Yang Yie 林扬议 (INTI_I10005311)





最令我印象深刻的是Prof. Chin告诉了我们这么一句话:“证严法师说过,我们只有身体的使用权,没有拥有权。”这句话让我反思和明白了,世间的一切永远无法属于一个人,最重要的是把握当下。 



Goh Pau Kim吴保靖(INTI_I10005848)



Wong Chan Yew 黄振耀 (INTI_I11007508)



Wong Jia Hui Amy (UTAR_10UMB04269)

It is an honor to be able to participate in the Silent Mentor Program. From home visit to the actual workshop to sending off ceremony, I learned tremendously. During home visit to Madam Tan Yook May’s home, we chit chatted with the family members to know more about our Silent Mentor. Their journey in life was inspiring. They shared how our Silent Mentor coped with diseases, the emotional depression during their struggles with their illness, how they finally let go their suffering and decided to donate their body as a Silent Mentor to the medical field. I personally feel how great my Silent Mentor made an impact in her family and the legacy that she passed down.

Their selfless sacrifices go a long way. Their final decision to donate their body had benefited many medical personnel. This further helped the future patients whose lives are dependent on the medical personnel. Our Silent Mentors silently provide their body to us to teach and guide us. Step by step, they guided us to improve and refine our clinical skills. I appreciate their sacrifices. She taught me skills and I will use that skills to help others who are in need. I will continue to fulfill their wish towards us, which is to benefit patients in the future.

Besides medical learning, I learned the humanistic value too, the empathy that should be present in every doctor. This workshop allowed me to witness the family’s feeling and emotion towards the loss of their loved ones. My Silent Mentor teaches me to:

-          Appreciate my life every day

-          Be contented in everything

-          Appreciate the first breath that I take every morning when I wake up

-          Be happy in life

-          Appreciate my family members   

“Words cant’ express my gratitude towards the four Silent Mentors of 13th Silent Mentor Workshop. You had bravely chosen to live your life meaningfully, even up to the final journey in life. Thank you Teacher!“


Cheah Yu Wei 谢耀渭 (UTAR_10UMB04237)



医学生可在工作坊中学习基本的外科技能如:伤口缝合(Suturing technique)、插入胸腔导管(Chest-drainage insertion)、插入氧管插管(Endotracheal tube intubation)、插入中心静脉导管(Central Venous Line Insertion)、气管切割法(Tracheostomy)以及观察其他外科、骨科手术的进行方法和解剖学。医学技能,是一门必须一代一代传承下去的知识和手艺,在此感谢陈庆华教授和吴隽彦医生的悉心教导,让我们有机会温故知新,加强各自的技能。





Yap Jen Fai (UTAR_ 10UMB06115)

Prof Chin and colleagues initiatives of setting up Silent Mentor Program is a reflection of their vision in helping the medical field to improve and to teach us humanity, to be humble and respectful to others. It is because of such effort, I was bestowed upon an opportunity to participate in this program. For this, I am forever grateful.

Through this program, I have equipped myself not only just with medical knowledge and skills but also the importance of teamwork, ethics, humanity and respect.

Many thanks to the Silent Mentors for their selflessness and may their souls rest in Nirvana and their family be blessed with peace and health.


Abby Chan Kai Ern (UTAR_10UMB04361)

I am very honored and grateful to be given this opportunity to be part of the 13th Silent Mentor Workshop.

I would like to convey my utmost gratitude towards all the Silent Mentors - Mr. Foong Ah Kow, Madam Khong Soy, Madam Chan Oai Chun, Madam Tan Yook Moy and their family members; not to forget the organizing team.

Without their support, this whole program would not be possible.

This program not only teaches medical skills and technique but transcends conventional medical education by instilling humanity, love, gratitude and appreciation towards life.

I vow to continue to propagate the principles of lifelong learning and appreciation towards life.


Jacqueline Lee Wei Xian (UTAR_10UMB04602)

First I would like to thank Prof Chin and Mr. Sia for organizing Silent Mentor Program. When I first joined this program, I was slightly apprehensive towards it. I did not know much regarding this program except that there will be mentors - patients whom selflessly donate their body after passing away in order for medical students to improve their basic surgical skills and also anatomy. Being a medical student from a private institution, we did not have the privilege or opportunity to learn human anatomy or clinical skills on cadavers but only on mannequin and simulation model. Hence I took this opportunity in hope of improving my clinical skills.

However, during these few months in the Silent Mentor Program, no doubt I did learned a lot and improved on my basic surgical skills such as suturing, chest tube etc, I also learned about compassion, empathy after the home visit and the daily cleansing ritual for our mentors. I also truly respect the selflessness our Silent Mentors and the families had in sacrificing for the greater good.

Being a doctor is not just a job. We may have the best skills, but without compassion and empathy, we're nothing more but a robot.

"Compassion brings us to a stop, and for a moment we rise above ourselves." - Mason Cooley.

Dear Mdm. Chan Oai Chun, thank you for your selfless sacrifice. I will keep reminding myself to this compassion and empathy throughout my career.


Marianne Lee (UTAR_10UMB06274)

It has been an amazing journey throughout the Silent Mentor Program. When I first came across the program a couple of years ago, I thought it was merely a platform to acquire some basic surgical skills. Well, it proved me wrong. Never did I expect it would bring such a wonderful experience that is indescribable, that one has to experience it first-handed. I am really blessed to be part of this program and I am immensely grateful to all the Silent Mentors who have taught us sacrificially, and not to forget Prof Chin and team who have put in great deal of effort into this program. Thank you once again.


Yeap Hsiao Hui (UTAR_10UMB04051)

From the short one-week workshop, our Silent Mentor had taught us a lifetime worth of lessons. He taught us not only on clinical skills, but most importantly, how to become a compassionate doctor. He taught us about living life to its fullest, having a love that is deeper than the ocean and inspired us with his selfless acts of giving. He taught us about the dealings of death and showed us that, as morbid as the thought of death could be, it is possible to have a beautiful death. He made me understand the importance of palliative care and how just simple act of listening to the patient can help. Because sometimes, what the patient needs may not necessarily be what he wants.

He taught us that, there is no meaning in life if we keep comparing our life with others. That is because; we are all unique in our way. We are the one and only one in this world. And thus, doing this will only make us forget about things and most importantly, people who are dear to us.

Thank you to all of our Silent Mentors. Thank you Mr. Foong Ah Kow. Thank you for all the valuable lessons that you have imparted to us. 感恩


Chong Jian Yoong (UTAR_10UMB03957)

I am gladly given a chance to participate in Silent Mentor Program given an outstanding opportunity to practice some basic medical procedures. I have little knowledge about my Silent Mentor until I have paid a home visit to his house and chit-chat with his wife and daughter. I felt that it was an enjoyable moment that family members of Mr. Foong were able to make it positive event to invite us into his house. Despite the grievance that the family suffering from. 

On the day of Brief Introduction of Silent Mentors Session, I felt that Madam Sue, wife of Mr. Foong attended the short briefing session and later had some fruits for dinner. We had a conversation even though it was not as anticipated that it would be but I thought that she and her family members felt enjoyable.  Rather peaceful evening that day reminded me whether I would enrol this program in the future. 

On the second day, there was Initiation Ceremony before the workshop began. We washed our Silent Mentor and performed ritual chanting. As a good and respectable husband loveable by Madam Sue, tears out-broken when she had to have a final look on the smiling face of Mr. Foong. Later, our workshop guided by experienced teachers and teamwork of fellow UTAR colleagues made our day fruitful and enjoyable. It was an experience different from back then of reading medical book and chance to practice basic procedures for better preparation of working days as a houseman. 

Overall, I would deeply appreciate the contribution of Mr. Foong Ah Kow. It is an honour to learn from my mentor and also appreciate the soft side of embrace grief and felt sympathy for those who have lost their family members. I would always remember message sent by my Silent Mentor, Mr. Foong Ah Kow.


12th Silent Mentor Workshop 21-26/04/2015

Charlotte Teong Chuin Yi (MEM110203)

It has been a wonderful journey being with Silent Mentor Program for the past few months. Words can never express the amount of gratitude I owe my Silent Mentor, but if I had the chance I would like to say this to my Silent Mentor:

Dear Madam Wong Soo Come,

I remember the first time I met you was in June 2014. That was when Silent Mentor Centre just received you. Back then, you were accompanied by your family members; they were extremely tearful and filled with sadness.

Five months later, in January 2015, I visited your house and felt that your family seemed familiar. Little did I know that you were my Silent Mentor. Not to worry, your family members were no longer in grief, but rather they have reached a level of acceptance. They were immensely proud of you, spoke of you fondly, and missed you dearly.

In April 2015, during the initiation ceremony of our Silent Mentor workshop, it was the last time they could possibly see you again. They did shed a few tears however remained strong. They left you with a Soka Gakkai sutra and prayed wholeheartedly for you. The thing that transcended everyone’s heart was that they offered their prayers for our fellow Silent Mentors as well.

You have a beautiful and kind family. I hope that you will be in peace knowing that your family members are in peace. I am thankful to be a part of the 12th Silent Mentor Workshop and I would strongly advocate this program to my fellow colleagues.


Marina Bt Norman (MEM110079)

Silent Mentor Program taught me the true meaning of giving with a sincere heart. At first, I joined the program because I wanted to learn about basic skills, however, ever since the home visit, I realized that this program is not just to train our physical skills, but also to train our emotional, to make sure that we understand our patients' and their family's feelings. I really enjoyed every second spent with my Silent Mentor, Madam Wong Soo Come. Even though she did not know me, I felt like she was someone close to my heart. I thank Prof Chin, Mr. Sia and all the Silent Mentor volunteers for this great opportunity. But, my greatest gratitude would be for my Silent Mentor. Thank you Madam Wong Soo Come.


Farah Melydia (MEM110040)

I am truly fortunate to be part of the Silent Mentor Program. Prior to joining the program, I had very little knowledge to what it is truly about except that it was an opportunity for me to practice certain medical and surgical skills. However at the first meeting with the mentor's family, I learnt that this program is much more than a simple scientific endeavor; it was experiencing and learning how to deal with grief and letting go. I had the privilege to speak to the family members and learn about Madam Wong from the very first meeting. I learnt she was truly loved by all those around her. What really touched my heart was the sight of her parents. They were at a loss for words and deeply saddened at the mention of their deceased daughter even though it had been a few months since her passing. From that, I understand that grief is a process that takes time and patience. Now that the Silent Mentor Program is over and all the mentors have been cremated, I take home with me a simple lesson, that while science on its own is a wonder, science with passion and reason goes beyond what the mind can see.


Amirah bt Mohamad Sabri (MEM110007)

First of all, I would like to express my greatest gratitude to Madam Wong and other Silent Mentors for sacrificing their body for us to learn many things, especially basic surgical procedures. This is our first time doing intubation, chest tube, central venous line and suturing on real body. It can boost our confidence in handling the patients and be a safer doctor. Besides, this program is an eye opener for us that a good doctor must not only know treating the disease but also have sense of humanity, empathy, responsibility and treating the patient as a whole. We have gained new experiences and lessons that will be very useful for our future career. Last but not least, I would like to thank Silent Mentor Centre for giving us the great opportunity to join this program.


Chong Kim Yeong 莊錦榮 (MEM110024)

感恩我有這個機會參與無語良師計劃,更感恩我有這個機會認識了我們的老師。在工作坊的那段時間,身為醫學生的我們經常為老師淨身梳洗。在這期間,雖然老師的身體是冰冷的,但我卻感覺到老師暖暖的愛意。他捨身讓我們無數次地在他身上割劃縫針,並允許我們在他的身上學習基本的醫學手续 (medical procedure)。除此,我们也在他的身上學習了人生的道理。他的一生讓我們明白親情的可貴,也讓我們知道人的一生不在於長短,而在於生命的意義。老師無私的教導深深烙印在我的心中,老師對生命的尊重也讓我們明白行醫的使命。 Hipprocates 曾经说:To cure sometimes, to relieve often, to comfort always.這話讓我明白尽管醫学不断地进步,不断地研发新药物疫苗,但医生不能时时治愈每一位病人。医生毕竟不是神,不能控制人的生與死,而医生往往只能舒緩病人的痛楚,慰問他們的狀況,和陪伴他們度過生命中最後的一段路。老師不單單是豐富了我們的醫術,更教會了我们何为醫德這麼宝贵的一堂課。感恩,惜福。謝謝您,我們的無語英雄。


Pow Zheng Yuan (MEM110146)



Ong Suet Yan (MEM110142)

I have to thank the organizer, Prof Chin and Mr. Sia for initiating this Silent Mentor Program. This program not only allows medical students to attempt various hands-on procedures in surgical field but also gave a very important morale session for all of us. Silent Mentors taught us to be empathy toward our mentors and also to the family members. During the initiation ceremony, I saw how much love the mother has toward his son, my Silent Mentor. From then, I knew I must make sure my Silent Mentor is clean thoroughly throughout the whole program. We bathed our Silent Mentor every morning until the day they were put inside the coffin. The other important lesson is responsibility. From the first day of the workshop, Prof Chin told us it is our responsibility that our Silent Mentors are bathed before and after every workshop. That is why it does not matter whether we have class or not, we wake up at 5.30 am every morning to bath our Silent Mentor. Until the last day of the workshop which is the closing and sending off ceremony, we realized throughout the few days that we spent with our Silent Mentor, we had built a relationship that no one will understand. The amount of respect and gratitude that I have towards, you, my teacher, Mr. Tay Kian Siang can never be enough.


Chiew Re On (MEM110021)

The Silent Mentor Program has taught me so much more than I can ask for. First heard in my second year, I had no clue what it was. Third year came and I registered upon knowing that it is a workshop designed to give medical students an opportunity to learn procedures like suturing, inserting a chest tube, inserting a central line and intubation. The program began with home visit in my fourth year. Little did I know I would learn so much more than the said procedures. I learnt that my Silent Mentor was not just someone, he was someone’s son, someone’s brother, someone’s husband, and someone’s father. The workshop began. My Silent Mentor laid motionless on the operating table and we were free to do all the procedures. I realized that I had to take each session of workshop seriously and learn as much as I can. Each morning session of cleaning our Silent Mentors was the least I could do to show my respect for him. My Silent Mentor has redefined the word ‘sacrifice’ to me. Mr. Tay Kian Siang will forever be remembered as the teacher I respect and for that I could not thank him more.


Ching Hui Chi (MEM110022)

第十二届无语良师工作坊让我学会了不仅仅是医学技巧,还教会了我深刻即宝贵的人生教育。生命,不只是生老病死; 虽然我们敬爱的大体老师们离世了,但他们的灵魂和那份化无用为大用的大爱精神却是永存的。感恩大体老师们的无私奉献,成就了我们这群医学界的子弟们。黄瑞坤老师,感恩您!此外,很感激陈庆华教授,谢先生,以及所有的工作团队和我们一起实践了这项意义非凡的计划。


Tan Khai Shin (MEM110170)

In the process of learning: To cure sometimes, to comfort always. Throughout this Silent Mentor Workshop, we woke up early in the morning to pray and clean our mentors, walked back in darkness night. It is tiring but worthwhile. They not only taught us the skills but also the care for the patients and their family members. They live in another form of life by spreading the seeds and we shall grow it to become the forest. May all the kind souls rested in peace.


Farhana Izzaty Binti Muhamad Fisal (MEM110041)

I joined Silent Mentor Program as I was curious about what was the program all about. I did some research and was amazed by Silent Mentor Program in Taiwan. It is different from the other clinical skill workshop as we learn from teacher and practice on mannequin. However, through this program, we had our Silent Mentor as our teacher whom also donated their body to be used by us, the medical students. It was amazing to see that there are amazing people out there like our Silent Mentors who were willing to sacrifice for us. I sincerely think that they had made a big contribution to the medical society by giving us the chance to learn directly from their body.  Lastly, there is no word that can describe how grateful I was to be a part of this program. I hope that this program will be continuing in the future.


Muhammad Danial Abdul Rahman (MEM110089)

Silent Mentor Program has given me opportunity as a young future doctor not just to practice surgical skills, but also taught me to instill emotion in the treatment of patients. Being a part of our Silent Mentor family has taught me to learn about our Silent Mentor life history and how the disease has affected him and family. As much as disease changes the family way of living, as a doctor, I have learnt that it is important to take family matter into treatment consideration. Furthermore, our teacher has wholeheartedly donated their body for the sake of improving medical research. This has inspired me to become a good person to contribute the world for better future. Thus, SilentMentor is a truly good program to join and learn. 


Teo Yong Teck张咏得 (MEM110181)



Wong Pei Ru (MEM110192)

参加无语良师工作坊是我两年前的心愿, 当年是在一次偶然的机会下参与大体老师的告别仪式。这次全程亲自上阵, 感触更多。暂且不管大体老师们生前有多少丰功伟业, 在生命结束后他们无私的选择是世人有目共睹的, 也让他们走的更有意义。我钦佩他们能够允许近百个医生及学生们在他们身上划下一刀又一刀, 刺下一针又一针。他们是如此舍得, 如此开通。最后,我想我的心愿也随着这项活动的结束又增加了一个。


Cheah Ai Xin (MEM110017)

This program is very meaningful. I joined it initially for the wrong purpose. However, in the process, I learned a lot. It is not only techniques and skills like suturing, central venous line insertion that I learned, it is the insight that I gained after joining this program. I learnt to look at things from different aspects and I reflected on myself a lot. I am glad and grateful that I am given this chance to join this program and I definitely appreciate it a lot. This program makes me a better person.


Ng Shireen (MEM110106)

I am very grateful for having the opportunity to participate in this Silent Mentor Program. This program taught me the value of love and sacrifice. Silent mentor's selfless sacrifice for the medical field is really a noble act that touches all of us. I gained a lot from this program as I was able to learn and perform clinical skills on real body instead of mannequin. Apart from learning skills, we were connected to our Silent Mentor through the home visit. We met the family members of our Silent Mentor to understand the life story of our Silent Mentor and the sequence of events that prompted her to make such a noble decision to become a Silent Mentor. Throughout the program, there were tire, sorrow and joy and I am glad that I participated in it. It was a wonderful experience for all of us and we will reminisce it. Once again, my deepest gratitude to my Silent Mentor, Madam Lee Yin.


Fatin Akilah Bt Roslan (Taylor’s_300554)

I knew about this program a few years back before I joined medical school. My reaction at that time was like those people who joined were very lucky to experience it since it was very unique and different. Now, I realized that I am very thankful and grateful to become one of the participants and I would say it was one of memorable moments in my life since it worth! What is the most important part is that I learnt how to be human. By putting empathy, I know that I make the best of it.


Nazrin Bin Mohd Yunus (Taylor’s_300555)

For me, it was a great experience involving in this program. A lot of things I have learnt from this program. A visit to our Silent Mentor’s family was a good way to create a bond with our Silent Mentor’s family members and know our Silent Mentor’s life much more. We had a chance to express our condolences to the family members of our Silent Mentor. Even though the conversation was in Mandarin, I am able to understand how their feelings when they lost their loved ones. I am able to understand the value of love and the strength of parents’ love towards their children. Losing someone you love was a disaster, but their memory with you will makes you value life more. During the cleaning process, I learnt the value of respect even to the deceased. Before we start, we had a moment of silence as a sign of respect to our Silent Mentor. Then, Taylor’s and UM students together cleaning their Silent Mentors. It was a great way to learn the value of teamwork. During the final viewing session for the family members of the Silent Mentors, it was my first time attending funeral for Buddhist. It was a great experience. Again, I was able to witness the great value of love. All the family members went into tears when they see their loved ones cold and immobile. I was able to see a mother’s love towards her son, a husband’s love towards his wife and children’s love towards their mother. It was a touching moment and I learnt to value life more. During the workshop, thanks to our Silent Mentor that we able to train our skills in real human bodies. I learnt a lot from this workshop and improving my procedure skills. By attending this workshop, it is like ‘killing two birds with one stone’. I was able to enhance my medical knowledge as well as I am able to learn the value of life. And by attending this workshop also, I was able to taste vegetarian food for the first time and trust me, it was delicious. This will be an unforgettable memory for me and I will remember it till I become a doctor. Thanks to the Silent Mentors who donated their bodies for the purpose of medical learning.


Nur Aisyah Bt Mohd Nasir (Taylor’s_300626)

After joining the Silent Mentor Program, I realized that the program was quite beneficial and I would glad to give positive opinions to those who are interested to join this workshop in the future. I had learnt few procedures from this workshop and I could say that this workshop had made me confident to perform those procedures on real patient under guidance. However, I would like to stress on that, all the students still need to practice doing those procedures to be able to perform it perfectly, like the well-known proverb, practice makes perfect. Besides, after knowing about the life story of our Silent Mentors and their family, I learnt that sometimes what appears to be the end is really a new beginning. It refers to all people. For the Silent Mentors, this worldly life was the end for them while the afterlife is really a new beginning for them. On the other hand, the Silent Mentor's family may have their end of time with our Silent Mentors, it also can be a really new beginning for their family to start a new beginning and plan their new life without our Silent Mentor for example, my Silent Mentor had left his wife and 2 year old son had to move on their life without the leader of their family, a loving husband and father. I believe that they will turn out to be a strong person. In addition, this workshop had made more to learn more about my beloved religion, Islam and also about Buddha culture. Sometimes, we were in our own comfort zone for quiet a long period until we lose interest to learn more and when we were going through new experiences then we realized that there were a lot more that we did not know about for example in this case about my religion when it collides with Buddha culture. I appreciate more that, when varieties of culture and religion lives together, they need to accept the differences and choose to live peacefully. Do not criticize something that contradicts with us although we did not follow them. Try to understand them and make them clear about what we actually believe. After all, spread peace, say peace and live peacefully ever after.


Nurfathin Atikah Bt Ahmad Termizi (Taylor’s_300621)

When I first attended the home visit, I was touched by the closeness and warm welcome from my Silent Mentor’s family. I really respect them for involving in this workshop as 4 family members in her family signed up as future Silent Mentors. It is a really great experience to know them and get to know about my Silent Mentor. During the workshop, I felt really lucky to have this chance to participate in this amazing and benefiting workshop. It is really nice to learn new culture, get to know new friends and lecturers and not to forget, Mr. Sia. Thank you, Silent Mentor Centre for all these great experiences and knowledge. Thank you, Mdm. Wong Soo Come, you will always be in my heart. Lot of thank to Mdm. Wong Soo Come’s family.  


Desiree Evelyn Sta Maria (Taylor’s_1101GH11967)

I would like to send my utmost gratitude to Madam Lee Yin and her family, Prof Chin, Mr Sia, University Malaya and Taylor’s University for giving us this great opportunity to be part of the 12th Silent Mentor Workshop. I am truly honored to be part of this program as I learned not just on medical knowledge, but on empathy, compassion and selflessness which we, medical students need to instill in us to help our future patients.  The sacrifice that Madam Lee Yin and her family made will never be forgotten and the knowledge gained will not just stop here but will continue to help others in the future.  I appreciate every moment in this program from the home visits, getting to know Madam Lee Yin and her family more, the practices, learning sign language for our performance, getting to know the other Silent Mentors through other group’s presentations, making new friends, the workshop itself and finally to take care of Madam Lee Yin till we send her off for the last time. I thank you Madam Lee Yin.


Siti Hauna Bt Ahmad Farid (Taylor’s_300602)

First of all I would like to thank my honored Silent Mentor, Mr. Tay Kian Siang and his beloved family for their endless sacrifice for the medical field generally and to myself personally. Then I would like to thank the organizer team for providing me the opportunity to participate in this program. Last but not least, I would like to thank my colleagues who sincerely helped me throughout the event started from the beginning till the end. Even though we are from the different universities, races and backgrounds but we managed to overcome all of the barriers without any discrimination. Honestly I am glad to be a part of them. This program helps me gaining my confidence to perform some clinical procedures before jump into the real profession as a practicing doctor in near future. It is not only about learning the medical aspect, but also the values of life that I think the most valuable lesson I learned from this program. Humanity, responsibility and respect are the values that are important for the health practitioners to help the general population in improving their health conditions holistically.


Muvennthen A/L Kannan (Taylor’s_304202)

First of all, I would like to express my utmost gratitude for giving us the opportunity to be a part in the 12th Silent Mentor Workshop. When I initially thought this is just a workshop to improve my clinical skills and knowledge, I was proven to be wrong.  Besides that, this program also emphasized a lot on the value of humanity, love, empathy and care. At the end of this program, I am very thankful to my Silent Mentor, Mr. Tay Kian Siang for his willingness to sacrifice his body for the purpose of medical education. In a nutshell, this is a valuable program for medical students as it not only enhances our clinical skills and knowledge, but it also nurtures the value of love and empathy in our heart. Thanks you Silent Mentor Centre for this wonderful opportunity. If I was given an opportunity to participate in this program, I will surely join again.


Denise Zhang Shu-Eu (Taylor’s_0901A69709)

The whole journey throughout this program, despite surgical knowledge that was instill, it may have instill a little more sense of humane in me. Learning from our Silent Mentors is indeed different from learning from a cadaver in school. We have got to know what sort of person our mentors were like when they were still alive. There was a sense of familiarity as if we have known them in person when we finally have met our Silent Mentors for the very first time. More than words can describe how moved I was. It is that warmth and muzzy feeling I felt knowing that all our mentors are very much loved by at least someone out there. I am very thankful and grateful to all four mentors of ours for their undying love and courage to give us their bodies for our learning without knowing us. I am also very grateful to Silent Mentor Centre for giving us this opportunity. I would trade anything the world to have this experience I had here from the program again.


Nursabrina Tan Binti Naim Tan (Taylor’s_304968)

I first applied for the Silent Mentor Program without much knowledge on it aside from the basics. At that time, I did not imagine that I will be signing up for an unforgettable experience. This Silent Mentor Program has introduced me to a side of medicine that cannot be taught, but is learnt.The workshop was very beneficial to us students to learn and practice procedures that we normally are not allowed to perform on our patients. We are able to learn a lot from the professionals and the hands-on experience enabled me to reinforce the knowledge gained. The workshop really helped me to better myself as a medical student. The whole experience, from home visits, washing and cleaning the Silent Mentors, coffining and to the very last day on the funeral service, has been a humbling journey. I learnt of bonds, of sympathy and empathy, of being respectful and many more. What strike me most was that I am reminded that one day, I will pass on as well. And to leave something good in this world, in whatever form, is a victory on its own. Although I have never met my Silent Mentor, but their contribution has allowed me to learn more than what I initially bargained for. This program has taught me that medicine goes so much deeper than treatment and cure. For that I thank the Silent Mentor Program and most importantly I thank my Silent Mentor. To have learnt from you is priceless.


Mohd Hazim Bin Mohd Marzuki (Taylor’s_300556)

Silent Mentor Workshop is one of the best programs that I had attended. It incorporated clinical skills workshop with personal growth in empathy and interpersonal skills. The idea of knowing your Silent Mentor and their family prior to the skills workshop makes me value the selfless sacrifice of the Silent Mentor. It makes me appreciate a simple yet beautiful relationship between teacher (Silent Mentor) and students (us). At the end of this program, I manage to hone my skills on clinical procedures and also have my own development of emotions and empathy. I realised that the strongest unbreakable knot ever existed is none other than the bond of family.


Nurul Syahirah Shafee (Taylor’s_300599)

There is no word I can use to describe how great our Silent Mentors are, sacrificing their bodies for us to become a good doctor in the future. I did not only learn medical skills, but I also learn empathy, respect and love. The love and endless support from Silent Mentor’s family members taught me love has no boundaries of blood, race or religion. Regardless of race or religion, we are our Silent Mentor’s students as one. Together as one we clean our Silent Mentor’s body, together we practice on him, together we pray for him, and together we prepare and send him off to his final journey. As this workshop finished my determination to become an excellent doctor is now becoming stronger. This program gives me a lot of once in a lifetime experiences, which will always remain in my memories. Thank you.


Nurul Afifah Mohd Yusoff (Taylor’s_300528)

A body worth hundreds of skill. A dead saves a thousand lives. A deceased contributes to new findings in research. A frozen breaks the tears. Thanks to all the Silent Mentors who had donated their bodies in order to benefit the people who still sound and healthy. I was very grateful to have this opportunity involving in Silent Mentor Workshop. It was not only new skills that I have developed, but I learned about teamwork, determination, family relationship and others that I did not expect initially. Silently, they had taught me many things.


Nik Nurul Atira Nik Zuraidi (Taylor’s_300532)

In this program, I am not learning only about skills but I also learn about respect and the meaning of life. I cannot imagine how people can donate their bodies without getting any benefit and I cannot imagine how the family can cope with this situation. I was so grateful to get this opportunity to be one of the medical students involved in this program. I will not forget this experience because there is so much memory in it. Thank you my Silent Mentor, you will always be in our heart.


Ong Hwee Chin 王煜芊 (Taylor’s_1001A76229)

无私的奉献, 无限的感动. 在无语良师身上的千针万缝就犹如教师千言万语地灌输知识; 知识的传播就犹如散播着爱的种子,受益的不仅仅是我们这莘莘学子, 更是我们将会贡献的社会.遗爱人间,人间有爱.感激无语良师的奉献.感恩!


Emelda Rose Sebastin (Taylor’s_304036)

Silent Mentor Workshop will definitely be one of the best programs I attended to this year. This program has not only taught me in medical context but most importantly about empathy. The home visit was very fruitful in which it makes us to develop our communication skills and understanding about our Silent Mentors. The workshop was really meaningful as all of us could work together so well and help each other to learn and most importantly with the limited surgical equipment, we could still share with other groups and think about others.  The medical professionals who helped to teach us every step of each procedure really moved me especially when those doctors who were not even involved in the workshop dropped by to teach us. They are all super nice and professional doctors.

I would like to say a few words about Professor Chin. He is one general surgeon who is very down to earth and not only I learned about medical but also about respect, humbleness and compassion from him. Professor Chin will always be someone that I will look up to.  Personally, coming to the most important part I loved my Silent Mentor family. They are so strong in facing life challenges and they are so positive and still can put a smile on their face despite everything they have been through. They will definitely have my utmost respect and love forever including my own Silent Mentor who will be always cherished and she will remain in my heart forever.


Tan Bee Kuan 陈美君 (Taylor’s_305318)

黄素琴老师: 感谢老师您无言与无私的奉献,虽然我没能在您答应捐赠的那一刻对您说声谢谢,但在每天的工作坊,我都对您的无私奉献感激万分。您的这份无私奉献让我正正的体会了不只是医学的奥妙、知识,更让人钦佩的是您的那份无人能敌的大爱精神。《离去不是生命的终点,而是生命的延续》- 是我从您身上所领悟到的。人的一生不能预知有多长,有多意义,有多么的伟大,但能在死后把自己的身体捐赠出来,舍己为他人的这份精神是一定将被传承下去! 感谢您!

11th Silent Mentor Workshop 11-16/11/2014

张芯洁(Crystal Teoh) - USM



依稀记得我与“无语良师计划”的第一次接触是在2013年的暑假,当我在马大医院实习的时候。那时是从朋友口中得知病人自愿把遗体捐赠出来供医学研究和进行模拟手术教学。 刚开始时还以为自己听错了,这遗体捐献在本国也有推行吗?这不是在先进的国家诸如香港、台湾才会有吗?后来在朋友再三解释下方才知马大医院微创腹腔镜内镜手术训练中心 (MILES)是在 2012 年从台湾引进了此计划,当时才办了三届,再过两个星期就要举办第四届了。

在好奇心的驱使下,我到 MILES 的办公处询问可否参加此活动。后来,谢先生答应了我并带我到无语良师的家进行访问。通过无语良师的妻子与朋友,我才知道他们把身体捐献给医学院,一来是希望我们能多练习基本的手术技巧,以便能更熟练 ;二来是想向学生灌输敬畏生命、尊重生命、同理生命的观念。无语良师的妻子说现今有许多医者罔顾病人的利益,一心只想如何为自己捞一笔庞大的收入。听了之后,我除了为这些医者感到汗颜,也领悟到无语良师的用心与意愿。病人看重的不仅仅是医生的行医技巧, 更可贵的是那份能体谅、同理别人的赤子之心!但这是多少医者忽略的部分呢?殊不知,一句暖心的问候、一颗待病人如同待自己亲生父母的心也能让病人感动许久。

接下来的一个星期,我结识了陈教授、赖小姐、佳宝,还有一群马大的医学生。我们很快就打成一片,还被陈教授拉去下厨给无语良师的家人。虽然煮出来的菜肴不能与餐厅媲美,但那家人还是很感激我们为他们做出的一道道爱心佳肴。我也从那次体验到自愿为芸芸众生无私付出的道理。当然最让我们医学生受益的是基本手术训练课程。我学习到了各种缝密伤口的技巧、chest tube insertion、intubation、central line insertion 等等。无语良师让我从原本的一窍不通到后来的熟能生巧,这段学习过程,实属毕生难忘。


到了最后一天,大伙儿几百人包括教授、医生、医学生、家属从马大医学院一直护送着大体老师到孝恩园火化。每个人的心情都是沉甸甸的,尤其是看着家属瞻仰逝者最后一幕的当儿,心中也难免悲从中来。那瞬间我觉得不管是大体老师抑或我们在行医途中遇到的病人都是他们家人眼中的挚爱、有故事的人。可惜的是医者们往往只顾着把任务完成,少有留意病人的感受。在为病人看诊的时候,也鲜少给予患者精神上的治疗。我想 “无语良师计划”是在教导我们日后要在病源、适量的药方、合适的手术和精神疗养方面多花点心思,才能让患者重拾健康吧!

时隔一年,我又再次到马大医院实习。一天,我在电梯里碰上了陈教授。他说他正筹备着让理大的医学生参加 “无语良师计划”。我听了又惊又喜,于是决定了帮忙陈教授打点这计划。经过两个月的努力,还有理大医学院院长、副院长、医生的支持,终于,我们一行十六人能有幸参加第十一届无语良师工作坊。这一次,大家都获益匪浅,除了基本手术训练,还有机会参与了医生们的专业课程。读了将近五年的医书,这可是头一遭把真正的人体器官握在手里研究。大体老师让我们认识了人体的构造,更为重要的是我们领悟到老师的伟大和慷慨无私。他们舍身支持医疗教育的精神实在为世人所钦佩!

搁笔之前,我要代表理大医学院感谢我们敬爱的陈教授、马大医院的医生、谢先生、赖小姐、佳宝 以及MILES 的工作人员让我们参加此次的工作坊。感恩我们这次的机缘,促成了马大-理大历史性的一刻。感激陈教授、马大医院的医生们对我们的教导,我们将永存在心!对我们的大体老师, 我们想说 :

           不言之教, 无言感激。

           生命有限, 知识永存,

           一点一滴, 铭记于心。

           无言老师, 如何感激。

笔于 2014年 11月 21日


Tium Wei Nie - USM

林福荣恩师在影片里说:“ 割吧,千刀万刀也割吧。割错了就再割。别担心弄疼我。一直割下去,直到你们学会怎么做,我不会生气的。。”心里除了感动还是感动。老师们不只把肉体奉上,让我们学习,他们还让我们感受到了无语良师们无私伟大地牺牲自我的大爱精神,他们热心积极地面对生活挑战的态度,他们对生命的坚持与人生观点,这些种种都值得去学习的精神,让我们刻苦铭心,绝对不忘恩师传承的智慧。


感恩大家,愿恩师心事圆满,善念大爱的种子能传承, 延续下去。。


Yeap Biou Seng- USM

I am so lucky to join the 11th Silent Mentor Workshop at University Malaya from 11 - 16 November 2014. From the Brief Introduction of Silent Mentors, I was able to know all Silent Mentors background. During the Initiation Ceremony, I observed the family members viewed their loved ones for the final time. This really touched me and they really gave big sacrifice for this program. Then, a few doctors from UM and USM gave lecture and each of them had a half an hour demonstration with us on the Silent Mentor. The most memorable moment was when I first made a cut on real people and performed suturing, intubation, chest tube insertion and central venous pressure line insertion which I was not able to perform such procedures during my medical studies. I appreciated that when I made incision on them, I must suture it assuming they were our real patients. At night, I have performance practice with UM students and I was able to make new friends with them.

On the remaining few days, I joined chest trauma surgery workshop and orthopedic surgical exposure workshop and I finally appreciated the anatomy of real people. This was my first time performing cardiac massage on the real people. On the last day which was the gratitude ceremony, we could see the Silent Mentor left behind their expectation on medical students especially one of the Silent Mentor said “just cut on my body, I will not feel pain, I hope you all can be a better doctor”. It really touches me. I really appreciate the Silent Mentors made a huge sacrifice on donating their body for us to practice so that we will be able to become a better doctor and treat more people. I will not disappoint them. At last, I will like to say thank you all UM and USM doctors who taught us during Silent Mentor program and gave me a chance to join such a meaningful program.


Tan Chung Yung - USM

I am very honored that I was given a chance to participate in this program in which the input was endless. Through this program, it was an eye opener that such courage still exists in this world in donating their bodies despite of the normal norms. Besides, through the mentors, I learnt lots about life thus being great teachers to me. Yhank you mentors…


Imran Moinuddin - USM

The Silent Mentor program is a great learning opportunity not only for the medical students but also for the medical officers as well. We were able to perform many basic surgical procedures which will be required to become a good doctor. The Silent Mentors were also able to be a great life lesson which was always give and be humble in life as they are very great and respected human beings for still giving to the community after death. A big thank you to the M.I.L.E.S community for giving us this amazing chance.


Chow Kok Cheow - USM

很荣幸能够参加于马来亚大学举办的第十一届无语良师工作坊,这也是理科大学第一次受邀请出席。“人固有一死,或重于泰山,或轻于鸿毛。” 对我而言,老师们的奉献是至高无上地。感恩老师的奉献,让我们有机会透过老师们学习一些基础治疗程序。在老师身上我们所学到的不只是医学知识,从老师的生平简介我们也学习到了他们对待人生、社会、家人的精神以及价值观。




Being a doctor is not just to treat the collections of symptoms that the patients have but it comes with a great responsibility to comfort the patients always in all aspects of mankind life. A good doctor must have a determination and target to improve their knowledge, clinical skills and yet the attitude will be the most important aspects in the field of medicine since it brings about the internal driving towards the passion in treating the patients as a whole.

Congratulation to the Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya upon its initiative to introduce a program called “Silent Mentor” that brings an essence of medicine as well as medical ethics. This program has successfully played its crucial roles in helping medical students as well as doctors in training their surgical skills that is to be performed in the future patients. With the presence of skillful, enthusiastic and excellent lecturers, it brings about the enjoyment and curiosity among the students to ask any questions as well as to perform the basic surgical skills with determination. A great appreciation for all the lecturers for their willingness to teach.

Moreover, the most interesting part of this program is that, it helps the medical students to develop humanistic values in life. The program had successfully exposed the students on how to build a good relationship between patients and the family members before the body is being used for training. We were cried with them together after the first prayer ceremony. How sad it was but how lucky I was to be with the generous Silent Mentor as well as their respective family members for their willingness and kindness to give a special opportunity to use the body for learning purposes. A sense of respect whole-heartedly to them is of paramount importance and their willingness to donate the body is of the noble things in life that must be appreciated whole-heartedly. 

I wondered how our Silent Mentors, whom we never met, were willing to contribute their body to us. We will never forget them and we will try to be better doctors with what we have learnt from them. May God grant them special places. My last words will be: I hope all the Silent Mentors will be resting in full peace and all their souls shall be blessed with the knowledge we practice from their bodies. Thank you.


Lo Jia Hui - USM

能够参与这第十一届的无语良师工作坊是个难得的机会,毕竟这是身为理大学生的我前所未有的体验。透过这一个星期的工作坊让我获益良多。大体老师们能够无私地奉献出他们的大体,让医学生及医生们在他们身上划上无数的伤痕使我们学习到难得可贵的医学知识与技术。这一具具冰冷的大体,身前曾是位慈祥的父亲;是对工作热忱的工程师;是积极参与志工的母亲;是个乐观的乳癌病患者。他们各个有自己的人生故事,但他们选择了以捐赠他们的大体来作为他们这趟人生旅途中最美好的句点。他们愿意以这样的方式延续他们对社会的爱。这种无私奉献的爱与精神,深深地打动了我。也感谢所有第十一届无语良师工作坊,MILES 的 Prof Chin, Mr. Sia 及志工们的付出。希望以后理大的医学系学弟学妹们也有机会到马大参与这个有意义的活动。万分感谢!


Cha Mei Yee - USM

The Silent Mentors have taught me about sacrifice and letting go. How many people would want to let go of their body? They did not fear of being cut many times and kept away the taboo worries. They hope for the best of the future generation and medical field and they have bestowed their hope on us, the doctors and students. Therefore, most importantly, what we have learnt from this program should be applied later on, and also teach our colleagues.

Thank you to the Silent Mentors, Prof Chin, Mr. Sia, Silent Mentors’ family members and the people who have kept this good program running.


Daniel Phang Sen Kai - USM

I am glad to be able to participate in this program. At first, I feel that this program is just another workshop for medical student to brush up their knowledge and skills. I was wrong indeed. Throughout this program, I am deeply touched because I cannot imagine someone willing to sacrifice their body for the purpose of medical education. The support that was given by family members of Silent Mentors also inspired me to be a better human. I am glad to my Silent Mentor who taught me to be generous, kind and humble in treating patients in the future. Thank you MILES for giving me this once in a lifetime experience. I am deeply grateful to my Silent Mentor and promise to be a more competent doctor in the future.


Hor Jie Ning - USM

First of all I would like to express my utmost gratitude to the organizer: Mr. Sia, Prof Chin, Tzu Chi, Xiao-En and UM medical students for giving us this golden opportunity to be a part in the Silent Mentor Program. This program is an eye opener to us as we will never have the opportunity to do certain procedures in medical student life and even in working life. It can indeed boost our confidence in handling patients and be competence when we work later. It is a good step to produce safer doctors.

Besides that I would like to thank a million to our Silent Mentors and their family members. They are willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of medical profession and for the well-being of the public. This would be hardly accepted by most of the people. However, the family members being understanding and respect for the mentors’ decision, I think we should learn this from them.

Last but not least, I hope that this program will be carried on and more and more in medical profession can grab this chance and benefit from it. And I hope this will create awareness among the public so that we will have more volunteers to ensure the continuity of this program. Thank you.


Woo Xiang Ling – USM

More than a dead body

Everyone has to die one day. When that day comes, most are buried very soon.  The burial is symbolic; we say our last goodbyes and send off the deceased, accepting that he/she will no longer be with us. And then, we move on.

“Funerals are not for the dead. They’re for the living.”

The Silent Mentors are different.

Each mentor waited months for their burial. The mentors consent their bodies for use by medical students to learn. Students cut and open up their mentor’s body, each cut guiding the student closer to becoming a doctor.  The learning workshops are organized only a few times a year. Hence, there is a need to freeze the mentor’s bodies until use. This can take up to half a year. Only then can the burial proceed.

“Why are you keeping your father in a fridge? You’re leaving his body to be cut up by strangers? What kind of son are you? Don’t you want to bring his body home?”

 “The relatives were against it. But I told them I respected my father’s wish to be a silent mentor. I didn’t say any more. The more I said, the more arguments I got.”

“Students, you don’t have to worry when you cut me open. I’m already dead, I won’t feel any pain. Use my body properly to learn. Save as many as you can. And I will be happy.” 

“I donate my body because I want to help those with cancer. The doctors told me they haven’t discovered a cure for the type of cancer I have now. Through studying my body, I hope a cure will be discovered one day. I hope less people die because of cancer.”

This is the great sacrifice of the mentors and their families. They want to contribute, even after they die. This great act is why students name them Our Silent Mentors”.  It is a title of honor and respect.

“We, the students, will always remember our mentors.”

You don’t forget your first time. Before the workshop, the only exposure we had about procedures was through books. This is our first time performing a suture, chest tube, intubation and central venous line on a real body. Students do not dare perform them on live patients for fear of doing wrong. Our mentors serve as a platform of great practice, enabling us the confidence we need to perform them on real patients one day.

The second last day of the workshop was a busy one.  We rehearsed for the closing ceremony from 3 to 5pm. We then proceeded to coffin our mentors from 5 to 9pm. It was a straight 6 hours without any breaks in between.  We did not stop for dinner.  I remember being tired from standing so long. My legs and the bottom of my feet hurt. I was cold, so hungry and grumpy.

“Why are we doing so much to send off our mentors?  It’s been 6 hours. I’m tired and hungry. It’s not like doing so much will bring the dead back. So why bother?”

The answer is responsibility.

If you cut, you are responsible to stitch the wound back.  If you use a body to learn, you are responsible to take care of it from start until the end. The burial is the end.  We are responsible to see through everything until after the burial.

“Life is better if it revolved less about ourselves and more about what we can do for others instead.”

One of the mentors left us students a last message. It was specific instructions on what students are to learn from his body:

“Treat your patients like human beings. Not just as a disease.” 

Medical staffs frequently have such little time! Patients are being left in a high state of anxiety because doctors do not talk to them enough. The lack of time and attention paid to patients means that serious mistakes are being made. Medication errors can result and sometimes very ill patients or their families are not being asked if the person wishes to be resuscitated, meaning that the terminally ill can end up receiving futile treatment.

We students have seen and heard the saying many, many times. It forms the basis of our practice in medicine. But how many of us adhere to it? We can be pretty busy people.

What kind of doctor will you become one day?

What kind of person do you want to be?

We would like to express our gratitude to all those involved in the making of this program. A special thanks to Prof. Chin, Mr. Sia and Jia Bao for working so hard, being the main driving force of this program. To our Silent Mentors and their family for their selflessness and courage. To the UM students, for their kind hospitality and showing us the best eating places around. And finally, to my USM mates, for your company and all that we have been through together.

It’s important we do our part in sustaining a program as meaningful as this one. Being a student who has learned so much from them, we are the best people to tell others about our Silent Mentors. And so, I write this.


Foo Shi Ping - USM

I decided to join the ‘Silent Mentor Program’ is because I thought it would be a great opportunity to gain some valuable experience from the practical workshop, which were shown on the promotional video circulated on Facebook. My first impression was this could be the most interesting workshop I have ever come across. Imagine the chance to see, touch, cleanse and do procedures on a real human body, I was sure it was an opportunity not to be missed.

Upon arrival at PPUM, we were blessed with great accommodation, a comfy, cozy double bed room equipped with air conditioned and hot shower. As a student, this was something we would have dreamt of. We were brought to the MILES Centre, although the welcoming party was not great, we still feel the sense of belonging to this program. We met several UM medical students, Tzu Chi personnel and doctors on our 1st day, we did not talk much, but rest assured that we will be working together closely for the next few days.

Throughout the whole workshop, we learned a lot. We were able to see the true love between the family members and the deceased, tears of sadness, and sense of losing someone they loved and dearly missed. The emotions were strong. I always kept in mind that the human body in front of me was a person, not a vessel for me to cut, puncture or do anything I want. It was good that we had plenty of time to practice on suturing, chest tube insertion, intubation and many more. Definitely more than enough for us, hence we were very grateful for that. We received guidance from Professor Chin, Dr Zaidi etc and they gave us the confidence to perform each procedure until we were able to do it on our own. I was glad that the doctors were so patient in teaching us the correct technique, even though we might be too clumsy at times.

I believe that to make this Silent Mentor program a success, it required efforts from all the parties involved. I can clearly see great cohesion and teamwork between MILES, medical students, Tzu Chi and others that had involved in this program. To wrap things up, here are some of my recommendations for the future Silent Mentor program: (1) Encourage more non-Chinese students to participate in this event (2) Provide drinking water or light refreshment during the workshop.


Ainur Naseeha Bt Roslan - USM

From my experience joining the Silent Mentor Program, I gained not just knowledge and exposure to basic surgical skills, but the bigger part of it, which is the humanity part. The Silent Mentors taught me the true definition of volunteering. It is not an easy decision to donate your own body in order for some strangers to make incisions, open up our body and a lot more insecurities we usually have. But their hearts were so pure, generous and willing to sacrifice to the benefit of others. They are the true hero in this medical field I can say. They help most of us to actually experience what is the feeling of holding a real human heart from the inside, do our first intubation and so much more.

Besides that, I also get some motivation to learn about surgery. Before this I honestly do not really like surgery posting as they were all theory for me. I could not like something which I could not quite experience and excited about. After joining this workshop, I now feel that surgery was actually interesting if we learn it the right way. Thanks to the organizer, lecturers, UM students who help to guide us throughout the program and my friends from USM as well. I hope I can join this workshop again and I hope more and more medical students would benefit from this program too, to be a better and competent doctor with human values.


Chen Yen Chuan - USM

They left behind a legacy of love and wisdom. They contribute to the advancement of medical knowledge as well as nurturing future doctors with compassion and humanity. The contribution of Silent Mentors is beyond words can describe. Their influences gave significant impact towards our future career and well-beings.


Umi Nadhirah Aisyah Bt Mohd Rokhibi - USM

Silent Mentor Program should be extended to other public universities as students especially undergraduate could have at least some real life experience of handling such invasive procedures before performing on patients. These mentors gave such reminder for us not to become an arrogant, selfish of honing our own skills only but we shall treat everyone as a whole, a human with flesh, bones and feelings. They will always be remembered, in our memories, for us to be the one needed by the society.


Cheah Xin Ni (MEM110018)



Ng Chong Jing (MEM110103)



Loh Ling Hui (MEM110071)

生命的价值, 不在于长短, 而在于它的意义。大体老师们, 或许没有世绩伟业, 但他们伟大的牺牲, 已经完美的诠释了生命的意义。[生]时, 他们对家人, 工作毫无保留地付出, [死]后, 他们任我们, 这些医学界的莘莘学子们在他们的身上划上千百刀, 只为了让我们上人生中宝贵的一堂课。从一开始的不认识, 到后来的了解, 虽然没有遇见大体老师本人, 和他们说过话, 但是在工作坊里每天接触老师后, 追思会上重新叙述老师的一生时, 我仿佛在说着一个认识了很久的长辈。看着家属们对老师们的思念与不舍, 眼里的泪水也跟着打转, 心里也被他们的精神温暖了。感谢您们大体老师! 也感谢这个工作坊, 让我有一个难忘的经验。


Annabella Diong Xinhui (MEM110010)

Silent Mentor was once a foreign thing to me when I was in 1st year, whereby I saw the signs and posters everywhere during the event but I didn't have any idea what was it about. Over the years I learnt that it was about learning from a dead body which was willingly donated. Then, I was excited. To a medical student, it's really exciting to be able to actually be close to a cadaver to practice procedures that you would be doing on real patients. I did not feel the emotional part yet at the point of time. Now, as a participant, when you get to know roughly how your Silent Mentor was before their passing from their family and friends, it makes you feel closer to your Silent Mentor. Every morning when we wake up early to clean the body, we learn how to care for a dead body, to maintain it as good as possible. What really touched me was the closing, when two of the Silent Mentors managed to get their last words to be recorded. It never felt so real. For one week, their body was lying in front of us, whereby procedures after procedures were done. Now we see them literally talking to us, on their expectations. It was a real eye opener. What stuck to me was what the late Mr. Lim Fook Wing said, remember to treat a patient as a whole and not as a disease. Be humble no matter what. I promise you Mr. Lim that I will always have a reality check and be the best doctor I can.

This whole program really helped me to feel more for the patients, to learn to understand their hardships as well as their families'. Their brave act will always be remembered. I hope more students will be able to learn from this program as it does not only sharpen your clinical skills but gives you a reality check of why you wanted to be a doctor in the first place.


Nur Fakhriah Hazirah Binti Hidayat (MEM110122)

I am very thankful to be given an opportunity to participate in the Silent Mentor workshop. I have learnt so much throughout the course of the workshop and I personally think that every medical student should participate in this program! To know more is to get involve and don't hesitate, you won’t regret.


Aaron Tan (MEM110002)

I would like to send my greatest gratitude to Madam Yong & her family members. Madam Yong has thought us a lot and instilled a sense of responsibility and empathy in all of us medical students. The sacrifice she and her family made was really much appreciated and will not be forgotten no matter what. That is why I would like to take this opportunity to thank Madam Yong and her family members for everything they had done and may God forever bless them for their kind and unselfish act.

I would also like to thank MILES for organizing this programme as we medical students are able to learn from all the silent mentors. We definitely appreciate all the hard work put into making this programme a success.

Not forgetting my group mates both from UM and USM. All of you are the best and thank you for working with me to achieve a similar goal. Thank you once again.


Ho Xin Lun (MEM110046)



Ng See Man (MEM1100105)



Yvonne Khoo Khaii (MEM 110199)

当初参加无语良师计划,说真的,并没有很明确的概念。可是,随着每一天、每一分、每一秒的参与,让我真正的体会这个计划带给我的意义: 无私、奉献、爱… 每一个人都会有离开这个世界的时候,只是,离开后的我们能留下些什么呢?每一位无语良师留下的,是提醒… 提醒我时时刻刻珍惜所拥有的、提醒我把握当下、提醒我要尽力做好每一件事、提醒我离去不再只是伤痛、提醒我小爱亦可化为大爱,造福社会、造福人群。通过这个工作坊,让我这初出茅庐的医学生能够学习一些基本但分外重要的医学技能。若非有无语良师们的无私奉献,至今我可能还在医学书的字行间摸索。谢谢每位无语良师,感恩有您们。老师,虽然您已离去,但您的叮咛嘱咐却深深的烙印在我的心里。从心里的最深处,真心的向老师们说:“谢谢,感恩您们不计回报的给予,再见了老师!”


Liew Da Wei (MEM110065)



Tay Xin Ying (MEM110179)



Izyan Hanis Binti Ahmad Tarmizi (MEM110050)

I first know about Silent Mentor program when I was in first year, where I watch a TV program named Majalah-3. They made a documentary about the Silent Mentor program in Tzu-Chi University in Taiwan. From there, I started to develop interest in joining the program. And it was a fortunate that MILES organized the same program and I was chosen to join. After all I had been through from the home visit until the sending off ceremony of my Silent Mentor, I learnt so much about humanity, especially sacrifice. Those Silent Mentors were a great inspiration for us, the medical students to become a good and skillful doctor. The endless support from our Silent Mentor and the family members are invaluable and I will never forget this experience. Thank you so much dear Silent Mentors.


Wan Muhammad Faizuddin Bin Wan Mohd Fauzi (MEM110188)

A good man inspires, a great man leads the way. This is Mr. Gan that I knew. His whole life is dedicated to serve humanity. Despite his time on this earth is limited, he felt that he wants to contribute more. What a noble man he is. Despite this contribution will not reverse the illness he fought, I took this chance and uphold his hope that less people shall suffer from the condition he had by educating the future generation of doctors. I pledge that your sacrifice will never gone waste. This one week workshop teaches my mind and soul towards illness. I was granted the chance to learn hands-on skill early on which I admit I still need more practice to conduct without making mistakes. You volunteered yourself through my learning process so that I will not experiment myself upon real patients. Never the less this does not mean that I would belittle and toy with your soul-less body. This program teaches me that the person in front of me is not a mere cadaver but once the shell of a father, a husband and a friend. I had an unforgettable experience to personally meet and greet the family members of Mr. Gan which makes me feel like I'm a part of the family. I respected Mr. Gan as a person as if I am handling the body of my own father. Mr. Gan, your participation into this program did not promise you of any worldly luxury in return. It is not because your effort is worthless but in my eyes they are priceless. For giving people more than you had ever received, I hereby convey my deepest gratitude. May you eternally rest in peace, teacher.


Tan Leong Hooi (MEM110171)



Noor Azarina binti Mohd Yusof (MEM110110)

Firstly I want to express my deepest gratitude to Silent Mentors because this program really benefit us medical students. We get the opportunities to do procedures like intubation and sutures on real person before we graduate which we hardly get in the ward. Besides this program allow us to learn on how to have empathy to our patient and their families. This is also my first time involved in coffining the dead body and participated in sending off ceremony of non-Muslim person. This program should be continued and I would love to join this program again if there is another chance in the future.


Lai Hwa Fan (MEM110058)

Silent Mentor is a unique program. It is different from other medical program. It not only teaches you on medical knowledge, skills and procedures, it teaches you to be compassion, to love what you do, to love and appreciate the people around you and to cherish moments with your loved ones.


Mohammad I'zzat Bin Oon (MEM130188)

A great program combining surgical skills, empathy, social networking and cultures.


Loo Huiyan 卢慧燕(MEM110072)



Khairunnisa Mohamad Shukori (MEM090063)

Silent Mentor is a great program that not only taught me about medical knowledge and skills but it taught something beyond medical aspect. I learned a lot about humanity, the importance of empathy in order to understand and help patients and responsibility to treat my patients as a human being. I also learned to appreciate more and cherish every single moment in my life, and all people around me.


Wendy Chew Sue May (MEM110190)

感激大体老师的心, 一言难尽。这份爱, 我会铭记在心, 时时刻刻记得您的劝告, 成为一位好医生。老师们, 谢谢您!


Yeo Kye Sheng (MEM110193)

The Silent Mentor program has revealed an intimate part of humanity and drew me closer to understanding the foundation of becoming a better healthcare provider. To the Silent Mentors who had contributed or pledged, thank you very much for your effort to teach our minds, touch our hearts and transform our lives.


Zulaikha Binti Rozman (MEM110201)

I have so much admiration and respect towards this program and the people behind it as it touched me in a way I never imagined it could. More than the hands-on clinical experience (which was amazing), it taught me greater things that I overlooked and did not notice before. The heroic act of selflessness and sacrifice shown by our Silent Mentors as they allowed their bodies to be used as a learning subject, the kindness and love shown by them as they make their final contribution to society even long after their departure, as well as the bit of humanity portrayed as they show the care they have for the betterment of humankind. Everything I learnt in that two weeks, I will carry with me until I am old and grey, appreciating the opportunity that I was given to be taught by my Silent Mentors. Biggest thank you to Prof Chin, Mr. Sia and everyone involved. 


Chong Poh Yong (MEM110026)

Silent Mentor program is a very meaningful program and I am very grateful to take part in this program. It is a program that brings everyone together. It promotes the relationship within the family. If I know my parents have signed up to be the Silent Mentors I will have cherished them more. It is a fate that brings us and the Silent Mentors’ family members together, and from this it teaches us that the patients are somebody’s family. Besides, it lets us know more about our teachers and our course mates. It also lets us meet friends from other universities.


Saw Li Chin (MEM110154)

Thanks to our Silent Mentors. I am touched by seeing your sacrifices, contribution and lastly your courage. You are great!! You have made the best decision in your life. I would like to express my wonderful thanks to you, thanks for silent contribution, I have learnt much throughout this Silent Mentor!!! Not just procedures but including some humanity. I am really thankful and touched.


Stacey Lim Chia Ying (MEM110165)

I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Silent Mentor programme. The Silent Mentors, although I may not know them personally but their selfless sacrifice reflects on their kindness and generosity. This is definitely not an easy decision to make. The Silent Mentors as well as their family members have my utmost respect. They resemble candles which burn themselves to light up the path of others. Thank you!


Lim Wan Ting (MEM110068)

Silent Mentor, a word to some but a lot to me; I learnt what I don't learn in classroom.

I felt what I don't feel through lecture notes and books. Dear Miss Chua,
You taught me how to respect, you taught me what is selflessness.
For your love and kindness to mankind, I thank you.


Chor Yee Yang (MEM110027)

I am honoured to be given this opportunity to participate in this Silent Mentor program. Not only that I could hands-on certain procedures, I also learnt that the real teachers to all doctors are the patients. We never stop learning from them and so shall we treat them with respect and politeness. Thank you Silent Mentors!


Nurrashidah Abdurahman (MEM110131)

Thanks to all our Silent Mentors for giving me this opportunity to join this programme. I have learnt a lot through this programme, not only I can perform important medical procedures, but I also learnt how to work as a team and be responsible. Thanks once again. I will use this useful knowledge in my future medical life.


Darishah Binti Hamzah (MEM110031)

When I first signed up for this program, I was scared actually. This program seems like a Chinese program to me, more about religious. But then, when I joined it, I realized that it's not about religious or race. It's about the patient itself. They taught us how to have empathy and how to become a good doctor. A doctor who cares enough for the patient. Doctor who knows about sacrifice. Because after all, when we work out there, we are going to meet all kind of people even Chinese, Malay or Indian. I am so grateful that I was able to join this Silent Mentor program.


Soo Jia Wen (MEM110164)

I already knew the sacrifice that the Silent Mentors would need to make before I signed up for this workshop. However what overwhelmed me was the sacrifices of the family members. I was really heart broken when they came to see the Silent Mentors' faces for the last time. Even though it is difficult for them, they still respect the decision of the deceased. I thank the Silent Mentors and also not forgetting the family members who supported this workshop for the sake of the doctors and also us medical students. I will remember how much it cost and how precious this memory is. Thank you all.

10th Silent Mentor Workshop 14-18/10/2014

Lee Wei Hong (MEM110063)

When I was signing up for this program, I feel that this is just another program for medical students to sharpen their knowledge and skills. I was wrong. Throughout the program, I began to understand that this program not only allows us to learn new skills but also to learn about respect and humanity. Knowing about the sacrifice that Madam Lim Lee Yon and Mr. Voon Kam Lin did and their family willingness to support them, I finally understand that this was not a simple choice to make. I am deeply grateful for their act and promise to be a more competent doctor in the future.


Yoh Yee Yee (MEM110197)

I am very grateful to be able to join this program. Throughout, I am deeply touched by our Silent Mentors, who sacrificed themselves to give up their last possession, their bodies. They taught us to be generous, kind and empathy. Not only that, I admire the spirit and support the family members have given to our Silent Mentors and our program. As all wouldn't be able to be achieved without the understanding of theie loved ones.


Nik Ruzaini Binti Nordin (MEM100112)

It is unimaginable to think how one are willing to sacrifice their bodies without benefiting from it, to see how one families coping with this selfless act. There is no word would describe how grateful I am to my Silent Mentor, Madam Lim Lee Yon. This program is not only about us learning on medical aspect, it also taught us how to be better human; a better doctor. It is strange how one can shed tears to someone they never know, for they not only taught us about sympathy and empathy, but also how one sacrifice can make changes to the future. I will never forget this experience, as this is one of the sweetest, yet heartbroken memories ever. 
Thank you MILES, for giving me this once in lifetime experience. Thank you my dearest Silent Mentor, for being the greatest teacher to me. THANK YOU…


Ng Tze Ying (MEM110107)

I'm very grateful to take part in the 10th Silent Mentor Workshop this year. Thanks to Prof Chin and Mr. Sia for guiding us throughout this workshop. Thank you our Silent Mentors Madam Lim Lee Yon and Mr. Voon Kam Lin for their sacrifices in the hope of improving medical students' skills and knowledge. From this workshop, we learnt to see patient as a whole. From home visit, we got to know our Silent Mentors more in details. We learnt to be respectful, selfless and lastly love our family and friends while they are still around. Silent Mentors taught us a lot and I promised to be a safe and understanding doctor in the future.


Wong Jiat Earn (MEM110191)

相信人间有爱,相信人性的真善美。从来都不以为一个人的付出可以那么的不求回报。这次让我真的相信,人,可以无私奉献。值得赞叹的不止是大体老师林丽云老师和 温金麟老师利他的精神,更难能可贵的是其家人无悔的支持。非常感恩促成此次工作坊的种种因缘,让我更肯定医学界是应该更人性化的服务人群。我相信以后我能够成为一位有德行的医生,只因我会记得缝在老师身上粗糙的一针一线。。。


Lee Jing Kun (MEM110062) 




Song Wei Yee (MEM110163)

我真的感到非常地荣幸能够参与无语良师工作坊。我深深地被大体老师林丽云老师和 温金麟老师无私奉献的精神所感动。虽然他们不曾与我们说过任何一句话,但他们的精神教导了我们学会同理的心态以及大爱的精神。非常感恩Prof Chin, Mr. Sia和一班无私奉献的志工们,让这次的工作坊能够成功的进行。再一次的感谢大体老师以及其



Muhammad Ariff Bin Abd Hafidz (MEM110088)

I would like to express my condolence for the passing of late Madam Lim Lee Yon and Mr. Voon Kam Lin. Silent Mentor programme had taught me about generosity and being a Silent Mentor is a ultimate form of generosity as they donated their body for learning purposes which is truly admirable. This workshop also offered students and doctors the best platform to acquire surgical skills which will come in handy during clinical practice. I would like to thank Prof Chin, Mr Sia, doctors and all the staff that aided us throughout the programme. Last but not least, a gratitude to the family members of the Silent Mentor who treated us well during home visit and supporting this programme. May the kindness of the Silent Mentors be rewarded in the afterlife and may their souls rest in peace.


Chong Jing Yuan (INTI-I10005395)

从参加家访到工作坊开始的每一刻,我都在不停地想为什么林丽云老师和温金麟老师会答应参加无语良师计划。我设身处地的想了一下,要让一个处于末期癌症的我去想自己在余下的时间里还有什么要做并去完成也许不难。但要我在所剩无几的时间里放下自身的痛苦,反而腾出一点时间来想自己还能再为这个社会做些什么,那就真的不是一件简单的事情。生老病死原本就是自然的规律,但也许我还年轻,虽然知道生命无常,也偶尔想到为自己规划未来,但我想自己暂时还很难像两位老师那样吧!也许两位老师一开始也只是单纯地想奉献自己,但因为有Prof Chin和Mr. Sia的存在,他们让这棵善的种子在更多人的心里萌芽,影响了更多的人,并让爱充满人间。这让我更加坚定了自己不需要有多伟大,只要有一丝善念,就一定有人会看到并继续影响其他人,直到所有人都充满善念。再次衷心地感谢大体老师和他们的家人,谢谢你们让爱充满人间!


Low Xin Yi (INTI-I08000831)

Whenever I put myself into the shoes of our Silent Mentors, I will feel how great and generous for them to sacrifice their body for medical teachings. Not many are willing to do the same. I tried to do my best in stitching their skin as I hope they will know how grateful and respectful I am to them. I will never forget what I have seen and learnt throughout the workshop for the rest of my life. Thank you MILES and INTI for giving me this precious opportunity.

Dear Madam Lim Lee Yon and Mr. Voon Kam Lin, may your good deeds lead you to a better next life and may the merits that you have gained continue to bless your beloved family members. Thank you so much dear Silent Mentors. Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu.


Gan Siou Wen (INTI-I10005727)



Ong Sze Wei (INTI-I11007740)




Soh Wan Yin (INTI-I10006791)

感谢 INTI & MILES 让我有机会参与第十届无语良师工作坊。获益良多。除了在学术上让我更上一层楼,最重要的还是老师无私奉献的精神深深的感动了我。人生看似很長,但生命无常。很多事我们总觉得来日方长,但当无常来到生命突如其来被画下休止符,才惊觉留下的是太多的来不及。来不及孝顺父母,来不及多陪孩子,来不及实现对家人的承诺,来不及完成梦想等等。感恩,此刻的我们还活着,还有实现梦想的能力,我将每一刻当做生命的最后一刻,将每个机会当做人生最后机会,我会好好珍惜身边的所有人事物,把握生命的每个当下。林丽云老师及温金麟老师,感恩您们,让我在学习的路上遇见你们,让我学会爱惜生命及尊重生命,您们的大爱我会永远牢记在心,我们会把您们的大爱每一代传播下去。感恩!愿在天堂的您们一切都好!安息吧!


Willie Chiang Vui Yuan (INTI-I11008999)

经过一星期的工作坊后,大体老师工作坊启发了我对同理心的理解。还记得两个月前的心理学课程中,心理学老师强调我们以后出来行医时一定要抛弃同情心但学会用同理心去了解并治疗病人,这是走向专业必经之路。当时的我以为我收到了,我可以做得到,因为我相信乡下来的孩子都很坚强。但是实践课跟理论课果然截然不同。感恩会当天,看着温金麟老师刚强的长子分享心得时禁不住自己的哽咽和眼泪的画面,看着陈庆华教授分享老师们坚持将上帝赐于他的身躯捐出并教育祂的小信徒,看着林丽云老师的姐姐崩溃地哭红了双眼陪送自己的小妹走上人生最后的旅程,那时的眼泪都不由自主地流下来,心酸的感觉无法预习地涌现出来。这让我一度怀疑如果今天的家属是我的话,尤其当我需要稳住大局的时候,我还能那么坚强吗?这份伤感,这道问题,直到我写这份感言的时候我都摆脱不了。回想一下,其实我不知不觉已经以同情心来看待这事情了,恍然大悟其实同理心并不是口面说说那么简单。看来我面对生死学的经验还远远到不了家。非常感谢 INTI 和 M.I.L.E.S 提供了这么一个平台让我们学习,感激大体老师和家属无比的大爱,感恩上帝所赐于的这段缘份,这次的经验,我终身受用!!!


Jong Ying Ming (INTI-I11007339)


身为医疗工作者,自然需要面对形形色色的病人。他们,希望可以免去病痛的折磨,甚至只是减轻他们就很感激了。是的,为了尽可能帮助他们,吾当精进磨砺自身修为,提升医术。再次,谨谢诸位大体老师,M.I.L.E,S, UM, INTI 的长辈以及同学们,谢谢。


Yeoh Kee Ying (MEM110194)



Muhammad Firdaus Syukri Bin Ahmad Zubaidi (MEM110091)

I decided to join the Silent Mentor Program with the sole intention of learning the procedures that can be done on the Silent Mentor since we did not have the chance to do it during our 1st years. However, after participating in the program, I realized something even bigger, which is the understanding of the patients and those who contributed their bodies for medical purposes. This sacrifice revolutionized my view on medical profession as we are deeply in gratitude for those who sacrifices for our progresses.

It is a huge responsibility for us to even become better and aptly in line with the wish of the late Silent Mentors and their families. All this while I’ve been taking my learning for granted but not anymore. This is our responsibility to even become a better doctor filled with compassion and empathy.

Life is too short to meddle myself with things which is wasteful to the continuous lack in understanding of other races. I saw how other religion and cultures addresses the deceased and again it’s beautiful from my point of view. This is a very rare chance for me to attend the ‘burial’ ceremony and it might even be last time. I’m glad to have the opportunity to see one.

Plus, interacting with the whole Silent Mentor staff had opened my hindsight on treating the Silent Mentors. The care and empathy showed has touched me deepest in my heart. At first even I was feeling uncomfortable but it was an easy task to be overcome as this is an act of caring and being responsible. Aside from that, there were so much things and values that I have learned aside from those mentioned.

A big, big gratitude to Prof Chin, Mr Sia and all the staffs for making things happen for Silent Mentors. I have certainly learned a lot from their wisdom and guidance and I would certainly recommend my friends to join this program.


Chan Ying Chieh (MEM110016)

感謝第十屆無語良師工作坊給了我一個難得,可貴的學習機會。 也非常感謝溫金麟老師無私的奉獻及大愛的精神造就了我們的學習機會。從中,我獲得了寶貴的醫學知識與技能。更讓我為之感動的是老師不管對家人或是別人都有著助人爲快樂之本的心,老師總是盡心盡力而不求任何回報的幫助別人。然而,這次的工作坊讓我看到了老師的大愛以另一种方式得以延續,也了解到生命的價值在於它的意義而不是它的長短。老師捨身的大愛,讓我敬佩萬分,我會秉著老師的精神努力學習,將來回饋社會。感恩您,溫金麟老師!


Nur Syahirah Binti Haron (MEM110128)

I would like to thank MILES, Prof Chin, Mr Sia and others that involved in this programme for letting me joining the 10th Silent Mentor Workshop. I would like to give lot of love and thanks to my beloved Silent Mentor, the late Mr Voon Kam Lin for willingness to become my teacher. I am really appreciate your kindness. You are such a good teacher. Silent Mentor not only taught me how to be a good and safe doctor, he also taught me about humanity. There is no such like different skin colour, different religion, different race in humanity. Thank you very much for being a member of 10th Silent Mentor Workshop. Knowledge and experience that never be forgotten especially my Silent Mentor.


Nur Faseeha Binti Mohamed Idrus (MEM110126)

First of all, I would like to thank M.I.L.E.S. Training Centre for giving me the opportunity to join this Silent Mentor Programme. It was such a great experience whereby medical students can learn their hands-on basic clinical procedures that is carefully supervised and supported by experienced academic staff. It taught me to appreciate the value of knowledge, communication skills, teamwork, empathy and humanity. Lastly, a million thanks to my Silent Mentor from the bottom of my heart. Your thought of being selfless and willing to sacrifice for the benefit of others really touches my heart. I will try my best to be a better doctor in the future to save countless lives tomorrow.


NG JIA HUI (MEM110104)



Mohammad Shahril Kamarudin (MEM110081)

Silent Mentor is a good program that exposed medical students to perform their first invasive procedures on voluntary donated body.


Oh Ai Wen (MEM110140)

第十屆無語良師工作坊給了我前所未有的体会及感触。从家访到送灵仪式,当中的每一个细节至今仍印象深刻。从没想过自己会为一位不曾接触的人留下眼泪。虽不曾接触,但在家访后,大体老师生前的点点滴滴成为了一篇美丽的故事,自己也被老师如此无私的爱与奉献感动。当第一次看见老师完好的身体以及在送灵前那伤痕累累的躯体,让我领悟到何谓真正的大爱。对我而言,老师永远都活在我们心中。我会记得您如何用自己的躯体来为我们上了一堂又一堂宝贵的课。我会记得自己在您身上动的每一刀, 并努力学习,将您给予我们的爱延续到病人身上。打从心底地感恩您。谢谢您,温金麟老师及林丽云老师!


Erin Lim Lih Zhe (INTI-I08002589)

从一开始的忐忑,到后来的感动,到最后的感恩。。。感恩老师的奉献,从你们身上学到的不只是医学知识,也学到了你们对待人生、社会、家人的精神。温金麟老师,很遗憾,我没能送您一程,希望您已得到安息。感谢MILES,无语良师工作坊Prof. Chin, Mr. Sia还有志工们的奉献,为马来西亚医学生提供了一个机会与平台。谢谢你们,谢谢无语良师。


Annie Lim Jian Thing (INTI-I09004807)

I always in believe that God will arrange everything for me in my life. Thanks God for allowing me to join the Silent Mentor Program. Initially, I used to afraid of death. I was hardly to accept that if one day my family members especially my parents will leave me and back to the heaven. This condition had getting worsen since my mom got to know that she got the Multiple Myeloma which is currently in Stage 2 in mid last year. I was very scared yet I had to pretend to be strong so that I could support my family members to get strong and faced the obstacles together with mom, since I am the only one who is taking medicine course in the family. God never stopped to teach me on the death lesson through the real live situations. Now, I can accept the truth of which all the living things have to leave the earth one day especially after I had joined the Silent Mentor Program. Besides that, I dared not to touch and handle the dead body of animals. I was scared because the dead body will turn rigid and hard immediately once they died. Even though my two beloved dogs were died yet I dared not to touch either one of them. Through this program, I got the braveness on touching the death living things, not only on human but also on animal. Not only that, Silent Mentor Program had have enlighten me of the great lesson – selfless dedication. Silent Mentors dedicated their bodies at their last stage of life, they laid down on the cold dissecting table, and stayed in the cold storage room for so long after they had passed away, just because they dedicated themselves for all the professional medicine members/students to gain more experiences on treating sick people confidently and also to discover more advanced treatment methods to treat on sick people in the future. As a Traditional Chinese Medicine student, I promise I will keep enhance my TCM diagnose and treatment skills, in order to treat all my patients well. Once again, I would like to thank the Silent Mentors’ family members, Prof Chin, Mr. Sia, Ms. Ooi, all the volunteers and my team mates for blessing me with this learning opportunity.

And lastly, may the God bless both of you, the late Mr. Voon Kam Lin and Madam Lim Lee Yon whom will live in the eternal life, and also bless on your family members with bundles of joy.


Fazlie Bin Mohd Sani Lim (INTI-I11008949)

“Life is short, and it is up to you to make it sweet.” - Sarah Louise Delany.

Upon joining this Silent Mentor Program, the biggest lesson that I’ve learned is not merely in terms of expanding my medical knowledge, but also learning how to be empathized with others, and also to be compassionate, which I believe are vital skills for me to aim to be a better physician.

I believe medication alone is insufficient to treat certain illnesses, as emotions also play an important part in developing a disease, hence in order to treat a patient, one must not only focus on the disease itself, but also be attentive to the patient as an individual whole, treating them both physically and emotionally.

Upon witnessing the grief of the family members of our Silent Mentors, it made me realize that life is indeed short, yet it depends entirely on ourselves to live it to its fullest. Our Silent Mentors had shown me the ultimate form of generosity– in which after the event of their death, they willingly donated their body for the sake of medical research. Such is an act of kindness in its purest form. As such, we as medical students who benefited from such unselfish act, without any second thoughts, learned how to respect our Silent Mentors fully and handled them with utmost care.

Thank you, my dear Silent Mentors, Mr. Voon Kam Lin and Madam Lim Lee Yon, you have taught me not only the knowledge of medicine, but also the betterment of my inner self.

You will always be remembered. 


Roland Siaw Yong Wung (INTI-I11008971)

Throughout the whole Silent Mentor Program, I learned more humanity values than just clinical skill and experiences.  What my beloved Silent Mentors taught me is an invaluable gift and honour, and I was grateful and appreciated them a lots. Besides, I wanted to thank M.I.L.E.S, Prof Chin, Mr. Sia, Ms. Ooi and whoever involved in the Silent Mentor Program for their sharing and helping during the program. Whatever I learned during the program will be in my heart and benefit me forever. Thank you my beloved Silent Mentors, Mr. Voon Kam Lin and Madam Lim Lee Yon. May both of you enjoy the peace and joy in the kingdom of God.


Quek Khai Sheng (INTI-I10006320)

Throughout this Silent Mentor program, I realized that life is un-predictable, cherish every moment you spent with your family, friends, relatives and others. I'm truly touched with the selfless dedication by our Silent Mentors. Apart of learning the human anatomy, I have learnt something which is more valuable - the Humanity. I promised that I will be an ethical medical practitioner and be a Silent Mentor too in future if I have got the chance. Millions of thanks to our Silent Mentor once again, and you will always be in my heart.


Yong Yii Pin (INTI-I09004784)

首先是感恩黄主任让我们参加这次的无语良师工作坊,还有感恩Prof Chin。这工作坊让我们学习的不只是人体解剖,更重要是对人生的领悟。印象最深刻的是老师坚持不懈的态度,即使答应了当无语良师也不放弃治疗,还有老师无私的精神,就是为了想帮助更多的人,老师让我们在他身上学习,希望我们医学生可以更了解人体,在医学上增加知识和技术。 还有一个让我深深体会到的,就是人生无常,很多东西在我们不经意的时候离开或消失,当我们来不及珍惜时,它已经不在我们身旁了。所以活在当下,要珍惜眼前事物。这都是我感触最深的领悟。谢谢你们,我们的无语良师。


Lee Ho Shin (INTI-I10006874)

This is my first time attended the Silent Mentor workshop. Obviously, I was a bit anxious and worried to face the Silent Mentor. When the flow of the program begins by introducing the Silent Mentor, home visit to Silent Mentor house, religious ceremony and family meet up Silent Mentor, it educated me to pay the humanistic respect to the Silent Mentor.

Now I am here to show my gratitude to all Silent Mentors for their selflessness. You have rendered me so much, not simply providing us knowledge, merely taught us the value of altruism and commitment. Taught us to value the moments we have with one another, to accept and remember what we have lost, but also to look forward with hope to what I promise in the future. I sound it again, thank you all Silent Mentors for your dedication and grace.

9th Silent Mentor Workshop 04-09/08/2014

Jenny Lam Sook Wah (MEM100046)

I have initially joined the Silent Mentor Program with the main aim of having more hands-on practice at some of the skills required of us as future doctors. However, this short period of time during which we spent from the preparations up to the actual workshop has made me realised that there is so much more to medicine than just treating diseases, something in which most of us tend to forget at some point or another in our long journey along this path of career. The experience gained during this program where we got to know our Silent Mentors better through their family members is truly valuable as we were given a glimpse into the lives of the Silent Mentors and come to a better understanding of their decisions in joining this meaningful program. The first-hand experience we were given in the handling of the bodies of our Silent Mentors was also truly a defining and humbling one as we were among those who accompanied them through this last journey of their lives, reminding us all that medicine is about treating a person as a whole, a view in which we often lose sight of. Despite the amount of preparations we had to go through as well as the tiring week-long workshop sessions, I am immensely grateful for the knowledge, skills and even life values which I have been able to pick up through the selfless act of our Silent Mentor in donating his body for the betterment of the healthcare services.

I would like to extend my thanks to MILES, especially to Prof Chin and Mr. Sia for their immense support and guidance as well as for giving us this precious opportunity to this meaningful experience, allowing us to learn not just on clinical skills but also the important values in life. My sincerest gratitude to the family members and close friends of our Silent Mentor as well, for the help and cooperation throughout this program and I hope that they will be able to find closure following the passing of their loved one.  

Most importantly, to my dear Silent Mentor who had always lived his life in moderation but who had a heart of gold as he dedicated his body even upon his passing so that we may benefit from it, my deepest gratitude from the bottom of my heart. Thank you, Mr. Teoh Joo Lim for you have taught me so much in this short period of time. You will always be remembered. Thank you.


Muhammad Taufiq B Zulkarnain (MEM100101)

Silent Mentors are persons with good heart. They are willing to help us to improve our skills. We are lucky to know them better from their family. They taught us about life. My heart was touch when we do our last respects and during the coffining process. Silent Mentors are great teachers.


Jaya Sri A/P Sundaram (MEM100045)

Silent Mentor Workshop not only taught me the skills a medical student should learn but the value of life, the care, the respect that we should give to all our patients. Someone must have a big heart in order to donate their body for the use of medical field learning purposes. I gained so much from this program. Hope this program will continue to benefit students like us. Thanks to all Silent Mentors.


Noor Shahirah Abu Bakar (MEM100114)

I am really grateful to MILES and all Silent Mentors to have this kind of opportunity to learn so many things directly from their bodies and souls. It is a very beneficial program, not only for advanced medical field but also to educate our society with selfless attitude to have big hearts to give and share with others. Hopefully more extensive efforts can be done to promote this program as well as increase awareness about the benefits to all Malaysians including Muslims. Thanks a lot everyone for all the efforts put into this program.


Denise Chong Li Xin (MEM100028)

The Silent Mentor Program had given me a great and valuable opportunity to learn from our Silent Mentors who were willing to sacrifice their bodies in order for us medical students to learn and gain wonderful experiences throughout the program. I would like to thank MILES for giving me a chance to participate in this meaningful program and the last but not least, I would like to express my gratitude from the bottom of my heart to my Silent Mentor, Mr. Teoh Joo Lim and his family members.


Nursyafiqah binti Ahmad Rosfian (MEM100144)

This program had made me to think again about how I have been treating my patients and also about how they feel. Especially on how they, their family and their close friends have been through all these while, only to accept their illness, conditions and even death. This has taught me to see and treat my patients and also their close ones with empathy. Thank you MILES. Thank you Prof Chin. Thank you Mr. Sia. Thank you all the volunteers. And my biggest appreciation to Mr. Teoh Joo Lim, my Silent Mentor, my teacher.


Aimee Teong Chuin Ai (MEM110202)

I am truly motivated to be a doctor with compassion and empathy in the future. Past lectures have taught us about these values but it had never impacted me as much as when going through this program. I felt a sense of responsibility to my Silent Mentor and our team whole heartedly took care and sent her off. It is a bittersweet feeling to see her off, but I am sure this learning process will never end. I vow to make life worth its value and more meaningful. We can make the world a better place by being better doctors.


Ee Soon Sean (MEM110036)

I am grateful for the chance to be in this program, because I had learnt much about life. By knowing the attitude our Silent Mentor Miss Lim Yean Ching shown in going through the last moment of life did inspired me to be more confident in overcoming the challenges in life. And this had increased my commitment to my medical studies and the dedication that we should give to the care of our patients. I would like to thank the organizers and all the volunteer of MILES in providing us with this opportunity to learn.


Aishah Azwa Bt Mohd Khairuddin (MEM100004)

My initial intention of joining Silent Mentor Program was simply out of curiosity, on how to handle a volunteered body donated for medical studies. Little that I know this has leaded me to the discovery of different aspects of medicine. The noble acts of our mentor made me realized to seek knowledge and seize every opportunity to learn. In that way, we will be well-equipped for our future endeavours and able to contribute back to the society. This program has taught me to reach down to the gentle and tender sides of me during handling our mentor. The volunteers of this program amazed me with their commitment and dedication to help around and guide us along the workshop. Most importantly, this program would not be possible without the help of Miss Lim Yean Ching being our mentor. I will be forever grateful to her selfless and noble acts. Thank you to Prof Chin, Mr. Sia, my dear group members and all volunteers of MILES Centre for blessing me with this learning opportunity. May God bless us all.


Ling Chin Jun (MEM110069)

Through this volunteering program, we are exposed to an experience of developing empathy and understanding in a way that we can never achieve from reading the textbooks. Thanks and gratitude to my Silent Mentor Lim Yean Ching for her dedication and for everyone who contributed much in this program.


Nadhirah M Nasir (MEM090115)

My participation in this program was an eye opener for myself in medical field and better understanding of my career in the future. Although I have not contributed much in this program but I am really appreciated the hard work of my team. Million thanks to my team members, lecturers and my Silent Mentor. It was a great experience for me.


Nur Amirah Amran (MEM100124)

I feel very thankful to all the Silent Mentors and appreciated for their contribution. I did learn a lot from the program, not only the clinical skills, but also empathy to the mentors and their family.


Nurul Huda Bt Mohd Nor (MEM100150)

It is a new world and experience for me. New learning experiences not only learning on medical knowledge, but also learning on humanity, respect and gratitude.


Muhammad Hanif B Ahmad Nizar (MEM100094)

What can you learn from a mentor who did not speak to you? Apparently it was a lot. Miss Chan Swan Kin was my Silent Mentor and she had taught me more than just medicine itself. Above all, she taught me that it is important to always care for your patients, no matter who that person is. She has become my inspiration to be a better doctor. The Silent Mentor was a great program and I am grateful to be able to participate in it.


Noor Amalina Rosli (MEM100113)

Through Silent Mentor Program, I have been thinking a lot. I try to imagine the Silent Mentors’ feeling when they participated in this program. I was really inspired by them. I hope we will also get the opportunity to follow their footsteps in the future.


Wan Izzah Bt Wan Jaffar (MEM100190)

Silent Mentor is a meaningful program where medical students can have their hands on doing basic procedures before we attempt them on our own patients in the future. Throughout this program, I have learnt not only clinical skills. I got to know love, care and meaning of life from the family members of my Silent Mentor. They were indeed a reflection of God's bless and I appreciated them so much.


Kew Yue Ting (MEM110054)

第九届无语良师工作坊不只让我们对无语良师计划有着更深一层地了解,也让我们认识了曾钻金老师 – 一位平凡却也处处散发出不平凡的爱的老师。

这整个工作坊对学生最有意义的莫过于过程中亲身体验的经历。从家访到送灵仪式,当中的点点滴滴至今依然印象深刻。其中,最让我感动的是曾老师对家人无私的爱。一位追求平凡生活的人,却不忘为家庭付出一切,把生活的点滴都处理得恰到好处。此外,整个工作坊的成功也归功于Prof  Chin, Mr. Sia 和一班无私奉献的志工们。总的来说,整个工作坊让我看见了一班人,怀着最真诚的心,结集在一起,将这有意义的计划,一一用心认真地完成了每一个细节,不辜负无语良师们无私的付出。感恩您,无语良师。


Chong Kwok Chin (MEM110025)

It is strange that you can shed your tears for someone you have never met before. Sometimes it makes you wonder how some people can be so selfless, not only that they taught us when they live, they continue to teach us after they were gone. I promise my Silent Mentor that I will become a good and caring doctor in the future, and may our Silent Mentor rest in peace in heaven and continue to watch over us as we strive to become better doctors!


Nurul Zufika Sidek (MEM090148)

From this Silent Mentor Program, I got the wonderful opportunity to learn about clinical skills that I think all medical students should know and master it. Thank you so much to my honor and amazing Silent Mentor, Ms Chan Swan Kin for your kindness and greatest contribution to this program. Lastly, well done to MILES and all volunteers for conducting this program and allow it to happen in great success.


Eileen Low Xu Qin (MEM100029)

I would like to thank our Silent Mentors, especially Ms. Chan Swan Kin for their selfless sacrifices. This program was not what I expected it to be initially. I have learnt beneficial/important skills through this program not forgetting humanity. And I am very happy to be able to be part of it. I had an enjoyable time throughout the week. Thank you Ms. Chan and may you rest in peace.


Nor Izaty Mohd Padzil (MEM100117)

Through this Silent Mentor Program, I was able to learn more than just medicine. It taught me on how to treat your patients with empathy. We, as future healthcare provider must treat our patients like our family.


Nurul Nabilah Idayu Bt Mohammad Zakaria (MEM100152)

It was such a great experience to be able to participate in the Silent Mentor Program. Despite learning about the clinical skills, I also learned about how ones’ sacrifices can make changes in other's life. THANK YOU so much to my dearest Silent Mentor, Miss Chan Swan Kin. You will always be my inspiration.


Radziah Abdul Ghani (MEM090153)

There is no word exist to express how grateful and thankful I am to my dearest Silent Mentor, Mr. Choo Wee Kit or known as Derrick. Even though I did not meet him during his life, story about him from his friends and family was more than enough to show that he was really a great person. I really learnt a lot from this program. I would also give my gratitude to everyone that responsible to make this program successful especially Prof. Chin, Mr. Sia and other volunteers with big heart to willingly sacrifices their time and effort. May this program will continue in the future successfully.


Nik Ahmad Hatim B Nik Mohammad Dziauddin (MEM090123)

Allahummaghfirlahu warhamhu, which means, “Oh Allah, please forgive and bless my Teacher. Oh Allah, please forgive and bless my Silent Mentor”.

How often in life, we found people who can afford the time waiting for their burial in order to provide benefits to others. These were the noble people who have made selfless dedication not only for medical field but also benefits the medical students. We have been taught about medical knowledge and at the same time valuing life and love. Silent Mentor - valuing death in a different perspective. 


Tan Yin Zhien (MEM110177)

Silent Mentor is the best example of how a person's death can be valued greatly and with great respect. They had really used their lives to teach us lessons which are not able to be obtained from textbooks. A really valuable experience that I will cherish for my entire life. Thank you Silent Mentors and the staffs at M.I.L.E.S for making this happen!


Wan Aishah Bt Wan Azman (MEM110186)

The Silent Mentor has taught me a lot, not only exposed me on basic surgical skills, but also the true meaning of empathy as well. I am truly affected by his quote `when you hit a problem, if you don’t overcome it, then you are the problems’. My Silent Mentor teaches me that you have to embrace your problem and find a solution to it, and foremost not giving up. Thank you Silent Mentor, Mr. Derrick.


Siti Adila Syazwan Bt Ridzuan (MEM130197)

I really appreciate and respect our Silent Mentor. I am sure they are all kind people and love to serve others, even when they are gone. They did a good deed by donating their bodies to medical students and staffs for benefit of study. Thanks a lot to our Silent Mentors and thank you MILES for giving us a great opportunity to learn from Silent Mentor Program.


Por Siew Li (MEM110145)



Fatasha Zura Bt Mohd Faisal (MEM100034)

I am so grateful because I have got this golden opportunity to attend Silent Mentor Program. This program taught me a lot about humanity, patience, love, respect and appreciation. If and only if I get the chance again, I will attend this program again and do the very best that I can give. Thanks to my dear late Silent Mentor,  Mr. Choo Wee Kit. Without you, I will not get this opportunity and without you, I will not become the person I am now. Thanks to Mr. Sia and Prof Chin who were willing to add extra group for us who were late in joining this program. Hope this program will continue successfully and get more supports from others.


Ahmad Syukran B Ghazali (MEM110005)

From Silent Mentor, I learnt a lot about how to do a procedure. This program really helps me in my study and improve my skills to be a better doctor in the future. A thousand thanks to the contributor, our hero and for those who makes this event happened.

8th Silent Mentor Workshop 27/05-01/06/2014

Cheah Pei Fen (MEM100017) 

Firstly, I would like to thank my dearest Silent Mentor, Madam Ly Lan Phuong for her selfless contribution. I definitely learnt a lot from her. By knowing her from her children, she was such a great woman that can be a role model to everyone. The only regret that I have right now is only get to know her after she passed away. Thanks to Mai, Nguyen and Thao as well for supporting their mum’s decision and make this program a success. Lastly, thanks to M.I.L.E.S. for organizing such a meaningful program that benefits us (surgeons/master students/medical students). This program not only taught me about medical knowledge or skills, but also taught about humanity and empathy. I am very proud that I am part of this fantastic program.


Lim Zi Xiong (MEM100073)

It is my first exposure to Silent Mentor Program. Madam Ly was a woman of great wonder. And so does her family. From the home visit, we have the rough and raw idea of Silent Mentor life time. Her selfless act of contributing body to society for medical and research purpose is an unprecedented in our Silent Mentor Program. Throughout the workshop, we are taught of ways to handle procedures during life threatening situation. I learned a lot from our beloved Silent Mentor. I will always remember her message to us. Lend your hand to those who need your help, whether they are poor or they are rich. Do take care of your health while attending to those who need your help. A capacious gratitude shall be extended to Madam Ly and her family. Meanwhile, thanks so much for M.I.L.E.S.


Ong Jes Mon (MEM100155)

Indeed I had learnt a lot from our Silent Mentors, a lot more than what I expected at the first place. As a medical student, I truly salute their courage and spirit for their sacrifices. They will always be my inspiration in my future career.


Farhana Nabila Bt Sulaiman (MEM100033)

The Silent Mentor Program has taught me to care for my patients more and to be more empathic when treating them. When they asked me on the questionnaire: "Do you feel your life to be meaningful?" It really made me ponder what a "meaningful life" really means to me. We were all mere human, whose time on earth is limited and an insignificant speck of entity existing in the universe. After the program, I feel that I should contribute more to humankind, by starting with random acts of kindness every day, so that I could leave an impact to someone else's life just like what my Silent Mentor did. She was a truly amazing person.


Nurul Nabila Bt Megat Mohamed Azmi (MEM100151)

It was such a great experience to be able to participate in the Silent Mentor Program. Despite learning about the clinical skills, I also learned about how ones’ sacrifices can make changes in other's life. Thank you so much to my dearest Silent Mentor, Madam Ly Lan Phuong. You will always be my inspiration.


Kiahs Safiana Bt Shaik Muhamed Raja (MEM100050)

From this Silent Mentor Workshop, I have gained more than just skills. I have learnt the meaning of empathy. My Silent Mentor Madam Ly is truly a selfless person as she continues to teach even after her passing. Thank you so much, MILES and most importantly Madam Ly's family members for allowing this to happen. This was a very enriching and humbling experience for me.


Ng Haw Shyan (MEM100107)

Thank you MILES for giving us medical students such a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow from this Silent Mentor Program. The program certainly had achieved its objectives and more, to nurture and to plant a deep seed that will go a long way in creating a new generation of holistic medical professionals. Lastly, a job well done to MILES as the program was conducted in an orderly manner by volunteers with utmost respect given to each Silent Mentor throughout the program.


Loo Chun Ee (MEM100077)

Thanks to the Silent Mentor Program, for giving me an opportunity to further improve the medical knowledge especially in practical aspects, and also understanding of human feelings that we cannot learn from the books.


Farah Aqmhal bt Ahmad Sabri (MEM100032)

I am truly grateful to be involved in this Silent Mentor Program for giving me such a great opportunity to be part of this great workshop. I have gained not only medical knowledge but as on empathy. Thank you so much to the Silent Mentors and their family members for their contribution.


Chew Bee Kun (MEM100020)

The selfless contributions of Silent Mentors allow us young and inexperienced medical students to practice on real tissues and organs. Through this workshop, I got an opportunity to pick up few surgical skills which I will and have to perform it confidently on live patients in the future. This whole program also taught me the importance of empathy and compassion when dealing with patients. Thanks for the great and unique teaching experience!


Lee Qiao Yun (MEM100059) 

Life is unpredictable but beautiful. This is what I have learnt from my Silent Mentor – Madam Ng Poh Imm. She was a great person with a kind soul. I really appreciate everything about the Silent Mentor Program. Thanks!


Ng Huey Ting (MEM100108)

This program definitely benefits health care professionals and I do hope that we will continue to treat our Silent Mentor as a person and to sincerely appreciate their kind soul.


Tan Zhun Foo (MEM100188)

Silent Mentor Program is awesome and I definitely learn a lot from here. I really appreciate my Silent Mentor. It only takes a moment to say thank you but your thoughtfulness will be remembered a long time. Thank you, my Silent Mentor – Madam Ng Poh Imm.


Leong Jie Xiang (MEM100062)

It really takes a lot of courage for one to donate their dead body for teaching purpose. Thanks to these Silent Mentors, we have benefited a lot and vow to become a better doctor in the future.


Intan Safinaz Merican Bt Aljunid Merican (MEM100041)

Deep in my heart, especially as a Muslim member, I highly appreciate my Silent Mentor for her kindness and selfless to contribute her last chance to me/us, so that we could serve the best to others in the medical field. I really learned a lot from this program, especially on how to appreciate a person even after her/his death. Thank you, I will always remember you, my lovely Silent Mentor! The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living.


Nur Syafiqah Bt Zainal Arif (MEM100139)

This program really benefits me in a way that it gives me more confident to do procedures on real patient. Thanks my Silent Mentor for sacrificing your body for our learning.


Nur Hakimah Bt Razali (MEM100128)

I have learned so many things from this program. I am glad that I am able to learn some procedures on real patient. Besides, I also learned so many important values in life and learned something about other religions.


Teh Hui Yin (MEM100189)

The Silent Mentor Program was definitely a once in a lifetime experience for me in which I was allowed to be acquainted with 4 noble and selfless teachers. One of which whom I hold to dearly has taught me the true value of sacrifice and reminded me of the value every doctor should have; EMPATHY.


Soh Chin Ben (MEM100178)

Silent Mentor Program had taught me a lot of things that were hardly learnt from life. It was true that Silent Mentor Program gave me the opportunity to learn about some of the medical practical experiences as well as medical knowledge, but the most important thing was that the feeling. The feeling of cleaning the Silent Mentor every morning was different. Looking at the numbers of scar which increased day by day had really made me feel extremely sad. It had made me to realize how great and brave she was. Besides that, her insist to become Silent Mentor for medical purposes had engraved deeply in my heart. She endured the pain until she saw the card which officially announced that she had successfully registered as Silent Mentor. After receiving the card in the morning, she left with smile in the afternoon on the same day. I did not know how much pain she had endured at that time but her dedication and determination made me feel touching and inspiring. The only thing that I regretted was that I never had the chance to talk with her before she passed away. If giving that chance, I believed, it would be a different experience. 


Khang Hock Siang (MEM100048)

Being a part of the Silent Mentor Program was a life-changing experience. It was a very humbling experience seeing how strong and brave people can be when they hold on to what they believe in. Though I never knew Ms. Tan, my Silent Mentor, in life, knowing what she did during the very last moments of her life, which was pledging her body for science and the betterment of mankind, made me deeply respectful to her. Thanks to her courage and belief, I got to learn so much and I am deeply grateful. The feeling is actually beyond anything words can describe. All I hope is that during the program, I had done enough to show my respect to my Silent Mentor when her body was in my care. I also hope that the program will keep expanding as this is a great platform for us all to learn not only skills but also empathy towards our patients. 


Nur’ Anna Annesa Bt Abdul Halim (MEM100140)

I would like to express my gratitude to my Silent Mentor, Ms Tan See See for her selfless contribution. Throughout this 8th Silent Mentor Workshop, I have learnt a lot, not just medically but also other form of humanity, which is empathy. In this program, I got to know her in person from the family members during home visit. This has made me to be so attached to her and respect her and the family even more. I have never thought that I will cry at funeral, but I did, during her sending-off ceremony. You deserve a special place in our heart and you will always be remembered, Ms Tan. I would also like to thanks Prof Chin, Mr. Sia and his team for giving me opportunity to join this program. Last but not least to all my teammates, thank you guys for your cooperation throughout this workshop. 


Aimi Izzah Bt Ibrahim (MEM100003)

I feel that joining this program was a good decision indeed because it taught me so many things in contribution for me to become a better doctor, a better caregiver and a better human being as a whole in the future and for my lifetime.


Norshazrin Zainurin (MEM100120)

It was totally a good experience. First and foremost, I really feel the meaning of empathy. It was not just know the meaning, but it is even more than that. Even not knowing her, our mentor personally, but still listening from what her family members told us, I felt like I knew her before. Taking care of her body throughout the workshop, I feel some kind of attachment there. Seeing her family member sending her off on the last day really touched me. It taught us to be tougher facing this situation. It happens to everyone. In term of medical point of view, this workshop allow us, medical student to practice basic skills that usually quite difficult to be done in hospital settings and it is very different to practice on mannequin. Secondly, thanks to my team members/ colleagues that always support, helping me, gives an idea, etc throughout the preparation during this 8th Silent Mentor Workshop. Team work and member’s contribution does play a big role during this program. Thanks a lot. Thirdly, I am excited, or in Malay, I am "teruja" to learn and attend about other culture, how they handling the body before the cremation. We learn what their belief and practice. This makes me to understand and respect each other. I am sort of satisfied attending this workshop. Last but not least, we need to respect each other even they are already dead. Some people said, respect need to be gain but it is not wrong if we give some respect to everybody around us. Thanks to MILES, Prof Chin Kin Fah, Mr. Sia and their team for giving me and friends this opportunity to join this program.


Nusyaibah Bt Zulkifli (MEM100154)

This Silent Mentor Program has taught me a lot of things not just skills in doing the procedures but also values learnt from our Silent Mentor. The home visit also helps me to get to know our Silent Mentor better. I get to learn things such as selflessness, kindness, compassion, teamwork as well as the meaning of empathy.


Ooi Ying Guat (MEM100157)

I had learned a lot from our Silent Mentor, not only the clinical skills, but a better understanding of "death" and "life", how someone's death affects the people around them. As what Prof Chin had told us, "You must learn what death means, then only you know why we must save a life."


Alvina Ng Sock Hoon (MEM100111)

I am truly grateful and honoured to be part of this Silent Mentor Workshop. Besides gaining medical knowledge and hands-on experience in performing basic surgical procedures, more importantly I learnt about the importance of humanity, empathy, affection and responsibility not only towards our patients but also to everyone. All these values should be instilled in us as medical professionals before attending to patients. Last but not least, I would like to express my greatest gratitude and thank my beloved Silent Mentor, Madam Lee Siew Lan for her selfless contribution and her family members. I give you my word that I will be a competent and better doctor in the future.


Lim Chee Luan (MEM100069) 

It is really my greatest honour and privilege to be part of the Silent Mentor Workshop. Our Silent Mentors do not even know who we are and where we are from and yet they allow us to perform all sorts of procedures on them and all the experience and skills we gained will definitely bring lots of benefits back to the society. Apart from that, the empathy as part of the humanity which was lost in most of the doctors nowadays has again been summoned back to every one of us, allowing us to understand the patients as a whole but not just the diagnosis or disease per se. Thanks to the Silent Mentor Program, thanks to all our beloved Silent Mentors especially the dearest Madam Lee Siew Lan.


Rathakrishnan A/L Venkatasamy (MEM100162) 

Giving something is kindness, giving everything is greatness. The great act of donating the only thing that belongs to a man after death-dead body makes us feel so small. Thank is so small compared to Madam Lee's contribution. I am truly aware that providing better health care to my future patients is the best appreciation I can show. May God shower Madam Lee's family with his blessings.


Yogeshwarran Nadeson (MEM090199)

I would like to thank the Silent Mentor for showing me the meaning of sacrifice. This project proves some gifts of life go beyond death.


Tan Chee Khing (MEM100183)

I would like to express my gratitude to my Silent Mentor Madam Lee Siew Lan for the sacrifices and million thanks to her family. This Silent Mentor Program had changed my perception toward death. It makes me realize that death is no longer an endpoint for life. Apart from that, I had learned that to be a great doctor, try to treat the patient as a whole, not a disease. Be empathy toward every patient is far more important than just prescribing medications for them.


Wang Jin Jian (MEM100191) 

Teamwork is utmost important in joining this program and to make this program a meaningful one, we learn and appreciate the contribution of our Silent Mentor. Every team members play an important role.


Ken Lee Kang Yuan (MEM090073)

无语良师计划却是一项非常有意义的计划。撇开那些技术上或是比较学术上的知识,我更想分享的是,我学习到 - 珍惜。



Liew Pui Mun (MEM100065)

One scary thing about human being is – we tend to neglect, even the simplest but important thing in our lives when routine seeps in. Naturally, the world of medical cannot escape from this very phenomenon like any other field. Death is not an uncommon thing that any health care providers out there encounter. Yes and sadly, a lot among us would look at patients as just any other cases we see in our daily routines. It is a shameful claim to make but this really happens, as most of the time, patients are not known by their identities, they are known as the multiple sclerosis girl, the aunty in bed 33 or the kid on hip spica, etc. To me, this program had indeed brought me closer to mankind than any other anatomy classes I had in my med-school years. I still remember vividly how my heart cringed on the first glimpse of my mentor, when she was being taken out from the fridge, after 9 months of freezing; how the sensation was like when I first touched her icy cold skin; how the emotion gushed into me when I first shampooed her hair; how tears welled up my eyes when I bowed my last respect to her at the crematory. Experience like this is truly invaluable to a medical student like me as it brings me back to the realisation of basic principles of humanity. I was given the chance to witness grief and to feel it. The insight I gained from these few days of workshop would definitely be etched as a motto on how to understand patients in my future years of service. Would I join this program again should I be given the second chance to join? My answer would be an indisputable yes.


Nasyitah Rusli (MEM100106)

This Silent Mentor Program had taught me a lot, not only about basic procedures in surgery but also about life, endless love and respect. It was new experience for me. To my Silent Mentor, Madam Lee Siew Lan, thank you so much for giving me a chance to learn something from you. I will for sure remember you as the best teacher in my life. You had such a great heart. I am so grateful enjoying this program. Thank you too to Prof Chin, Mr. Sia and all contributors in this program.


Lee Jia Yin (Taylors_305349)

We are part of a great and honourable program and we had gain full from it. We learnt to be compassionate, selfless and empathises other people. These are very important qualities that everyone should have.


Lydia Chiew Ker Minh  (Taylors_301552) 

This Silent Mentor Workshop has given me a golden opportunity as a medical student. Aside from making new friends and exposure to new environment, I am able to sharpen my skills and learn new things. I am very thankful to the Silent Mentors and their family. I truly value the time I spend during this workshop.


Chua Sze Hang (Taylors_1001M69516)

Words could not express my gratitude for the Silent Mentors. This workshop has taught me a great deal of life lessons. The most important lesson of all is to treat others the way you want to be treated and finally to cherish each day like there's no tomorrow. Thank You Silent Mentors.


Ho Meng Jun (Taylors_301294)

The Silent Mentor is one of the most educational yet fun programs that I have ever joined. I have learnt so much educationally and non-educationally while having a great time. It is a great honour to be able to join "Silent Mentor Program" and I hope everyone did enjoy and benefited from this program as much as I did. Hope to join again. May all the Silent Mentors rest in peace and their generations be blessed for their good deeds.

7th Silent Mentor Workshop 21-26/04/2014

Lai Wern Sheng (MEM100055)

Silent Mentor Program, a truly beneficial workshop whereby practical usage of science and art of medicine are being portrayed. It also enlightened us about the recognition of the essential non-existence of self along with practice of selflessness to attain liberation and freedom towards happiness. It makes me wonder at times, what is the meaning of life? The answer lies within your dedication and contribution, Mr. Tay.

Lim Yen Yin (MEM100072)

这是我第二次参与无语良师工作坊。不同的是,这次我参与了全程,从家访一直到告别仪式。家访让我认识到了戴荣华老师,一位从内到外都值得我们去学习的好榜样。我很佩服每一位无语良师那种大爱和奉献的精神。他们以身施教,不仅让我们这些医学生们有机会在他们的身上尝试和练习一些基本的手术,也教会了我们将来要成为有同理心的医生。他们任由我们在他们的身上划上几十刀,为的就是希望我们将来不会在活生生的病人身上划错一刀。我真的觉得自己很幸运,能有机会参与这个这么有意义的活动。感谢陈教授,感谢 MILES,感谢所有的无语良师。当然,我最想感谢的还是戴荣华老师和他的家人。戴老师是我这辈子最特别的老师,他将会永远活在我的心中。 

Wong Feng Nian (MEM100193)

This was the most busy week I ever had during my medical school. Between, this was also the most meaningful and fruitful week to me. I had learnt a lot this week not only from the workshop but also from Mr. Tay Eng Wah, my Silent Mentor, his families and MILES. I will never forget everything that I experienced and learnt during the program and put it into practice in my future work and daily life. Thanks a lot to MILES for giving me an opportunity to take part in such a meaningful program.

Low Jia Sheng (MEM100078)

I think this is a very nice program where we can improve ourselves both in medical and non- medical aspects of medical education. Although really tired throughout the whole week, we were so passionate to participate in each session of the workshop. We learnt a lot and treated our Silent Mentor, Mr. Tay Eng Wah with our very best effort. Finally, I wanted to say thanks to MILES for this awesome program. Hope to join once again in the future.

Koong Lin Ru (MEM 100051)

I am truly blessed to be part of the 7th Silent Mentor Workshop. Words cannot describe how grateful am I to be part of the team. A truly fruitful week, not just in terms of medical knowledge but more importantly, learning about empathy and changing my perspective towards patient care. I hereby would like to express my greatest gratitude and utmost respect to both Silent Mentors as well as Prof Chin and Mr. Sia for this wonderful experience and opportunity. Thanks!

Chan Huai Xing (MEM100015)

I am glad to join this program which has made me understand more about Silent Mentor. Our Silent Mentor's spirit has greatly inspired me to be more helpful and show more care towards patients. Thanks to Mr. Sia and his team in organizing this event. I am greatly appreciated Prof Chin and all the doctors' teachings as well. Thank you everyone.

Raymond Tan (MEM090155)

From the initial stage of anticipating a purely practical skills workshop to a realization of humanity in treating patient as a human being but not a disease. This is the most beneficial part of learning I gain from this workshop. I realized there are still kind and sacrificing people who would donate their bodies to medical science to carry out all sorts of procedures which will eventually causing multiple wounds on their bodies. This might be a mission impossible to most mankind nowadays, with the excuse of religious beliefs. Besides, this workshop further exposes the existence of selfishness among medical students whereby the main goal is to gain as much opportunity as possible in learning practical skills but not the ultimate objectives of this program: humanity. Disappointment is what I can say. Nevertheless, Mr. Tay Eng Wah will be the forever teacher in my heart. Tears and words would not be sufficient to express my gratitude to his sacrifice. What I can do in return is to be a holistic doctor in treating patients. May God bless you eternally, together with the blessings on your family. Thank you Mr. Tay. 

Goh Jia Yi (MEM100037)

The Silent Mentor Program is a depiction of medicine being a balance between both science and art. In the academic aspect, the program gave me the opportunity to learn procedures not taught in our syllabus. The contribution of all Silent Mentors to the medical field is immense and greatly appreciated, especially Mr. Tay Eng Wah, our Silent Mentor for this session. Credits should be given to MILES Centre for organizing such a meaningful program. 

Cheong Saou Yinn (MEM100019)

No words could ever describe my immense feeling towards Mr. Tay, my Silent Mentor, my teacher. He is a teacher that had taught me a lot, not only on basic surgical skills but about love. The love that he has showered on us is so great. Mr. Tay is the only teacher that I could not express my utmost gratitude to him. Thank you, teacher.

Chan Jia How (MEM100016)


Mohd Afif W. Mohd (Taylors_1101N12091)

I am truly grateful to be involved in this Silent Mentor Program. It was such a wonderful and beneficial program that nurtures not just your medical skills but also your emotional aspect as a human being. I want to give an utmost respect and special thanks to all the Silent Mentors and their families for the sacrifice that they have done. I would also like to thank all the organizers of this program especially Mr. Sia who did so much works so that this event can be as successful as it was. Thank you again for making the program so meaningful for us. 

Chitra A/P Thyagarajan Ravi (Taylors_1001G74808)

I would like to thank MILES Centre, Tzu Chi Foundation and Taylor's University for giving us a great opportunity to be part of this extraordinary workshop. Life is so fragile. The way I view things in life has definitely changed. Through the Silent Mentor Workshop, I have gained not only medical knowledge, but also on empathy, responsibility, courage and respect towards patients. Thank you so much to the Silent Mentors and their family members for their contribution.

Ekmanee Lee Ser Yin (Taylors_1001M69696)

The knowledge that I obtained from this 7th Silent Mentor Workshop is beyond the scope of medicine. I was never able to see beyond the patient, I never knew that our Silent Mentors had lived, had loved, had created so many memories and impacted so many lives; that when they returned to God’s hands, they caused so much grief and bereavement to those who knew and loved them. This workshop has taught me compassion, something that cannot be taught in medicine as much as the doctors who teach us try. Compassion is present deep down in each and every one of us, all that was needed was just the right experience to bring it all out.

Ngooi Ming Soen (Taylors_1101N76013)

Firstly, I would like to thank University of Malaya for giving me the opportunity to experience MILES program. Throughout the week, I have experienced a lot. Somehow it taught me about the importance of empathy, the importance of family love and the benefits of having hands on experience doing different procedures. Both respective Silent Mentor families and friends showed respect and love and subconsciously it served as a reminder to us that we should appreciate our loved ones and live life to the fullest, as if every day were to be our last. Once again, thank you for having the Taylor's medical students to be part of this program.

Rebecca Choy Xin Yi (Taylors_0301931)

It has been a tiring week but it was nonetheless a very memorable week for me as many things were learnt and experienced and feelings were discovered. A big kudos to Prof Chin and Mr. Sia for being the main engine behind such a meaningful program that will continue to change lives of mentors, their families and the medical professionals involved in it. I wish I could have learnt more procedures during this short time but I foresee that this program will take a leap into greatness.

Chai Jia Yee (Inti_I10006772)

非常幸运能够成为第一批参加无语良师工作坊的中医学生,这将成为我毕生难忘的经验。在工作坊的过程中,我们不止学到了人体解剖学的知识,也上了一堂心灵课程。作为一名医护人员,我们不只需要有医术和医德,我们更加需要有同理心。医生治疗的是一个“人”,而不是一个“病案”,医生与病人的沟通是非常重要的一个环节,因为病人的心情对病情有很大的影响。病人来看病,他们往往想得到一些心里安慰,才能够更积极的面对病魔。 我非常敬佩两位无语良师,他们做出了非常伟大的决定,捐出他们的身体奉献给医学界,这种大爱无私的精神非常值得我们去学习。我会怀着感恩的心努力学习,不辜负无语良师的心愿。

Joselyne Tan Yee Wen (Inti_I10006794)

At the beginning, I hesitate to participate in this Silent Mentor Program because I am afraid to witness the pool of blood right in front of my eyes. However, one of my lecturers persuaded me to join as this is a great opportunity to me and my career. Throughout the program, I have gained much technical skills together with psychological skills as well. The most memorable and touching moment is when I watched a video of one of the past mentors – Madam Debbie who gave her last words on her contribution in order to hope for better future doctors with empathy and able to stand in their patients’ shoes and understand the pain they are going through.

Not to forget, I am indeed grateful to my Silent Mentor, Madam Liow. I appreciate and managed to take this chance to learn as much as I could with regard to the depth and risk of acupuncture. Reading human anatomy through books are often vague, puncturing needles into human structure can be dangerous somehow. After the workshop, my confidence grew and I want to give the best to my patients and assure them of their safety. I believe both Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine is route to the same path. Venturing in medical industry, it is always important to know what is the best for the patients. With that, even though I am a student of Chinese Medicine, I hope to understand more or less on the Western Medicine in order to be in pace with the society expectations. This would definitely help to gain my patients’ confidence as this is would be a near guarantee ticket to provide them the best medical treatment in the future.

To the family and relatives of the Silent Mentors, I am very thankful for generosity and the trust you had in us. The moments of tears just remind me of my family, and I am very sure that life is of a brief candle; appreciate life and the people around you to the fullest. Last but not least, greatest gratitude to my faculty in INTI for the arrangements of the program, to MILES and Professor Chin for their willingness and generosity for giving me such an opportunity. The experience and knowledge I have grabbed are more than I could describe in words. I will always continue learning from various perspectives to serve the society with my very best.

Lai Phooi Yan (Inti_I10006792)

我感到很高兴能够获得那么宝贵的机会参与此项无语良师工作坊。也非常感谢我们的两位无语良师— 刘秀燕老师及戴荣华老师,他们无畏、伟大的奉献让我们获益良多,在我们人生当中留下最难忘、最深刻的印象。这不但丰富了我们的医学知识,更丰富了我的人生观。学术固然重要,但我们也需持着一颗同理心去对待每个病人,让他们感受到温暖及关怀,让他们持有正面的心态去面对病苦。另外,我也感慨人生的无常,我们应珍惜身边的人、事、物,珍惜活着的每一天,做些有意义的事情。感恩。

Hoo Bao Ling (Inti_I10006797)

其实刚开始参与无语良师工作坊之前,我是抱着有些害怕和紧张的心情去面对。但是我告诉自己这是个很难得的学习机会,而且自己所害怕的惟有自己去面对并克服才是最佳的方法。中医学生可以有这么珍贵的机会参与这计划,真的诚心的感谢让我们有机会参与无语良师工作坊的所有人及老师们。从与大体老师的家属们做家访直到完成无语良师工作坊的最后一天,其实每一天的心情都会不一样,心情起伏也蛮大而从这工作坊中所领会的也一直在改变。从家访的那天,从刘秀燕老师的家人和朋友口中了解到刘老师生前的点点滴滴,直到那天把刘老师从冰箱里推出来的时刻,其实心情还是会有些害怕,但过后我们所有医学生围着刘秀燕老师为她默哀三分钟,那是第一次那么近、那么清楚地看到刘老师,但那时候并不是害怕的感觉而是一种很平静、很尊重的感觉接近刘老师。接着工作坊正式开始的那天,我们从开始帮两位大体老师们-刘秀燕老师和戴荣华老师清洗身体、直到让两位老师的家属们见两位老师的最后一面直到工作坊结束的最后一天,虽然每天都很累,但是从中所学习到的是今生很难忘的经验。在家属们来见大体老师们的最后一面那天,看着刘秀燕老师的两位儿子握着刘老师的手久久不放、一直很不舍的看着刘老师;除此以外戴荣华老师的母亲流着泪对戴老师所说的一切,其实那让人很心酸的场面真的很难令我忘怀,但是这场面让我每次帮两位大体老师们清理大体的时候,我就会想如果我是老师们的孩子们或母亲,我一定会很小心、很细心的帮老师们清理,现在我除了以一位医学生的身份,我希望可以做到的就是帮助大体老师们的家属们在这几天好好的照顾和清理好大体老师们。除了在这次无语良师工作坊所学习到有关医学的知识无论是在人体解剖学上、中医针灸、西医学上的某些医术等,最重要的是从中体会到大体老师们希望我们所有医学生都是抱着一种同理心和慈悲心去帮助所有的病人并了解病人的家属们也是很难受,这是我们从书上很难学习和领悟到的。刘秀燕老师和戴荣华老师, “谢谢您们愿意捐出大体让我们有机会从中学习到很多,除了在医学知识上,最重要的是您们所希望我们医学生可以学到的是以同理心、慈悲心并有耐心的对待每个病人,您们通过捐出大体的意愿和所想传达的我会永远铭记于心,让我在学医的路程中提醒自己要永远成为一个有医德和可以帮助更多病人的好医生,您们是我永远都很尊重的老师们,谢谢您们的伟大,阿弥陀佛。”。除此以外,我也很感谢大体老师们的家属们。谢谢通过无语良师的工作坊,让我今生之中学习到了很难得的经验和学习机会。

Brian Sim Kuan Khian (Inti_I10006779)

I have always believed in angels, someone that appears out of a miracle to help me overcome challenges, to help me learn the deeper meanings of life. The term angel may paint a picture of a perfect heavenly being with profound magical powers, but in fact angels DO live amongst us. Just like our Silent Mentors. It takes a great amount of courage; selflessness and compassion to be able to donate your body away even after death. The experience as one from the first batch of Chinese Medicine students performing on a real lifeless body was overwhelming. There were so many emotions coursing through my veins, ranging from excitement to fear. I remembered taking all the precautions and care I could muster, in order to be able to leave the bodies at its best state for a proper cremation ceremony.

To the Silent Mentors, I give you the highest salute, for your ultimate courage and sacrifice that hath, both taught me academically and spiritually. Your bravery has thus sparked my very own sense of impermanence and selflessness. No amount of thank you(s) could express the amount of gratitude I have for both of you. Our hearts and prayers will always be with you.

Lim Sheh Feng (Inti_I10006812)


Ng Jiun Hoong (MEM100109)

The Silent Mentor Program has interesting framework in educating students not just on surgical skills and technique but the human side of medicine, the art of medicine - to comprehend the story behind a patient's life. It was able to involve students from various universities and that gave another opportunity for students to mingle and build a solid social network which will be necessary in their future careers. Most importantly, it helped train students to be involved in the program, to participate so to speak in all the activities which are eye openers one after another.

Ameera Farisha Mohamad Ghazali (MEM100006)

The Silent Mentor Program is a special and unique way of teaching medical students. We are able to understand and learn clinical skills in a better way. It also teaches me the true meaning of empathy, care, love and respect to others. Thank you MILES for giving this rare oppurtunity.

Loh Tian Fu (MEM100075)

This Silent Mentor Workshop has been a fruitful and meaningful experience for me. Besides enhancing my medical knowledge and clinical skills, I also learnt about the importance of being a doctor with a sense of empathy towards the patients. Also, this workshop has changed my perception towards life. Mankind has always been competitive, we think too much for our unforeseen future, but we never had a good thought about the meaning of life. Besides that, I learnt that it is not easy to deal and face with death. It requires much wisdom and courage and yet it can be dealt in a meaningful way. Our Silent Mentors chose to pass on their spirit of love and dedication to us, medical students, and hence we shall hold on to these spirits for the rest of our career life.

Lee Sin Yen (MEM100060)

It is my honour to have the opportunity to participate in such a meaningful program, Silent Mentor. To me, this program is more than merely the learning of clinical skills, what is more is that it had taught me the importance of empathy towards patient as a health care provider. I felt very sad and disappointed when the husband of my Silent Mentor, Mr. Goh actually told us how the doctor treated them impatiently when they were consulting the doctors from different hospitals. I am truly grateful to my Silent Mentor, Madam Liow Siew Yean as I realised that not everyone has the courage to donate their body after death for medical education purpose. You are so selfless and through you I have learnt the meaning of life and love. Thus, I promise you that I will be a passionate doctor with empathy in future and will not disappoint you. 感恩!

Kuganathan V. Ramasamy (MEM100053)

Silent Mentor Program, a truly beautiful and meaningful event indeed. It is not a mere body donation workshop, but above all, teaches us the essence of selfless contribution in life. Our Silent Mentors have mustered the courage and determination to be part of this program just for the benefit of people unknown to them, be it the medical professionals learning on them as well as the future patients bound to be under their care. I believe that I have further strengthened the virtue of love and care towards human beings which form the bedrock of medical profession. Last but not least, thank you Silent Mentors. You will be deeply and forever cherished for your contribution in eternal.

Liew Wei Chee (MEM100068)

This program reminded me deeply that every patient is somebody’s somebody. Putting ourselves in their shoes is easier said than done. But knowing that empathy cures patient’s and patient’s family’s heart even before starting any treatment, we must all strive to be an empathetic doctor.

一个没有同理心的医生永远不会是一个好医生. 这是一个培育同理心的好课程.

Ridhayah Aziha Rosli (MEM100164)

Thank you to everyone who involved in the 7th Silent Mentor Workshop especially our Silent Mentors, family members, lecturers and fellow friends. It is a new brand experience for me. I learnt from various expects. May our Silent Mentors rest in peace and may we continue to work hard to become great health-care providers. Thank you.

Sim Mong Harn (MEM100173)

Dear Silent Mentor, thanks for allowing me to make every single cut and suture on your body. I will remember all deeply in my heart. I promise that I will become a competent and safe doctor in future and do no harm to patient. I also learnt the spirit of scarifies for human mankind. May you rested in peace.

Shawna Ong Mei Chien (MEM100172)

This Silent Mentor Program has given me a memorable experience not only through medical and clinical skills but also by knowing our dearest Silent Mentor, Madam Liow Siew Yean. Through her, I have learnt many things that I would not have come across if I had not met her. I learnt to cherish my loved ones. I gave my mum a call right after the program just to let her know that 'I love her'. This was how much I gained from Madam Liow that no money can buy. Also, the main objective of this program is to expose medical students to trivial procedures which will not only help us greatly in our career but also in the hope that we will in turn help the society by providing our best care. I am therefore very thankful to our Silent Mentor for giving us this golden opportunity to learn by sacrificing her body which was very well taken care of throughout the program.

Goh Seng Tat (MEM100038)


6th Silent Mentor Workshop 11-16/03/2014

Shamim Afiqah Zulkifli (MEM100167)  

The Silent Mentor Program has taught me not only clinical skills, but also the act of respect, care, empathize and mostly, selflessness. To contribute to the society without thinking of one own self is what the Silent Mentors have shown, and I have the most utmost respect for them. I would like to take this opportunity to thank MILES Centre for giving me this precious opportunity to learn, in hope of becoming a better doctor in the future.  

Moh Jun Yuan (MEM100080)  

First at all, I would like to thank MILES for providing such a precious opportunity for me to participate in Silent Mentor Program. Through this program, I learnt not only the medical knowledge and skills, but also value of responsibility and empathy towards the patients. To my Silent Mentor, Mr. Tan Han Cheng, I really appreciate your selfless contribution, and I promise that I will become a competent doctor in the future. Thank you.  

Adrian Lai Yit Nian (MEM100056)  

I cannot deny that my nose did not cringe at first whiff of the stale air; or that the hesitance to touch the cold was not there. However, this certain person’s selflessness paved way to; fortify my confidence for I can be brave to make mistakes to learn perfection, reignite my joy of learning for I can be curious to question the unknown and enlighten me that – if I can treat the deceased with honour and care, shall I be able to treat my patients with respect and love. Thank you, my dear Silent Mentor, for your selfless service, and for guiding me on learning what is to be human.  

Kentson Lee Jing Xin (MEM100047)  

Before joining the Silent Mentor Program, I was unaware of the amount of non-clinical lessons I could obtain from this program. I joined this program hoping that I was able to learnt the necessary clinical skills that was required of me before stepping into the healthcare profession. Little that I know, even in the preparation for this workshop especially during the home visit, I learnt that Silent Mentor is not a name given to the volunteers for no reason. My mentor, Mr Tan Han Cheng's courage and selflessness in donating his body after death for the benefits of the medical profession are both inspiring and heart-warming. Not many could do so much for complete strangers and yet Mr Tan was one of them. In the visit, I had also learnt that even we do not know the Silent Mentor when he was alive, the memories of him still lives and so it is important to have respect towards his body in whatever procedures that were to be done. This program also allowed me to have a direct interaction with the family members. I have learnt that they have high expectations of us as healthcare providers and they hope their dear departed one could benefit us in all ways possible medically. The workshop itself has benefitted me clinically with the procedures learnt. The professors and doctors that taught us were very passionate and patient with us. These procedures were hard to perform on a day to day basis as medical students. This program has allowed us to experience these procedures first hand and I am very grateful for that. In a nutshell, this program is an indeed wonderful program and should be implemented nationwide in all the available tertiary medical centres.  

Lee Wey Ting (MEM 100061)  

Silent Mentor Program is a very meaningful program. It has changed my perception towards life. Life is short and unpredictable. We should appreciate what we have now. I would like to thank my Silent Mentor, Mr. Tan Han Cheng for donating his body for the benefits of medical education. What we have learnt from him is not only the medical knowledge, but also courage, selfless and nobleness. Thanks to MILES as well for giving this opportunity to learn and improve myself. Once again, thank you so much to Mr. Tan and his family. May our Silent Mentor rest in peace.  

Jasmin Munchar Elias (MEM100044)  

In my opinion, Silent Mentor Program has opened my eyes to a different aspect of health care that would definitely build a more empathic generation of health care providers. This is the only program in which students can learn important moral values no other university subject can teach. Thank you MILES for giving us this opportunity.  

Yee Lai Mei (MEM100198)  

Firstly, I would like to express my immense gratitude to the Silent Mentors, especially our great teacher, Mr. Tan Han Cheng. Every scar on you contributes to a better achievement in the future medical field. Silent Mentor Program has improved both of my clinical and soft skills. Treat the patients as a whole, build a good rapport with the patients’ family and must never forget about their psychological aspects. I will always support this Silent Mentor Program and hopefully this program can be further promoted so that more people can benefit from it, thus create a healthier and wonderful world. Now I am ready to dedicate my whole life to my patients just like what our Silent Mentors do for us. 感恩您們。  

Beh Jien Yinn (MEM100012)  

Firstly, I would like to thank MILES and Tzu Chi for giving me an opportunity to join the Silent Mentor Program. My Silent Mentor was Mr. Tan Han Cheng. When I first volunteered for this program, I was only aware about the workshops. I did not know much about the flow or content of the program or what we were expected to do. When the program started, we were told that we were required to report as early as 6 am to clean and bathe our mentor daily. Initially, I thought that it was time consuming and tedious. However, with time, things got easier and more enjoyable. It may sound weird, cause who would like to clean a dead body. But to me, I found it my responsibility to ensure that my mentor is clean and presentable to everybody every day. It’s like how we ourselves would like to be clean and fresh to start off the day. As Mr. Tan is currently unable to do so, it is our responsibility to do so for him. This is the least that we could do to repay his selfless contribution. And as we cleaned him for one last time before placing him in his coffin, I realized that I will miss him. Even though we have never met or talked to each other before his passing, but through all these daily cleansing routine, a silent interaction and connection was made between us and our mentors. And I felt sad because I know that we will never be able to see his face anymore after that session. Talking about selfless contribution, I believe that I have finally understood what it meant. Whenever someone is in trouble, we would often try our best to help, by contributing something. Most of us will contribute money, old clothes, food or our energy to help others. But how many of us will actually donate a part of our body to help someone in need? For example, blood donation. Currently in Malaysia, we are still running low of blood in the blood banks. Blood is already one of the simplest and easiest component of the body to donate, yet we are still seeing people reluctant or scared to do so. Moving on one step higher, we would be talking about organ donation. How many of us have pledged to be organ donors? To donate may be a cornea, a kidney, a heart or a lung to someone who needs it more after we pass away. The answer is not many. Even in this aspect, we are still finding difficulties recruiting organ donors because people are still not willing to give up anything that involves their body. BUT, among our Silent Mentors, they have donated their ENTIRE body. From head to toe, inside out, front to back, and they did it without any hesitation. I, myself, am embarrassed to say that even I do not have the courage to do so. May be not just yet. These Silent Mentors did not care on what will be done to their body, just as long as someone could benefit from it. They placed the education of the medical personnel and also the lives that could benefit from the gained knowledge before themselves. THIS is what selflessness is all about. To put someone’s need before oneself. Through my Silent Mentor, was how I learnt about selflessness. Therefore, I would like to thank MILES and Tzu Chi again for the unforgettable experience. I have not only gained more on my practical skills, but I have also gained more on my spirituality. This is definitely an experience like no other. 

(p/s: To Mr. Tan Han Cheng, thank you for your selfless contribution. Thank you for being my mentor, my teacher and my silent friend. It was a privilege to be your student. You will forever be remembered. May you rest in peace.)  

Chen Xiu Fen (MEM100018)  


Penny Lee Qinyi (MEM100158) 

Dear Silent Mentor, though we had not met in life, yet in death, you have taught me one of the most important lessons in my life, that, there's a hero in every one of us. This time, you are that hero. Though you may not see it for yourself, the skills you've allowed us to learn shall be put to good use to save many and more in dire need of help. And, you shall be the one that shines upon them all, giving them comfort, giving them life. Thank you Mr. Tan Han Cheng. 

Daniel Tan (MEM100027)

Silent Mentor Program has opened my eyes in so many ways. It is not only the first time I handled a dead body who happened to be my greatest teacher, by cleaning his body and washing his hair every day, but also taught me everything about selflessness. Looking at the procedures that the doctors and medical students did on his body somehow made me feel painful for my Silent Mentor, and this is exactly what our patients will feel when we do any procedure on them in the future. And at this point, I realised that I am now able to put myself in my patient's shoes, and know how they feel. Besides that, I am very thankful to my Silent Mentor because I know that for whatever mistake I make now on his body, I will be able to avoid it on a real patient in the future. Therefore, thank you very much to the organiser of this Silent Mentor Program for coming up with this workshop and also to the family of my Silent Mentor for their relentless support. 

Chin Kok Ping (MEM100022)

Through Mr. Yong Lai Chow selfless contribution of his body to Silent Mentor Program, I have a chance to witness with my own the process of how a patient and his family has went through the course of disease. This program also enlightened me that by donating body in hopes of helping more people after Mr. Yong’s life can actually bring inner peace to him and make him less suffers towards the end of his life is an interesting and unexpected therapeutic effect of this program which can be applied to other patients to lessen their agony. Thank you Mr. Yong for allowing me to learn from you the value of empathy in medicine and realized the importance of understanding the patient can be beneficial in treating one's disease.

Amni Fatihah Mohammad Adnan (MEM100009) 

I have learnt a lot through Silent Mentor Program. Hopefully this program can be carried on for the benefits of the medical professions. Thanks to all our Silent Mentors who had offered me the most meaningful lesson I have ever had in my university life. Every small incision and suture on them is great knowledge and lesson to me.

Leslie Aaron Majaham Innocent (MEM100064)

I am really grateful to be given the chance to participate in the Silent Mentor Program. Through this program, I have not only learned more about the clinical aspects of medicine, but it has also taught me to be more empathetic towards patient, to see them more as a fellow human being instead of just another disease to treat. I really hope I have lived up to my Silent Mentor's expectations when he decided to donate his body to this program. Thank you very much Mr. Yong Lai Chow for being my Silent Mentor. I will always remember you.

Yap Jun Fai (MEM100195)

"Never underestimate the ability to make someone else's life better - even if you never know it." All Silent Mentors truly embraced the noble value within the above-mentioned sentence as they selflessly donated their WHOLE body solely for medical education and research purposes.

I truly salute them and understand that no one has ever become poor from giving. Indeed, they are truly the person who deserved the utmost respect from all of us. 衷心感谢您们.

Chong Sin Yoong (MEM100024)

Silent Mentor Program had been a wonderful and pleasant experience for me. Before the whole workshop started, my impression or should I say knowledge that I have towards this program is that it is a good channel for medical students to practice some clinical skills on dead body instead of mannequin. Neither do I know what would be thought and how is this program going to be carried out. Then, came the home visit. Consider ourselves lucky that our Silent Mentor's house is just nearby UM. I started off thinking, why the hassle to travel and pay them a visit and what are we expected to gain from it? But as we were done with it, I realized this is how we build rapport, with either patients in the future, as well as their family members. This is how we gain trust and that only then people would open up to us and tell us things that we would not have gotten if we did not have that rapport built starting from the beginning. During the home visit, my brain was flooded with thoughts as the family members told us more about our Silent Mentor, Mr Yong Lai Chow's life, personality and insight or perspective in life. It reminded me so much of my dad. Probably because the personality described were more or less the same. It made me tear up. Not forgetting to mention that it triggered me to ponder and think, if I were to be in that situation, would I be able to react that spontaneously to agree to donate my body for the benefit of medical students and healthcare personnel. Or would I be that supportive as a family member if any of my nuclear family members would like to donate their body for this program, knowing that what would be done on the dead body. I could not come to a decision, and I do not think I am that generous enough and selfless enough to sacrifice as much as what our Silent Mentor has done. I am greatly grateful and appreciative of his sincerity, kindness and love that he has. What more his courage and that family support there. He has my full respect and appreciation.

Nurain Nadiah Mohamad Nor (MEM100141)

My gratitude towards Silent Mentor is beyond words. Not only it has taught me basic clinical skills but also value of empathy and responsibility. It has been a beneficial program for me and will always be beneficial for others to join.

Nur Afifah Fauzi (MEM100121)

I joined this program hoping to learn the important clinical skills that we as a medical student would not have a chance to perform on living patients. For this whole program, I managed to spend time chatting with my Silent Mentor’s family members when we went for Home Visit. During that time, I can see that Mr. Yong Lai Chow has a wonderful family and that they love him very much. Through that experience, I learned to appreciate more and cherish every single moment in my life, and the people surrounding me. The workshop also has taught me a lot than I could ever get as a medical student. I would like to express my utmost gratitude to not only my Silent Mentor Mr. Yong, but also the rest of the Silent Mentors who have contributed selflessly to the field of medicine. Through this program, I have learned a lot of invaluable lessons from them. May their kind souls rested in peace.

Ricky Ng Lim Hong (MEM100110)

To my most respected Silent Mentor, Mr Yong Lai Chow,

Thanks for all the lessons that you taught me silently. Thanks for allowing me to make every single cut and suture on your body. I will remember all deeply in my heart till the end of my life. I promise that I will try my best to become a competent and safe doctor in future and do not harm to patient. May you rested in peace.

Wong Ba Huang (MEM100192)

I am glad to be able to involve in this meaningful yet inspiring program. Silent Mentor not only taught me a lot of knowledge and practical skill in the field of medicine but also changed my perception of life and medical professional. Mr. Yong Lai Chow who was my Silent Mentor had inspired me a lot that in a real life we need to be honest and competent in order to be successful. Besides, it also reminds me to treat the patient as a whole and put ourselves in patient’s shoes. Medicine is a field that not only deal with the disease and pain but also deals with the feeling and agony of the patient. No words can be used to describe my appreciation towards our great Silent Mentor and their family members. This is definitely to be memorable experience and I promise I will become a good and caring doctor in the future.

5th Silent Mentor Workshop 03-08/12/2013

Chow Wen Lee (Taylors’_1001G77835)

It is an honor to be a part of this amazing program where it reignites the passion and instils the sense of empathy and compassion of us future doctors. No words can express my gratitude to our Silent Mentor Mr. Larry and Madam Debbie, for what they have taught us is something which is not taught in school or textbooks anywhere in the world. The legacy left behind by our silent mentors shall be continued through our practice as medical students today and as doctors in the future. Through this program, I realized that life is fragile and once lost, we will not have the chance to turn back time and that we should always be thankful and care for the people around us. If given the opportunity, I would love to volunteer again.

Lee Kar Jun (MEM100058)

After joining my first silent mentor workshop for a research project as 3rd year student last year, I joined this program hoping honed the important clinical skills that we as a medical student would not have chance to perform on living patients. This time, I get to join the whole program from its beginning till the end instead of just only the workshop. This year, I missed the home visit as I was still in overseas doing my elective program, but I still managed to spend time chatting with my silent mentor’s family member when we met at Center Point on both opening and closing ceremony. Even as strangers, we could felt the love and bonding in his family, and I am truly touched by that. Throughout this whole silent mentor program I learned to appreciate more and cherish every single moment in my life, and the people surrounding me. Seeing the love from both family members of my silent mentors, I can’t help but reflect all situations into my own family member and love ones. And this experience will become a reminder, that will always, always be kept and ingrained into my mind, and be shared with my love ones and the people around me.

In my opinion, joining the workshop only, is definitely no match to joining the whole 1 week program. When I first join the workshop, which only involved learning clinical skills, I’ve missed out the most important lesson in the whole program which is humanity. I am glad that I joined the whole program from start to the end. Memories of my silent mentors will be kept in heart, lessons learnt will be shared and applied, and this program will definitely be promoted to my batch mates and juniors.

Kor Michelle (MEM100052)

This silent mentor program has taught us many aspects of life that we could never imagined besides helping us to sharpen our skills on certain procedures that we hardly or never have a chance to have a hands-on experience on a real-life patient as a medical student. The home visit designed as part of this program is very beneficial as we now have a greater insight on what the patient and his family expects from the medical doctors. They share their experiences, good or bad, in a way that is able to make us ponder on what sort of doctor we should be in the future. Compassion, empathy, effective communication and giving patient hope when chances of them surviving are low are the important key steps to being a good and well-respected doctor. This is the lesson that we have learnt through their shared experiences. How thankful we are to our silent mentor and his family could not be expressed in words for their sacrifice and contribution to the future doctors, doctors and society is something that is so noble and well-respected. May our silent mentor rest in peace in the hands of God and his family be blessed with the many good returns ahead.

Yeo Yen Li (Taylors’_1101N12454)

Silent Mentor Program is one of the most meaningful and inspiring program that I have ever encountered. It has opened my eyes to view life in a different light and through this program I have gained much more than medical knowledge alone. The importance and significance of responsibility, respect, discipline and communication skills were also instilled in us throughout this program. I greatly appreciate the contribution made by our silent mentors. I truly admire and respect them for their strength and perseverance in fighting their disease. I have no regrets in joining this program and I would like to volunteer again.

‘Life is short. Time does not stop for us to regret what we have lost and therefore we should appreciate, love and care for the people around us.’  

Anusha M. Karuppiah (Taylors’_1101N12712)

Firstly, I would like to express my utmost gratitude to Mr. Larry, Madam Debbie and their families. I believe I am a better person today because of the silent mentor workshop, as I have developed empathy and compassion towards medicine and this, I owe to Mr. Larry, Madam Debbie and their families. Medicine was just mere knowledge and skills to me until during the workshop, I realized that there is more to it; the bereavement the family goes through, the sufferings of the care takers, what the patient feels about his treatment and so on. I promise that Mr. Larry and Madam Debbie will live through my good and holistic practice of medicine.

Tan Hong Quan (MEM100184)

Ensuing heroes program taught me to treat a patient as a whole person physical, mentally and psychologically. We can’t experience the pain they suffered from terminal illnesses, but we can at least try to understand their thought. Apart from learning and applying medical knowledge from textbook, we can take care and listen to their concern. Most of them wished to ease and reduce pain for the future patient having the same problem. Their selfless spirit earned my respect. Thanks for my silent mentor Mr. Kok Tuck Fai for giving me such an golden opportunity to learn from your silence. Greatly appreciated and thanks.

Andy Yap Teck Cheng (MEM100196)

‘千刀万割我也不怕’,‘实验失败了不要紧,一直做,做到成功为止’. Those are the words from one of our silent mentors, Madam Debbie. The experiment is not the experiment we always do in the lab but it is some sort of very invasive procedures. Sometimes, I wonder, how many people in this world can actually speak those words. In fact, to me, as a medical student, I need to think twice, thrice or even four times but I do not think I can make up my mind to be a silent mentor when I passed away one day in the coming future. I could not find a word in the dictionary to show my appreciation and gratitude to our silent mentors, thank you? No, definitely more than thousand times of thank you.

Sometimes during the workshop, I would hesitate for seconds, is it correct for me to give a cut on their bodies? I cut it not because I wanted to save them but it was just training for me this new and inexperienced medical student, for me to learn something I had never ever done before. I did it at last after all but I can promise what I had acquired during the workshop, I will never ever forget and all the skills I gained will be engraved in my heart and bones, as well as fully practiced those skills in my future career.

There was one thing I never hesitated to do during the whole week of program-waking up early to clean the bodies of silent mentors. I have to admit that I am a very heavy sleeper; I have to hit the snooze button of my alarm for quite some time before I can wake up even for classes. But during that week, every day my alarm rang, first thing which stroke my mind was the contribution of silent mentor. It had become the motivation for me to wake up early in the morning even I was already sleep-deprived.  I hope this could be one of the counter-contributions I could do, I know it will never be sufficient though.

During the sending-off ceremony, I had a lot of complicated feelings and finally the tears had rolled down the cheek of mine. The speech of the family members, speech of my colleague, those were so true. It did touch my heart when I heard those speeches. The kids are so young, but they are so proud of what their mom and dad had done, so proud of their contribution to the society and medical field especially. I asked myself what I had actually done to make this a better world. I felt shamed on myself at the same time, the answer was none. Via this program, what I had gained was not simply just some medical skills, what I had gained are those which can never be learnt from any textbooks.

In a nutshell, thanks so much to the silent mentors and their families. I know this form of gratitude will never be enough for your contributions. My thinking was changed a lot after the workshop compared to the beginning and preparation of the workshop. I need to thank Prof Chin and many other staffs for giving me this opportunity to be a part and parcel in this program. This program had made a difference in me and of course to this world.

Mohamed Iliyas (MEM100083)

Silent mentor program is one of the milestones in my life as it has opened my eyes to various non-clinical aspects that will make me a complete doctor. For that I'm in debt to my silent mentor and his family, MILES for providing this opportunity.

Leow Chee Yong (MEM100063)

Dear Mr. Kok, thanks for your contribution. You have given me a different perspective of interpreting death. Your selfless services have helped so many professional future doctors. I’m glad that I have learnt the knowledge that I could never learn in a textbook. Despite being brief, the learning process wouldn’t be successful without your valuable service. All I can do is to promise that I will be a good doctor in the future, servicing the people and the country. Thank you.

Loh Soon Shan (MEM100074)

I am glad to be given a chance to join this meaningful workshop organized by MILES. I never knew I would benefit this much from the workshop, knowledge to me is just a minor portion of it, the love behind is the motivation that keeps us moving on in the future. I see life a different way, appreciate what we have and live a meaningful day, treat tomorrow as to dead so that we live today to the fullest.

Really thank this program for giving me this opportunity to grow. Thanks to our silent mentor for their sacrifice, and their family members for this great move.

How Shi Jie (MEM100039)

I am so grateful being part of this MILES program. It’s my honour to have Mr. Kok and Madam Debbie as my silent mentors. Learning the clinical skills and having the hands-on skills are not the only things I gained from it, but the sense of empathy, compassion and effective communication skills are the major outcomes of this programme. What we have learnt from this programme was beyond what the ordinary medical textbooks have taught us. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this event, and thanks again to the silent mentors Mr. Kok and Madam Debbie and their family members.

Khoo Teng Shin (MEM100049)

I was, am and always will be a student of the late Silent Mentors Madam Debbie Lim and Mr Larry Kok. Though, I never got to meet them both before their passing, but our visit to the family members, for my case Madam Debbie's allowed us to get to know her even after her passing. Throughout this workshop, it felt, for me that I got to know her better day by day and by the end of the workshop, we have all grown to love and care for Madam Debbie like a dear friend of many years. It is truly a first experience for me to feel this way for someone whom I have never met. It also hit me that Madam Debbie and Mr Larry's teaching does not end with the workshop but goes such a long way. It is a promise and contract every one of us have signed, not in black and white, but signed with love, trust, gratitude and integrity. It touches me deeply that our silent mentors have such faith in us medical students, that one day we can truly be great to humanity and we will give our very best not to disappoint. My everlasting gratitude to you and your family. We miss and love you Madam Debbie and Mr Larry. Your Student Always

Adam Khoo Boon Cheong (MEM100001)

The Silent Mentor Program gave me an insight to what a doctor needs to do to care for other. Care comes from knowing the patients' life, their families, their backgrounds and to tend to their medical needs when they arise, any time of the day. We learn to respect the deceased as a teacher and their families as our friends.  If we can take care of the deceased, there is no problem taking care of the living.

Loke Jinq Mey (MEM100076)

"In the beginning, I thought Silent Mentor Program was just a workshop for medical students to learn how to do medical procedures. In addition to that, I didn't really know the background of my silent mentor as I was unable to join the home visit. As the program progressed, I started to develop some feelings towards my silent mentor and her family. I usually won't allow this to happen as I had the thought of we doctors shouldn't be close to patients and their family members. However, from this program, I realized that a doctor's concern towards patient and their family could do more than just treating patient's disease. Thank you my silent mentor, Madam Debbie for the one week guidance and thanks to her family for allowing medical students to learn from her. "

Tan Hui Leng (MEM100185)

I have learnt so much through this Silent Mentor Program. Quoted from John F. Kennedy: ‘As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.’  I will always remember what my silent mentor had taught me so that I can help more people in the future.  

Selesse Soo Siew Shuin (MEM100179)

Silent Mentor is a very meaningful program. Initially, I thought the purpose of this program is to enhance our clinical skills and improve our knowledge and technology in the field of medicine. However, after being into this Silent Mentor Program for more than one month including home visits and workshop, I found out that this program is not all about clinical skills. I have learned more than what I expected. My silent mentor Madam Debbie told us that we must understand patients' feeling as she had been through a really tough journey during her treatment for cancer. I am glad that we have the chance to meet her family and know about their story. It was indeed a sad yet touching story which reminds us that we must treasure each and every day, and love our family, friends and the people around us.

Chin Hao Ren (MEM100021)

醫學系第三年, 我第一次接觸了“無語良師”工作坊的特別研究計劃,那時的我,老實說,純粹想藉由這機會來學習,根本就沒好好地認識無語良師,想起來真後悔啊! 2013年醫學系第四年,我報名了第5屆的工作坊,很慶幸能成為無語良師林孟潓老師的學生,她讓我上了人生一堂重要的一課。林老師的人生經驗讓我學到了,做人必須有著一顆堅強及永不放棄的精神,只要秉持的這份精神,我們就能達到我們的夢想,我們的志願。林老師永遠都那麼開朗地面對人生及親戚朋友,我答應我會像她一樣,時時刻刻都能把笑容掛在嘴邊,把那份真能量傳出去,好好地愛我身邊的人。林老師在我的醫學路上讓我明白到一個好醫師,除了能治病,更重要的是能站在病人身邊,好好地守護著他們。 


Lee Kam Wah (MEM100057)

By the end of the 5th Silent Mentor Workshop, I was overwhelmed with mixed emotions. It is hard to find the right words to describe them aptly, but one thing for sure, my experience while attending this program had made me change the way I look at things anymore. 

It is said that patients are medical students’ best teachers. I couldn’t agree more. If those long hours of lectures and tutorials teach us how to be a knowledgeable doctor, then those hours spent interacting with patients and their family members have certainly make us compassionate doctors. Through this programme, I’ve learned that even those who have passed away can still teach us how to become a better doctor in the future.

The only death in my family that I’ve gone through was when I was at a very young age. To be honest, I couldn’t recall those moments and thus, never really experienced how it felt to grief for the passing of a loved one. In this Silent Mentor Program, I have the opportunity to witness how different families cope with the loss of their love ones in different ways. Even though I have no blood ties to them, I can felt their sadness and grief throughout the workshop, especially during the sending-off.

I would like to express my utmost gratitude to not only my Silent Mentor Madam Debbie Lim Mong Hoay, but also the rest of the Silent Mentors who have contributed selflessly to the field of medicine. Through this program, I’ve learned a lot of invaluable lessons from them. May their kind souls rested in peace. 

Ooi Po Lin (MEM100156)

Silent Mentor has totally changed my perception of life and medical field. Never did I know that this would be a place where we learn to be compassionate and empathize patients. I also truly understand the role of family as a support system, emotionally and physically. One can be a good doctor with knowledge, one can be great doctor if he can put himself in his patients' shoes, thinking from their point of view and realize that what they think is remedial, sometimes just mean so much to someone else and actually acknowledge the issue. Debbie and Mr Kok will always be my teachers, forever guiding me, even when they have said so little.

Adrian Li-Siang Satish (Taylors’_1101N75404)

When I first got to know what the MILES program was, I was excited because from what I understood was that I would be able to perform procedures that most medical students can only read about and only dream of performing. But as I participated in this program, it gave me a deeper meaning. It thought me that the human spirit is unpredictable. Just when you thought that a person cannot do more than what they have done, they prove you wrong. This is what my silent mentors have thought me. There are very few people who are able to do what my silent mentors did and even fewer who would actually do it. Even in their last moments on this earth and even through all the suffering that they have been through, they have thought not of themselves but of the people around them and how they would be able to help others. They have given up their bodies to medical research so that other people could possibly not have to endure as much as they both did. This is what struck my mind and would forever be imprinted in me.

Ang Ban Hong (MEM100010)

The meaning of true love between husband and wife, the strong will of son and daughter, and the selflessness of an individual towards contributing to the society, all are craved into our heart. Through Silent Mentor Program, it was an eye-opening journey for me towards discovering the otherwise-ignored significant story outside the consultation room, where patient we see for five to ten minutes can have their own family, their own life, and their own story. It hits me the most thinking sometimes in this busy daily ward work and study life, we tends to treat cases/diseases, rather than treating patients. Thanks to Silent Mentors and Silent Mentor Program, it serves as a wake-up call as well as a constant reminder in the future for us medical students to be compassionate, humane, as well as to have empathy. Our Silent Mentors contributions are enormous, their selflessness are beyond imaginations. Sincere gratitude from the bottom of my heart to Madam Debbie Lim and Mr Larry Kok. Thank you.

Felicia Lee Yiik Bing (Taylors’_1001G75159)

The Silent Mentor Program, a program in which I’ve doubted in participating initially but have never regretted signing up for it after the end of the program. Excited to learn new clinical procedures but ending up learning so much more from the program, things that can never be found in textbooks or research papers. It really struck me how important humanity is in the world of which how great the impact would be to show some compassion to patients and also to other healthy human beings. Yes no doubt I’ve acquired new clinical skills but I valued the empathy, humanity and compassion that I’ve gained throughout this program more as it has become part of my life experiences. Although no words can express how I feel, but I would love to express my gratitude to Madam Debbie and Mr Larry for their great kindness for donating their body for the medical field. It takes a lot of courage and strength to come to that decision and I am moved to tears. I would also love to thank their family members for giving them constant support and love throughout their course of illness and even after the Silent Mentor Program. “No matter how much time passes, no matter what takes place in the interim, there are some things we can never assign to oblivion, memories we can never rub away.” ― Haruki Murakami, Kafka on the Shore. I promise that I would keep Madam Debbie and Mr Larry in my prayers and I will work very hard to become a competent and compassionate doctor. I would also keep their family members in my prayers at all times. Thank you for being such great teachers to us! May you rest in peace Madam Debbie and Mr Larry.

Denise Leom Yin Xian (Taylors’_1001G76262)

It has been 2 days since the Silent Mentor program ended, and I’ve already notice the difference in my life. The way I approach the patients in the hospital has changed in a few ways. Instead of rushing towards a diagnosis by ignoring my patient’s worries and feelings like I sometimes did in the past, I find myself being concerned about their wellbeing as well as their health. Instead of being annoyed at certain long-winded or irritable patients like, admittedly, I did in the past, I find myself trying to empathize with their situations. I hope to carry the lessons I’ve learnt during this program for the rest of my life.

Lim Min Xian (Taylors’_1101N76889)

This program has truly changed my life in so many ways. It wasn't just a simple workshop where I could learn a few essential clinical skills, it was a workshop on life. As I see a lot of patients in the hospital every day, I had become desensitized to the pain and suffering the patients and their family members go through. This program reminded me of the reality of death and loss in the lives of people who are going through it. It taught me that a little empathy and sympathy goes a long way in helping patients and their loved ones. I never really understood and applied the saying "treat the patient, not the disease" till after this program. I will be eternally grateful to my Silent Mentors and hope to practice these life lessons throughout my career and life, as a tribute to them.

Chin Yong Li (MEM100023)

The silent mentor programme has been an eye-opening as well as a very humbling experience. I wouldn’t have expected that in a few short weeks, we students would become so emotionally attached to our silent mentors, whom we had not had the opportunity to meet in person, as well as relating to their families in their grief. Perceptions of death and the dead changed significantly and we realised that even in death, one can still continue to give and contribute. Hence, from the instance where we initially saw our mentors, throughout the daily process of cleaning the bodies and up until the final ceremonies, our silent mentors, though deceased, still engages us to give the same sort of respect to them as though they were alive. Our lecturers may continue to remind us to treat patients as a whole instead of a disease, yet it is through this programme that the full significance of the message could truly be appreciated, understanding that behind every person, living or deceased, is a life story that’s always worth knowing.

4th Silent Mentor Workshop 23-28/7/2013

Ang Wei Luong (MEM090016)

This is indeed a wonderful program in which we learn to know each other more and also the life story and family of our beloved Silent Mentor. By having this program, I believe empathy and compassion can be instilled in us as well as our juniors. Hope that this program will become better and better as time passes by.

Melissa Khor Gaik Leng (MEM 090089) 

During some of the more stressful days — crushed by impossible time constraints, I sometimes lost track of the reason why I chose to pursue my career as a doctor in the first place. Having gone through this program, it reminded me – I wanted to ease suffering, just like in the teachings of the Buddha – the Four Noble truths. Through the Silent Mentor Program, the medical students are thought about the humane part of being a doctor; treating patients as a whole. With this, I sincerely hope that I will not let my teachers down, especially my Silent Mentor, Miss Lee Sook Ching.

Tan Ying Sern (MEM090188) 

Thank you Miss Lee. I'm grateful that I have chance to join this Silent Mentor Program. I'm so lucky to have you as my Silent Mentor. Knowing you and your family, friends; make me learn a lot of moral values which is unable to be found in the books. I learn sacrifice, empathy, volunteerism, treat people with true hearts. I promise you that in future I will not forget your message: to be a doctor full with humanity and care. 

Crystal Teoh Sing Chiek (Elective Student from USM) 

Though I may not know you in person, deep down in my heart, you are a great and wonderful teacher. Your wiilngness to sacrifice will surely be learned by generations to come. I promise I will be a doctor who knows not only how to treat disease, but more importantly, have a caring and dedicated attitude towards every patient. Rest in peace, Miss Lee. 

Jasmine Binti Abd Rashid (MEM090058)

No words can describe the experience gained from this enlightening program. Not only have I learned basic surgical skills but most importantly the importance of empathy, respect and responsibility we as future doctors ought to have towards patients and their family members. Our beloved silent mentors have taught us so much merely with any words. This is what makes this program so unique. It brings back the humanity of medicine. To treat patients as a whole and not merely the disease itself. Patients are humans too and humans have feelings. They are truly our eternal heroes for their selfless act for humanity, for science, for life. 

Hafsah Binti Abd Hamid (MEM090049) 

Your sacrifices and altruism are inspirational. My gratitude towards you is beyond words can express. I hope I can be a good doctor as promised to you.

Siti Nashrah Azmi (MEM090169)

Dear Shaun, I didn’t expect to learn this much from you at first. Only on the final day of workshop, I admired you in many views. It's hard for me to change my thoughts but somehow, you did it. If only I have the chance to meet you even for a second, I sincerely thank you from the deepest of my heart.

Ng Sheang Wen (MEM 090120)

Thank you Shaun. You have been a great mentor and friend! You have taught me so many things, your love for others, your courage & your spirit! I hope I can live up to your expectations in becoming a good person/doctor with strong spirit like you. Have a happy journey ahead! We miss you.

Ang Sheau Phing (MEM090015)


Lee Si Hou (MEM090076)

感谢曹老师的大无畏精神。不止在医学界作出了贡献, 也为我们这些莘莘学子们上了一堂宝贵的人生课。老师您虽然已离开了我们, 但您所教导的一切将伴随着我们的一生。感恩您曹老师。

Ling Shiau Thin (MEM090083)

曹老师, 由衷的感激您无私的奉献与大爱精神,遗爱人间,并让我们从您的身上受益良多。感恩您的奉献,我们将记得您的忠言,永远怀念你。

3rd Silent Mentor Workshop 28/5-2/6/2013

 谢玲清 (MEM090165) 书於2013年6月13日






陈初雨 (MEM090176) 书於2013年6月13日 



最后,最让我记忆深刻的是我和同学们在台上为张老师献上她身前常为孩子们哼唱的 《小白船》。相信同学们和我一样在台上看着张老师的孩子们在歌曲中怀念心爱的妈妈留下的眼泪,看着张老师的丈夫在台下脸上不舍的情别。但是相信他们心中也因为有个这么伟大和无私的妈妈和妻子而骄傲。张老师,很荣幸能陪您走过人生的最后一程。对您那么深的感激我们无法亲自道诉。只有在此我们许下承诺,一定不会辜负您对我们的期望。我们会努力,决不放弃,成为一位好医生。



Lee Wei Cheng (IMU-ME080825490)

再过了三个月余,到了这个正式的Silent Mentor Workshop。即使大家远在峇株峇辖,也不辞劳苦一上课完毕就赶回来吉隆坡。奔波固然劳累,但岂能与您的期望相比?
划上了第一刀,感觉您是多么地真实... 当时我还有一个有点可笑的小动作:我竟然在划上另一刀时不自禁摸了摸您的手,潜意识下想安慰您、想慰问您是否疼了。生怕我割痛了您。下一秒回过神来才发现自己是身处于这课程中,您已感觉不到痛楚。然而,您的精神真的存在,真的仿佛您就在我们身边一样。
一切快要结束了...送别仪式。当天早上添榮师伯突然在陈教授介绍分享到一半时向我招招手,并告诉我需要一位IMU代表来个两分钟的分享。当时可说是晴天霹雳,有点紧张了。第一,时间剩下少于一小时。第二,在场的有台湾慈济大学副校长曾国藩教授、马大的副校长、孝恩集团董事经理朱兆祥亲临,还有许多医师、家属、志工、医学生。整场都有好几百位观众。 伙伴们都说暂时没特别深的感触,所以只好硬着头皮上了。(其实当时的自己也是没很深的feel啦。>. 当时师伯告诉了我:“想像你是家属。你就说你会想听到的话。”很简短的一句,但就是整个课程的精华所在。

Celine Tan Lay Kah (MEM090179)

To be frank, initially, I had decided to join this program simply just because of curiosity. After started participating in it, I found that the things I had learnt are way lots more than that. Along the 5 years journey as medical students, sometimes, we tend to forget our initial enthusiasm and empathy towards our patients without our intention. I still remembered the day I have been called up for cleaning her body. It was the first close contact between me and her. Then, I got the chance to know her more by visiting her family. From them, I know that she was a very strong, independent yet empathic and helpful lady. Her life story was simple but it inspired me. Then, we got the chance to perform some surgical procedures. While operating on her, there are lots of indescribable feelings just came across me. At that moment, I promised myself to not disappoint her and I hope myself can do my best for my patients in the future. Thanks Madam Jo for being my teacher and indeed this Silent Mentor event is a very meaningful program that more and more people should be aware of.

Ong Jun Xin (MEM090149)

I am so glad to be involved in this program. As I learned so much not only from my own mentor but from the other three mentors as well. The most important thing that I learned is the phrase passed to everyone of us by my mentor - "Do your best for the sick". This indeed a simple phrase but it contains so much of meaning. We always forget the most important value in our practice which is EMPATHY. We tend to treat only the disease but not the patient as a whole. I believe from now on most of us will start to do our best for our patient not only about their physical illness but the whole person.

Chow Siew Kian (MEM090033)

I believe most of you still puzzled with Silent Mentor Program. I was like you before I took part in this program. However I have change my mind after involved in this program. Besides learning skills in medical field, I think the most important and valuable thing that you can gain from this program is the grateful attitude. Although the time being spent together between the Silent Mentors and the students was short, the bond has been build up strongly among them. People cried for their leave, even though they just know each other. This kind of relationship and experiment could not be found on the textbook. The skill we learned from workshop can be gained from our working field one day, but the intimacy relationship among Silent Mentors and us will be last forever.

Chiew Xin Yee (MEM090029)

This is the first time I had the chance to join Silent Mentor Program. This program really teaches me a lot of things. It reminds me how important it is to treat the patient as a whole, we must put ourselves in patient shoes and get the message that patients convey to us. Medication does not treat everything but knowing our patient emotional thinking is important in treating our patient thoroughly. Through our Silent Mentor life story shared by her family member, I learned that Madam Jo was a great wife, great mother and great teacher. She was a kind and great person that willing to donate her body for medical education so that more people would benefit from this program. I was deeply touched by her selfless spirit. “DO THE BEST FOR THE SICK” is the last message from Madam Jo to us, I promised to keep this message with me throughout the journey as a medical personnel and provide the best for the patients.

Revati Pandurengan (MEM090157)

This program has been a real eye opener to me. Not just in an academic sense but also an emotional and spiritual aspect. Apart from acquiring basic medical skills, I've also learnt the true meaning of sacrifice and selflessness through my Silent Mentor. When I first joined this program, all I thought about was gaining medical knowledge. But now, after being a participant I came to realise that there is more to this than just that. We looked after our mentors throughout this program and we were also an essential part of their last rites. This was a real honour as the mentors have trusted us to look after their bodies and also to oversee their heavenly passage. Truly, a great program to be a part of and definitely not to be missed.

Ling Hua Chan (MEM090082)

The Silent Mentors had given us an opportunity to do some procedures on their bodies for the advancement of the medical skills. This program is not only let us practice some medical skills, more importantly it makes me realize the empathy, respect and love towards every patient we encountered. Other than medication and surgery, loving and caring to the patient is the crucial therapy for them. This program benefits us far beyond what it supposed to be.

Choo Han Jun (MEM090031)    

This is an interesting and meaningful workshop. For the first time, we learnt about patient from a totally different aspect, no longer focus on illness that patient facing, but to be focus on their emotions and thoughts, and to be empathy to them. Through this program, I gained a lot, both for academic and the attitude of being a good doctor with empathy towards patients. I will never forget this experience and it will always be useful in my medical career later.

Lim Mian Jie (MEM090081)



2nd Silent Mentor Workshop 20-25/11/2012

Lui Su-Ann (MEM 080080) 

I was told about Silent Mentor Programme almost a year ago. At that time, I was doubtful about the whole meaning of the Programme hence I did not put in my name as a participant. Few months later, the first workshop was held and I heard from my fellow colleagues about the actual objectives of the workshop. Soon after, we were given another opportunity to register for the second workshop in November. This time, I decided to give it a try and decided that I would give my full commitment to the Programme.

I made a point to visit almost all Silent Mentors that were introduced to us while they were still in the ward. I wanted to experience what it is like, to talk to our Silent Mentors before they leave us. The first mentor that I came across was Madam Yap. She was very breathless due to lung metastasis secondary to breast cancer. She took up all her energy to remind me to use her body to learn as much as I can, to become a good doctor, so that I can help patients like her in the future. At that moment, her words did not seem to sink in; I was just too busy copying down what she was telling me so I could hand in a report to Mr Sia.

Almost a month later or so, I was called to meet up one of the Silent Mentor in Seremban. Since I was at home that time, again I decided to give it a try. Madam Susan was later transferred to UMMC for further managements. That was when I started to build rapport with her. I visited her a few times in the ward before her death, and almost everytime I visited her, she told me to help her end her life so that she would be free from her sufferings. I did not know how to respond to her plead in the beginning but surprisingly during my last visit, she did not ask me to do so. Instead she told me it was almost time for her to go, and she was relieved to leave the world and her body for us to learn as much as we could. The same sentence strucked me for the second time.

The third mentor whom I met was Madam Choo. She did not speak much during our encounter, but she gave me a letter, which she had written for all the medical students. I read the same letter for more than five times, trying to understand her feelings while she wrote the letter. That was only when I realized, what was expected out of us.

During the last month, I went for the first home visit of the family members of Madam Choo. We spoke to her sister and brother in law for almost two hours. After the visit, I found out that the expectation on us from the family members was very high. We were even asked to serve the government service so that we can serve the poor when we graduate as doctors in a year’s time.

The second home visit to Mr Low’s family was a memorable one. It was my first visit to Raub, Pahang. I could feel Mr Low being missed by his family members throughout the interview session. We were then served with the local durians and they even welcomed us to stay over if we were to visit Raub again. That was really a heart-warming session despite having to travel hours plus to Pahang.

Besides having to interview the Silent Mentors and conducting home visits, we have to clean their bodies right after they passed away. We also attended simple praying ceremony before the Silent Mentors were put into the freezer, prepared and presented slideshows of our Silent Mentors to their family members. All these did not mean much to me until I finally attended the workshop. I was lucky to have the chance to learn from Mr Low, the silent mentor whom was actually assigned to my group. The workshop went on for about 3 hours. I managed to insert a chest tube, insert a central venous line, did multiple sutures and learnt the method of doing a venous cut-down. It was during the time I observed there was a back flow of blood when I inserted the central venous line; I was strucked with a different kind of feeling. The words of the Madam Yap, Madam Susan and Madam Choo rang in my ears. I do not know how to describe the feeling, but that was only when I understood the true meaning of their last words to me. Deep down my heart, at the same moment, I vowed to be a good and compassionate doctor, as what was expected of all our Silent Mentors.

The Silent Mentor programme was really a different experience and I thank God for giving me the opportunity to be involved in this programme. From the beginning till the actual workshop, my thinking was changed, for reasons that I could not explain myself. The whole programme was what made a difference, and not the workshop itself.

What I gained from the whole programme was way much more than the knowledge and skills that were taught. Thank you again to all our Silent Mentors!

Lim Yi Wen (MEM 080072)

I really learn a lot through this SM programme..not just to be more skilful but to grow in a more holistic way..I really appreciate all the SM for willing to donate their bodies for this purpose and I hope their sacrifices will be proved worthwhile through our performance.

Gan Wei Chun ( MEM 080035)

I appreciate the willingness and courage to donate a one's body for medical education. It's for the benefit for future patients. It definitely polish my clinical skill and will apply what I learn from silent mentors in future.

Loo Sook Lin (MEM 080078)

No words can be used to describe my appreciation towards our great silent mentor and their family members for willing to let us practice on them. This is definitely to be my memorable experience and I promise to be a good doctor in the future for the sake of my patients.

Lee Yin Yee (MEM 080061)

Very thankful to our silent mentors and their family members for making this programme so successful. I learn a lot from the silent mentors and I promise I will be a more responsible doctor and give full commitment to my patients.

Edmund Chan Tick Chia (MEM 080031)

For everything we had experience and learn throughout the program, they will make us a better doctor, all thanks to our Silent mentors.

Mow Wei Chin (MEM 080098)

It is a helpful and inspiring program indeed. The spirits and willingness shown by silent mentors and their family members are touching. We promise to become a caring doctor. Hope this program will continue to benefit others.

Emily Lam Shu Ping (MEM 080056)

Silent mentor program is not only focus on academic, but it also makes me realize and learnt a lot in term of medical humanity. The great spiritual was taught by our silent mentors. They wish to contribute to the community, cultivate more skilful medical attendants who will be more confident in handling a patient. Most important word is ‘to be a good doctor’.

I appreciate all the effort that makes this program successful. Teamwork is a crucial component to lead us in the path of fulfilling our silent mentors’ wishes and so we can achieve the objectives of silent mentor program. I am proud to have the opportunity to join this program. Thanks.

Gan Hui Shuang (MEM 080034)

This silent mentor programme has taught me practically on how to treat patients with care and love. Previously although we were taught to do so but most of the time I was just treating patients for the sake of completing my job, rarely spent a lot of time to listen to their feelings. But through this programme, I was following up the same patient from the time she was alive to deceased. This has made me feel that I am part of her family although I don’t have any relationship with her. Besides, because of her noble and selfless attitude, she gave us the chance to learn procedures before we really do it on the real persons. I really appreciate the chance given to us. This can make UM students a better doctor.

Low May Fong (MEM080079)

I have learnt a lot through this silent mentor programme through the process of preparing for it with my fellow batch mates to seeing the whole programme being conducted. The silent mentors have taught us to see our life through their eyes which is very meaningful. Thank you.

Koh Wei Jun (MEM080051)

This programme has taught me to look at different perspective of life. To give selflessly and enrich the world for future generations, importance of family and kinship as well as humanity.

Kong Sik Thien (MEM080052)

Silent mentor programme provides a chance for us not only to learn procedures, but also to learn to cultivate empathy and compassionate among us, the future doctors. The idea of involving students during the home visits is great. I learn to respect patients and also their family more. Hopefully this programme can be carried on for the benefits of the medical professions.

Yong Jo Yen (MEM080203)
Thanks to all our silent mentors who had offered me the most meaningful lesson I have ever had in my university life. Every small incision and suture on them were great knowledge and lesson to me. Thank you and may our silent mentors rest in peace.

Tan Sye Nee (MEM080187)

I feel grateful that their family appreciate us so much, especially they prepare lunch for us during funeral day. I feel glad that we are of some helps to the family. The programme benefits me a lot. I have chance to insert chest tube etc without fear of hurting the patient. I appreciate the silent mentors and also their family a lot.

Tan Chen Long (MEM080180)

Through the silent mentor programme, I have learned the moral of humanity and humility. Besides, I have gained a lot of medical practical knowledge which will be of great use for us as a doctor in future.

Loh Hong Yuh (MEM080075)

I am grateful and appreciative of the contributions made by our silent mentors. Hope that this programme will be carried out in years to come.

Lim Chee Sem (MEM080067)

This silent mentor programme has taught me to be a more caring doctor, not only treating the diseases but also treating the patients. I really appreciate our silent mentors who are willing to donate their bodies for our practice. This has helped us a lot. I hope that this programme can be held continuously in the future.

Lee Kar Yin

I am honored and glad that we have been given this opportunity to have hands on experience on some clinical procedures that we don’t get to do as a medical student. This has no doubt improves our understanding and prepare us for the real working life later. Besides the clinical skills, I have learnt to be more empathy and know the importance of building a good rapport with the patient and their family members as we treat not only the disease but the patient as a whole. We hope that this silent mentor programme can be continued and I sincerely thank all the silent mentors who are willing to donate their body.

Tan Li Chuang

I'm glad to be part of the programme and learned a lot from our silent mentors. Not only clinical skills but most important is their bravery in fighting with the illness and also their sacrifice to medical field. This triggered me to become a more caring doctor in the future.

Lim Weai Ling

Silent mentor program made my medical student life more meaningful and learned a lot via the program, especially the great love and sacrifices of our silent mentors.

Kim Lee Hui

“Silent mentor is the teacher to the doctors." I have learnt a lot from this programme and really appreciate all of the silent mentors and their family contribution.

Niki Ho Wai Wye

I would like to sincerely thank our organisers for all the hard effort put in, and our deepest gratitude to our silent mentors and their family for donating their bodies and being supportive of our programme. We have learnt a lot clinically and also definitely learnt a lot in other aspects like how to respect a patient, to view a patient as a whole and always remember him/her as a part of this community. This experience has been a great reward that I could not gain elsewhere.

Cheah Poh Voon

It is a very meaningful programme. I have learnt not only the clinical procedures, but also the art of communicating with others (family members of the silent mentors and colleagues). If I were given a chance to join again, I will definitely say yes, I DO.

Tan Onn Kent

I feel grateful to be part of the silent mentor program!! Truly learn a lot from our mentor!! Thank you MILES for organizing this meaningful program! It's indeed an enriching experience for us, the medical student.

Tharisini Kunasekaran

I would like to thank MILES for giving me such a wonderful experience both personally and in developing my medical profession. Such programmes should be carried more as to benefit more and more medical student like me. Thanks once again. 

Muhammad Adam Bin Sidek

The integration of the Silent mentor Program in to the MBBS program would serve as a medium of teaching medical students the importance of respecting an individual’s autonomy and the value of a human being. At the same time, exposing them to practice clinical skills on an actual person before performing on actual patients.

The home visit would provide a means for the students to understand the struggles different families from different backgrounds go through with the passing of their loved ones, in hope to instil lessons of compassion and empathy to the students. One value we are certainly lacking of today is the appreciation we have to our patients and to understand the significance it might bring to say that we, as the medical professionals truly care of the integrity of our patients as a human being even beyond death.

Normazidah Abdul Wahab

This programme provides me an oppurtunity to have a hands-on on various medical procedures.It also taught me a lot of lessons beyond the medical aspects.A wonderful learning oppurtunity, rich in personal values and spiritual insight.

Cheong Yee Weai

It taught me not only the science of medicine, but also the art of it.

Quan Zhiung

Silent Mentor program taught me the human side of medicine more than cold, hard clinical skills. It also taught me the human experience of life and death. 

Jaimie Goh

This program taught me more than just medical procedures. The Silent Mentors showed me the meaning of courage, goodwill and most of all, selflessness.

Mah Zhou Lhe

This program lit up my compassion towards my future patient. It encourages me to work hard in order to help more patients. 

Ooi Eugene

This program imparts the lesson of humanity and educates the future medical practitioners.

Darren Teo Cheng Han

This program reinforces the humanity and art of medicine that touched patients' lives.

Yogitagavari Yoganathan

The programme has made me see life from a totally different perspective as a future doctor as well as a normal person. A great program with lot of lessons to be learnt. 

Pigeneswaren Yoganathan

Silent mentor was a programme that not only gave me a chance on medical procedure experiences. It is beyond that where the mentors are willing to donate themselves for us to learn. I realized that they have high hope and trust on us to be a good medical personnel with empathy towards people. I pray to god ensuring that I will fulfill their hope and trust till end of my life.

Khor Jie Xun - Vice Preseident, Int'l Medical University Students Society

In my opinion, this is very much a beneficial and valuable programme for the training of undergraduate. It provides great opportunities for us to practice and consolidate our practical skills for our future career. It changes my view about death and more importantly, I would like to convey my deepest gratitude and respect to the silent mentor as I was absent from the gratitude ceremony due to some personal reasons. It is very impressive to see people donate their body for the use of science and medical education especially for Chinese who has the old and traditional concept about the management of dead body. According to the belief the body should be preserved well and must not be damaged. Thus, it really touched my heart when I saw the silent mentors who are willing to “sacrifice’ themselves. 

In summary, this is a very valuable programme for medical education as it widens and changes people’s view on ‘death’. I truly respect the selfless spirit of the silent mentors and the willingness of them to ‘sacrifice’ themselves to make better doctors in the near future.