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Final Wish of our 81st Silent Mentor - the late Ms. Phoon Wan Khan



"Turn a loss to a gift for the benefit of future doctors & contribute to the future paving in the field of medicine"

" 化無用為大用,為未來的醫藥界獻上一分力,讓更多的人受惠 "


quoted on 20 June 2017 ; passed away peacefully on 7 Jan 2018

生平留言於2017年6月20日 ; 安詳離世於2018年1月7日

22nd Silent Mentor Workshop_17-22/04/18
Home Visit @ Georgetown, Penang - 30.06.18
Home Visit @ Puchong, Selangor - 01.07.18
Home Visit @ Puchong, Selangor - 07.07.18
Home Visit @ Damansara Perdana, Selangor - 08.07.18
Group Photo of Home Visit @ Puchong, Selangor-07.07.18

Chong Kai Ning 张凯宁 (MEM140022) ~ 22/04/2018 









Mohamad Ridwan Bin Abdul Manap (MEM130091) ~ 22/04/2018

"A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart". 

In every phase in my life, I always wanted something that make my soul breathing, challenges that make me grow up, or even people that can inspire me. 

Participated in Silent Mentor program, I got all of it, together. Our teachers (Silent Mentors) not only touch my heart, they teach me how to be a good person in future. They sacrifice themself without expecting, just only hope that we can be a doctor that treating patients with full of heart. 

Dear my beloved Silent Mentors, thank you for your part in my life journey.


 Khoo Kay Jin 邱继仁 (MEM140044) ~ 22/04/2018

Something about our heart-felt conversations with the family members, something about getting to know who our mentors were, really drove home the point that what we were dealing with was more than just another cadaver in the anatomy lab. This cadaver had a life story, a loving family behind him, and a big heart. He was a filial son, a patient husband, and a loving father, whose life was cut short at such a young age when he was just bearing the fruits of his past efforts. The message he left behind was as sad and heart-breaking as it was inspiring. He had hoped that even though he has an incurable disease, he played a part in contributing to the advancement of medical sciences, so that the day would come when his disease cease to make another suffer as he did. They say the mediocre teacher tells, the good teacher explains, but the great teacher inspires. And silent as he was, he has inspired us like no other teacher has ever did. To the world you may be just another person, but to us you are a hero. Thank you, my mentor. And thank you Silent Mentor Program for opening our eyes to a world outside of textbooks and lectures. Students might forget what the books taught them, but they will never forget what their teachers said.


Wong Xiang Qing 王湘晴 (Monash_28289617) ~ 22/04/2018







Saw Yean Ting 苏嫄婷 (Newcastle_140671955) ~ 22/04/2018 

You are a human first, before you’re a doctor. I think that is the essence of this program - it is alright to form a healthy relationship and empathise with your patients (or in this case, our mentors and their family members); and that it is okay to feel bad when it’s really not okay.  

With our Silent Mentors, they provided us not just their bodies for us to practise our skills but also taught us what’s important in life. They might not have led the best life but they have chosen to contribute their bodies for greater use after their passing. 

Often, we meet people who describe their doctors as cold and aloof. Maybe it’s a defence or a coping mechanism by the doctors? It would have been difficult if they feel too attached to their patients. However, I do believe that we should learn to balance some emotional detachment with compassion, for we are only human.  

Family members of our mentors have enlightened us the power of love. As much as they might not agree with our mentors’ wishes to donate their bodies in the name of science, they eventually agreed to grant their loved ones’ last wish, because of the great love they have for their child or spouse. The pain of losing someone is never easy, what more agreeing to the idea of sending their bodies to be studied.  

Thank you, mentors, for reminding us to be compassionate, and to be human - to feel, to laugh, to cry, just like everybody else. I am grateful to have met your wonderful family, it is no wonder you have so much love to share with us and the rest of the world. All of you have a special place in our hearts and I will never forget the tiny tug at the heart when I first met you. 


Alexis Wong Ching 黄清 (IMU_ME0213033018) ~ 22/04/2018

Words cannot express my utmost gratitude and honour to be able to join the Silent Mentor Program. Our Silent Mentor, Mr Tee Ten Chang’s selfless act not only imparted medical knowledge and skills to us, but most importantly taught us about love and humanity. The very essence of this program is the spirit of love and volunteerism. Home visit was a very useful way of getting to know our mentors and their families. It really gave us an insight about who these mentors were and how they were like. The learning process was profound throughout the program. I felt that it gave a very humanistic touch when we finally cleaned and clothed our mentors in fresh clothes for coffining. Emotions were stirred during the gratitude ceremony, as we heard touching speeches from a representative from the mentor’s family. I believe that friendships have been fostered, with new friends made and perhaps some came out of this program even stronger. Truly, I am very grateful to everyone involved. Everyone played a major role to make the one-week successful and smooth. I can only hope that the last wishes of the Silent Mentors have been fulfilled.

22nd Silent Mentor Workshop_Medical Students Session_20 Apr 2018. Photograph by Volunteer: Chai Mong Ping

In life, the body is something we use to accomplish many things, but we ultimately do not possess it, as it is not permanant. Birth, aging, illness and eventually death - this is the natural course of life and there is only so much that medicine can do when life has reached its end. 

But, what should we do with our body after our death? If we understand that the body is not permanent, we can do something meaningful out of our lives, such as donating it for medical research and education as Silent Mentor.

~  Grateful to the dedication of silent mentors  ~




~ 感恩無語良師的奉獻 ~




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