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Final Wish of our 100th Silent Mentor-

the late Mr. Soak Chin @ Che Sook Chu 



" The best way to repay my parents' upbringing. I hoped that medical professionals can make full use of my body & help more patients in the future. "

" 捐出身軀是对社会的最后一次奉献,也是对父母亲的一种报答。希望參與的學生從中學習,未来能協助更多病人。"


quoted on 27 Oct 2013 ; passed away peacefully on 26 Dec 2018

生平留言於2013年10月27日 ; 安詳離世於2018年12月26日

19. Dec, 2018
Summary of Medical Education, Research & Training by Silent Mentor Program of University Malaya for Year 2018
25th Silent Mentor Workshop_15-20/01/19
Home Visit @ Semenyih, Selangor - 24.02.2019
Home Visit @ SS3 PJ, Selangor - 02.03.2019
Home Visit @ Sri Gombak, KL - 03.03.2019
Home Visit @ Cheras, KL - 09.03.2019
Home Visit @ Segamat, Johor - 23.03.2019


Lim Yi Wen (UM_MEM150050) ~ 14/04/2019 

生活一如既往 心态却早已不同

最近发生的种种 在脑海里过了一遍 感慨颇多

对我而言 越是强烈的情感 越是难以描述





第26届无语良师计划 不是结束 是一种继承 延续

您的大爱 像历史的长河 奔腾喧涌 永不停息

您的精神 您的付出 将永记于我心

感恩您 无语良师 愿您安息



Ng Lam Kean (IMU­_ME0813033974) ~ 14/04/2019

Silent Mentor Program. I am very grateful that I am able to be part of this program. This program really impacted me in many ways. The selfless act of donating their bodies to total strangers for their learning experiences were very touching. They showed me the true meaning of great love which is unconditional. There was one message from this program that strikes me the most. 

"Thousands cuts, thousands stitches on my body. Don't feel sad for me. It’s okay to do mistake on me. I forgive you, but promise me that you don't do the same mistake on a live patient." 

I will not forget what I have learnt from them. The only way that I can repay them for their sacrifices is to become a compassionate and safe doctor. Learn from them the spirit of selflessness and spread the great love. Thank you Silent Mentors.



Lok Yunwen (UM_MEM150051) ~ 14/04/2019






Kwok Pei En (IMU_21907) ~ 14/04/2019

In a hectic work oriented medical culture, the essence of care and kindness seems to be lost amidst the insurmountable load of tasks to be done. 

During our time in Silent Mentor Program, we were assigned to one mentor - one person to know; one person to care for. Beyond our workshops and medical learning, we had to care for the body of our mentor. One can argue that there seems to be no structured educational objectives in tasks such as wiping and cleaning a body. But it is through these simple acts, that we are reminded of the respect due to the people we care for, even in death. 

Learning in Silent Mentor wasn’t stemmed simply from ‘aims’ or ‘objectives’. But above all else, it was an experience grounded in respect and the values of caring for another. 

Our mentor thought of us even before he met us, showing a love and sacrifice that went beyond time to embrace us all. If a message was conveyed, it was delivered loud and clear. With heartfelt gratitude and thanks, may it resound through our lifetimes and beyond.

Dressing of Silent Mentor 19.01.2019
25th Silent Mentor Workshop_Oral & Maxillofacial Master's Training_19 Jan 2019. Photograph by Volunteer: Sam PF

In life, the body is something we use to accomplish many things, but we ultimately do not possess it, as it is not permanant. Birth, aging, illness and eventually death - this is the natural course of life and there is only so much that medicine can do when life has reached its end. 

But, what should we do with our body after our death? If we understand that the body is not permanent, we can do something meaningful out of our lives, such as donating it for medical research and education as Silent Mentor.

~  Grateful to the dedication of silent mentors  ~




~ 感恩無語良師的奉獻 ~




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