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Final Wish of our 103rd Silent Mentor-

the late Mdm. Hong Yin Peng



"I hope you will gain valuable experience & will become great doctors in the future to help heal & save lives. "

" 希望醫學生們可以獲得寶貴的經驗,將來成為一名良醫,妙手回春,治百姓疾苦"


quoted on 7 Nov 2018 ; passed away peacefully on 22 Jan 2019

生平留言於2018年11月7日 ; 安詳離世於2019年1月22日

19. Dec, 2018
Summary of Medical Education, Research & Training by Silent Mentor Program of University Malaya for Year 2018
26th Silent Mentor Workshop_09-14/04/19
Home Visit @ Petaling Jaya, Selangor - 26.05.2019
Home Visit @ Tg Rambutan, Perak - 22.06.2019
Home Visit @ Cheras Jaya, Selangor - 23.06.2019
Home Visit @ Sri Damansara, Kuala Lumpur - 23.06.2019
Group Photo of Home Visit @ PJ, Selangor - 26.05.2019
Coffining of Silent Mentor - 13.04.2019


Lee Heoy Teng (UM_MEM150039) ~ 14/07/2019 




无语良师, 感恩您 让我悟出,









Nurul Asyiqin Binti Mohd Radzuan (Manipal­_131303071) ~ 14/07/2019

I am so grateful for given the chance joining the 27th Silent Mentor Workshop. It is such a golden opportunity for me to learn and practice the invasive procedures on a cadaver respectfully, under careful supervision of qualified doctors. Initially, I thought this program will only provide me with various medical skills training. But after joining this program, I feel it has served me beyond it. Extremely beyond my expectations. This program has totally seed me with empathy towards medicine and life.  

Working as a doctor with hectic busy schedule is absolutely challenging. We deal with death every day until it become a norm to us. We unconsciously losing the value of empathy by only focusing on our job. We spent very less time to talk to our patient and take care of their emotions. Silent Mentor Program has taught me that every patient, has their own life story, struggle and challenges. To become a good doctor, we should not neglect it.  

I highly respect with the noble act of the Silent Mentor made for the future doctors’ success. Their beautiful soul definitely teaches the living the value of sacrifices. Now onwards, for every patient we treat, there are our Silent Mentors behind every success. Thank you our unsung heroes, may your souls rest in peace.



Chee Chung Ern (UNIMAS_40826) ~ 14/07/2019





Chear Li Juin (Newcastle_160002935) ~ 14/07/2019

Because love was not the answer of every question. Because real love means sacrifice. Sometimes love means letting go. 

The spirit of the Silent Mentors had greatly affected my attitude towards life. I always constantly finding the meaning of life till I joined the Silent Mentor workshop. Throughout the workshop, I can deeply feel the love that the Silent Mentors had given to us. They were willing to sacrifice their bodies and made contributions to the education of fellow doctors and students despite the objection from family members. We are not SM’s family member; hence we did not feel that amount of pain that they were going through. Their dedication for a better tomorrow were much appreciated. They made me realized that the secret of living a life of excellence is merely a thought of excellence. No man is truly great who is only great in his lifetime but the history that they made. May care and love of those around them provide comfort and peace to get them through the days ahead. 

Thanks for showering us with lots of love. Thank you, Silent Mentors.

25th Silent Mentor Workshop_Oral & Maxillofacial Master's Training_19 Jan 2019. Photograph by Volunteer: Sam PF

In life, the body is something we use to accomplish many things, but we ultimately do not possess it, as it is not permanant. Birth, aging, illness and eventually death - this is the natural course of life and there is only so much that medicine can do when life has reached its end. 

But, what should we do with our body after our death? If we understand that the body is not permanent, we can do something meaningful out of our lives, such as donating it for medical research and education as Silent Mentor.

~  Grateful to the dedication of silent mentors  ~




~ 感恩無語良師的奉獻 ~




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